Dacre Montgomery Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Now, who does not know about Darce Montgomery with the new season of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix? Well, now is the perfect time to fangirl and be star struck again because Darce has transformed himself and worked a long way for his physique and his appearance.

Before he took the role of Billy Hargrove once again, the Perth-born actor piled up on calories, executed a well-balanced routine, and pressed in some solid muscle as a consequence. Useless to say, Montgomery’s nutrition and exercise plan squared off in every imaginable understanding of the term. A real stud, he’s proceeding with Netflix and making a few million dollars while looking great and ripped on the cover of magazines like Men’s Health. Mission: defeated.


However, you might be shocked to know that this was not the actor’s first time going through a transformation. Well, this television star was under a constant bullying attack when he was in high school because he was a bit overweight. Thus, he took years to discover the benefits that exercise can yield and dropped off 55 pounds instantly on the treadmills, and then he decided to tone it all up.

Just like any beginner, he made the classic gym mistake: lifting more than the capacity and thus landed up in bed because of an injury. Thankfully, he recovered back soon and instantly pushed himself for movements like yoga, stretching, and getting both physical and mental strength as a result.

When he landed himself in the role of Jason, a.k.a the Red Power Rangers, he also took up boxing and hit the gym once again for the weight training. We have included the power rangers workout in the gym in this article for those of you who want to take a sneak peek.


Not just his Power Rangers days, his Stranger Things days are also filled with a copious amount of workouts and dietary changes. When he was doing Stranger Things, he took up heavy lifting with some resistance bands exercises, including a lot of heavy reps using light weights and included a lot of holding positions. Someplace along the journey of fitness, his girlfriend (the gorgeous Liv Pollock) set him on to the potential of surfing.

All of this makes for a great and all-around exercise routine with HIIT, yoga, weight lifting, and great cardio. It also helped him bring his television role to life. Not only this, but he was also able to tackle his mental health and stayed relaxed because of his healthy routine. He has struggled with anxiety and stress for years.

He used a simple formula of having less downtime which equals less stress.  Thus, his diet and workout worked out very well for him and took a therapeutic turn for him and probably his followers who follow his routine.

But before we dive into these details, here is a bit of his statistics.

Dacre Montgomery Statistics

Height: 5 ft 10 inches

Weight: Approximate 170 lbs or 77 kilograms

Age: 25 years old

Chest: 42 Inches

Waist: 31 Inches

Biceps: 15 Inches

Dacre Montgomery Workout Routine


Montgomery is pretty convincing in the roles and plays the parts as if it is taken from his life. It is not surprising at all because it is exactly what it is. He has gone through a lot when it comes to his childhood and his experiences. He had been bullied when he was in school. He says, “I had a really tough time in high school and I feel like there’s a lot of people in my life that have possessed those types of qualities that I represent in the show,” he says. “You know, any bully or person that you’ve had in your life that has been antagonistic towards you. It was about finding those qualities and representing them.”

But it was not just bullying that was a problem for him. He was also pretty overweight. When was in high school, he weighed 90 kgs! “I was a really big kid,” he says. He got to know the importance of weight and health benefits when he took a year off from school and dropped 25 kgs from his 90 kgs built. “That was purely just going to the gym and getting on the treadmill and running,” he says. After losing some weight, he tried to gain back some muscle mass and hence began to hit the gym. He was doing well until he lifted too much and needed up with an injury.

He afterward dallied with yoga and stretching and took up surfing just after a few months 
after being presented to it by his girlfriend, model Liv Pollock. But Montgomery obtained his true health mission while planning for his first significant part in 2017’s Power Rangers.

“I started doing night-time boxing classes at the gym and that gets you really cut,” he says. “I loved that.”

However, for Stranger Things, he had to put on a lot of muscles again, and thus instead of going back to lifting heavy, he started working out with resistance bands and holding a posture for a longer period of time. 
“I think the best type of muscle for me is creating, not big muscle but dense muscle,” he says. “I wanted to do this meatier, chunkier jock thing so I still worked out a ton, but I also did a lot of boxing and ate a heap. My carb intake was higher, my meat intake was higher and I just built this chunkier, more muscly version of myself.”


Not only did he get toned and ripped, but he also beat anxiety and stress which helped him kill the free time which otherwise is the big cause of such disorders. The best piece of advice for him was from a screenwriter on the sets of Power Ranger which was, “He said, ‘You need to know how to kill Wednesday’,” he says. “To kill time. It’s a huge part of being, not just an actor, but any freelancer, so that you don’t
 go crazy and worry too much about what
 the future is going to hold. I’ve become very proficient at killing Wednesday.”

That’s exactly what he did. He killed his time with something productive and if you are wondering what did he do to get fit, you might want to buckle your belts for running. A lot of it. Because this is exactly what he did.

In his conversation with Men’s Health, he actually says: “That was purely just going to the gym and getting on the treadmill and running.”

Thus cardio is great for weight loss and that’s exactly how he lost some weight.

