Ben Simmons Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Benjamin David Simmons who was born on 20 July 1996 is an Australian known basketball professional for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He performed the matches at college basketball for one season with the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers, after which he was designated a unison first-team All-American and the USBWA National Freshman of the Year. Simmons was chosen with the first overall top in the 2016 NBA selection by the 76ers. After resting out a year due to a wounded right foot, he was nicknamed the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018. Simmons was selected as the NBA All-Star in 2019 and 2020.


Benjamin David Simmons is a Point Guard and Small Forward NBA basketball player who is currently been playing for the team Philadelphia 76ers. Benjamin David Simmons also competes in the point guard position at Team Lebron at NBA All-Star games. Ben Simmons is appreciated for his unbelievable ability and robustness; this youthful NBA player is unquestionably a ladies’ man. Ben Simmons has that strength that can readily make him an expert paradigm. So if you also desire to understand the Been Simmons workout routine and diet plan, make sure that you read the whole thing through and through.

Ben Simmons Statistics

  • Height: 6 ft 10 inch
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Age: 24 years
  • Chest: 44 inch
  • Waist: 34 inch
  • Biceps: 16 inch

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons Workout Routine

If your regular exercise regimen consists of bench, squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups you are apparently in requirement of a tiny pick me up. And no, we are not really talking about some kind of magic potions but a gruesome and dedicated workout to amp up your routine.

If you think it sounds like you, well then you are at the right place because with Benjamin David Simmons’s workout you can get inspired to do your best. The young basketball professional has become s a great star in the NBA with the Philidelphia 76ers and his ability and expertise on the court has impressed his fans in the whole world. In fact, his sessions in the gym could be your ticket to being more shredded than you have been before.

No matter what kind of exercise it is; whether it is one-arm dumbbell row, multidirectional core workouts, or just cable flys, Benjamin David Simmons’s Social media accounts are filled with the kinds of workouts you need to copy in your life. His favorite workout is one-arm dumbbell row which is an exercise that is great for making your back muscles stronger and thicker.

He also gives an excellent tip that requires you to concentrate on pressing the back muscles once you arrive at the full closed status. Also, make certain that the power is delivered with the back muscles and not the arms. The upper torso ought to persist fixed and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no additional work besides maintaining the dumbbell; hence do not try to pick the dumbbell up utilizing the forearms.

The ensuing activity he loves to do is two-handed overhead cable flies. These are excellent for enhancing shoulder and core strength and training your upper body tissues to work collectively.

Ben Simmons

You might think that it is tough because of its complicated name, but it is not quite so. In fact, it is pretty easy to do: Add a stirrup handle to the high pulley, grasp it with both hands, stretch across and over your body till your moving hand is in front of the opposing cheek. Retreat to starting position.

The next exercise of Simmons’ we suggest is a one-handed fly pull, which is an excellent idea to change your back workout—a fabulous option to deadlifts or one-arm dumbbell rows, targeting the corresponding muscles in a distinctive style. This can be connected with an overhead shoulder press (with dumbbells), as he keeps on posting on his Instagram page.

Simmons also shows how to do the dumbbell bench press. This presents improved muscular hypotrophy and durability (compared to a barbell bench press), joint angle customization (best for those recouping from damage), developed unilateral power, improved range of motion, and amplifies your stabilization tissues.

Most important of all the things are stretching which is to be done before and after a workout. The other important workout that one must not neglect and which practically does not require any other thing is the dips. In any case, Simmons described his gym-sin by stating, “Man I had to switch the playlist,” (which 294 of his followers on Instagram liked), in reply to the call-out remark, “Get off the phone bro,” (which got 89 likes).

This seems to show that phone usage has now become so fecund that most guys are – if not involving in it – at least have a perception of it. Well, anyway the final verdict states that the ball is in Simmon’s court because if he is still able to look that rad and be the best in the league in his next season, a bit of a song change during the workout won’t really change things for him.

Ben Simmons

Until then by following Benjamin David Simmons’s amazing workout routine is the way for you to get the supersized result that you crave. The fundamental thing that will help you stay strong in the court is a strong core and most of Benjamin David Simmons’s workout routine focuses on the core muscles. It is also based on getting the optimal balance which will only come from having great and hardcore.  The strong chest, back, abs and obliques ensure durability that can then be passed on to through the legs and on to the court.

Ben has been posting ad decorating his Instagram with some of his favorite moves over the last year or so. Here’s the most immeasurable three from Ben Simmon’s drills we believe will get you maximum effects traveling into the new year.

Dumbbell Bench

The dumbbell bench press is different from our normal benchpress which would require more balance and range of motion. It helps to target biceps, triceps, and even shoulders. It is a basic exercise that can actually bring the fastest results. In a recent study at the Journal of strength and conditioning research, it was found that pec would be more in use on the dumbbell bench press because the athletes have to bring in the pecs together at the end of each rep which a regular bench press can really do.

One-Handed Fly Pull

The one-hand fly pull is a great workout for people who want to feel the burn in their shoulders and even allow you to isolate the whole muscle ground in that particular area. In fact, moreover, it is also recommended that you must be able to stabilize your whole body while doing this workout and not allow yourself to be pulled by the heavy irons. Benjamin David Simmons demonstrates this right. Doing this will also make your abs have an impact. You need to pul the cable from one side of your body to the other side and then repeat it 10-15 times.

Although people usually think that a bent-over row is a better version of this exercise, they also suggest that squeezing the shoulder blade tight at the back for some time is a great way to see the impact.

Dumbbell Rows

The dumbbell row is another such exercise that is a great way to move forward with your journey towards being shredded. Benjamin David Simmons demonstrates this workout drill so many times on his Instagram. He merely placed one hand on a bench and bend so that the torso is almost parallel to the floor. Next, you need to pull the dumbbell from a full range of extension and lock your shoulder in a single place so that you get maximum benefits.

