Dasha Gaivoronski Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Dasha Gaivoronski works as an online fitness trainer and is a certified fitness trainer but this is not where you would have recognized her from. Many people know her from her 2018 Bachelor Australia where she made a mark because of her witty remarks and a genuine personality.  Besides that, she also has everyone a serious fitness inspiration. But regardless if you follow The Bachelor or her training programs, she has one of the best function exercise routines out there.

With her pregnancy, she hit a low point with her health and was obviously depressed. She had gained a lot of weight. Thinking that time is not an excuse, she decided to form some of her own functional exercises that would help her get fit. It soon became her outlet and she realized that exercising is her passion which led her to pursue her career in fitness and nutrition.
She recalls,  “I was just totally unhappy with the way I looked. My son was one at the time, so I just looked at myself in the mirror – I remember that moment – I just looked at myself and I literally cried. You’re spending your precious time in that not quite fit body, and you’re not happy with yourself, so I just decided to actually do something about that.”
She also thought that with this program, she can inspire others to workout and stay fit at the comforts of their home. And also, if she can shed post-pregnancy weight, anyone can and it is not impossible.
She is now on the mission of spreading her word to millions of women across the world with her workout and nutritional tips videos by guiding them to transform their own life and body exactly in the same way as she did.
Initially, she had to face some problem but she soon managed it all. She reveals, “I just started looking for a gym with a crèche, because my son was only 1 year old back then, and I found one and just started exercising there. And it was Goodlife at Glenelg – exactly the gym where I’m working as a PT now. When it came to picking the gym that I work at, I had a couple of different offers, but I decided to go for that particular one because it was the gym where I started everything.”
In this article, we are discussing all the fitness guru’s daily lifestyle, including her workout routine and her diet plan to see what does she do to keep herself as fit as a fiddle.

Dasha Gaivoronski Workout Routine

Dasha had a break-down moment even after she came out of The Bachelor. She had gained at least 8 kgs and clearly, she was not happy about it. She was not motivated after that and had almost given up on herself. She says,

“As you might’ve seen on Instagram I recently lost 10kg after leaving the Bachelor mansion. I gained 8kg over there due to stress, emotional eating, lack of movement (we were locked down in a house with no phones, TVs, news, basically any connections world outside world and couldn’t leave the house) and just being in the unusual environment under a lot of physiological pressure (not complaining at all, that was totally my choice whether to do that or not) After coming back home I just felt unmotivated and believe it or not didn’t know where to begin with. Despite being in a fitness industry for such a long time as well as being a qualified PT with years of experience I just felt lost.”

Although she was into fitness for a long time now and it was quite hard for her to accept the fact that she was not as fit as she was before. She failed a couple of times in her own training routine and that was a shock to her. She was not happy and thought this way, she can not keep those around her happy either. She says,

“It took me some time to accept and process the fact that I wasn’t as fit as before (it’s actually unbelievable how quickly you lose your fitness level) after a couple of failed attempts to get through my usual training routines. I took a step back and just cause I’ve always fixed myself in life and have been my own therapist, personal trainer and life coach in one be it a unborn child loss, divorce, tackling life as a single mother and staying strong through Leon`s surgeries and health issues… After moments like this you, whether you want it or not, come to realisation that that’s health and family is the only thing that matters BUT you gotta be happy first in order to be able to cater to your loved ones/your family needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup!”

But she did not give up just yet. She structured any other plan for herself which was easy to do for her and that made her stick to it. She also gained control of her eating habits and decided to alter her lifestyle and not just go on a “diet.” She writes, “So I’ve developed a plan of attack (I’m all about planning even though I’ve only become like that a few years ago). It was a structured workout plan I knew will be easy for me to stick to and also an eating approach I wanted to make my lifestyle and not a temporary diet. I’ll touch on both in more depth below:”

Training routine 

Dasha said that she also firmly believes in at-home workouts. ‘You can totally make some gains with just training at home using the combination of body weight and alternative resistance exercises,’ she wrote.

She does not use much equipment and works out with her own bodyweight but she says, ‘I love booty bands and TRX,’ the stunner added.

