Christian McCaffrey Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Christian McCaffrey is not your regular football’s running back. Rather he is busy redefining his position in the game. He began by playing three seasons at Standford University and that’s what everyone knew that he was a threat. In the year 2015, he participated and won the AP College Football Player of the Year, only to return. Next year in 2016, he also broke the NCAA record for the all-purpose yard. Along with this, he also broke Standford’s record for single-game rushing with 284 yards playing against California.

Christian McCaffrey

Right now, he also holds the NCAA record for the most all-purpose yards during a single season with 3,864 yards. He moved onto the next year with an 8th position overall selected by the Carolina Panthers in the 2017 Draft. Apparently, there was no turning back and he was aiming to be a pro.

After a 1,000-yard rookie season, he was figured at just a little less than 2,000 yards in his next year, that is, 2018, and received Second-Team All-Pro honors.

Some of his more substantials accomplishments are that he became the first-ever athlete from the Panther to have over 100 yards rushing and receiving in the same game. He also set the privilege record for most yards from scrimmage in a game.

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In addition to this, Christian is also the third NFL member in the whole of its antiquity to obtain 50 rushings, 50 receiving, and 50 passing yards and to break the NFL record for most receptions by a running back in just a single season.

Now that he is also a member of the famous fitness app, Fitplan, we can easily that with his immense athleticism, focus, and unremitting work ethic, Christian is destined to be a professional like there was none in this era and at this point in his life, he shares all his secrets with his fans.

Here’s a bit about how Christian McCaffrey works out and eats to remain in his best shape.

Christian McCaffrey Workout Routine

Christian McCaffrey

It was quite true when it was stated by a leading sports magazine that McCaffrey’s offseason training schedule nearly matched one for an elite track athlete. He also concentrated on getting bulky and minimizing the body fat percentage. His trainer, Brian Kula, stated that in reality, the two of them run an “underground operation,” because they don’t accord to a fancy training facility, that is elite gyms. Instead, they just work out together where ever and whenever they can.

“People think his biceps are growing too big,” a friend and a fellow Panther, QB Newton, stated in one of the interviews. “He’s an unbelievable athlete on the field. Swagger through the roof. Just a guy who comes to work … an All-America.”

Christian McCaffrey

Throughout his life, he has been lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of experienced people. His family has been a constant support during his journey. He feels that having fun is whatever you do is the biggest advice he has received and that he would like to give to his fans too. Here’s what he says,

“I’ve received a lot from the people in my life. I’m blessed to have had a father and brother play in the NFL. They’re people who know what I’m going through each day, and they’ve been an unbelievable asset to have. They’ve given me advice on training and just how to handle life as a professional. Anytime I need it, they’re there for me. The biggest thing I’ve realized—and while it’s general, it feels true: If you’re not having fun doing what you do in life, it’s not worth it. I’ve learned to enjoy the game. Being in the NFL is a tough job, but I love everything about the process and working hard to make sure I’m ready and to the best of my abilities.”

McCaffrey’s daily lifestyle is as fixed and static as his diet is: He likes to wake up at 8 AM and goes back to bed at 10-10:30 PM. His workout schedule during the entire week is very specific that concentrates on his training sessions. During the week, each day is specific to a certain area of his training – His Mondays are centered on linear explosiveness, while on Wednesday he directs his attention to either recovery or whole treatment. After he is done with his workouts, McCaffrey constantly includes a little break where he likes to nap.

Christian McCaffrey

Christian says that all his training is very sport-specific, meaning, that he does a lot of workouts that would enhance his performance in the NFL. “Somebody has eyes on me all the time,” he said. “My training is very specific to my sport, so it’s a lot of fast, explosive movements. It’s very pertinent to exactly what I do on the football field, which is fast burst in short spaces. Every once in a while, I’ll get in the top end.”

During the offseason training, he likes to train both on the track and in the weight room. The rest of the day is spent relaxing and taking care of himself, which is getting treatments. He says, I’ll wake up, get some treatment, then train, whether that’s on the track or out on the field. After that, I’ll get to work in the weight room. Once that’s done, it’s about relaxing and taking care of my body—seeing the chiropractor, getting massages, and soft tissue work. During the season we’re at the facility all the time, so anytime I can relax is nice. I like to spend time with my family when I can.”

Christian McCaffrey

Christian works out at least 4 times a week. He explains his typical week of training during the offseason.


  • Agility workout
  • 45-minute dynamic warmup
  • Olympic lifts

“Monday is usually an acceleration type of day. It will differ a bit on what we do, but it’s a lot of agility-type work, then I’ll go into a 45-minute dynamic warmup. In the weight room, it’s mainly Olympic lifts,” he says.


