Corey Calliet Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Celebrity Trainer, Body Transformation Specialist, and TV Personality. Corey Calliet is not just one of them but all of them! Sure he has built an exceptional affinity within the entertainment industry since coming to Los Angeles in 2014.

He has over 10 years of expertise in sculpting and modifying physiques. But how he does it? Well, Corey formulates and executes routines that are unique to the particular aims and requirements of each of his clients. Corey is best known for his work of transforming Michael B. Jordan for his star role as Adonis Creed in the movie Creed. With this being said, we know we are nothing dealing with some fitness YouTubers but a well-trained professional.

Corey Calliet

But why is he the top priority of his clients? It is probably because he caters to the demand of each role that any celebrity is training. He wants his clients to full to visualize themselves in the characters they are playing on the screen. Besides his expertise to train his clients, it is commendable to rather see his own physique and how he works on it.

Corey Calliet has been named as one of the 50 Most Fit men in the world on the Flex50 list by AskMen Magazine alongside Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Conor McGregor. No that’s something, ain’t it?

Besides training himself and his clients, Corey is also a motivational speaker and takes up unique topics such as fighting childhood obesity (being a devoted father himself!) These are some of the concerns that he feels needs immediate attention.

Another medal in his collection is him being the leading trainer and personality on E!s hottest new show, Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian. Working with a variety of biggest celebrities is indeed something!

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I remember walking out of the post office 12yrs ago to load my truck for deliveries while reading a Men’s Fitness magazine. I imagined myself on the cover, and in that very moment I told myself “I’m gonna be on the cover of this magazine one day.” However, if you knew my circumstances at that time, you would have never believed it could ever happen. Now here I am today, not only on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine, but living my life against all odds. Fitness saved my life, but not for the reasons most would think, for giving me a sense of purpose. Fitness gave me an outlet, it gave me a platform, it gave me a better life to live and I’m forever grateful! Dreams do come true… IF YOU WANT THEM TO! . #thecallietway #blessed #grateful

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His strategies and expertise in transforming bodies are astonishing. This is very evident from the interviews he did after he trained Michael B Jordan. But the fact is that he has trained him for two different occasions.  One for Creed and other, Black Panther. Corey differentiates it for us.

“The focus for Creed was to create an elite-functioning athlete which meant boxing training, skill development in the ring, and strength and conditioning sessions. Black Panther, on the other hand, had me implementing a bodybuilding training approach with a focus on muscle development and aesthetic with strategic cardio to support his lean mass gain (25-30 min daily at most compared to the hours he got while boxing). In terms of nutrition, there wasn’t much variance other than a slight increase in macros for Creed due to the physical demands of intense cardio and multiple training sessions in a day.”

The effort level for both of them was different but do you think there must have been one o them that ought to be hard? This is what Corey thinks…

“I wouldn’t say there was one that was harder, they were both attacked from contrasting angles and had different demands. I like the challenge of having to change from one body composition to another – I hope it inspires others to believe they can make the changes they want to see for themselves.”

Another of his star appearance is alongside Khloe Kardashian in Revenge Body. Although he is famous for providing different advice that is unique to individual goals, here’s something common that he shares with all of them…

“Change your mindset and focus on the inside-out. The most powerful and lasting transformations come with transforming your innermost thoughts and your internal health. How we look on the outside is a direct reflection of how we truly feel on the inside. Whether you have toxic thinking patterns or your internal health isn’t allowing your body to function optimally, these need to be cleaned up before you can see true results on the outside,” he says.

Now with 2020 in full swing Corey Calliet has buckled up to tackle the New Year’s Resolution that usually involves “getting fit” as everyone’s primary goals. Resolutions can be hard to keep, but if you focus on the right way, there is nothing that can stop you. That is something Corey would suggest anyone too.

With years of experience, Corey knows what goes into keeping up with the plans, resolutions, and goals to make sure you are not just achieving, but crushing them too.