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She knows the added insecurities that weight gain brings along and one of it is shyness to go to the gym. That’s why she decided to workout at home first and it, surprisingly, worked for her! She reveals, “Just cause I was too self-conscious to go to the gym (my personal insecurities plus also after a couple of comments people knew me before made) I decided that I’ll be fine at home just like I did when Leon was little and I was sometimes exercising at home when I couldn’t take him to the gym with me.”

In the first few weeks, she did full-body workouts in order to gain some strength back before she moved onto isolation movements. She gradually added equipment into her routine, the basic ones. She reveals, “The first two weeks I did some old good basic full-body workouts just in order to re-calibrate my body’s movement patterns. Then after in the next 8 weeks, I kept doing bodyweight plus added a few of my favorite and most efficient pieces of equipment (TRX, kettlebell, dumbbells)”

For her clients and followers on social media, she has divided them into two different programs. She now has her own presence on the famous Fit plan app too. She says, “Later I’ve divided these 2 stages and created 2 programs “Fit in 15” and “Transform in 30” that you might’ve already seen on Fitplan app.”

When it comes to choosing between cardio or weights, she likes to keep a balance. She says, “Both. I absolutely love them both.” Being a DJ, she also loves some great music to work out on. She says, “I used to be a DJ for five years, and I’m doing my own mixtapes now – it’s really tough electro house.”

A few weeks ago she also posted a picture of herself reminiscing of the time when she gained those 10 kgs. But in this post, she looked pretty lean in her fashionable active-wear. This had to be great before and after picture. She captions her picture with,

“As you probably know I’ve lost 10kg after leaving The Bachelor. And it’s been my biggest personal transformation so far. It was way harder this time around, not only cause I gained 8kg while being on the show but also because I felt empty, lost and, believe it or not, unfit. I somehow finished the session that day but next day even the thought of going back made me feel physically sick. Mentally I was a beast that does 30 burpees in a row without even getting out of breath but in reality I was a girl that struggled with an inclined treadmill walk. I had a little cry but then thought that mama didn’t raise a quitter in the first place and nobody is going to help me except for myself. I’ve always been a planner and this time I sat down and developed a new training program for myself based on my current fitness level and stuck with it.

I started feeling better after the first two weeks already but as I never believed in the scales I just was going off the way I felt.

After completing those 10 weeks I was not back to normal – I was way better. Why? Because I felt CONFIDENT as ever. Mainly because of the combination of the following factors:

  • When you put your mindset towards something and stick with it and you know that whatever results you got you deserved them all cause it`s all on YOU.Your discipline, your actions and your strong desire of a change. I hate when people say – you are all about the looks, you are too thin now you looked way healthier before, you lost your muscle tone, you are this you are that and blah blah blah the list goes on and on.Listen! It’s all about YOURSELF. If YOU are not happy with yourself just start with the action plan and see what happens if you FOLLOW THROUGH. There is nothing more amazing than being happy with what you see in the mirror, when you know yourself inside out. I keep saying – being confident is not only about the appearance but can you please explain me why there are so many people in the world spending a fortune on trying to fix the way they look? The iconic Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov once said (all the way back in the 18thcentury!) ‘People should be beautiful in every way — in their faces, in the way they dress, in their thoughts, and in their innermost selves’So one trait doesn’t make you a wholesome personality. If one is purely fixated on their muscle mass and nothing else that’s one extreme. If another thinks that it’s only the ‘soul’ that matters are not being completely honest with themselves in the first place. But it’s when you are being COMPLETELY honest with yourself and just striving to be a good, kind, happy person that means you are bloody killing it in life.Okay I can keep going and going on that as my #phylosophicalmode sometimes knows no limits.
  • After several tough moments in my life I’ve built up a tremendous resilience and the previous reality show experience added the whole new layer on top of that. I didn’t think this life chapter will take such a huge impact and I’m actually super grateful now that it happened as it taught me so many valuable lessons and even made me a different person. Everyone who’s known me for a long time keep saying that I’ve changed dramatically after the Bachelor
  • I found a balance between life and fitness. Even though I thought I figured that out before I was – again – not completely honest with myself. I used to train like a maniac every single morning and won’t even consider it a workout if I wasn’t lying half conscious in the pond of my own sweat and could barely move after. So now I was actually surprised to discover that you DON’T HAVE TO kill yourself at the gym in order to maintain a body you want. You can exercises more gently, less often and get even BETTER results! Like I`m actually happier with the way my body looks now – and even all the clothes fit better. However I’ve changed my style completely too but that’s another story.”

