Canelo Álvarez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Born on July 18, 1990, Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán  is a Mexican expert boxer. He is also called Canelo Álvarez who has earned world championships in four power classes from light-middleweight to light heavyweight. At present, Canelo Álvarez is an excellent middleweight world champion. He earned the WBA (Super), WBC, and since 2020, he has owned the title from Ring magazine.

Being a great counter puncher, Canelo Álvarez is prepared enough to utilize the openings in his adversaries’ defenders. During the openings, he evades punches with his head and body movements. He is famous for his terrible body punching styles. BoxRec, The Ring, the Boxing Writers Association of America and the TBRB have rated him the world’s greatest active boxer since January 2021. ESPN has declared Canelo Álvarez as second. BoxRec, The Ring, TBRB, and ESPN also listed him as the world’s biggest dynamic super middleweight.

Canelo Álvarez

Canelo Álvarez has clearly accomplished a specific height in his field but all the credit goes to his immense training schedule and strict diet that makes him have all this in his kitty. In this article, we would discuss more Canelo Álvarez workout routine, his diet plan, and his routine in general which will help us know and determine what exactly does Canelo Álvarez does in his whole day differently that makes him one of the best players that we have in the boxing arena.

Canelo Álvarez Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1990 (age 30)
  • Birth Date: 18 July
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
  • Weight: 76 kgs
  • Reach: 70 12 in (179 cm)

Canelo Álvarez Awards and Achievements

Boxing record
Total fights 58
Wins 55
Wins by KO 37
Losses 1
Draws 2

Canelo Álvarez Workout Routine

Being one of the most experienced competitors in the world, Canelo Álvarez puts a lot of time into his practice, his diet, and his recovery. On most days, Álvarez follows a quite strict routine as he wakes up around 6 a.m., works for a few hours, has a substantial breakfast, takes a nap, and then does another training session for a few hours. For him following a routine is everything because it helps him smash his goals. He even suggests other to do the same if they want to have something powerful in their hindsight. He says,  “Routine is everything for me because boxing is very much driven by routine. It requires a certain kind of discipline to become a great boxer,” says Canelo Álvarez. “I’m very disciplined about my diet when I train, too.”

Saul Canelo Alvarez or “El Canelo” is a Mexican boxer who is one of the most immeasurable pound-per-pound fighters of all time. El Canelo has only succumbed to one fight against the greatest ever Floyd Mayweather. However, Canelo Álvarez tries to be in the best possible shape that he can. He doe not share a lot about his workout routine but gives a glimpse now and then on his social media.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are usually booked for boxing work — jump rope, shadowboxing, heavy bag, strategy, and coming up with game plans — while Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are devoted to sparring. “It’s the hardest thing I do and it’s what fascinates me the most,” Canelo said about his sparring routines.

Canelo Álvarez

In his strength & conditioning routines, Canelo Álvarez prefers including a tiny bit of everything into his training session. Canelo Álvarez works for all aspects of his fitness like conditioning, strength, and agility. “I do work on a few weights just to get my power-up. I work a lot of conditioning and stamina,” he told in a  fitness interview. “If I lift any weights I do it more for the explosion, but I really use my body weight to build up muscle and strength. I like working with my own body weight, and I just do the best job I can to be healthy and strong, both before and after a fight.”

Physical conditioning is important to have because fights are very difficult and very arduous. You have to have the conditioning because if it doesn’t go quickly and if it goes into the following rounds, you have to have the physical conditioning to be capable to fight again. Definitely, there are a few things that you can do like, running is one, and you also have to shift up the speeds, so that you can get your heart rate up and down. Working on the heavy bag serves as well.

The kind of sessions that he is having also depends on his routine. So, for example, for his fight with Kovalev in 2019, nevertheless, the Mexican boxer was leaping 160 pounds to 175 pounds so he had to concentrate on bulking up by lifting more weights than he normally does. “That’s what I’m going to weigh, 175 pounds. God willing, that’s what we’re working on,” Canelo Álvarez told in a very popular fitness magazine. “I’m lifting more weights. I hadn’t lifted that much previously. A lot of reps but not that much weight. So I’m lifting more weights, eating more carbs, eating protein.”

To recuperate from his intensive training routine, Canelo Álvarez isn’t a fan of some of the high-blown opportunities possible these days for boxers, preferring just some great old sleep. “Just rest. There’s a lot you can do recovery-wise—massages, getting into ice baths, getting treatment, and all that. My best advice is a lot of rest. Sleeping is simple, but it’s so important,” he told in a leading fitness interview.

