Breon Ansley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Breon Ansley is an IFBB acknowledged bodybuilder, sponsored athlete, and private trainer from California, USA. In merely two years, he remodeled his physique to a professional level – succeeding in a major IFBB competition. When Breon was growing up, he was always very excited about sports. While he took part in a wide variety of sports at school, he surpassed at football. He proceeded to continue with this passion in college, where he performed defensive back for Iowa State.

Breon Ansley

Accidentally, an ailment prevented Breon from proceeding to play football. Upon retiring home, he determined to manage his fitness and develop his body as strong as possible. Aiming to help others, he started training laborious to sculpt an outstanding physique, taking a personal training qualification.

After a long period of preparation, Breon qualified for the NPC Los Angeles Championships and appeared in second place. Following a succession of top ten finishes, he received his pro card in 2013 and gained the New York Pro in 2017. The fitness champion always looks for the positives in his approach toward fitness. Breon is focused and working hard.

Breon Ansley and his fitness routine will be the focus of this article. The write-up comprises his workout schedule and diet plan, for which he is also well recognized on social media. The schedule accommodates his exact health schedule every single day. Be assured to check back for updates. In addition to this, we would also check out his body stats before we move forward.

Breon Ansley Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1979
  • Birth Date: November 13
  • Height: 1.48 m (5’8”)
  • Weight: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
  • Chest: 50 inches
  • Waist: 31 inches
  • Biceps: 19 inches

Breon Ansley Awards and Achievements

  • 2012 NPC Los Angeles Championships – 2nd
  • 2012 NPC Los Angeles Championships – 1st
  • 2012 NPC Titans Grand Prix Championships – 2nd
  • 2013 NPC USA Championships – 1st
  • 2013 NPC USA Championships – NP
  • 2014 IFBB New York Pro – 16th
  • 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix – 15th
  • 2016 NPC Prestige Crystal Cup – 1st
  • 2016 IFBB Mr. Olympia Classic Physique – 4th
  • 2017 IFBB New York Pro Classic Physique – 1st

Breon Ansley Workout Routine

Sporting Youth

Completely throughout his youth, Breon played a variety of sports, varying from football and tennis to track and swimming. He was born and reared in Rowland Heights, California (USA). His main enthusiasm was football, which he exceeded at.

During his high school years, he played defensive back and hosted a college scholarship to perform for Iowa State. An injury halted Breon’s sports career, but he remained fit after leaving college to persist actively.

Breon Ansley

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

As Breon moved back home, he understood he wanted to promote his excellent physique and obtain a job. After a few disastrous auditions for major commercials, he began searching for acting work. Among the trademarks, he acted for were Mountain Dew, McDonald’s, Samsung, Chevrolet, and Walgreens.

He managed the same dedication to fitness he had obtained at college while accomplishing as an actor. A number of his friends were bodybuilders and fitness professionals, so it was only a matter of time before the sporting seed was established.

Breon converted into a personal trainer in 2008 so that he could support others accomplish their fitness goals. He read a lot about muscle groups while examining for his training requirement. Even though he already knew quite a little about this subject from his footballing days, he shortly knew precisely how to assist others.

Getting Into Bodybuilding

In the gym, his friends assured him regularly that he had a physique fit for wrestling when he was instructing clients. Breon slowly began to practice harder to posture at plays as a result of this reassuring.

Breon began to achieve victory rapidly following a lot of laborious work. His 2012 NPC results procured him three top-three finishes. Taking his pro card and establishing a new career was made feasible after he won the NPC USA Championships in 2013.

Professional Competitions

Breon had taken the complete year off in 2015 to concentrate on building a professional-level physique. Notwithstanding his strict diet, he was remarkably fascinated with his progress and was happy it was paying off.

He managed to make the switch to the IFBB classic physique division in 2016 due to his hard commitment. An exciting first-place finish at the NPC Prestige Crystal Cup in Boca Raton, Florida confirmed to the bodybuilding world just how immeasurable he was.

Breon Ansley

In addition to ending off a notably successful year, Breon took 4th place at the inaugural Mr. Olympia Classic Physique. This confirmed that he was a real contender, and he was summoned to fight at the 2017 Mr. Olympia – the most prestigious championship on earth.

In rehearsal for this show, Breon headed to score his best setting yet – 1st place at the IFBB New York Pro. Revealing his appreciation of the show in his routine, he enjoyed the opportunity to perform.

Training Approach

Breon performed approximately 26 sets when he commenced training and obeyed the “standard” approach of concentrating on volume. As he read more and found a mentor, he began interjecting the theory of different angles and locations for his lifts.

During Breon’s training sessions, he practices one major muscle group every day. In extension to the back, chest, leg, and shoulder workouts, he also pulls out his shoulders. During his career, he has always been directed on lifting heavy and pushing harder on every rep to accomplish the professional level.

As a component of his rehearsals for the 2017 New York Pro, Breon worked remarkably hard. As a consequence of this exhausting workout routine, Breon places a lot of significance on recovery time; he completes practices with notably heavy dumbbells and low reps.

Breon Ansley

 It is said that “the body follows the mind”

One of Breon’s favorite proverbs is ‘Body Follows Mind’; he believes that his body is entirely controlled by his stubborn and resilient mindset. He practices with a dedicated and focused perspective because he wants to be the most solid.

Every morning, when he rises, he meditates on positive declarations to give him the confidence to hit the gym hard. His confidence in his expertise gives him the urge to achieve.

Pre-competition Pace

Breon improves the intensity of his workouts before he struggles to build muscle and lose weight at the same time. To present him with a more effective workout, he consolidates more body parts in each workout, which he observes helps with his aesthetic dimensions.

