Cody Garbrandt Workout Routine and Diet Plan

There are a lot of athletes in the world that work harder than ever, but this one right here has given himself a chance to live again. Cody Garbrandt is not just a UFC bantamweight champion but has had a huge impact on his fans like Maddux Maple, a 5-year-old boy from his own hometown, and who battled cancer just so he could view his favorite wrestler becoming a pro fighter.

Cody Garbrandt

Cody Ray Allen Garbrandt who was born July 7, 1991, is an American professional mixed martial artist, engaged in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a retired Pinnacle FC fighter and UFC bantamweight champion after being only the second fighter to defeat Dominick Cruz, giving him his greatest downfall in nearly a decade at UFC 207. He is #3 in the UFC bantamweight rankings as of July 14, 2020.

But before we dive into how he does this and explore his lifestyle routine and follow his workout sesh and diet plan, here’s a look at his own statistics.

Cody Garbrandt Statistics

Height: 5’8” feet

Weight: 134 pounds

Cody Garbrandt Awards and Achievements

Mixed Martial Arts

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
    • UFC Bantamweight Championship (One time)
    • Performance of the Night (Two times) vs. Thomas Almeida and Raphael Assunção
    • Fight of the Night (Two times) 
    • 2020 June Knockout of the Month 
  • Pundit Arena
    • 2017 Fight of the Year 
    • 2016 Rising Star of the Year.
  • World MMA Awards
    • 2016 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year

Folkstyle wrestling

  • National High School Coaches Association
    • NHSCA Sophomore National Runner-up out of Ohio (2008)
  • Ohio High School Athletic Association
    • OHSAA 112 lb DII State Champion (2007)
    • OHSAA 119 lb DII State Runner-up  (2008)

Cody Garbrandt Workout Routine

Cody Garbrandt, who has made a name for himself as the current UFC bantamweight champion recently gave an interview where he spoke a lot about his workout routine and his diet, and of course, his cheat days. Here’s a look at his workout routine and daily lifestyle.


According to him, if one wants to do something in life, one must always discover their goals at an early stage in life and start practicing since then. It is true that the more you practice, the more efficient you become.

In his own words, “My mom put my brothers and me into wrestling classes at an early age—I think I was in kindergarten. My uncle was an amateur boxer growing up, and he trained me in boxing, too. I had my first match at 14 years old. When I turned 18, I jumped into the MMA cage, and everything just clicked. I haven’t looked back since.”


He literally takes no days off. He is always on the god and works hard for about 6 hours a day. He believes in quality and not the quantity of the work he is doing. Here’s what he has to say about this,

“I train seven days a week, two to three times a day for about four to six hours a day. If my body starts to fall apart, then I take a rest day. The first three days of the week I train really hard. The fourth day is less intense and focuses on recovery, maintenance, and mobility. Then the last three days we power back up in intensity.”


Cody Garbrandt is a rather positive person and he feels blessed for everything he has achieved. This is exactly what he thinks of and prays for right before his fight. He is utterly grateful to everyone who has helped him achieve his goals. In his words, he says,

“Before a fight, I think of everything good I have in my life and everything I’ve accomplished so far. I remember just dreaming about getting into the UFC as a teenager, so I’m just thankful to be here. I’m not afraid to lose or to get beat up. I want to go out there and give it my all and show off my fighting skills. I remember that I have people who love me and who will stay in my life and support me whether I win or lose.”


Since Cody Garbrandt is pretty positive in his approach, he is very thankful for each day of training after or before his fight and tries to improve as much as he can. In how words, he says, “I enjoy getting up every day and having another chance to perfect my craft. It’s all about the process of trying to become better. Every day I go into training is a day closer to my goal of being a world champion.”

There’s not much that Cody Garbrandt actually shares about his workout routine but he includes a lot of HIIT workouts, weight lifting in the gym, and other cardio exercises. He is constantly on the go and thus leads to an active lifestyle in general. He does not have a set schedule or routine for these workouts, but follows whatever his trainer or coach puts in front of him…and usually crushes it all!

That was all about Cody Garbrandt’s workout routine. Now moving onto exploring his diet plan which keeps him pretty healthy and always on the top!

Cody Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt Diet Plan

Recognized for his incomparable pace, swagger, and destructive hands, Cody “No Love” Garbrandt is a UFC bantamweight titleholder and part of Team Alpha Male. Wrestling has always been in his bones even when he was a kid growing up in Ohio, where he fought and tussled before endorsing the UFC in 2014. One thing that Cody eats is Trifecta proteins and carbs to feed his exhausting workouts, keep a perfect weight, and feel his most powerful self inside the ring and outside too.

While Conor McGregor made noise about being a champion and a king of the UFC, Cody Garbrandt made no qualms about it and quietly placed himself on the throne right after. He is extremely good-looking, his body is full of beautiful tattoos which he considers his possessions and he has knocked out 9 out of 10 other wrestlers who have dared to step foot in the ring with him.

But what is next for him? A championship match versus vet Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 with the opportunity to quiet any of the judges who still consider him unready for the apex. Cody Garbrandt has been interviewed a lot about what he eats and what he stays away from and of course his cheat meals if any and here’s a list of all about that. So take a look at Cody Garbrandt’s champion diet plan.

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Champion bodyweight fighters have to go through a lot of stress to make their bodies fit for a fight. The best part of it is a diet where you need to have maximum control. The most crucial part of any diet of the wrestlers like Cody Garbrandt is the balance in the meal. However, when asked to Cody Garbrandt about this, he explains how hydration is the most important part of his training. Here’s what he says, “Hydration. Your body is made up of something like 60 percent water. So if you’re constantly draining yourself and dehydrating yourself in your training sessions, you constantly have to be on top of drinking enough water to rehydrate.”