“It’s not enough to just have a plan for your goals, more importantly, you need to have a plan for how you will stay consistent in your pursuit,” Calliet says. “Don’t get caught up in some overcomplicated plan that makes it difficult to execute while balancing life’s demands, keep it simple, plan to move everyday and take steps toward your goals. Whether it’s staying on point with your nutrition, or getting your sweat in for the day, any step forward is a step closer to achieving your goals”

Corey Calliet Workout Routine

The first and the foremost that Corey suggests is to maintain an active lifestyle in general. He wants everyone to keep moving no matter what by having their goals right in front of them. It is not about how much time you spend in the gym but about what did you do after you got home.

Taking an example of Michael Jordan, he says, “Everybody was inspired by Michael’s body in Creed because Michael didn’t have muscle before. But people don’t realize that Michael had to work out hard. Some people think that if you work out OK, it’s just going to come to you. No. It’s not like that.”

He even encourages people who can not have access to the gym, to work from home and try to fit in some movements throughout the day even if you have a super busy schedule. If Corey, with a super busy schedule, can do it, so can anyone! It’s all about mindset. Here’s what he says, “The best advice I can give from my own hectic lifestyle is to put your goals first. In my own pursuits, I do all I can to take care of my goals before anything can get in the way of me hitting my marks for the day. This means I’m usually up before anyone can get to me. If I don’t have access to a fully stocked gym, or I’m working on a project filming throughout the night, I make time to hit a workout with whatever I can get my hands on – I’m no stranger to having to come up with hotel room exercises with how much I travel!”

HIIT workouts are all over the place and it seems like everyone is doing them these days. In fact, the benefit of these exercises is that it lets you have an intense workout within a limited time. So if you have a busy schedule, chances are you will reap the benefit with HIIT workouts too. Here are some of Corey Calliet’s favorite moves and what he says about HIIT in general…

“HIIT workouts are my go-to for when I’m traveling or working sun-up to sun-down. It allows me to get a highly efficient and effective workout without needing to stress about having all the necessary equipment around me. However, when I’m in the gym, I’ll hit a back or shoulder touch up to finish each of my training sessions. Here’s one of my favorite giant-sets to end a session:

  • Seated Lateral Raises 3 sets superset | 10 reps (increasing weight each set)
  • Standing Lateral Raises 3 sets superset | 10 reps (increasing weight each set)
  • Barbell Rollout 3 sets | 15 reps”

He also talks about the mistakes that people, and especially the ones who have just begun on a fitness journey, make. These are the most common mistakes that everyone makes. Corey even suggests some solutions to these problems. He talks of two aspects, the mental and the physical aspect of making mistakes and discusses them in depth. He says,

 “From a mental aspect, the biggest mistake is setting unrealistic goals – like going from little to no muscle tone to mass gains in 30 days. You’re not going to make big changes overnight, and chances are good this mindset will leave you defeated and in a perpetual state of failure. But, understand that with consistency and persistence it will all add up. The solution? Set big goals but be realistic with your journey to achieving them. Set small checkpoint goals to keep you on course to getting there.

From a physical aspect, the biggest mistake I see is people really thinking they can out-train subpar nutrition. If you aren’t putting the right fuel in, or enough of it for that matter, you can’t expect to get to your destination. Simple as that.”

But it just does not ends here. He also gives some advice to the budding athletes o people who just want to start a fitness routine and improve their lifestyle. Here’s what he says,

  • Get your goals in view, and get a plan to reach them. Your plan should include everything from your training program, daily routine, and nutrition, to identifying any bad habits or pitfalls that might threaten your success.
  • If you don’t know where to start, get a trainer, and equip yourself with the right tools to hold you accountable – like the Huawei Watch GT2. I’ve been using this watch myself since it came out and even as someone who knows all the right things to do, it definitely gives me an extra push to hit my marks. It monitors my training output, heart rate zones, and even keeps my sleep hygiene where it needs to be for the recovery I need to meet the high mental and physical demands of my lifestyle.