He also increased his calorie intake to bulk up a bit but it was all clean foods and he wanted to go muscular without gaining any fat. He also started doing a lot of other activities. “I started doing night-time boxing classes at the gym and that gets you really cut,” he says. “I loved that.”

For Stranger Things, when he was asked to bulk up and get some muscles, he wanted to focus on quality and not quantity. He explains his experience by saying,
“I think the best type of muscle for me is creating, not big muscle but dense muscle,” he says. “I wanted to do this meatier, chunkier jock thing so I still worked out a ton, but I also did a lot of boxing and ate a heap. My carb intake was higher, my meat intake was higher and I just built this chunkier, more muscly version of myself.”

Then we have a bit of yoga, surfing, boxing, resistance bands, and lightweight along with some high rep training! If he can handle it, so can we and all those fans who look up to him for inspiration. If you think you are ready to get this challenge, then you must read ahead.

Even celebrities we love and the superhero we are inspired from in the movies are human beings as well and they have pretty humane problems like all of us.


His kind of workout with high reps and intensity along with lightweight worked pretty well for him. If you look at him and his physique you would know what am I talking about. Should you be attempting a physical makeover that’s more Keanu Reeves than Dwayne Johnson, this is one method to prepare for it. Here’s a whole map of how to go on about it:


Most workouts that we do nowadays focuses on both strength and endurance in equal quantity. Lifting heavyweight with a combination of fewer reps and lifting lightweight for fewer reps are both beneficial for endurance. When it comes to weight lifting and hitting the gym, Montogmery focuses on upping his endurance and thus likes to lift light for more reps.  Thus, it helps him to burn fat and look more toned than ever.

Resistance Bands

Another way that he uses to achieve a toned and ripped physique is by using a resistance band. Resistance bands, as the name suggests, add some resistance to your exercises and also puts less pressure on your joints as kettlebells or barbell does. Here are a few examples of his resistance band workouts:

Resistance Band Training of Dacre Montgomery

When he is training using some resistance bands, Dacre Montgomery does a full-body resistance band exercise routine. It mostly concentrates on increasing lean muscle by applying the resistance of the group and practicing them in fundamental bodybuilding workouts. Some of the exercises that Dacre Montgomery wants to do in his resistance band exercise is;

  • Resistance band squats
  • Resistance band push-up
  • Resistance band star jump
  • Resistance band pull-ups
  • Resistance band sit-up
  • Resistance band planks
  • Resistance band plank reach
  • Resistance band crab walk
  • Resistance band platypus walk
  • Resistance band side to side Squats

There are other activities that he desires to function as well, but we are not certain about what other exercises are, although you can seek these to begin and achieve your full-body workout goal.


Resistance Band Bicep Curl

  • Stand with both feet on top of the resistance band.
  • Hold a handle in each hand, with your arms extended and your palms facing forward.
  • Slowly curl your hands up toward your shoulders, keeping your elbows tight to the side of your body.
  • Slowly lower back to the starting position.
  • Repeat

Resistance Band Bent-Over Row

  • Stand on top of the resistance band, keeping your feet about hip-width apart.
  • Hold a handle in each hand, keeping your hands by your side and your palms facing outward.
  • Bend your knees slightly and lean forward at the hips, with your back flat and your arms straight.
  • Bend your elbows and pull the band upward toward the chest, keeping the elbows close enough to skim your sides as they raise.
  • Straighten your arms as you lower back to the starting position.
  • Repeat

Resistance Band Chest Fly

  • Attach the band to the wall or any applicable surface behind you.
  • Grab each handle and stretch your arms out to either side of your body, palms facing forward.
  • Stand in a position where you can feel the tension in the band, and stagger your feet (i.e. keep one foot in front of the other).
  • Pull each handle inward, very slightly bending your elbows in the process.
  • Slowly and carefully return to the starting position.
  • Repeat



A workout that consists of boxing moves is a great way to build up strength without lifting much weight. Here are some boxing exercises you can implement:

  • Jump rope
  • Footwork drills
  • Shadowboxing
  • Bag work
  • Speedball
  • Focus pads
  • Sparring


Darce Montgomery began doing yoga and other stretching exercises when he was just a kid and hence is no stranger to these things. However, he performs yoga under the guidance of a trainer and so should you because it can comprise complex postures. Make sure you incorporate yoga in your daily routine exercises which would help you do wonders for your muscles and also help relieve stress and anxiety.


If you are not aware of surfing, well, it surely makes for a great workout. For those who love to workout outside of the gym in the natural habitat, then surfing is definitely for you. It helps to keep calm and blow off some steam as well. As for Montgomery, he is not just a surfer but also rides boats!

Dacre Montgomery Power Rangers Workout Plan


If you are looking for a great Power Rangers workout plan, which we must warn you consists of a variety of intense exercises, then you must read ahead. Montogomery went all in for weight lifting and intense cardio sessions along with some boxing moves and martial arts because well, that was also the call of the duty. He worked out for 3 hours each day and up to 5 days a week. So prepare for a grueling session and be prepared to sweat it out.

