Charlotte McKinney Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Super Model Charlotte McKinney, was born in Orlando, Florida, and has a career that started quite unintentionally. It was at a time when everyone was putting in their pictures on Instagram. At the age of 17, Charlotte McKinney started modeling but was rejected by many agencies because of her body type. Thus she took to Instagram to make a career of her own. In 2015, her Carls Jr. All-Natural Burger commercial really caught everyone’s attention when it aired during the Super Bowl XLIX which took her career to another level and a whole new direction.

Charlotte McKinney

After this commercial, not only did he get many modeling projects but also many acting projects too. She started in movies like Baywatch and Joe Dirt: Beautiful Loser. But she is also known for her super hot bod. Ever since her popularity, she has appeared in many interviews where she has piqued interest when it comes to her fitness routine and diet plan

Thus this article explores all about Charlotte McKinney’s workout routine and her diet plan which makes her so Instagram friendly and well no, because of which she has a great career too.

Charlotte McKinney Statistics

  • Birth Date: August 06
  • Birth Year: 1993
  • Height: 5 ft 7½ in or 171 cm
  • Weight: 145½ lbs or 66 kg
  • Body Measurements: 38-26-36 inches

Charlotte McKinney Workout Routine

Charlotte McKinney became popular on Instagram as she used to put a lot of her pictures showing off her slim curves. The secret you ask? Well, even though she has had many interviews lined up after her success in movies and many commercials, she has not revealed all of it. However, she did mention that she trains her body at least 6 times a week.

But although she does a lot of body sculpting and toning exercises, she usually falls into everyday temptations too, and even confessed that she has missed a few workouts due to the weekend hangovers. Apparently, she works hard and parties harder.

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney is all about having a lengthened muscle structure than getting all muscular. She loves to look lean and trains in a way so that she remains lean instead of having all that muscle. This she achieves by combining her workouts with yoga and other stretching exercises. She also likes to do a lot of weight training. “I’m all about lengthening and toning. I don’t do heavyweights. I don’t really do anything too intense. It’s more cardio and stretching and yoga and keeping long, lean muscles as opposed to doing a bunch of reps with weights,” she told Hollywood Life.

Charlotte McKinney Diet Plan

Just like all the famous celebs who have a flaming hot bod, Charlotte McKinney also likes to have whole foods and whenever it is possible, she likes to avoid anything that is processed or has artificial flavoring to sugar in it. Thus she avoids packaged foods. She is a fan of whatever is in season. Thus she chooses a lot of local veggies and fruits over things that are packaged or frozen. She likes to have whole grains, nuts, seafood, etc. She follows a Mediterranean diet most of the time.

Sometimes, she also likes to do some kind of juice cleanses whenever she feels she has abused her body enough. She explains, “I’ve fallen into all the juice cleanses and the things, but you end up just crashing so I’ve learned to eat what works for my body.” However, it is not any kind of crash diet that she follows. She likes to feel purified and clean from within. She has, however, just like any model of the girl, in particular, fallen a victim to crash dieting before. She does not do it anymore and follows healthy eating patterns. She says, “Through my years, I fell victim to the many crash diets that go around. However, the last two years I found a path that works for me, it’s just keeping a super healthy and clean diet. No dairy and no gluten, basically vegan but I love sushi, you can never take that away from me!”

Charlotte McKinney

She does not like to eat right away after waking up. She needs a coffee to wake up and then she has her fresh veggies juice which provides her with all the nutrients that are important to her. Here’s how a typical day in the life of Charlotte McKinney looks like:

When I wake up, first thing first—coffee! Then to get me going it’s a green juice followed by my morning workout. For lunch, it’s mostly a light salad, which doesn’t mean boring! Luckily, there are awesome services like Sakara Life that make eating clean and healthy. My go-to dinner is a light sushi dinner, which’s super easy on the rice and lots of sashimi. Also, someone once told me there are several health benefits of a good glass of red wine!