He also thinks that more than motivation, dedication is important. One is ought to lack motivation at certain points in their journey but if they lose their direction and the dedication to reach till the end, all their progress would be lost and they will probably never want to start again.

“First, motivation isn’t meant to last. Focus on dedication – creating your routine, and having consistency in executing it. If you’re running off motivation alone, you’ll constantly be chasing sources to re-up your energy to succeed, and they won’t always be there. Once you have your dedication in check, make sure you’re switching up your training split or style to beat mental and physical plateaus. Both the mind and body need new stimuli to reach new levels. I stay on top of keeping my body guessing with my training, but one of the ways I give my mind a push is with music. I get myself on a new playlist, put my headphones on to zone out, and I lock into my work in the gym. I’ve been using the Huawei FreeBuds3 – they really block any outside noise and keep my mind distraction-free.”

His favorite workout is the full-body HIIT workout which he feels he can do anywhere. It is short, does not need much time and is so doable by anyone. It involves all of the main movements and that’s what makes it the best. He says, “This is my go-to workout for a lot of reasons, the main one being that it hits all of my training goals in one session, making it the perfect routine to do when time isn’t on my side. Set up your circuit, set the time, and go hard!”


Performed in circuit fashion, 1 – 2-minute rest between each round, 4 rounds

Barbell Deadlifts – 20 reps

Rower (Stationary machine) – or Seated Row (lightweight) – 1 min

Barbell Bench Press – 20 reps

Rower (Stationary machine) – or Seated Row (lightweight) – 1 min

Barbell Squats – 20 reps

Rower (Stationary machine) – or Seated Row (lightweight) – 1 min

Standing Overhead Press (Dumbbells or Barbell) – 20 reps

But everyone has different goals in mind. He takes the example of Michael Jordan who he has trained and says that he had different goals for Black Panther so his exercise and diet schedule was completely different than Creed. He explains, “For Michael’s body in Black Panther, we focused more on weight training and less on boxing and conditioning. He got strong: he was bench-pressing 115lb dumbbells. He had to be big. And in order to get big, you’ve got to lift big weights and eat a lot of food. So that’s what we were doing: eating and training, eating and training. His diet went from not really incorporating carbohydrates to incorporating a lot more. I made sure he didn’t spill over but stayed just right the entire time.”

That is all about Corey Calliet’s workout routine that helps him stay fit even when he is super busy.

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#Repost @benlionelscott It's up to you whether the journey to what you want in life is going to make or break you. ㅤYou have to understand that there's a journey that takes place in your career and your life. Throughout your journey people are going to deny you, people are going to reject you. Your journey makes you want to cry, your journey puts you sometimes in dark places where you feel like nothing is gonna do right for you, nothing is gonna be right. People are gonna take you places that you've never been before, through heartache, through pain, through so much sh*t, to make you wanna quit your journey. But at the end of the day, it's up to you. It's up to you to push past the pain. Because on the other side of pain is glory, is rejoicing, is happiness, is winning, is succeeding. You gotta understand with no pain, is no progress. If you don't go through something, you won't get nothing. And you choose whether or not that journey is gonna hurt you or make you stronger.

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Corey Calliet Diet Plan

Corey believes deeply that keeping up great habits that are productive and beneficial can really be easy. It is all about having a strong mind-set even when one is super busy. Most people give being busy as their excuse but that’s actually not. It all depends on how motivated and dedicated to your goals you are. To gain some, you do have to lose some too. Therefore, in order to see the results of that intense workout, it is important to fuel yourself the right way!

“You have to fuel your goals with the right nutrition. We know that quality and consistency are important and that it’s not about counting calories as much as it’s about being intentional with how you nourish your body. I recommend that my clients stick to lean proteins, powerful carbs, and healthful fiber and even fats like those found in all-natural almonds. And it’s important to eat small amounts of nutrient-dense food consistently throughout the day – every 2-3 hours during your eating window. Tip: A handful of almonds can put serious power behind your day delivering 6g of natural and plant-based protein. I always keep a bag ready in my gym bag.”