Favorite Body Part To Train

His favorite part of the body to train is his back. The muscle group in his back has always lagged behind other parts of his body. Breon can direct on his muscle groups and work his dimensions around them that has enabled him to overcome this challenge.

Through hard work and analysis, he has been able to determine exactly the function of the lats. Depending on his frame, he can knock the muscle from various angles. Returning his weakness into power will allow him to show society how far away he has come.

Breon Ansley insists that staying on schedule and on time is the answer to ensuring a successful match preparation. As soon as one item on his list drops behind schedule, everything else is driven back and he has a shorter time to recover.

During contest preparation, recovery is extremely valuable. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by practicing and enhancing your physique. However, restoration is significant in enabling the muscle to fully recuperate. Here’s his schedule for equipping himself for the competition:

  • Wake up at 6:30 am
  • Eats 5 meals per day
  • Absorbs only 2,700 – 3,000 calories per day
  • Begins training at 12:30 pm
  • Breon Exercises each muscle group twice a week with a focus on latent areas.
  • Posing/stretching after training
  • 15 minutes of HIIT cardio after training
  • More posing/stretching in the evening before bed
  • Fasted cardio doesn’t begin until 12 weeks out.
  • Fasted Cardio: alternates between treadmill, stair-master, spin bike. 30 minutes in the morning. Lower impact.

While this is simply an overview, there is no specification on how he conducted the exercises. The feature provides a summary of the type of schedule commitment a pro bodybuilder should have for match preparation. In a set like Classic Physique, it’s fascinating to note the calorie intake and cardio aspects. Associated with the Men’s Open, preparation for a weight limit contest demands a very distinctive strategy.

Additionally, Breon makes certain that each muscle group is exercised twice a week. The split training you’re doing only involves each area once a week, so you might want to improve the pace for improved development.

In the end, each individual will respond differently. Breon doesn’t go into a feature about particular exercises because he doesn’t fancy troubling the people. An opening template for contest preparation can be employed to help provide a viewpoint on timing and overall routine – and can be tailored to match your needs.

Breon Ansley

In the following section, we will explain the tips Breon Ansley used to stick to his workout routine. He assures that he looks after himself quite well, so he follows a few tips to avoid injuries as well as having a great workout routine. Let’s get a glimpse at the following segment.

Breon Ansley Workout Tips and Tricks

Now that Breon is the Olympia champ in 2017, he must concentrate on what determines a perfect Classic Physique. I adore the classic lines, tiny waist, amazing v-tape, muscle separation, and the strength that he possesses.

As long as you control that balance, you’ll be able to scratch out more detail, deeper lines, and all while showing off his ripped conditioning. Below are various common training tips that he employs:

Tip 1. Warm-up the muscle by working 15-20 slow, controlled repetitions

Tip 2. Focus on controlling each movement, not just energy

Tip 3. Start with your most ineffective muscle groups, train them twice a week

Tip 4. When going to the gym, always have a precise plan of attack, never just speculate what will work

Tip 5. Incorporate cardio five times per week

Breon Ansley

That was the workout routine Breon Ansley included to be super buff and cut. It is quite important to him that he is regular with his routine and he clings to it rigorously. We’ll observe his diet and what he eats, in general, to fuel himself in the next division.

Breon Ansley Diet Plan

In addition to the knowledge he obtained from schooling, Breon Ansley investigated to find a diet plan that suited him. In his diet, he uses plenty of protein, which he gets from different sources. His regular source of meat in his diet comes from lean animals such as turkey or chicken in addition to fish such as cod, tuna, and salmon, which he also appreciates.

Breon Ansley

As well as the high protein content, Ansley savors the carbs from brown rice. While fighting, he adheres to a severe diet, focusing on a mighty physique. But he does not shy away from infrequently enjoying a cheat feast. During those days, he will experience some delicious foods, including pizza and cheesecake.

That was all about his diet plan. He sticks to his diet quite consistently but he does not follow the same meal plan every single day. In this section, we saw what kind of foods he eat. However, in the next section, we will focus more on the diet tips that he employs in his meal plans so that he could get the best of it.

Breon Ansley Diet Tips

Bodybuilding’s future applies to Breon Ansley, and after winning the Classic Olympia Physique class, he is continuing to set a distinguished standard for what bodybuilding is actually about. What an unimaginable athlete! Breon requires to keep the waist tight and his complete body in immaculate condition both during and after the competition, so he maintains his diet quite well. He pays heed to these nutritional and diet tips:

High Protein, Lower Carb, Higher Fat Diet

The meal composition of Breon is more focused on protein

Staying Consistent

Manage a compatible diet before your contest

Remove Carbs

As the contest draws near, exclude all carbs to attain true ketosis

Pre Workout Drinks

Drinking pre-workout drinks while on a low-carb diet is excellent


Fulfill a multivitamin supplement with probiotics


Keep your fat loss at the greatest level while remaining anabolic

Researching The Bodybuilding Diet

The first time Breon got involved in bodybuilding, he started to research bodybuilding nourishment a lot. Although he studied several books and online means, he ultimately decided that he would find a nutrition plan that would work well for him.


Breon’s food off-season is brown rice, sweet potatoes, and yams, which are all healthy carbs. In addition to preparing a lot of lean meats such as chicken and turkey, he does not calculate the grams of protein that he devours every day.

As for additional foods, Breon likes to eat fish, such as salmon, tuna, and cod.

Breon Ansley

Cheat Meals

During the off-season, Breon allows himself to consume cheat meals quite regularly. In summation to pizza, burgers, and fries, he normally follows them up with cheesecake for pudding.

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