She says that she exercises 6 times a week without fail and if she is busy, she will just skip it for another day. She loves the after-effects of having a great workout and she loves how she can experiment with variations. She says that losing weight is not as hard as it seems. With a little patience and consistency, it is quite easily achievable. She says,

“I usually exercise six times a week and what I’m doing really depends on the day. I’m always doing my own workouts, love coming up with different exercise variations and movements, testing out a wide variety of workouts as I’m curious about how the boy responds to a particular activity.” Spoken like a true PT.

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She added, “Losing weight is not that hard; you only realize that it was the tip of the iceberg when you are trying to actually maintain it.”

She said she became a personal trainer because so many people started contacting her for that. However, it did take her a certain time to reach a level. She says, “So that was the reason – and I wanted to get more knowledge in that area, so that is why I started getting my Certificate III. It took me like a year and a half to get that one – I wasn’t in a rush, I was thoroughly learning all the exercises, all the techniques and everything – all the theory. And then when people actually started asking me whether I was working as a PT, so I decided to get a Certificate IV, I got it in two months, and then I started working.”

She also says that she follows her own advice when it comes to her teaching practice. She does not recommend anything to her clients that she has not followed first herself. She says, “I’m a firm believer that you need to practice what you preach, and I’m getting so bored easily with exercise, so I’m always on the outlook for some new, funky exercise, new moves that will actually challenge your body. Because it is all about challenging your body if you want to change it. If you’re doing one particular program day in, day out, that won’t work. And the last thing I want is for my clients to get bored! I’m just trying to come up with something fun and challenging at the same time, so that is why I would say I’m mixing things up – my clients will never ever do the same session twice.”

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Got sore and tight hip flexors? Do this ?? ⠀ I personally always pay special attention to hip flexors cause training when they’re stiff af is not fun ? Last week I’ve brought HIIT sprints back into my training and it flared up my poor hippies baaad. But! Nothing a good stretching sesh can’t fix so I came up with this and filmed it thinking you definitely need it in your life too ? ⠀ The first 5 stretches are dynamic and the last 5 are static. Which means two things: 1️⃣You can do the whole thing on your active recovery day/or when you feel extra sore?2️⃣Use the first 5 as your warm-up for leg day and the other ones for the post-workout stretch! You’re welcome ? ⠀ wearing @womensbestwear ‘power’ tights and sports bra ? . Что делать, если ‘забились’ сгибатели бедра? Боли тазобедренного сустава бывают практически у всех – если сидите весь день на работе, или, если тренируетесь каждый день и пренебрегаете правильным разогревом. ⠀ Если честно, я всегда уделяю этой зоне особое внимание, потому что тренироваться с заблокированными бёдрами – это то ещё удовольствие ? ⠀ Тут недавно снова начала делать HIIT спринты в качестве дополнительного кардио и пару дней ходила как пингвин ? Но, нет такой проблемы, которую не могла бы решить хорошая растяжка (кроме коронавируса, пожалуй), поэтому решила и вам показать этот комплекс, который почти сразу всё устранил. Вот показываю вам, потому что: 1️⃣ Вы можете сделать все 10 стретчей один за другим в свой день отдыха, или, когда чувствуете, что пингвин наступает? 2️⃣ Первые 5 движений – это динамический стретч, то есть его можно включить в разминку перед днём ног, а следующие 5 – статические – их после тренировки ⠀ Пожалуйста ? #womensbestwear

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She says that she likes to workout even if she is low on time. That means she would do some quick HIIT workout because it is high intensity and would make your heart pump so much faster. It is almost like a regular one-hour workout but shorter. She explains, “The benefit of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is that you don’t have to spend even an hour at the gym. The main workout takes you 20-25 minutes – it’s all about the intensity you work at.”