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It’s never enough to only have a plan for your goals – you need to have a second plan to help you stay consistent in the PURSUIT of your goals. Your plan shouldn’t be hard to execute. You don’t have to overcomplicate working out or even healthy eating. I’m super regimented when it comes to my meals and snacks but even I have a sweet tooth. Can’t go wrong with almonds drizzled with a touch of honey and dusted chocolaty flavor. One of my favorite snackhacks, super easy to make and guaranteed to keep cravings on check! #ownyoureveryday #AD . . *Corey's Cocoa Dusted Almonds * . Almonds drizzled with a touch of honey and dusted with enough chocolaty flavor to satisfy any sweet-tooth while fueling life on-the-go! Ingredients: almonds, unsweetened cocoa powder, honey, vanilla, sea salt . . . Makes 4 servings (1/4 cup each) ?1 tablespoon raw honey . ?1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract . ?1 cup all natural almonds . ?1/4 teaspoon sea salt . ?1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder . . Mix vanilla extract and raw honey in a medium sized bowl. Add all natural almonds and coat well with wet mixture. Dust almonds with unsweetened cocoa powder and toss until well coated. Sprinkle sea salt over your mixture and gently toss once more. ? Created by Corey Calliet, on behalf of the Almond Board of California

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He also thinks that diet is more important than the actual physical workout that has been done, although, it is the combination of both that works the best. The workout just forms 45 to 90 minutes of the day, but the rest of the hours are more crucial.

“It’s even more important than the physical work you put in. Why? Without the right fuel, you can’t expect to reach your full potential physically or have your body operate in a mode that supports your weight loss or whatever your goals are. But it’s not only what you put in, it’s how you put it in. The metabolism is a tricky system to pin down with so many individual differences from one person to the next.

Understand that what works for one person might not be optimal for you. Depending on your age, your physical output, and other factors such as hormone balance and your lifestyle, you should find the nutrition style that meets your needs – whether it be a consistent spread of food throughout the day or intermittent fasting. Pair this with hitting your macro- and micro-nutrient goals daily and you’re destined for success.”

He is a fan of diet trends and although he has tried his hands on every trend that has floated around, his favorite is Intermittent fasting. He is currently eating according to the Intermittent fasting rules. “I’m actually following an intermittent fasting protocol at the moment to help my body restore itself and recover from the intense training I throw at it. Also, IF helps me stay on track when travel and project demands are the norm.”

Although his diet changes according to his goals and to the different times in the year, he has more or less the same eating habits that consist of ample carbs, fats, and proteins to keep him energetic throughout the day. This is his typical day of eating.

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Today I celebrate 35 years of life with one of the greatest gifts anyone can ever give themselves – achievement of a goal. With reflection on my fitness journey I reconnected with the roots of my passion, and promised myself to get back to finishing what I first set out to do. I’ve traveled the world helping celebrities and professional athletes be and feel at their best – it was time to get back to me and beat my own best? . So this is 35!! This is my gift to myself – to be the BEST version of myself!!! . This was my goal for this date, and I accomplished it. But it’s far from over, I’m just getting started ya heard!!!??? . #blessed #birthday #transformation #fitness #motivation #goals #mind #body #soul #lifestyle #thecallietway

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Meal 1:

  • Fruits
  • Lean protein (Egg whites, chicken, fish)
  • Any carb source

“This means I typically start my eating each day around 2 pm with some fruit to break my fast, and a lean protein source such as egg whites, chicken, or fish paired with a quick digestive carbohydrate to get my energy flowing.”

Meal 2:

  • Fish
  • Any carb source

“About an hour later I’ll have a snack containing a protein and a healthy fat source. My second meal of the day will usually include a light protein such as fish and a slow digestive carbohydrate to give me sustained energy for my next workout.”