However, here are some of his favorite workout moves that he likes to do no matter what. Take  a look:

Stability Plank and Stability Push-Ups

This is a simple drill you see several boxers doing: stability work with rings, Bosu balls, and gymnastic balls. You will have to keep your core super tight and your lower back straight. It will help you stabilize and improve your core strength for the boxers to give out better punches. It is really helpful as the unstable nature of the workout helps you to stabilize more even in general posture.

Canelo Álvarez

Lying Leg Raise

This is a more relaxed variety as opposed to the regular hanging leg raise. We have seen Canelo Alvarez doing a lot of this type of abs work. It will not only work the abs and core but also the hip flexors which will provide power, strength, and stability when Canelo Álvarez is in the ring.

Medicine Ball Oblique Throw

This is an excellent workout move to build explosive strength to hips, abs, and obliques. The explosive moves will help the boxer to build a faster punch because the majority of the punch strength is built in the training session during the twisting motions and not just from the strength of the arms.

Ring Push Up

Canelo Alvarez does lots of variations of push-ups in his strength and conditioning routines, but he has also arranged for ring push-ups. This kind of pushup is a variation and is almost like the normal pushup except that the ring allows the arms to rotate freely. The rings also make it a bit unstable to make the exercise work on those abs and make it tougher. It would need abs and core strength to help stabilize the whole body.

Canelo Álvarez

Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Wide grip pull-ups are apparently the best kick for your back activity that any fighter or a sportsman can do for his upper body. A decent pull-up will move the biceps, forearms, and all back muscle strength to a great degree. Even abs get laboriously worked with pull-ups, but besides it might be hard to assume.

Canelo Alvarez does all varieties of pull-ups. Seldom narrow, seldom wide. We have seen him using gymnastic rings for pull-ups as well in his social media accounts as he keeps on posting pictures and videos.

Canelo Álvarez

Arms Workouts

With 36 knockouts to his title, it is obvious Canelo maintains devastating punching power and especially strong arms. Apparently, punching without being punched is the kind of game that boxing is ultimately but how does he create and control that arm strength? Well, looking at the workouts that he has posted online, it appears somewhat candid.

Besides doing the planks on stability balls, he also does push-ups on them to establish his shoulders strength. Push-ups are a favorite of Canelo’s, and he also loves to follow them on ring pulls to add to his chest strength and do them with narrow hands for his triceps. Then, wide-grip pull-ups are done to focus on the biceps, triceps, and pectorals. These workout moves provide a great base for growing your upper body strength+.

The Cardio

As we have seen looking at many top player’s fitness routines, that running is a huge part of any boxer’s routine. The fitness needed to last 12 rounds in the ring is just quite amazing, so being able to run and build up your cardio is very important if your nat to stay in the game. And so Canelo Álvarez also practices running and sprints every single morning except for Sundays. He wakes up at 6 am and gets out of his bed onto the streets to get his miles in. It is a perfect start to this day and he tries not to miss out on it.

Besides this, he also likes to skip as much as he can which helps him to lose unwanted fat and even build some leg muscles too. It allows him to work on his footwork and time his movements. He is a robot when it comes to the capacity for cardio.

Canelo Álvarez


Alvarez not quite surprisingly spends a lot of time in the boxing ring where he practices a lot of moves. With Sunday being the day off for him. he works six days a week and every single afternoon he works on his particular fight skills.  From around 2.30 pm until 5 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays he works on his fitness and skills.

This includes many workouts like rope jumping, strategy, and punching bags and balls while on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays he is in the ring, either sparring an opponent or working with pads or on his movement around the ring with his trainer. Clearly, one does not gets to the position where Canelo Álvarez is now just by moving like that. He spends a lot of time working on his skills and improving them.

Canelo Álvarez

Here’s a sample workout exercise split of what Canelo Álvarez’s workouts might include

Canelo Alvarez Workout Split

Jog (warm-up): 10 Minutes

Mitt training

  • Jab, cross, jab cross combo: 45-second rounds/3 rounds
  • Jab, jab, right uppercut combo: 45-second rounds/3 rounds
  • Jab, cross, left hook combo:  45-seconds/3 rounds
  • Jab, jab, right hook, left uppercut: 45-seconds/3 rounds

Jump rope Workout:

  • Forward jump: 90 Seconds
  • Alternating (from one foot to another): 90 Seconds
  • Single jump
  • Left foot – 30 Seconds
  • Right foot – 30 Seconds
  • Repeat sequence 3X

Stability Routine:

  • Stability Plank – 3 sets for 30 seconds
  • Stability Pish Ups-  3 x 10 reps.
  • Lying Leg Raise: 3 x 15 reps.
  • Medicine Ball Oblique Throw: 3 x 10 reps per side
  • Ring Push-Ups: 3 x 10 reps.
  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 5 x 5 reps.