There’s always some amount of difference when the fighters are fighting versus the rest of the season, which is called the off-season. A lot changes in these two seasons and so does for Cody Garbrandt too. However, he does lay low when he is not fighting. He is still training hard during the offseason and preparing for his next match. He does have some cheat meals but he balances it off by training hard. He says, “I really enjoy eating healthy. My body feels better, I perform better. So even outside of a camp, I’m just always keeping ready and taking care of my body. I can’t really eat bad foods and be able to get better in the off-season or outside of a camp. I’ll have cheat meals, but I’m usually eating clean both inside and outside of camp. The only time where it starts to change is towards the latter part of camp—you know, two and a half to three weeks out. If I have to, I’ll start cutting my protein down.”

But what he does is, he controls his portions. Because when he is not fighting he does not need much of the nutrients that he would need during the season. Here’s what he said, “Yeah, going from six to eight ounces to four to five ounces of protein. I’m not training as hard in those last two weeks, I’m starting to taper off, so I’ll cut down on the proteins and I’ll add more vegetables like broccoli.”

We all must imagine that Cody Garbrandt might have to eat a lot of food to sustain himself when he is in camp, which is pretty true. However, he divides his meals into 6 parts with three proper meals and two or three snacks in between them. He has a very balanced diet that helps him provide energy throughout the day. He says, “A normal day for me is breakfast, lunch, and dinner with either a smoothie or a bar in-between my training sessions to give me a little bit of energy until my next meal.”

He explains exactly what he eats. His diet comprises almost all the food groups which help him sustain better. He explains his daily routine saying, “Three. So I usually wake up and have eggs, turkey bacon, some toast, and maybe throw some oatmeal in there. I’ll usually have coffee with MCT oil too and then I go off to the gym to get my first session in. After that first session I come home and usually within an hour window I’ll have something like salmon, tilapia, or chicken. Those six to eight ounces of protein. I’ll do a carb with some brown rice. Some zucchini. Broccoli, asparagus, all that stuff. And of course, I’m drinking my water. Over a gallon of water a day. Then I’ll take a couple of hours off, do my next training session, go to the chiropractor, or whatever.”

Breakfast: Eggs, turkey bacon, toast or oats, Coffee with MTC oil.

Lunch: Salmon, Tilapia, or chicken, with brown rice and vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, asparagus.

Snacks: Protein smoothies with berries, bananas, coconut water, and spinach and almond butter

Dinner: Any kind of protein like ground turkey plus a choice of carbs with greens like broccoli and spinach.

He does give a recipe of the protein shake himself, saying, “Exactly. I’ll have a smoothie with protein, berries, bananas, coconut water, and spinach for more greens. Some almond butter, some good fats. My last training session is between four and six or six and eight, and directly after that, I’m eating dinner. Dinner is usually pretty similar to lunch—six to eight ounces of protein. I’ll do some ground turkey. A few carbs. Not too much since I’m done training for the day. Dinner usually has more broccoli and greens. I really fill up on the greens around then.”

When he was younger, he ate healthily but now that he can afford it he has switched to mostly organic foods. He has also worked with good dieticians and explored the benefits of eating healthy right from the beginning. He explains his experience saying, “When I was younger I didn’t have the luxury of eating organic. I’m from Ohio, so not much to choose from in Ohio in terms of organic places to eat from. I’ve been working with a dietician and a nutritionist since the beginning of this year. Now we’re doing my meal prep and meal plans for both inside and outside of camp, which has been amazing.”

While working with nutritionists he does ask a lot of queries, basically whatever he has about food and nutrition. He does not strictly follow a diet plan without knowing how each food product is helping him achieve great health. He is a great learner and he explains his habits here saying, “If I’m feeling kind of fatigued after a certain workout, I’ll ask what I should be eating. Should I add more of this? I’m always asking questions about my body, but I usually have it down. I mean, I know what to eat to perform during my training sessions and to recover for my next one. But you don’t learn unless you ask questions. Plus my body is always changing because the training is always changing.”

He also has a ritual meal before he goes on for his weigh-ins for the next day in the morning for his fight. Here’s what he actually eats right before he goes down in the ring. In his own words, “Of course. What we eat today, we use tomorrow. So after the weigh-ins, I do my rehydration and then I do a dinner of salmon, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Sushi, too. Some rice, some carbs. Some sodium to help hold your food in. I’ve been eating that since probably my second pro fight.”

He also has a post-fight meal which he enjoys after… of course, defeating his opponent. He treats himself with something sweet which we are guessing is a way of celebrating and also to fuel his depleted body. Know more about his favorite post-fight meals in his own words:

Cody Garbrandt

“I like to snack. I love the S’mores Pop-Tarts. Usually, after a fight, I get Pop-Tarts and cereal. I like eating like crap for two days and then get back into the gym. But I’ll snack on some Twix or some s’ mores,” he says

He is guilty of having a huge sweet tooth and he confesses it very proudly. He usually has the right after his fight and he is not shy to say that, “I love them. I have the biggest sweet tooth.”

Believe it or not his favorite foods are pretty healthy and clean, so don’t feel alarmed if he is eating those sweet treats every once in a while.  Here’s what he says about his favorite foods. “I try to eat super-clean because it makes me feel healthier. I eat a lot of chicken, salmon, broccoli, and green beans. But I do have a sweet tooth—my go-to’s include Twix or S’mores Pop-Tarts,” he says.

That was all about the amazing workout routine and diet plan for this wrestling champion, Cody Garbrandt. He is definitely putting in all his work and energy into becoming the best in his field.

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