Meal 3:

  • Protein shake
  • Any carb or fat source

“While training I’ll usually down a shake or two to keep me fuelled through the workout. The last shake comes right after training along with fat or carbohydrate depending on the day to replenish the vital nutrients lost during training.”

Meal 4:

  • Avocado or nuts
  • Egg whites or protein shake

“My last meal of the day I will have an omega-rich fat like avocado or nuts to give me clean energy to use to recover through the night with a bowl of egg whites or a shake.”

Now we know that he follows a lot of diet trends, and in a certain interview, he was asked about his view on Veganism and how he feels about it when it is compared to his diet. This is what he says.

“I love anything that inspires new thought in the nutrition and training arenas. I personally integrate a mix of carbohydrates with lean proteins like fish, bison, and chicken, but my vegetable intake has always been high to support my vital systems with naturally sourced micro-nutrients. I need to stay in peak functioning.

There are a lot of factors to be considered in nutrition and figuring out what you need based on genetics, physical needs, goals, etc. It can become overwhelming, but my advice is to keep it simple – implement foods based on their ability to fuel your goals, assess how you feel, and go from there.”

He also thinks that cheat day is important because of two reasons. First, it breaks off the plateau mode. Second, it is a good reward that works as a great motivation. In his own words, “My view on cheat meals is two-fold. They can serve as a metabolism boost to beat plateau for those following a strict nutrition regimen, and they can be a reward to work toward. Personally, because my nutrition is on the stricter side (I treat my body like a machine) when I know I’m about to get some of my favorite foods, I push myself to earn it in the gym – or put the caloric surplus to good use in the gym!”

Corey Calliet Weight Loss Advice

It seems like everything goes wrong and is not working your way when you are trying to lose the way. It seems hard and it can be overwhelming at times. But all you need to do is stay strong and consistent even when you don’t see results immediately. It will come to you sooner or later. The next big thing is to surround yourself with supportive and positive people. That’s a game-changer!

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Let’s drop the fad-diets and get real for a minute. Life has its way of throwing curveballs and when you’re as busy as I am, having natural, healthy food choices within arm’s reach is a necessity. With 13 grams of “good” unsaturated fats and 6 grams of hunger-fighting protein, crunching on #almonds is a natural and easy-to-pack option for a mid-morning snack. Have a handful or sprinkle into your morning smoothie. Snacks that have protein, fiber and healthy fat, but are low in sugar will keep you energized and curb your hunger so you’re not making poor choices later in the day. #ownyoureveryday #AD . Here’s one of my favorite morning snack-hacks… Spiced Almond Banana Smoothie Fire up your morning and your metabolism with the power of almonds, protein, and a hint of sweet spice. . Ingredients: almond milk (unsweetened), banana, dates, almond protein powder, ice cubes, cinnamon & cardamom ——————————————— . Makes 1 serving (approximately 10 ounces). 8 ounces unsweetened almond milk 1/2 medium banana 1 date 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 scoop almond protein powder 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon cardamom 1/4 cup ice cubes Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass or to-go cup of your choice and prepare to own your day! ?? Created by Corey Calliet, on behalf of the Almond Board of California

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In fact, giving up is the worst mistake that people beginning on their fitness journey make. In fact, this is exactly what Corey Calliet thinks too.

“That’s it. That’s the biggest mistake,” he said. Losing weight takes a lot of dedication and consistency, and people do have to do things they do not love. They have to give up on processed food and might have to miss that movie on Netflix and go to the park instead. That’s the only way to achieve your goals. It is important to make things fun and break the monotony. If you end up doing a certain thing over and over, chances are you’ll lose interest and end up quitting. “Having patience and finding what we can actually enjoy” is crucial in your weight-loss regimen, according to Corey, “because a lot of people go do things they don’t enjoy, and that distracts them from doing what they need to do.”

Also, if you begin on some diet that worked for your friend, chances are it might not work for you and in the end, you will end up gaining weight and revert to your previous food habits.

