Claire P. Thomas Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Claire P Thomas is not just into fitness, she has surely made a name out of it. She is, first of all, a great track athlete, a fitness model, and a brand ambassador. Her story goes back in time when she was just a child. She was a very fit one and she used to do sit-ups and pushups right before bed. Clearly, her passion was innate.

This liking for fitness was carried forward through her high school and college years and she took part in a lot of sports events which included soccer, basketball, track and field events.

After she passed out of college, the last thing she wanted to do was give up on something she loved the most–physical activities. She researched a lot about how to open an online business and started to invest time in this and spreading the word about her knowledge of fitness. She even went harder in the gym, setting goals and crashing them.

She worked day and night to be a successful influencer and it took her months before she gained a ton of followers suddenly over her social media handles. She kept inspiring her fans with continuous posts and updating her followers on her fitness strategy.

“Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is only for the chosen few, for the superstars & the gifted. The truth is, greatness is for us all. I challenge you to strive to find more greatness each day moving forward. Seek greater conversations, greater work, greater health choices, greater goals & greater self worth.”

But before we shift our focus on what Clair P Thomas on a regular basis to keep fit, here are her statistics.

Claire P. Thomas Statistics

  • Full name: Clair P Thomas
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Athlete, Model, Brand Ambassador


  • Fitness Model

“Take a moment and think about your daily habits. Dig deep because many of these have most likely been part of your routine for years and years. Think about how you can improve the healthy habits and change or remove the unhealthy ones?”

Her Inspirational Moments

Arm Wrestling Against Boys

Claire always had a competitive nature and she always put herself on the edge to test her limits. Some of her very early memories have been discussed before that were doing pushups and situps as a kid. Apparently, she was a fit and active kid. Not to forget, motivated too.

To test her strength, she used to compete and to prove to every one of her strength she often indulged in activities like arm-wrestling, especially with boys. She also took part in every event that the school and college had to offer. She loved sports and ran track for all her college years. “During recess, I was determined to beat all the boys at arm wrestling & racing.”

Later on, she also added a bit more competitive sports into her list of hobbies. She began playing soccer and basketball too. In the end, she did fulfill her longest dream of “becoming a heptathlete and hurdler for the University of Oregon Track & Field team”.

A New Journey in Fitness

With her college years coming to an end, she did not want to back out of fitness. She could not continue with all her college events but she still wanted to work for herself in the same field.

She started her own business right after college and her mission was to bring people from different leagues of life to a healthier lifestyle. It took a lot of hard work and even months before she saw a substantial amount of people to hear her voice.

Now, she boasts of a huge fan base who she inspires every day by trying to make her posts as engaging and fun as possible. She was quoted,

“Self-reflection is essential if you want to achieve a goal or follow your passion. Take time and ask yourself what your values are, assess your strengths & weaknesses, think about your perceptions & interactions with others & imagine where you see yourself in the future.”

Claire P. Thomas Workout Schedule

As soon as you log in on her official website, she has introduced herself in a very descriptive and friendly manner so that the reader is well aware of what is he getting into. She writes,

“Hey there, I’m Claire! Ever since I was a kid I have truly enjoyed working out. From ayoung age, I can remember doing sit-ups and pushups before bed & making it my mission to complete more each night. During school at recess I was determined to beatall the boys at arm wrestling and racing. I have always been instilled with thiscompetitive drive & when I got older it was fulfilled through my sports. I competitivelyplayed soccer, basketball & track for the majority of my life. My dream was to competeat the next level & when I was given the opportunity to join the University of Oregontrack & field team as a hurdler & heptathlete, I couldn’t pass it up. Although mycollegiate athletic career has now ended, my passion & desire for fitness & exercise hasnot. I am pursuing my dream of becoming a personal trainer and being a helpfulresource to individuals ready to make positive & healthy changes in their lives.”

Gym vs. Bodyweight Workouts

She ha been a part of fitness ever since she was a child. Naturally, she has laid her hands on almost everything when it comes to fitness trends to see what all suits for her fitness goals. Her body has adapted to a combination of exercises and training methods. She constantly tries to invent new exercises to keep her muscles growing.
She likes to do a variety of exercises that includes both HIIT or weight training. She does kettlebell swings, HIIT, cardio, strength training, etc. Gyms are her preferred place to train herself.

But with a lot of fame comes responsibilities too and she has to travel often. That means she does not have access to the gym at all times. In this case, she has also improvised her workouts and added some bodyweight exercises that require no equipment. The trick is to a higher number of repetitions and to reduce the rest period between each exercise.

She keeps the intensity up and her heart rate increased. Therefore, it helps her to burn fat faster than usual and helps her to sculpt her muscles and tighten her core too.

Claire’s Fat Burning HIT Workout

This is one of the most advanced workouts Claire has made. It includes doing 4 rounds of exercises as fast as one possibly can, along with 10 burpees in between each exercise to keep the heart rate going. Here’s how it looks. The round includes the following exercises:

Backward lunges with bicep curls, 10 reps
Burpees, 10 reps
Push-ups to renegade rows, 10 reps
Burpees, 10 reps
Thrusters, 10 reps
Burpees, 10 reps
DB RDL’s to upright rows, 10 reps
Burpees, 10 reps
Repeat 4 times with as little rest as possible.

And this is how she wants to explain her goals for herself and people who look up to her for inspiration to lead a better and healthy lifestyle:

“Exercise is my escape. It’s my go-to feel good that I can’t seem to find in anything else. I am infatuated by the way we can manipulate and design our bodies to grow, strengthen, stretch, & shed in the ways we are committed to doing so. I am truly inspired by the fitness community & by the fire that fuels individuals to be the best version of themselves. If there is one thing more fulfilling to me than reaching a personal goal, it’s helping someone else reach one of their own. I want to help you! I want to share with you the tools & skills you can use to create your ideal body. More importantly, I want to help you become even more confident, healthier & happier.”

Claire P. Thomas Diet Plan

Preparing Foods v/s Going to Restaurants

Clarie P Thomas is not too strict about her diet and includes all the components of a diet in her meals. This means she does not restrict any food group. But she loves meal prep and cooking her own food most of the time. In case, when she travels, she prepares her own food and stores it in plastic containers. But if she is too busy, she finds a healthy restaurant nearby and buys her food. However, she makes sure not to starve herself.

During her free time, she likes to spend it in the kitchen and experiment with new and healthy recipes. She shares one of her recipes with her followers. It is her all-time favorite!

It’s called, “Chicken Burger with Zucchini, Cilantro, and Fetta Cheese”

Ingredients (makes two burgers):

2 Large Bell Peppers
1 Small Zucchini
Lean Chicken Patty
1-2 Tbsp Feta Crumbles
2 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro
1 tsp Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 Tbsp Low-fat sauce of choice

Directions by Claire:

“Cut tops and bottoms off bell peppers leaving about a 1” thick middle piece. You can grill the excess pepper or store for a snack later. Slice zucchini into rounds and sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Turn the grill on medium-high heat and place chicken patties, tops & bottoms of bell peppers (face down), and zucchini. Cook until chicken is fully cooked and veggies are slightly charred. Chop cilantro.

Divide all ingredients into two parts and build your burgers.”

That’s all about how Claire P Thomas keeps herself healthy and motivated throughout her day. Clearly, it is a passion for something that can drive someone this far toward their goals.

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