She also follows a beauty routine regular which she regularly does in the morning after her morning rituals. She describes her morning routine by saying and mentioning some products. In her words, “Dr. Barbara Strum literally changed my skin! I’ve been using her products religiously for over two years now, and wow, what was life before her. She even makes this incredible blood creme for me that uses my own blood cells. I also take skin food supplements, as skin is more about what goes into our bodies, not just what goes on top. As for my beauty must-haves, anything by Charlotte Tilbury works well for me!”

She keeps good care of her skin because she believes that it helps her up the confidence which is lacking. Besides her workout and meal plan, there is a lot that she likes to do with herself for her well-being. She always carries some products for her general wellness. In her words, “ Shiseido sunscreen, good sunglasses, the book I’m reading that week, and, of course, white wine and lemon for a beachside spritzer, because it is summer after all.”

But the most of time, she loves to eat as much fresh and organic as she can. She believes in quality food and tries to put whatever would nourish her body from within. She avoids absolutely any kind of chemical-based products. In her words, “I say anyone can lose weight if you eat what’s in season, local, fresh, and not in bags, you’re good. All that other stuff, it’s a trend. Trust me. I’ve fallen into all the juice cleanses and the things, but you end up just crashing so I’ve learned to eat what works for my body.” The meals that run for her body include “Lots of fish, vegetables, fruits, and protein.”

Charlotte McKinney

Besides just follow the morning ritual, following a health and skin routine is equally important to her as it gives her a sense of self-confidence. It is important for her mental and emotional health too and thus, so she describes, “I usually wake between 7 – 8 am and the first thing I do is hydrate with a huge bottle of water. From there, I make my morning coffee and wash my face with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s ENZYME CLEANSER, followed by the CLARIFYING SERUM, HYALURONIC SERUM, FACE CREAM LIGHT, and SUN DROPS SPF 50. For my body, I apply the ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM all over.”

She likes to have a light and healthy breakfast that will keep her energized throughout the day. She makes sure that her breakfast is well balanced and she likes to have it after her workout. She explains, “After my morning workout at Platefit or Hot 8 Yoga, I pick up an almond milk latte from Blue Bottle. When I’m home, I make a light breakfast, either a green smoothie with Sakara Life’s Super Powder or Bircher Muesli (Barbara shared her own recipe with me!). I love trying all the recipes she has on her website.”

She is huge on salads and loves to include one typically du rng the day time fo the lunch. She makes sure to eat loads of leafy greens for the nutrients and even adds some protein so that it could help her recover and build her muscles. A typical day of lunch according to her includes, “Any type of anti-inflammatory salad. Lots of greens, veggies, and a lean protein like fish.”

She also likes to snack sometimes and always carries some stuff in her purse if she is out. She finds taking her own snack is always preferable to buying out something healthy to starving herself. Thus in her word, “You will always find pumpkin and sunflower seeds in my purse! The Magnesium and Zinc give me the energy I need to get through the day.

She is huge on fish, especially during dinner. It really helps her keep full while being not too heavy on the stomach. She always pairs it up with some fresh veggies. She says, “Fresh white fish like a branzino paired with local fresh veggies. It’s always a winner for me.” There are times when she does not has that much energy to cook or to think of anything. For those days, she has some special and easy recipes. She reveals, “I’ve really been loving cauliflower rice with baked salmon. Again, with fresh veggies. And never forget the hot sauce!”

She also loves to have coconut icecream and just like a normal human being even Charlotte McKinney has a sweet tooth which she likes to satisfies once in a while. In her word, “If you haven’t tried coconut ice cream, you are missing out. It really satisfies my sweet tooth after dinner.”

Although she is not allowed to drink regularly, she does enjoy a few drinks with her friends over the weekend. She reveals, “Oh, I love a good glass of red wine with dinner. My go-to is Dry Farm Wines, as they are all-natural and cut out all the unnecessary sugars, and headaches.”

“I’m really interested in finding good tips to stay in shape and I love being in the gym and I love doing yoga,” Carl’s Jr. model tells in an interview where she discloses how she keeps on reading articles and blogs on how to have better health. She also talks to many people who are in this industry and keeps on trying new trends. She always makes sure that she is sticking to a simple and balanced diet to make her feel more energetic throughout the day.