  • Running drills
  • HIIT workout

He says, “On Tuesday, I’ll start with some position work and strap on my cleats to do running back drills. I’ll also do deadlifts, box squats, and stuff like that, sometimes more of the heavy stuff.”


Wednesdays are usually a relaxing day for Christian. He explains, “On Wednesday, it’s usually an off day. I’ll go to the chiro and make sure everything’s feeling good.” He also tries to elaborate further, saying, “Wednesdays are typically more of a recovery day or complete treatment day. So it will incorporate things like a huge stretch, pool workout, time in the sauna, a contrast bath, cryotherapy, and a massage. Because it’s a lighter workout day, I’ll intake fewer calories. It’s all structured on what my weight is at, and what I want to weigh. If I’m a little bit lighter, then my macros will increase.”

Christian McCaffrey


  • Agility workout
  • 45-minute dynamic warmup
  • Olympic lifts

Thursdays are all about focus on the speed aspect. He says, “Thursday is similar to Monday, with an emphasis on speed.”


  • Conditioning exercises

He says, “And Friday is a metabolic day. I’ll do more conditioning work.”

Christian McCaffrey

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday):

Rest day

He says he can not stick to just one kind of workout because for him it’s all about incorporating various kinds of movements to have wholesome training. He explains it a bit more collaboratively, saying,

“This is a tough question. The reason why it’s tough for me is because, in my eyes, training is such a dynamic process. So much goes into what we do to train and there’s not one thing, but a culmination of a lot of things. I get the point of your question and there’s probably one I could pick, like doing sprints and working in the weight room. Hang cleans and squats are all key for me. And while all those are good, I think it’s more important to learn and understand when to do those things in your routine and why you’re doing certain workouts, because of the complexity of the process. The biggest thing overall for me is the rest, recovery, and treatment aspects. You do some sort of training every day, but if you’re not healthy and can’t perform at your best, it doesn’t help you. I’m always making sure I’m putting hours on the recovery table.”

Christian McCaffrey

For Christian, recovery is of supreme importance because it helps him get back on track for his competitions. He uses a variety of methods to get his muscles recovered. Here are some of the things that he loves to do. He says,

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“I use a lot of different recovery tools and methods. To me, it’s so important. Whether it’s doing water movements and exercises in the pool, contrasting between hot and cold therapy, doing the sauna, all of those help me. The NormaTec boots are one I use a lot, also the HyperIce HyperVolt. The biggest thing is finding someone you can trust who can take care of you when it comes to the chiro work, the soft tissue recovery, dry needling, and all that. I’m always doing something that’ll help me bounce back and feel good.”

That’s all about Christian McCaffrey’s workout routine that gets him ready for his competitions. Moving on to his diet plan.

Christian McCaffrey Diet Plan

Christian McCaffrey

For Christian, having a good diet is super important to support all his gains. He is very particular about his diet especially when it comes to allergens. The good news is that he has a personal chef that cooks all healthy and balanced meals for him. He says,

“One of the biggest things that have helped me with my nutrition is getting my blood work done. From doing that, I’ve learned a lot about sensitivities and allergies. I give all that information to my chef, and he makes a lot of different foods for me. The biggest issue for people is trying to find the best diet that works for them. But if you don’t know what your body is doing or what allergies you have, even small ones, it doesn’t help you as much. I usually do that twice a year since it changes over time.”

Usually, McCaffrey eats breakfast cum his pre-workout meal two hours before his training begins. He likes to have some egg yolks for fats with a  sweet potato or fruit of his choice for carbs. His post-workout meal or his breakfast number two is a stew or a soup of meat for proteins. At dinner, he likes to eat some kind of meat dishes, for example, a steak and a sweet potato or an avocado.

Christian McCaffrey

He explains his breakfast or his first meal option here, saying,

“Two hours before I start training, I like to eat a good breakfast. So, on a Monday, which is a straight linear explosive training day, I’ll have just egg yolks—I can’t have egg whites—and then I’ll have something like a sweet potato hash with some oats and perhaps some fruit.

My chef makes that for me. He’s based in Colorado. He’ll do two meal dropoffs a week—one comes on Sunday afternoon for Monday and Tuesday, and it’s labeled with when I should eat certain meals and what’s in them. It takes the thinking out of things. And then 30 minutes before I play or workout, I take my supplements.”

Here’s what he has for his second medal of the day. He says, “After my first workout of the day, I’ll drink lots of water, have another scoop of pre-workout, and some amino. Then, I’ll typically do some lifting. Can be anything from Olympic lifts to plyometrics, single-leg stuff.”