It is a perfect movement for you to build strength from your wrist to your back. This workout drill will help you develop strength and muscles through your whole back which includes the upper, middle, and lower parts of the body. It will also strengthen your chest and work your triceps, rhomboids, and erector spinae.

Benjamin David Simmons posted a video on his social media account which resulted in several of Simmons’ 4.5 million followers who picked up on this, with comments like, “Get off the phone bro. Got work to do” and “Do you even lift” coming his way in.

His followers also picked up on the unusual-looking dumbells which – if you are curious– are produced by an organization called Power Block (and are super fancy by the way!).

Benjamin David Simmons is a young talent that has made headlines by his performance in the NBA which is possible only because of the kind of fitness that he maintains. Many people love him because he looks amazing and his body and stamina are things that drive people crazy! In fact, Ben is a sports star, and thus playing a sport is the best physical drill that he can do. His additional strength training does add to the lot and make his physique look pretty amazing. He does a lot of intense workouts in the gym and makes sure that each visit that he does is particularly worth the efforts.

Although he had a back injury pretty early he overcame it soon enough and sin ow ready again to play in the court again. In 2020, he was supposed to return to the NBA and if this year the games resume, he will return to it it. When Simmons was healing he used to stretch and do some strength and conditioning exercises to feel good.

To get his strength and mobility back, he went through an awesome routine using a weightless treadmill, water rehabilitation ad other such things that would help build his mobility and get the same power back again. Often when we get an injury, bodyweight workouts and weight training is something that we would want to evade because we find that it is a bit hard. However, these are the kind of exercises that will enhance your activity level and strength. At least it worked well for Ben Simmons who was able to recover completely. His workout includes a mix of different stretching exercises, strength dills, and also some amazing cooling down techniques

Ben Simmons work out include:-

To get a structure like Ben, we will necessitate to do essentially activities in the gym using heavyweight and eat like crazy. You can heed this method to get a body like Ben.


Duration: 15 to 30 minutes

IN the NBA layer, Ben Simmons does a lot of cardio and works a lot on his agility. He however recommends people to take it slow and do it for 30 to 45 minutes max. Cardio is usually his warm-up before he moves forward to the weight lifting. If you want to gain more stamina and agility, you can do it for extended periods. He also adds a 30 minutes agility drills right from his basketball exercises and a combination of dribbling drills, shooting drills, and three-pointer activities. That will essentially help Ben Simmons improve his stance and mobility in the court.

Ben Simmons Gym Training

Training days: Monday to Friday

Ben Simmons hits the gym usually at the night or in the evening. He likes to keep his other basketball practices in the early part of the day along with his cardio while strength training is at the later part of the day. If you will do these workouts together your body will get fatigued and you will feel sluggish all day. In the weight training workouts, Ben Simmons focuses on bulking up, and for this, he does fewer reps but he lifts heavyweights in every single set. The rep count is anywhere between 6 to 8 per set and with each set, he picks up the maximum weight that he can.

Now moving forward to the kind of diet this hulking personality needs to support his crazy workout routine. Moving towards his nutritious diet plan:

Ben Simmons Diet Plan

Ben Simmons lives alone and has home-cooked meals only when he visits back home to his mom when he is in his offseason. Ben Simmons can not cook food and once his mother challenged him too but he couldn’t really do anything about it. The most he can do is boil some eggs and added a bit of fish sauce to them. He even served it to his mother and asked if she liked it! She of course didn’t reply but decided never to challenge him ever since!

But these incidents apart, Ben Simmons has a crazy diet plan, and since he is a professional athlete he needs a lot of essential protein and a good kind of fats to sustain his daily routine. It includes things like nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashew nuts, etc) eggs, and dairy products which are an essential part of his diet. He also has meat, fish, legumes which are also great for protein, and thus to support the muscle structure that Ben Simmons has, these are pretty valuable food items.

Like some of the other personalities, Ben Simmons relies more on a healthy kind of diet which is a mix of various macronutrients and high in protein. He eats proper meals every single day with 3 to 4 main meals and some snacks in between if he feels so. He makes sure that his food does not include any kind of soda, caffeine, saturated fats, alcohol, trans fats and restrains from sports drink too.

Here’s what Ben Simmons typically eats in a day. The diet plan of Ben Simmons might vary sometimes, but this is what he essentially eats:


Breakfast is an essential mix of protein and carbs along with some fruit in the form of juice or whole fruit.

  • Eggs
  • Whole grain pancake
  • Juice

Pre-training Meal

Right before he hits the gym, he makes sure that he has a great combination of fats and protein which will help him boost his energy in the gym and give him a great workout.

  • Protein smoothie made from banana, egg, almond milk, berries


His lunch is pretty much the basic one which consists of a carb source, proteins, and veggies. His lunches and dinners are pretty much the same because he believes in keeping things basic. He does not like fancy foods that much and relies on whatever is available.

  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Pre-workout Meal

Pre-workout meals are important or him because it helps him recover and loosen his muscle. It also helps the body to make the tissue fibers again. He makes sure to have a protein-rich meal after he has done his workout.

  • Protein shake
  • Almonds


The dinner for Ben Simmons is pretty much the same as his lunch. He keeps it pretty basic with some protein, carbs, and veggies on the side. He either has chicken or fish for his protein which is a pretty great option o get lean protein. More or less, his diet plan is pretty basic to follow and hassle-free.

  • Steak or chicken
  • Veggies
  • Rice

This is essentially what it takes for an NBA player like Ben Simmons to be on track every single day of the year and to perform his best!

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