Buddy Hield Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Chavacano Rainer “Buddy” Hield born on December 17, 1992, is a Bahamian professional basketball player. Buddy Hield is a shooting guard in the team, Sacramento Kings. He has proven his strength since the very beginning whether it is in the court or during his training period. Besides working hard during the season, he worked a greater deal during his offseason and it proves his dedication to the game. He has been named Big 12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year in the years 2015 and 2016. Besides this, he also received four other major national player awards that include: the John R. Wooden Award, the Naismith Award, Sporting News Player of the Year, and the Oscar Robertson Trophy. Due to his status as being an accomplished player, he has been selected with the 6th overall pick of the NBA draft in 2016 by the New Orleans Pelicans.

To achieve all of this, it is quite evident that Buddy Hield worked off with all that he had. So here’s all that Buddy Hield followed when it comes to his diet and workout. And before we delve into the details, here is a list of his body measurements.

Buddy Hield Body Statistics

Buddy Hield Height  1.93 m
Buddy Hield Weight  97 kg 
Buddy Hield Age 27 years
Wingspan  2.04 m

Buddy Hield Workout Routine

Buddy Hield makes sure that he has a combination of both on-field workouts that include dribbling, passing, and shooting, along with strength-developing workouts. He makes sure to do some basic stretches before and after his workouts. He warms up by jogging at a slow place and then gradually increasing his speed.

Buddy Hield’s on the field and off-field workouts include-

  • Dribbling 

Buddy Hield’s Dribbling workout.

We all know that dribbling is one of the most important components for basketball and that is something Buddy Hield starts with too. It is a basic skill that needs to be mastered. He dribbles it in all directions, moving back and forth and side to side. He even dribbles between his legs to work his ball-handling skills during the match.

  • From shooting

Since Buddy is a shooter, he needs to have his shooting practice done. He shoots in the basket at least 100 to 200 times consistently. It helps in getting used to shooting and maintain accuracy. It is important to practice shooting from all sides of the court.

  • Floater shot 

Floater shot is yet another form of shot that Buddy practices. A floater shot is shot when you are too close for a jump shot, but not so much in the layup and at the same time, the defense is on its way. It is like an in-between shot.

  • Step back shot 

A step-back shot is as literal as its name. It is when you take a step back in case of a defender standing in front of you and it is not possible to go past him. It is a great technique to make a score from the outside position.

  • 3’s 

Buddy Hield’s shooting routine.

The 3’s is one of the techniques that Buddy can not miss to master. That’s probably why he practices it continuously. If you see his Instagram handle, you will see his videos where he has posted shooting at least 100 shots with this technique and scoring an 85 basket count. It is all about being accurate for him. To score a 3 pointer, you must score from behind the 3 point line, which is a designated arc that surrounds the basket.

Besides the on-field practice, he makes sure that he is working on these fitness components that are listed below:

  • Agility 

He is all about agility. Basketball players need to be agile so a lot of court running and other agility exercises are important. It is important to have great stamina for all that running that is a vital part of the game.

  • Vertical training 

Vertical training is important for him because he is a shooter. Therefore, he needs to practice a lot of jumps so that he could reach the basket effortlessly. It includes a lot of jumping exercises that can be practiced on the court and in the gym.

  • Weight training 

Buddy Hield likes to sweat it out in the gym with some weights. He is into lifting heavy weights with few reps. Although it is a heavyweight workout, it is designed in a way that will not affect his mobility and flexibility while at the same time providing him some strength. It is great for some dynamic power and a better physique. The workout consists of 3-4 sets with 8 to 10 reps in each exercise. He mostly trains for his lower body and some core strength for him to play better in the court.

Buddy Hield’s training routine.

This is all about his workout routine which has different components to it. Moving further to Buddy Hield’s diet plan.

Buddy Hield Diet Plan

The diet plan which Buddy Hield follows is not too complicated. He tries to have wholesome foods and stay away from processed food.

Buddy Hield Diet Includes

  • Protein is an important part of Buddy’s diet and he makes sure to incorporate a lot of protein-rich food like chicken, fish, turkey, and salads.
  • He tries to keep his breakfast heavy which is loaded with carbs and protein. He takes two naps throughout the day which is quite expected after long hours of training and heavy meals.
  • Instead of having small meals throughout the day, he eats two heavy meals with lots of protein shakes to make up for the lost nutrients.
  • He makes sure that he is hydrated throughout the day and so he drinks gallons of water.

This is pretty much about diet, workout routine, and training schedule of the great player, Buddy Hield.

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