Therefore, making things fun and finding what you truly love and enjoy is the number one thing you can do to stick to your fitness plans. “So find something that you really love, and don’t quit at it,” Corey advised. “But don’t stop. By stopping, you’re always going to be a step back,” he says.

Quick Fitness Tips From Corey Calliet:

Here, in his own words, Calliet gives his followers and fans some sound advice on how he leads his fit and healthy lifestyle — and how you can, too.

  • It’s a different formula depending on the person. But I always revert back to what I know from competing. I know how nutrition is and I understand how to bring your body to a very uncomfortable place in order to actually change.
  • I’m back to weight training again. Now I’m in front of the camera, I’m trying to bring the best body I’ve ever had in my life this summer, so I’m locked in right now. Big time locked in.

  • This morning I woke up and ran two miles on the treadmill, then I ate. Then I went to choreography – we out here in Philly working on Creed II. I did some HIIT, boxed for a little bit. After that, I ate another meal. I just got home, I’m gonna take a nap, wake up, eat, go train. And then tonight I’ll do HIIT and low-intensity fat-burning cardio before I go to bed. I’m doing this every single day.
  • I line up some kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes and a couple of bodyweight exercises, and do just 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of each. I do that for like six rounds – it comes to about 35 minutes. It’s killer, I’m not going to lie. But it’s worth it. It makes you very uncomfortable, and your body changes. I don’t want to look like a stiff bodybuilder, I want to look like between an athlete and a physique competitor: that hybrid, Superman-like body.
  • I eat six meals a day. Right now I’m doing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for each meal, except for my last meal at night time. About 200g of carbohydrate and 250g of protein a day. I’m just trying to balance my body out, and watching it grow and change.
  • I have to know exactly what I’m putting in my body. I can’t just put anything in there. It’s like if you put oil into a car: you have to know how much or it’s going to spill over and then your car’s going to mess up.

  • Everywhere I go, I have to find food. I’m staying in a hotel, I’m going to need a microwave and refrigerator. I’ll find a meal prep company. And if not, I can always eat tuna in a can. I make it happen. I don’t let traveling be an excuse for me not to do the things I need to. Training-wise, all I need is a treadmill and some dumbbells. There are so many things I can do. But I’m going to make sure I get some type of workout in and not just be sitting down doing nothing.
  • I do a lot of stretching. I get a massage twice a week now, because of my body changing. Any new recovery method that comes up, I try it. I won’t try out all these new workout equipment things because I feel like I’ll hurt myself. But recovery’s recovery. It’s going to either help you a little bit of help you a lot.
  • I listen to motivational speaker Les Brown every morning when I wake up. When I hear him talking, I hear myself talking, and I’m able to put my mind in a more positive place. The most instrumental time of the day is first thing in the morning. If you wake up with something positive on your mind, whatever’s negative is going to be fought off.
  • If I don’t make my bed in the morning, I feel all over the place. I don’t know why. When I was young, my grandmother would always make me do it, and it stuck with me. I always make my bed.

Here are some little excerpts from various interviews where Corey Calliet talks of training himself and other celebrities:

  • I met A$AP, Rocky, when we were filming Creed. He was a friend of Michael’s, so he introduced me. After that, we became very close and began to train. We focused a lot on nutrition and boxing. I was able to help him get his life in order. A lot of times with clients, it’s more personal than training. If I can train your mind first to be stable, functional, make the right decisions and be happy and confident, then I can transfer that to your body to be able to work out. Rappers, they’re all over the place sometimes. I was a foundation, as an anchor — mentally strong and positive

  • I recently trained Wale. He DM’d me on Instagram, like, “I want to work out with you.” He drove all the way to Philly from DC to train with me twice. We got so close, within two sessions, to the point that we’d talk every day about personal life and stuff like that. And then I can also help him physically at the same time.
  • Rappers always become really close to me. Which is cool, because a lot of these guys I was listening to before I got into training. The stuff that they rap about, I’ve been through growing up in New Orleans in the hood and coming to where I am today, I can relate to all of that. I’m able to talk to them and give them reassurance that you can live this life and not be stressed out. I’m like a big brother, an uncle to these guys. They love being around people who are humble and understand them. I think that’s why we connect so well.

