D’Angelo Russell Workout Routine and Diet Plan

It was only last year when D’Angelo Russell made everyone turn their heads. It was his fourth year in the NBA and he made a giant leap that leads his team, Brooklyn Nets to the playoffs. He also made an All-Star appearance.

He only played two seasons with the Brooklyn before two agents, Kevin Durant and Kylie Irving decided to hop in. Their assistance landed Russell with the Golden State Warriors with a four-year contract.

With all his victories piling up, he tried to make sense of his injury which occurred two years ago. The signs were of acute over-exhaustion.

Russell, prior to his injury, worked out two to three times a day to shed his body fat and hence worn out his left knee. This led him to undergo a surgery that made him have bed rest for two months. It is since then that he has made “rest” a part of his routine.

When asked about taking care of his body and what has he learned about it now that he has come a long way in the journey, he says, “Yeah, yeah. Coming into the league, you don’t know how to take care of your body and recover in the proper ways and things of that sort. The older you get, the guys you see doing it, the older guys you see doing it, taking care of their body 365 days a year, it’s contagious.”

There are some of the things that he completely took professional help. He is definitely not taking extreme measures. He says, “Yeah, you can be sick with it. There’s a lot of the guys who are sick with it who have had a lot of success, because they just eat, sleep, shit basketball. I hired a full-time chef, so I wasn’t taking that time to order pizzas or eat Wild Wings or stuff like that. I travel somewhere, I’m gone for a long period, I have a chef. I think that elevated my game.”

Offseason Workout

Talking about his food habits in an interview, he says, “I’m a part-time vegan. I try to be vegan when I can. But I dip and dive in everywhere. I’m not really a bad eater—I try to stay away from that as much as I can. I’m trying to get the most out of my calories.”

He has definitely not done it all by himself. He took inspiration from many others in his league and Rajon Rondo is one of them. He explains, “I would say [Rajon] Rondo. Rondo’s one of the guys that I’ve seen take care of his body in the offseason. I’ve seen him with the chefs and the meal preps, and I’ve just seen his work ethic. He’s definitely someone I’ve gotten a lot of jewels from.”

It was in Laker’s first match in LA that Russell showed off his brilliance that he had spent his entire summer working on. This was mainly due to the weight lifting that he did with DiFrancesco who defined strength as “the biggest piece of being able to body up a guard of an equal or bigger size.”

Scoring workout of Russell.

On talking about Russell, DiFrancesco said, “He has such good footwork and good skill with the ball in that post position as well that it will just allow him to execute those moves.” DiFrancesco is helping Russell with three main components of fitness, that is, athleticism, strength, and stamina. Along with that, he was also focused on building his lower body strength. With this lower body strength, the coach says that Russell will be able to play better against those who are physically bigger and those who have pushed him around as a rookie.

DiFrancesco comments on his lower body saying, “He’s so crafty and sneaky with the ball in his hands that — if you then add in some lean mass into his hips and some strength and pop and power out of his hips — then he really becomes a problem.” DiFrancesco said. “He really wants to be able to have people see that he’s not just like an average athlete,” DiFrancesco further stated. “He plays the game at a pace that maybe makes it look that way, but then he’ll catch you off guard and do something that makes you (say), ‘Did he just do that?’

“I think you’re going to see more of those instances.”

D’Angelo Russell is always talking how about his new conditioning strength such that he wants to take himself to other heights. In an interview, he said,

“Heck yeah. Heck yeah. Yeah. I’ve learned so much about my body. You get hurt, it’s weird to say this, but you get hurt and you learn about your body more and you learn what your body needs to perform at a high level. Versus coming into a situation where you’ve never been hurt, you’ve never had to take time and be as focused on one specific body part that can help your career prolong. I learned that throughout this year. I remember Chris Paul said it to me. I wish I knew how to take care of my body at a younger age. I’m telling ya’ll know because that’s what I wish I knew. But I’m glad I learned now at this young age and having vets around me that kind of preach it as well just how serious it is and how important it is to do that.”

That’s probably all about D’Angelo Russell’s conditioning routine in this article.

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