Carol Saraiva Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Carol Saraiva is a fitness model and personal trainer who currently resides and works in Brazil. She’s known for her chiseled physique, which she achieved by doing years of hard work in the gym. When she was a child, up until the age of 12, Carol played a lot of sports. Even though she was vehement about performing in the sports, Carol underwent copious injuries. This is when she was resolved to visit the doctor to request help. Carol’s doctor recommended her to exercise with weights to strengthen her muscles and joints.

Carol accepted the doctor’s recommendation and started working on her weightlifting journey when she was just 12 years old. Throughout the months, she developed her physical fitness, growing stronger and more toned at the same time. In the process, she also developed a great passion for weightlifting and other activities in the gym.

She recalls this period in her life and comments,

“Throughout my fitness journey, I have learned some difficult lessons about what happens when your mindset doesn’t support your goals. You may want to achieve a goal, but if you aren’t willing to keep an optimistic and positive mindset, you will not succeed.

While this may seem simple and obvious, we rarely spend time thinking about what really want. Let’s change that. You will immediately start to notice a difference in how you approach your goals and how you feel about yourself.”

Ever since then, Carol has no left gumming and has built a healthy career in fitness, attaining success as an online personal trainer and fitness model.

Currently, Carol has an online profile that she uses to give online training and nutrition guides. Right on the very first page, she describes herself in a short paragraph telling all about what ignited her passion for fitness and what her training technique is all about. She even talks about her recent projects in the industry and says,

I’m Carol Saraiva. I was born in Florianopolis, an island in southern Brazil. I’ve always been a very active child who practiced a lot of sports, like volleyball and athletics. When I was 12 years old, a doctor recommended that I should start going to the gym as I was constantly getting injured and needed to strengthen the muscles. I fell in love as soon as I started! Since then I have never stopped. Working out became a passion which I decided to turn it into a career, so I went to University to study Sport Science. I graduated from University in Brazil and also from the University of Lisbon in Portugal. During my studies, I met Eduardo Correa who introduced me to the world fitness and bodybuilding. And that is exact time when I started to get involved in the fitness market and got my first sponsor. He taught me how to eat better and how important nutrition is for my health and body. We’ve been married for 9 years, we have built a lot together and have many stories to tell. I worked as a personal trainer and taught over 50 lectures in all of Brazil about training for women. Today, unfortunately, my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to work as a personal trainer anymore. My greatest professional achievement was a collaboration with one of the best supplement brands to come up with my line of supplements designed specifically for women. In two years after launching the line, it is represented worldwide, including representation at the biggest fitness shows of the world like Arnold Classic (Brazil, USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa), FIBO and Mr Olympia. Line includes all the essential nutrients to assist women in achieving their goals and maintain good health. Last year I was so proud to share my own fitness clothes collection with the world to make women all around the globe beautiful. I dedicate my days to encourage and inspire other women to become stronger and achieve their goals. It is amazing being able to wake up every day and do what I love. Believe in your dreams and fight for them! Do not give up on your dreams ever!

Carol Saraiva Statistics

Weight 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
Height 5’5″ (165cm)
Bust 35”
Hips 37”
Waist 24”
Age 32
Date of Birth August 1, 1985
Nationality Brazilian
Profession Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur

Carol Saraiva Accomplishments

  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Model
  • Entrepreneur (Clothing Line)

Carol Saraiva Fitness Biography

Excess Physical Activities and Injuries

Carol Saraiva was born in Brazil in 1985, and since she was a little kid, she always had an interest in sports. As a teenager, Carol spent a lot of time playing volleyball. She said; “I played volleyball and when I was not practicing volleyball, I was practicing another physical exercise.”

However, Carol used to put her body under a lot of stress due to too much physical exertion while playing these sports. As a result, she began to suffer from various injuries as her bones were not naturally that strong to sustain the stress.

Wanting to put an end to her frequent injures once and for all, Carol decided to seek the advice of the doctors on this subject of injury prevention. The doctor suggested weight training as an option to strengthen her muscles.

Carol listened to the doctor’s advice, entering a gym for the first time only at the age of 12 years old.