Corey thinks music works wonders while exercising and he recommends finding all the artists you love and make a personal playlist out of them. His own personal playlist consists of artists like A$AP Rocky, Wale, Migos, Future, Tank, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Eric Bellinger, Torey Lanez, Lil Wayne, Drake, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert, Big Sean, Rae Sremmurd, Cardi B, Tee Grizzley, Ty Dolla $ign, SZA, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle.

He also says that if it is not music, absolutely anything else can inspire you. The main thing is to drive some motivation inside of you and it will make all of the difference. He finds motivation from his work and that is what keeps him dedicated. He recalls an experience, saying, “After the Black Panther press tour, I was watching Hidden Figures on the plane back from London. That movie’s about black women who were a big part of history: putting the first man on the moon. Honestly, I felt a real heartfelt. I was so proud to be an African-American male working on such a great movie at this time, bringing my artistic part to the screen and representing the whole culture of fitness.”

He feels eating food is important and what is more important is the kind and amount of food that you eat. And how can you stick to it? Well, thinking about the future really helps. And by that we mean, envisioning yourself in your goal body. “You’ve got to eat to gain or eat to lose. The food is the hardest part. But it pays off if you stick to it and stay motivated. Always think about the end goal. Don’t think about right now. And the results are addictive. You just need to see a little bit. I remember when I first got abs: I felt my left top ab, right by my oblique. That was it. I just went crazy,”  he recommends.

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It’s entertainment’s biggest night of the year! The #OSCARS has everybody looking their best on the big screen – but it’s important to realize that a lot of hard work and intentional decision-making was happening behind the scenes. When prepping actors for roles in film we do everything in our power to make sure everything is planned out – from workouts, to nutrition, to having an adequate sleep and recovery hygiene while facing a rigorous work schedule. . While we can’t always predict night-filming or longer days on set, my clients know it’s important to be prepared and pack nutrient-dense snacks to keep their energy up. To make it easy I like to have trail mix with #almonds on hand! There’s 6 grams of natural and energizing almond protein in every ounce of almonds to help them stick the stunt and own the screen. #ownyoureveryday #AD

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But that’s not all about Corey Calliet. There are more things that he is into that keeps him motivated. Here are a few more things, besides gumming and training celebrities that he does.

  • I do motivational speaking. I talk about my story. I’ve always been told that you could put me in a room with a preacher, a pimp and a prosecutor and I could relate to everybody, because of everything I’ve been through in life. I’ve dealt with so many things. And I don’t go through life with my eyes closed: I pay attention to the struggles, the losses, the ups, and downs so that I’m able to learn from them and grow. I explain to people what I went through in order to help them get through what they’re going through.
  • I also work with inner-city kids. This summer I’m going to do a couple of fit camps. Kids don’t play anymore: they’re inside on Instagram or video games. So I’m trying to get them to go outside, be active and move around. I enjoy every minute of it.
  • Aside from ongoing training projects with my celebrity clients, and some exciting work partnering with Reign Total Body Fuel and Fitplan Training App, I’m working on a recomposition of my body along with mixed martial arts training in preparation for being on the big screen myself. I think a lot of people would be surprised to see a guy my size move the way I do! I definitely love the challenge of pushing the limits on what’s expected of me and I can’t wait for you to see what I’m up to.

And with this being said, we can finally say that this is what Corey Calliet does to keep him motivated all along. That’s his diet plan and his exercise routine right here. With the multiple other things that he does, it is important to know that if he can manage to look that fit, anyone else can! In the end, it is all about a strong mindset and finding the right balance including the things that you love to do and make them a part of your daily lifestyle.

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