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Aspen Rae

Aspen Rae is renowned for being a fitness model as well as also acting in the adult film industry.


On December 10, 1990, Aspen Rae was born in San Jose, California. She works as a camgirl before she begins her career as an adult star. She is a Sagittarius. Later on, she went on to receive personalized training, which inspired her to become a fitness model. Her role as a bikini model and participation in bodybuilding competitions earned her recognition from the International Federation of Bodybuilding. In spite of her parents’ religious and conservative beliefs, she decided to become an adult model after modeling for the webcam. Her mother also bought the Penthouse magazine the moment Aspen appeared in it.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5 feet 3 inch i.e. 160 cms

Weight (approx.): 48 kgs

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Aspen Rae-

Family & Ethnicity

Relationship, Husband & Children

Aspen Rae was dating an American porn star Dale DaBone before she began dating Bobby Morse. The couple started dating in September 2015, but their relationship ended up in April 2016.  Currently, Aspen Rae is dating a pilot named Chris.

Aspen Rae with her current boyfriend Chris-
Aspen Rae with her current boyfriend Chris


Journey as Fitness Model

After high school, Aspen wanted to pursue a different career path. In order to tone her body, she gained weight. Since she has always enjoyed sports, the gym was the perfect answer for her. During college, Aspen began attending the gym regularly. She worked out with her trainer. Weight lifting was her first step, but then she realized she could do so much more. Her hard work paid off because people noticed a change in her physique just two weeks after she started. Her body has changed tremendously over the past year. However, she didn’t receive any encouragement to participate in competitions. With the coach’s assistance, she became a real athlete.

Aspen Rae in her early 20s-
Aspen Rae in her early 20s


She began competing in bikini contests under the NPC as soon as possible. The results were impressive and she was respected. She stated, however, that she was uncomfortable because she had a muscular upper body, unlike other girls who were mostly skinny. Due to this, she decided to switch to figure competitions in 2016 rather than bikini contests.

Aspen Rae in bikini competitions
Aspen Rae posing with her trophy


  • She has a floral tattoo on the side part of her torso.

    Aspen Rae's flower tattoo-
    Aspen Rae’s flower tattoo
  • She has a heart on the left side of her pelvic bone.

    Aspen Rae's heart tattoo on pelvic
    Aspen Rae’s heart tattoo on pelvic


  • Aspen loves to climb rocks amidst other adventure sports.

    A picture of Aspen Rae climbing a rock-
    A picture of Aspen Rae climbing a rock
  • She has flown a helicopter!

    Aspen Rae's Instagram post about flying a helicopter-
    Aspen Rae’s Instagram post about flying a helicopter
  • She loves animals and her Instagram is filled with various kinds of animals she has taken pictures with. She also has a pet cat!

    Aspen Rae's pet cat-
    Aspen Rae’s pet cat
  • She can play violin!

    Aspen Rae playing a violin-
    Aspen Rae playing the violin
  • She knows how to surf and can snowboard too.
    Aspen Rae on her snowboard-
    Aspen Rae on her snowboard

    Aspen Rae surfing-
    Aspen Rae surfing
  • Aspen is known to be quite athletic and does a lot of sports to keep herself fit. She knows how to play football and can even do a few tricks!

    Aspen Rae playing football when she was younger-
    Aspen Rae played football when she was younger
  • Aspen also likes to do a pole dance in her free time.

    A picture of Aspen Rae pole dancing-
    A picture of Aspen Rae pole dancing
  • In 2017, she was one of the female Instagrammer to be named “Best Abs on Instagram” by Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

    The Muscle & Fitness post about Aspen Rae-
    The Muscle & Fitness post about Aspen Rae
  • Aspen has a septum piercing done.

    Aspen Rae's septum piercing-
    Aspen Rae’s septum piercing

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