Part of his training routine also includes:

TRX Straight and lateral knee crunches (15-20 reps)

Medicine ball alternating push-ups (12 reps)
Resistance band crossovers in three stages (12 reps each height)

Kettlebell squats (12-15 reps)

Bench dips (15 reps)

Bicycle crunches (20 seconds)
Jackknife sit-ups (20 reps)
Heel touches (20 seconds)
Repeat each exercise 3 to 5 times.

As we notice from his Instagram and other social media where he is always too active, we can see that he really works for his abs. It doe not only allow him to achieve stability but also absorb the shots that are coming from the opponent’s side. It thus gives him a very stable base. He adds a lot of exercises for his various routines.

Canelo Álvarez likes to add classic leg raises which do not need any special equipment and can be done on any kind of flow. He does three sets of 15 reps and then immediately stands on the wall and does some twisting movements. He does medicine ball oblique exercises for his obliques using a weighted ball. He also does some plan-based workouts where he does a lot of tough variations.

Canelo Álvarez

Here’s a sample workout abs plan that Canelo Álvarez follows:

Crunch (20 reps)
Plank (30 seconds)
Leg raises (15-20 reps)
Repeat each exercise 3 to 5 times.

He suggests that these exercises can be done all at once or once in a while since someone is not into these things professionally. He advocates the followers to take 1 to2 minutes of rest between each set and one can also try supersets with this. Even though professionals like Canela work out every single day without fail, you don’t have to do that. You can plan your routine according to your fitness goals.

That was all about Canelo Álvarez’s intensive workout routine that gives him the strength and power to be at the very top of his game. However, there are some workout tips that Canelo Álvarez frequently shares with his fans and people who look up to him for inspiration. Here are a few workout tips and tricks that Canelo Álvarez himself follows, so take a look!

Canelo Álvarez Workout Tips and Tricks

Besides following a  grueling and tiresome workout routine which might become more intense according to his situation but there are other times and tricks that Canelo Álvarez follows to take his workout a notch up in his routine. Here are some fitness and lifestyle tips that Canelo Álvarez shares on his social media channels to be more effective in the field. Take a look:


“Routine is everything for me because boxing is very much driven by routine. It requires a certain kind of discipline to become a great boxer,” says Alvarez, who wakes up at 6 a.m., trains for two hours, eats a lean breakfast, takes a quick power nap, and trains for another three hours. “I’m very disciplined about my diet when I train. I only eat lean proteins and veggies, like salmon and veggies.” Part of the afternoon is also spent working out options for the next fight in the ring

Canelo Álvarez


For Canelo Álvarez, resting is also super important as he always believes in making the best out of his rest periods. He makes sure that both his mind and body are rested. “I’m always training or dropping, which is a lot of pressure to put on yourself mentally and physically. My routine helps me focus, but more importantly, helps me unwind when I need to,” he says.

Canelo Álvarez


“I box for the love of boxing,” says the champ. “I take on every fight with respect and seriousness. I just love boxing.” Alvarez says he doesn’t believe in getting the set goals in his career, he’s just worried about the kind of training he does and if it is hard and is known as the best in his sport. “Someday I would like to be remembered in boxing so that when people talk about boxing they talk about Canelo,” he continues.

Canelo Álvarez


Discipline is the cornerstone of everything that Alvarez does. “I have to be prepared. If someone is going to beat me, it’s not going to be because they trained harder. I train as hard as I can so when someone beats me I know it’s because they’re better than me.” Sparring is his best part of working out. He continues, “It’s the hardest thing I do and it’s what fascinates me the most.”

That was all about the Canelo Álvarez workout routine and some of his favorite workout tips that he shares with his friends, family, and fans. But here’s more! It is his diet plan that makes him reach the top of his game. He follows a strict plan so that he can be in optimal shape and the next section, we will read exactly that! So take a look.

Canelo Álvarez

Canelo Álvarez Diet Plan

Practice is never as exciting to observe as the actual game. There’s a lot of undignified routine in getting equipped for a match, whether you’re a linebacker or a pole vaulter. Boxing may appear like an interesting deviation from the rule, what with the pace bag, the punching, and all those other get-pumped-up exercise montage displays.

