He does indulge himself once a week which is quite okay because he follows his diet strictly throughout the week.

daniel cormier

He might not have an extensive list of a variety of foods but this is exactly what he needs to excel in his sport. His diet keeps on changing after a certain amount of time and according to each competition and its goals. His diet is different from that of an MMA fighter or wrestler. His diet is well balanced and contains all macros and micros balanced for him.

His diet does not need much subtraction or addition. He follows a very basic diet plan that covers up his nutritional needs. He is not focused on losing fat but rather eating like a true athlete to nourish himself so that he could perform well in the ring.

Discussing the drop in his weight, Daniel Cormier’s nutritionist had told MMA Fighting, “We hit those just through diet. We didn’t have to do anything crazy. So yeah, he started a bit lighter and it’s made the whole camp easy. Because instead of focusing on cutting weight for six weeks, we fed him like an athlete. I tell people all the time, you don’t feed a supermodel and an athlete the same way. We’ve been able to feed him like a 205-pound world champion.”

daniel cormier

He also loves to have cheat days which he does have every once in a while. And when he does, he loses his self-control and literally bulks on so many calories at once. His favorite food is definitely Popeye’s chicken which he always has when he is on a break.

He has been pretty vocal about his love for both barbeque and the chicken from Popeye. He also loves to eat sweets like pastries and chocolates. He also likes to eat asparagus and drinks a lot of kombucha throughout the day.

That was all it takes to be like Daniel Cormier. His workout routine and diet plan might not be pretty exact but we know that he puts in a lot of effort to make such amazing transformations in the physique as Daniel Cormier has.