Beginning of Body Building by Carol

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Only after a few months of exercising in the gym, Carol was able to strengthen her joints and muscles and began seeing a difference. She also developed a passion for lifting weights through this process. Her passion was so intense that she actually stopped playing sports to dedicate more of her time to the gym. She began to do a lot of research on proper diet and nutrition and different training techniques in the gym by reading a lot of articles in magazines. She wanted to improve her physique even further.

Here’s Carol talking about her beginnings in bodybuilding; “As I started very early I didn’t have much information on how important it was to maintain adequate nutrition. I had the guidance of the gym instructor and the food was very intuitive.”

Because of her dedication to bodybuilding, Carol was able to quickly make a lot of progress in both strength and size. Just after a few years of lifting weights, she was able to sculpt an awe-worthy physique.

Improving Her Knowledge

At the age of 18, Carol finally took a physical education course to back up her knowledge of weight training. In 2006, she furthered her knowledge even better when she met her husband Eduardo Correa. As a nutritionist and bodybuilder, Eduardo helped Carol learn everything about training and nutrition, as Carol says; with him, I learned a lot of what I know today.”

In 2007, Carol moved to Europe to study Sports Sciences and also Sports Nutrition. After a few months, she came back to her own city as an expert nutritionist and personal trainer.

Eventually, Carol began spreading her knowledge on the internet and influencing people to lean towards health and fitness – becoming an online coach. Throughout the years, her popularity grew in number and she started to have a lot of following, allowing her to become an online fitness icon. She credits all this to her dedication and strong willpower. She says,

“Our ability to act will be a very important factor in determining our success, and it is our discipline that we should improve on a daily basis. It’s not a gift or a trait. It’s a habit that must be developed. No matter who you are or what you have done in life, you can develop this habit to increase your success.”

Moving to Carol Saravia’s own training routine to see what she does to look so lean and fit.

Carol Saraiva Workout Routine

Carol’s Favorite Body Parts

Carol’s favorite body parts are her legs and shoulders. She exercises her legs using a lot of compound movements, such as squats and deadlifts. Carol really thinks that when it comes to making her legs strong and muscular, it’s all about going heavy and hard in the gym.

This is Carol talking about how to sculpt strong legs; “If there is a muscle group in which creativity with exercises is not always the best thing to do, it is certainly the legs. Massive legs are rarely built by chance. Instead, that really brings the results with leg training is consistent and heavy-weight training using basic compound movements.”

As for her shoulders, Carol’s favorite exercises for this body part are the shoulder press and lateral raises. Carol says that by developing broad shoulders, she allows everyone else to think that she has a smaller waist. That’s an illusionary trick.

Cardio On Weekends

Because Carol has a clean diet most of the time, she doesn’t need to do cardio every day. Instead, she does it only on the weekends. Most of the time she performs HIIT workouts that help her to lose fat too. However here are her top three forms of cardio that she likes to do otherwise:

  1. Sprints
  2. Steady-pace walking (outdoors or on a treadmill)
  3. Stairmasters (also works on Carol’s glutes)

This is a sample of which parts Carol work throughout the week:

  • Monday: Crossfit;
  • Tuesday: Training of quadriceps, buttocks, back, and calves;
  • Wednesday: Dorsal and biceps training;
  • Thursday: Training of quadriceps, buttocks, back, and calves;
  • Friday: Shoulder and triceps training;
  • Saturday: Rest;
  • Sunday: Quadriceps, buttocks, back, and calf training.

Back training

Carol Saraiva’s workout for backs carries the following exercises:

  • Supinated footprint puller
  • Super neutral puller series with pullover on the cord
  • Low row on the triangle
  • Super supinated row rows with pronounced paddling.

When setting up your training, Carol advises seeking the help of a personal trainer who will help you in selecting the choice of exercises and techniques appropriate to your physical type, physical condition, health, and goals. 

In a column on the website HardCore Ladies, Carol made some clarifications about having abs. According to her, it is not really possible to eliminate the belly fat only with abdominal exercises, and to do this type of exercise daily does not bring faster results.

To have beautiful and ripped abs, Carol says that it is important to do abdominal sessions two to three times a week and work on all three parts of the abdomen, that is, the upper abdomen, oblique, and lower abdomen. Other factors include a clean and nutritious diet with a menu according to your needs and adding some cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running, and pedaled to burn fat.