However, boxing has one enormous bit of prep work that’s simple to overlook: being for a long time in your weight class. Weight is everything in boxing, and managing that amount is pretty hard. “I eat bread only once a week,” says Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez via a translator, “or maybe a serving of rice. But no more than once a week.”

Álvarez is the past middleweight and light middleweight champion of the world and is considered one of the best boxers alive in the world. He is also the most anticipated player of the world and holds many great world titles as he defeated some of the best champions in the world. Earlier in the year 2017, Canelo Álvarez knocked out Amir Khan and challenged Golovkin. It was when he decided to or better for his health and gain up to 160 pounds for the fight and Oscar De La Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions which embodies Canelo Álvarez, says he needs to work up gradually but, hey, the extra credit for improvement sure doesn’t hurt.

Then Canelo Álvarez prepared for a September 17 fight against Liam Smith, the unbeaten light-middleweight world champion. For the fight, Álvarez has to keep at a slim 154 pounds structure, which is why in the two months leading up to the match he only got to have bread once a week. For the remainder of the season, Álvarez is rather completely starch-less. And it’s as exciting as a protein shake for supper.

Mid meals Álvarez bites on something like cucumber and jicama, fruits and vegetables that transport water and fiber without much of a calorie boost that supports to stop off any hunger pangs. But like his earlier contender Amir Khan, Álvarez won’t go over full into a fight. “Feeling full can be a disadvantage,” he says. “You can have the best training but just feeling full can make you sluggish and cause you to lose.”

Canelo Álvarez

When it comes to diet during this training period, Canelo Álvarez likes to keep things uncomplicated and structured. It mostly comprises protein and veggies. “I’m very disciplined about my diet when I train. I only eat lean proteins and veggies, like salmon and veggies,” he said.

After a game is done though, he allows himself some feasts. “I do two months of strict dieting so after fight night I go for whatever my body is craving,” he said in an interview with a famous magazine. “It’s usually sushi. But after that, I go home to Guadalajara and indulge in a lot of tacos before I have to start getting in shape for another fight.”

He does not doubt the kind of training that he is doing to get where he is. He even thinks that if he is going to lose it is not because he left any stones turned during his preparation. In his words, “I have to be prepared. If someone is going to beat me, it’s not going to be because they trained harder. I train as hard as I can so when someone beats me I know it’s because they’re better than me.”

But as soon as the fight’s over, the restrictions come off. “I do two months of strict dieting,” he says, “so after fight night, I go for whatever my body is craving. It’s usually sushi. But after that, I go home to Guadalajara and indulge in a lot of tacos before I have to start getting in shape for another fight.”

While most of the boxing association remains to investigate his current contractual condition with Golden Boy and DAZN, Alvarez’s diet plan merits some intimation ahead of the big fight. Alvarez declares himself to be a foodie, but throughout fight camps, he has to put it away. In a conversation with a leading magazine, Canelo cleared up about his dietary practices, charging up the entire boxing association. Canelo Álvarez said, “I eat bread only once a week. Feeling full can be a disadvantage. You can have the best training, but just feeling full can make you sluggish and cause you to lose.”

He added, “I do two months of strict dieting. So after fight night, I go for whatever my body is craving. It’s usually sushi. But after that, I go home to Guadalajara and indulge in a lot of tacos before I have to start getting in shape for another fight.”But there’s much more to know about his diet.

Canelo Álvarez

Even though his eating patterns keep on changing, this is a sample meal plan of what he would eat during his training days:


  • Have a healthy breakfast, egg whites fried in, preferably, olive oil.
  • A piece of ham.
  • A glass of fresh fruit juice.


  • Grilled or smoked chicken piece.
  • A side of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, etc.


  • Only a glass of protein shake. No other forms of carbs.


  • Only fruits and vegetables; apples, grapes, Jicama, carrots, etc.

Tus looking at the diet plan it is quite evident that boxers like Canelo Álvarez do not become quite the best by just luck of natural talent. They have to work hard for it and remain consistent and dedicated towards their goals. They need a huge quantity of skill to be on top of their fame. They have to prepare and manage their time for better utilization. They have to stay careful at every step.

