Ariana James Workout Routine and Diet Plan

>Ariana James is a Venezuelan bikini and fitness model. She has managed to rise to prominence and the top of the fitness world through her impeccable pictures and videos that she posts on her social media channels despite battling hypothyroidism her entire life.

Ariana was not always the admired fitness expert she is today. In college, she was very inactive due to her condition and immediately gained a lot of weight. She chose to make a lifestyle change and that’s when she began working out and she has never looked back ever since. Her battle with hypothyroidism remains, but she has mastered many of her symptoms by changing the way she lives. She credits her achievement in fitness and the fitness industry to hard work and persistence, not to her raw talent. Her mission to lead a healthy lifestyle has inspired thousands to confront their hurdles head-on and take charge of their lives through fitness.

Ariana James was born in Venezuela but later moved to Colombia to start her career as a model. Ariana spent some time trying her luck in modeling, but ultimately, she had to give it up to concentrate on her college education. Nevertheless, this time didn’t remain for long, as Ariana came back to modeling; recognizing that her enthusiasm was too strong to let the possibility of maturing into a professional model pass by.

After years of attempting to create a name for herself, as well as battling with her health, a hypothyroidism condition. Ariana began witnessing the fruits of her labor as she became a full-time fitness model. In 2013, Ariana launched her career notably to grow into an online fitness sensation; persuading people how despite certain impediments that life offers, it is still plausible to live life to the absolute.

That’s her philosophy that she imparts with her clients too. And before we move on to what she does to remain fit and healthy herself with the kind of workouts and diet, here are some physical statistics:

Ariana James Statistics

Full Name: Ariana James

Height: 5’5″ (165cm)

Age: 29

Date of Birth: September 10, 1990

Nationality: Colombian

Profession: Fitness and Bikini Model, Brand Ambassador

Ariana James Accomplishments

Bikini/Fitness Model
Nutrition Brand Ambassador

Ariana James Workout Routine

Dealing with Hypothyroidism
Ariana has a medical condition known as hypothyroidism that makes her body produce a little less of the thyroid hormone than it usually produces. This has several ill effects including, a poor immune system, weight gain, periods of extreme fatigue, etc. But, Ariana does not let her condition comes in the way of her healthy lifestyle.

Her motto is having no excuses because she knows every hurdle that life offers us would pass away. She is super disciplined when it comes to working out in the gym. She trains at least 6 times every week without missing even a single day. She tries not to skip the gym as much as possible.

This is the exact kind of attitude that anyone needs to stay in shape even if they are not having any medical condition. She has set an example for millions out there who are battling with similar conditions as hers.

Ariana James’ Abs Workout
Although Ariana places the most amount of importance on her diet when it comes to getting lean abs, she also does several ab exercises in her daily workout routine to make them β€˜pop out,’ and become chiseled.

Here’s an overview of the workout, with an in-depth explanation of each exercise below;

Hanging Leg Raises, 3 sets of 12-14 reps
Kneeling Cable Crunch, 3 sets of 12-14 reps
Ab Wheel Rollout, 3 sets of 12-14 reps
Machine Crunch, 3 sets of 12-14 reps
Planks, 3 sets of 40-60 seconds

Hanging Leg Raises

After years of practicing hanging leg raises, this exercise no has a permanent spot on Ariana’s abs workout. When she first began doing this exercise, she did it with her knees slightly bent as it was easier to do. Now, though, she can do it with straight legs with ease. She performs her exercises with a full range of motion which allows her to work on her entire ab.

If she wants to increase the difficulty level further, she will add some weight or medicine ball between her knees. However, she does a little less repetition with this one, but she goes with full intensity. No matter what variation Ariana is trying to do, she always makes sure that she is moving her legs as high as possible to gain the maximum benefit. She remains honest about her workouts and does not use any kind of support. Another aspect that she keeps in mind is following a proper form which helps her to gain maximum benefit from her workout.

Kneeling Cable Crunch

Kneeling cable crunch is one of the most versatile ab exercises in Ariana’s workout. It allows her to work on her abs from various levels of resistance, as well as from a variety of angles.

However, the exercise of the kneeling cable crunch is the most effective when it all comes down to Ariana’s form and the way she performs the exercise. She says, if done with the correct form, the kneeling cable crunch is one of the best upper-abdominal exercises that one can do. But if done wrong, then it won’t give a lot of results but will surely land in a backache. Keeping that in mind, she makes sure that her hips are tight and remain stable while she is performing the exercise. Her back must be in a rounded position because keeping it flat would limit her movement and she won’t be able to target her abs from various degrees.

Lastly, Ariana keeps her hands in the same position throughout the entire movement because this prevents her shoulders and upper back from getting involved.

Ab Wheel Rollout

As Ariana also likes to use the ab wheel rollout, her middle part of the abs can fully activate to keep her spine neutral. This movement is highly effective for her abs, but it’s also very challenging and requires a lot of strength.

For this reason, Ariana advises someone who has just started following her routine to start doing ab wheel rollouts precision and with limited distance. Once comfortable, one can then gradually increase the distance and difficulty.

Machine Crunch

Machine crunch works great as either the 1st exercise of Ariana’s workout or as a finisher. All of this depends on what she wants to do in her workout. If she wants to make her abs pop out and chiseled more, she would add a little weight to her repetition but stick to a lower number of reps. This helps her core to become activated and helps the ab muscle to gain shape and look ripped even more than the bodyweight workout.

Likewise, if Ariana wants to finish her workout with the most intensity that is possible, then, she’ll just drop the weight down and do a high number of reps.


Planks are another most effective way for Ariana to finish her abs workouts. It’s also a very versatile exercise that allows her to adjust the difficulty and intensity level, as well as the degree to which she wants to hit her abs or obliques according to her choice.

If she wants to increase the intensity levels with the workout as she feels it is very easy for her, she will lift her arm or legs or even both! This would increase the difficulty level of the plank. Sometimes, she would further this by putting her forearms inwards and place her feet out. This is the most complex workout variation that she does.

That’s all about her workout plan and as we know no abs are made in the gym alone, we move on to her diet routine.

Ariana James Diet Plan

Keeping it Strict

Because Ariana has to deal with a constant battle with her low thyroid hormone levels, which meant it’s easy for her to gain weight and lose a lot of energy, she keeps a strict check on her diet. She tries to avoid anything high in saturated fat or anything which has a lot of simple carbs. She includes a lot of unprocessed and organic whole foods that are easily digestible.

Some of the foods she’ll eat include;

Lean Turkey Breasts
Whole Grains
Low-glycemic Fruits

Looking at her diet and considering her medical condition, it is easy to say that it takes quite a discipline for Ariana to maintain her fitness with this. To maintain a body like hers all year round is an added problem to her fitness. This shows her extreme dedication to her goals.

However, with that in mind, what we can learn from Ariana James is that if you truly want to accomplish something worth fighting for, then you should be ready to face numerous obstacles that will come along the way.

Some obstacles will be easy to overcome, and some will probably be extremely hard. However, no matter what situation is thrown at you, if you can keep a strong mindset, then you’ll accomplish anything you set your mind to.

That is all about Ariana James’ diet and workout routine that keeps her in top shape.

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