Another piece of advice of the online fitness guru is that women must not only focus their exercises only on the legs and abdomens, but also make sure to work other parts of the body like the back, shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps. According to her, working every muscle group is not only essential to prevent injuries, but provides support for day-to-day activities, improves posture, and makes the waist appear smaller.

Carol Saraiva Diet Plan

Carol’s diet is based on having strict meals for her competitions and she bases her meals on whole foods. She has eliminated processed foods and foods with artificial flavoring.

Carol Saravia’s Advice on Having a Thin Waist and Ripped Abs

According to Carol, getting ripped and having a small waist is all about the diet. She says, no matter how many crunches you do, you won’t feel the difference and stay lean until you stick to unhealthy eating practices. Because of this, she advises people to stay on a clean diet including whole foods, and keep their carb intake to a minimum. This the way to actually attain a smaller waist and a set of sculpted abs.

Carol reveals that she follows a clean diet throughout the year without fail and that at some times her diet is even more restricted so that she can achieve her goals as soon as possible.

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She makes up to seven meals daily and eats small proportions every three to four hours. She has a food program that is focused on gaining muscle, and it involves foods such as salmon, chicken, red meat, egg whites, vegetables, salads, oats, pasta, cassava, white rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes besides other things in her diet.

Check out some examples of menus of the Sara Saraiva diet:

Menu 1 

  • First meal: whey protein, oatmeal, and glutamine;
  • Second meal: omelet egg whites;
  • Third meal: chicken fillet, sweet potato, and vegetable or salad;
  • Fourth meal: red meat, porridge, and vegetables or salad;
  • Fifth meal: whey protein and glutamine;
  • Sixth meal: chicken and vegetable fillet or salad;
  • Seventh meal: grilled salmon, salad, or vegetables.

Menu 2

  • First meal: pancake of egg whites, oats, banana, cinnamon, and sweetener;
  • Second meal: 30g whey protein 3W Probiotics or 30g whey micellar Probiotics;
  • Third meal: grilled chicken or grilled white fish, sweet potatoes and vegetables or salad;
  • Fourth meal: grilled chicken or grilled white fish, sweet potatoes and vegetables or salad;
  • Fifth meal (after training): 30g whey pro2 isolate (Probiotic hydrolyzate) + Waxy maize;
  • Sixth meal: grilled red meat or grilled salmon and vegetable or salad.

Menu 3

  • First meal: omelet with five egg whites and one whole egg and 30 gms oats;
  • Second meal: 150 g of white fish, 50 g of potatoes and vegetables;
  • Third meal: 30 g of whey zero Black Skull USA;
  • Fourth meal: 150 g of white fish, 50 g of potatoes and vegetables;
  • Fifth meal: 150 g of salmon and vegetables;
  • Sixth meal: 150 g of salmon and vegetables.

As Carol herself says, both the diet and supplementation are quite subjective things and should be given to each individual according to their own needs like weight, physical levels, and goals. So it is quite obvious that what may work in Carol Saraiva’s diet may not work for anyone else.

Carol Saraiva Supplements

Carol takes supplements every day, believing they are crucial for staying lean and fit all year-round. Here’s what and when she takes as her supplements:

Before Workout

  • Whey Isolate
  • Pre-Workout

During Workout

Having electrolytes during the workouts is important to make sure that they do not get tired and to remain active throughout the training period.

  • Glutamine
  • BCAAs


Whey protein after an intense workout is necessary for the body as it helps the broken-down muscles to recover.

  • Hydrolyzed Whey

During the Day

The rest of the day she takes a lot of vitamins and minerals in the morning especially that helps her to compensate for missed vitamins in her body. This keeps her skin and hair healthy and shiny.

  • Omega 3 fish oil
  • Multivitamin and multimineral formula
  • Probiotics

That’s all about Carol Saravia’s diet plan and her workout routine to stay lean and fit. The only thing that she stresses on in hard work and persistence. If you do not do what you love, you will not see the results. Just like she followed her passion for weight lifting and diet to influence others to follow her journey, anyone else can do it too.

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