Canelo Álvarez follows quite a restrictive diet which means that he restrict any packaged food or anything that will not benefit his body in the match. He only allows nutrients to go inside his body. He makes sure that his muscles are getting enough fuel which is required for the training. He has some principles he follows in his training routine:

Restricting Diet

A diet that is low in calories and starch is ok for fighters who have a certain goal in the mind. Gaining weight and maintaining it on a level is a huge part of the camp and you remain careless about it, it can cost the athlete dearly. Thus when the fight is coming up, the fighters have to restrict their diet. Crabs are excluded from the diet. Tus Canelo Álvarez eats very less bread or rice when he is preparing for the fight. He is only allowed to eat these kinds of carbs once a week.

Such a diet program enables Canelo Álvarez to trim weight off for fights and increase lean muscle. He consumes a lot of proteins and only permits himself to snack on fruits and vegetables. Hydration is also essential to keep the weight off. Plenty of water going into the training camp is essential. But if weight cutting is needed the water consumption is reduced by manifolds.

Canelo Álvarez

Duration of Diet

The duration that Canelo Álvarez follows this restrictive diet is for two months from the day of the fight. Canelo Álvarez does not get into the ring feeling too full as it can be a disadvantage. This is one of the reasons that he follows this kind of diet in his training came. He thinks that eating before the match can lead you to be sluggish and hamper your performance. You will feel tired quickly and even have less energy than the opposite being happening. After a fight, however, Canelo Álvarez doe indulges in his favorite foods!

After the Fight

When the game is over, Alvarez skips about his diet limitations for a while and eats whatever he is craving. Some of his favorite things to indulge in includes tacos, sushi, or anything else his heart wants. But this is only momentary, as soon as he signs up for a different fight, he goes on the prescribed diet once again.

Canelo Álvarez

Canelo Alvarez Diet

All beginner, amateur, and pro boxers pay attention. Your diet plan should look like the one given below. Keeping it simple will help you focus more on the training because you don’t have to sit and make a plan for what you are going to eat every week.

The missing or skipping dinner will make some boxers quite angry and they may think that this diet isn’t sufficient to fire their workouts. But that is how Canelo Alvarez does it. The diet has enough calories so every of Canelo Álvarez’s nutritional needs is met and would keep the weight in check too. If you are trying to gain weight and be tougher, then you might not want to follow this diet trend. Thus diet is perfect or cutting down and perfect for your next match if you aim to achieve the same kind of tenure as Canelo Álvarez.

Canelo Álvarez What to Eat

Here are particular food groups that Canelo Álvarez makes sure that he is adding in his daily nutrition to support his muscles and fuel his body for a rested and relaxed next day of workout. Here’s a list,

  • Fresh Food
  • Eggs
  • Egg Whites
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Leafy Greens
  • Fruit
  • Complex Carb
  • Water

Canelo Álvarez What to Avoid

Meanwhile, there are some food items that Canelo Álvarez likes to avoid as much a possible if not completely. He starts away from anything that is harmful to his body and would completely destruct his physique goals. So, here are some of these food items,

  • Junk Food
  • Fast Food
  • Artificial Additives
  • Trans Fats
  • Processed Foods
  • Chemical Ingredients
  • Simple Carbs (limited)

The Canelo Álvarez diet has changed a lot over the years. For a long time, he didn’t have professional advice, but he still understood at an early stage that he needed to make healthy changes. Eating clean is the most important thing that one can do to help one body grow and look awesome. Canelo Álvarez posts a lot about his physique which is due to these tips that he also shares with his fan. He writes continuously on his blog and shares these tips to eat clean without driving yourself insane.

Canelo Álvarez Diet Tips

Canelo Álvarez also gives some tips for his fans because he knows that not everyone can be on an extreme diet like he is. Thus there are many quirks that they can follow to be better than before. All serious athletes have generally similar types of diets and that of the boxer is not different. There is not much difference in the intake of food consumed by racers, weightlifters, fighters, and many other competitors.

Canelo Álvarez

Thus these are all the health quirks and tips that Canelo Álvarez has to give to his fans and followers for a better diet and health:

Meat – Adhering to white meat as it is more easygoing for your physique to absorb, digest speedier through your digestive tract, and it hardly becomes junk around your stomach to struggle hard. White meat like chicken, turkey, and fish are few ingredients desired by all. This white meat is usually of slim and muscular animals that help the boxers to give a good punch to the opponent. Beef or pork is generally avoided being a lump of red meat. It is because the cows and the pigs are served with the stuff which makes their meat unhealthy.

Proteins – Eating a lot of peanut butter in a day is not advisable to the boxer in the name of protein. It will not benefit you if you are not a weightlifter. Eggs, tuna, milk are also good sources of proteins. Eating all these besides meat is pure protein fit for you as a boxer.