However, Charlotte McKinney is only human and she often loves to indulge in her favorite meals too. No matter how hard she works on the weekdays, on weekends she loves to have some kind o cheat meal. She explains, “I work out really hard and I stay on my diet all week. But on a Sunday, you know, maybe a little hungover, you have to reward yourself here and there, so I do,” she says.

Charlotte McKinney also likes to log in her food diary in many recent interviews and one thing is for sure, she never starts her day without having some water with lemon in it. It is her staple in her diet.

Charlotte McKinney

This is a break up of what she has thought the day:

Charlotte McKinney Breakfast
Hot water with lemon
Banana with a few tablespoons of almond butter

Charlotte McKinney Lunch from True Food Kitchen
Quinoa burger with hummus and kale salad

Charlotte McKinney Snack
Juice: beets, ginger, lemon, and apple

Charlotte McKinney Dinner
Grilled shrimp and grilled veggies

Charlotte McKinney Dessert
Glass of rosé

Charlotte McKinney Total Calories:

“Warm lemon water is a great way to start her day—nutrients from the lemon can give the GI tract the push it needs to get moving. Plus it can improve skin and boost the immune system,” says her dietician who works with her closely and give her tips about her diet and general lifestyle. As for McKinney’s daily intake, her dietician reveals, “I love that her lunch is all real foods and perfectly proportioned. She also does a good job at dinner with lean protein and veggies.” She further says, “I would like to see her add a snack with a little protein to keep her fueled properly,” she continues. “And a little healthy fat with dinner like guacamole would be okay, too.”

That was all about Charlotte McKinney’s diet plan that keeps her fueled all day long for a hectic day at the gym and work!

Charlotte McKinney Nutritional Tips

  1. Counts macros over calories, when you count calories you don’t know how nutrient-dense or deficient you are.
  2. Eat protein with every meal
  3. Hydrate
  4. Read the labels and cut out all processed foods and ingredients
  5. Be prepared, meal prep
  6. Add greens for fiber and other crucial nutrients
  7. Don’t skip breakfast
  8. Eat every 3-4 hours to keep the metabolism working
  9. Shop organic
  10. Find a balance and something that works for your lifestyle. If you have an unattainable diet regimen you won’t stick to it.

Charlotte McKinney on Self-Inspiration

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney might be considered one of the hottest actresses in Baywatch or just the TV series, but even Charlotte McKinney has had her fair share of dealing with insecurities and body issues. The model revealed in any interviews how she has dealt with body issues and dealing with days when she felt that she was not good enough for modeling or acting. She was seven rejected by many modeling agencies for her kind of body stature which led her down.

“My teenage years were pretty tough,” she began. “Growing up with an older sister who was beautiful, starting modeling at a young age, I think all of that made me really critical of myself. I kind of just grew into it so my whole life I kind of compared myself to my sister or someone else,” the model, who was helping Girl Powerful, youth empowerment nonprofit assigned to five tween girls the mental tools to create an influential knowledge of self while drawing up with non-profit, said.

Charlotte McKinney l said she has “tough skin” but she’s still her own most ferocious detractor. “I definitely am still dealing with a bunch of body image [issues] and I think it’s because of the career I chose. You’re under a microscope and I think it’s something I’m still working on day today,” she said, adding, “You see me looking at photos going, ‘Oh my God, delete it!’ I’m really hard on myself.” And when she is on social media, she tries not to read any bad comments because she gets demotivated with all the negative comments.

“I try to not look at it, but at the end of the day, you’ll see something. I try to take everything with a grain of salt and kind of just say, ‘I don’t know that person. They have no value in my life. If they want to say something negative, that’s on them.’ I think if you feed into it, you’re just as bad as them,” she said. With that being said, even though life is not always stars and hearts for even a model like Charlotte McKinney, she tries to get through her day by following her path and remaining diligent and true to herself.

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