Here’s a breakdown:

Day 1 (Legs and Core)


  • Stretching
  • 800m jog
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×10 Push-Ups
  • 3×10 Pull-Ups
  • 3×10 Air Squats


  • Non-Stop Circuit Training
  • 60 Box Jumps
  • 50 Lunges w/ Dumbbells
  • 40 Jump Squats
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 V-Ups
  • 10 Burpees

Day 2 (Cardio or Activity Training)

Either 45-60 minutes of cardio or an alternate activity such as MMA training, yoga, pilates, hiking, sports, or cycling.


Day 3 (Full Body Circuit)


  • Stretching
  • 800m jog
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×10 Push-Ups
  • 3×10 Pull-Ups
  • 3×10 Air Squats

Workout – 5 Rounds Total

  • 25 Dumbell Curl Step Ups
  • 15 V-Ups
  • 10 Plank to Push-Ups
  • 5 Man Makers

Day 2 (Cardio or Activity Training)

Either 45-60 minutes of cardio or an alternate activity such as MMA training, yoga, pilates, hiking, sports, or cycling.

Day 5 (Upper Body)


  • Stretching
  • 800m jog
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×10 Push-Ups
  • 3×10 Pull-Ups
  • 3×10 Air Squats


  • 12 Minutes EMOM
  • 10 Clean and Squats
  • Remaining Time Jump Roping


Dacre Montgomery Diet Plan

Those who have observed every episode of “Stranger Things” can tell that Billy Hargrove is more of a hardcore bad boy than he is a hardcore meathead. To improve the look, Montgomery concentrated on creating solid muscle as opposed to enormous muscle. Nonetheless, that still involved supplementing some mass to his physique, which had slimmed down since his introduction in the Power Rangers film.

However, it is also important to note that he was not always this slim and toned. He actually started by being chubby and weighed 90 kgs. He dropped off 30 kgs after a break of a year.

From there he proceeded on to build on lean muscle by doing various forms of exercise.

He told all about his childhood experiences in a little interview saying, “I had a really tough time in high school,” Montgomery said. Not like his lifeguard physique Netflix character, Montgomery was actually 30 pounds more overweight in high school (closer to 200), and believed himself to be isolated from each of his school’s inhabitants. He did not show any interest in sports and said he “wasn’t good looking,” so the jocks snubbed him. Though he was in the theater, Montgomery wasn’t “theater enough.” And so the drama children neglected him too.

For him, the period of his school years was difficult and he felt alone and depressed. Thus he thought of losing weight quickly. He made a lot of changes n his routine as we saw on his workout routine session.

As far as following a healthy diet goes, Montgomery literally just let it fall into the spot on top of his recently discovered exercise that he was uniting with his lifestyle. The only change he made from his Power Rangers days to his Stranger Things days was bulking up and eating cleaner so that he could look ripped and stronger. He states, “My carb intake was higher, my meat intake was higher and I just built this chunkier, more muscly version of myself.”

For the most of his diet was actually just eating clean and fairly healthy which was paired along with some intense workouts so that he could drop weight. However, he also kept an eye on his calories and did not overeat. He increased his protein intake and his overall calories so that he could bulk up.

He had a relatively thin frame from his Power Ranger days which he had to change and he transformed it by eating…well, almost everything but everything healthy. He added sufficient carbs and proteins to his diet which added a bit of bulk to his physique. However, he balanced it out with some rigorous workout sesh in the gym and thus converting the fat into muscles and burning off anything extra.

He does not share the exact details of his diet that he followed but we are sure that he ate a lot of clean foods like lean meats, eggs, poultry items, dairy, veggies, and fruits. He told in an interview, however, that his carb intake was higher than usual so we are guessing that it was more of grains like oats and quinoa. He wanted to be a “chunkier, more muscly version” of himself. He also admits to the fact that sometimes he used to eat everything that was in sight just to put on some mass.

With that being said, Montogomery did not really focus on the bad kind of carbs aka simple carbs, and instead chose complex carbs for himself like whole wheat, quinoa, and oats. He also decided to have more pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, a lot of green leafy vegetables, and many fruits as well.

For protein, his optimal choice was chicken breast, lean meats, fish, and eggs. He got rid of alcohol or junk food as it only slowed him down. He paired a great diet with his intense workout session to build muscles and convert fat into muscles.

When he was not training for this role in Stranger Things, he consumed a low carb and high protein diet but this all transformed to high carb and high protein in Stranger Things. He also drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated. water also helps in recovery so if you are also thinking of some strenuous exercises, make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day.

Dacre Montgomery Diet Includes:-

Dacre Montgomery Breakfast Meal

  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Coffee


  • Protein shake
  • Almonds

Dacre Montgomery Lunch Meal

  • Chicken or fish
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Snack two

  • Almonds
  • Fruits

Dacre Montgomery Dinner Meal

  • Steak
  • Salad
  • Rice

This is all about the Dacre Montgomery workout routine and his diet plan which helped him transform his body from a lean physique to a muscular and toned one.

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