Fruits and Vegetables – Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits of different colors is a good source of vitamins to keep you healthy. You should eat them in plenty and they are available in varieties.

Liquids – Gallons of water are a necessity for a hard workout and if you are working in hot areas. Boxers need two to three gallons as compared to the general public. However, water can be taken more if possible. It should include alcohol which is not healthy and makes you slow and plump. It will also bring you in such a condition that can not be compared to the boxer’s status. So loads of water are recommended for you.

Fats – Healthy fats are good for the boxer unless it does not add to your natural body fats. So one has to be careful about their hereditary build-up. Once in a week is ok to have not-so-healthy fats as it will be flared by your hard workout. Boxing training is quite severe and blazes all of your bad fats. It becomes difficult for the trainer to gather if you have fatty items in your meal since you are top-level and work hard towards the world championship.

Canelo Álvarez

Supplements – Though supplements are sometimes recommended to provide you extra strength, power, and energy, they aren’t real. They are made in labs and coated with unnatural substances. It may not be taken in and consumed by the bodies as a whole. Eating 100 mg or more will not add to your stamina. It’s always better to have natural and authentic food items instead of supplements. These are just to be shown and not for the actual workouts. All will move to consume pills instead of taking proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals if those supplements do wonders. One must stick to a proper and balanced diet only.

That was all about the diet plan of Canelo Álvarez which he follows every single day without fail. There are some fails in between in which Canelo Álvarez takes his “cheat meals” because he is only a human and he deserves a bit of a treat after smashing his workouts or his matches, doesn’t he? However, he also takes some supplements and extra nutrition to append with his diet requirements for better results. Here’s all about it in the next section.

Canelo Álvarez Nutrition and Supplements

A way that Canelo Álvarez uses to boost his nutrition and energy is by adding some dietary and nutritional supplements to his diet. By his own confession, adding these supplements are the reason for him to reach the place where he is now. Some of Canelo Álvarez’s popular supplements incorporate  BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), post and pre-workout, and muscle and mass gainers.

Besides, Canelo Álvarez uses whey protein throughout the day. He is also the representative of many sports brands—the kind of brands that retails bodybuilding accessories, clothing, and supplements. One of the most important things that he uses is the pump elevating citrulline and the lactic acid killing beta-alanine besides other supplements that are important for him.

Canelo Álvarez

Here is a list of things that Canelo Álvarez likes to use for his workouts:

Pre-workout: Since the workouts and training sessions are quite tough, it is important to take a pre-workout to maintain the energy levels.

MHP’s BCAA XL Energy: This supplement is a great way to enhance the energy of the player.

Whey Protein: Whey protein is the number one supplement for any athlete as it helps to build muscles and increase strength. which leads to better performance.

BCAAS: BCAAs are a part of Canelo Álvarez’s pre-and post-workout fuelings and he regularly takes 2 servings every single day during his workout drills. BCAAs allow several privileges, including an improvement in protein structure and better workouts and a reduction in muscle breakdown, and more lasting recovery.

Vitamin C: Canelo Álvarez also combines vitamin C with his post-workout supplement mixture as Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that promotes immunity and reduces the prospect of heart disease and cancer. It is great to even relax the muscles and is an important part of anyone’s diet.

Glutamine: Canelo Álvarez takes the amino acid glutamine every day to create, conserve and redeem, and to increase metabolism. He likes to add it to develop and enhance his muscle structures which makes it pretty easy for him to be in a run with his workout routine.

Fish Oil: Simultaneously with his pre-bedtime casein protein and glutamine, Canelo Álvarez will pop in some fish oil pills to help lower inflammation in the body. The fundamental fatty acids in fish oil also preserve the brain and decrease the danger of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Fish oil is quite great for brain health and a great source for the good kind of fat which keeps the heart and mind healthy.

Multivitamins: Many people might not realize this but when you have such a hectic schedule for yourself with too many training routines, it is important to keep your vitamins and other nutrients up. Thus Canelo Álvarez tries to replenish his vitamins and minerals by taking cultivation after his heavy workout routine.

There are some more qualities and advantages that make the ball to be in Canelo Álvarez’s court and that is the other outer and inner influences that Canelo Álvarez has in his life. One of the biggest things that Canelo Álvarez is grateful for is the immense dedication and the will to perform in the court which makes Canelo Álvarez one of the most extraordinary players of his time.

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