His lunch and post-workout meals are the ones because he eats right after working out. Apparently, it is a very basic meal that is balanced to duel his body and help it recover. He says,

“I eat immediately after the workout. Lunch could be something like a bison chili with potatoes mixed in. Maybe it has peppers and vegetables in some sort of a stew. I like soups because they’re so easy to eat. After lunch, I head to a recovery center near where I live. If I need any sort of soft tissue help, or if I’m feeling something on my ankle or hamstring, I’ll get that taken care of done when I’m there. And then I take a nap.”

His dinner is right after he wakes up from a nap and he tries to finish it pretty early too so that he does not have to go to bed again with a  super full stomach.

“I’ll get up from the nap, and I try to eat at 7. That gives me some time to digest my food and relax. I’ll eat something like a steak with sweet potatoes or avocado, and I always drink lots of water. I go through at least a gallon-and-a-half of it a day. I’d say a lot of that is in the morning, too. I’ll drink half of a gallon before I do anything else.

I miss the days when I could just do whatever I wanted. I could just start running, and I didn’t have to think about warming up or making sure I’m drinking enough water beforehand. I would hurt myself if I tried to do that now.”

McCaffrey drinks a lot of water throughout the day. “I could just start running, and I didn’t have to think about warming up or making sure I’m drinking enough water beforehand,” said McCaffrey. “I would hurt myself if I tried to do that now.” He says he tries to achieve the gallon and a half mark every day. His diet seems to be pretty simple and not at all complex with some bougie ingredients. This allows him not to exert his mental energy on thinking about what he will eat throughout the day.

He prefers this simple approach to his meals and on top of that, he does not get bored of any of it either! In his own words, “Nah, I love how it makes my diet so simple. Otherwise, I’d get way too in my head about all of it, thinking I have to do this and that. The less I think about meals and everything else, the more I can focus on my sport, and the better I play.” However, he likes to cook once in a while but he admits that can’t nowadays because of his busy work schedules.

Christian is pretty strict when it comes to his diet. He has his diet (in a way) scientifically made. He gets his blood tests done regularly and makes sure he is always putting in the right kind of food to nourish his body. In his words, “I’ve always been pretty honed in on my diet. I’m a bit obsessed with it. I get my blood tested all the time to make sure I don’t have any allergies. I’ve got a great chef who gets all-natural ingredients,” McCaffrey says. “I don’t like missing any meals or missing any kind of nutrition (stuff) I need to do.” He likes to keep it meticulously perfect!

He likes to eat clean most of the time and his diet has a balance of lean protein, fats, and complex carbs that gives him the energy to perform throughout his busy day. “I eat a lot of fish, I eat a lot of brown rice and gluten-free pasta,” McCaffrey says. “I really keep it pretty organic and pretty clean.”

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There a lot of things that he likes to avoids. He does not want his body to suffer through inflammation by eating the wrong kinds of food. Here’s what he got to say about that, “I avoid anything that I have an allergy to or anything that’s going to cause inflammation in my system,” McCaffrey says. “I don’t eat any dairy. I don’t eat any dessert.” 
It seems like having an ice cream sundae is just out of the question for this football player. But it is a little sacrifice to look that great.
He basically has a whole list of what can cause inflammation in his body and his chef makes sure that he is not adding any such product on his plate. Here’s what he says, “Yeah, I worked with a chef when I first got into the league. We did all my blood work and found out exactly what I’m sensitive to, what I’m deficient in, what my body needs. I had to cut out a lot of things—chicken, tuna, wheat, and soy. It was kind of like a mini cleanse for a while there. Now, everything that I eat is pertinent to what I need for my best performance.”

But, interestingly, he also does a cheat day which is the least expected thing coming from Christian McCaffrey. He says he is more of a savory person with zero self-control. Here’s what he says about his guilty pleasure when it comes to having a cheat day,

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“Yeah… I’ll do a cheat meal every now and again, usually on Saturday night. I’m not a huge sweets guy, luckily. But I do love sushi, and then Cool Ranch Doritos are definitely my guilty pleasure. Those and Oreos. I can’t keep either at home. If I have one Dorito, I’ll eat the entire king-size bag. Zero self-control.”

With proper diet and nutrition, he also makes sure he is sticking to his moderately healthy daily routine too. He is huge when it comes to recovery. He explains, “I wake up around 8 a.m., which isn’t too bad at all. I usually try to get to bed at 10 or 10:30. For a while, I tried to see how my recovery was with just eight hours of sleep. And sometimes, that can be fine. But I like getting nine or more hours. I feel like I can wake up on my own if I’ve gotten nine hours. When I do, I feel great and I’m ready to go.”

That’s all about Christina McCaffrey’s workout and diet plan that makes him so buff and strong all year round!

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