Another benefit of HIIT is that you will be no distracted because the exercises call for a minimal rest period in between each set. She explains, ” If you’re training [at the gym] you’ll probably witness people doing a set of exercises and then just lazing around, just for a minute, checking their phones – but that’s not going to happen when you’re doing HIIT, because you literally have 20 seconds to catch your breath and then you go again. So you’re continuously doing something, and that’s the best way to torch that fat.”

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Quarantine strength training ? Every single morning I wake up thinking how lucky I am to have this little man in my life especially during these uncertain times. I wouldn’t want to be locked down on my own for sure despite my massive introvert nature? Here’s a few exercise ideas to utilize your babies for. Such a win-win for both parties ? All the details are in the videos! Wearing @womensbestwear sports bra and tights ?? . Силовая тренировка на карантине? Каждое утро я просыпаюсь и думаю – как же всё-таки здорово, что у меня есть такой маленький партнёр по апокалипсису (хорошо, что эпидемия случилась именно сейчас, когда Леонке уже больше 7 лет ?) Даже несмотря на то, что я огромный интроверт, сейчас у нас полная идиллия и дома никогда не скучно в этот непростой период. Вот вам несколько идей для упражнений, если вы также заблокированы дома с детьми ? ? #quarantine #womensbestwear

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She says that it is not at all necessary for everyone to work out 7 days a week but once they have begun working out, it is good to work out at least 3 to 4 times a week, which is sufficient enough. She breaks it down for us, saying, “For all my new clients, I would recommend starting with three or four days a week. To be honest, it becomes your lifestyle – so you can’t just have a complete rest day. Of course, you need a rest day at least once a week, but I would say ideally you could exercise six times a week and be as active as you can when you’re not at the gym. Because you can smash a 45-minute session in the morning and then be completely lazy all day, so that’s bad as well. You just need to be as active as you can, even with tiny little things, like taking the steps instead of the lift.”

Currently, Dasha has her own website too, called Dashbody, which she uses to inspire her fans by giving out workout videos and nutrition plans.

Dasha Gaivoronski’s Dashbody

What is Dashbody?

Dashbody is a website created by @DashBody Instagram star, Dasha Gaivoronski. It is a one-stop-shop for all things fitness and nutrition where Dasha keeps on posting workouts on a weekly basis. She also makes sure to regularly update her followers on what she has eaten in a week.

The workouts that she does consist of the upper body, lower body, and full-body routines that make use of bodyweight, kettlebells, TRX, and Bosu balls. They are normally anywhere from 30-45 minutes long (which can also depend on how long you rest for in between the sets) and are guaranteed to get your heart beating and muscles pumping!

The greatest part about Dashbody is that it is highly affordable. With only 3 dollars per month, you can get access to all her workouts and fitness routines. You can even have a peep into her nutrition plan. The only downside is that you do not get a personalized workout or diet chart as is possible on other websites and accounts.

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When the phrase ‘no gym no worries’ takes on a whole new meaning? Here is a funky quarantine friendly bodyweight workout you can do anywhere☺️ Do it with minimum rest between the moves as a circuit for more of a burner or perform each one at a slower pace for 4 sets ✊? wearing @womensbestwear tights and sports bra ? . Когда фраза ‘нет абонемента в зал, нет проблем’ приобретает новый смысл ? Вот вам карантин-френдли тренировка, чтобы, сидя дома, не сойти с ума ? Если хотите себя больше помучать – сделайте как круговую с минимумом отдыха между упражнениями, если хотите помедленнее – просто повторите каждое по 4 подхода? Люблю, Даша ? #womensbestwear

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If you are a beginner who is taking their initial steps into the world of fitness, then Dashbody may not be for too appropriate for you. However, if you are feeling the monotony of your current workouts and sick of having the same 3 meals day after day, Dashbody may be perfect for you to try.

Here is a bit about what she eats in a day and her take on nutrition and its effect on her training.

Dasha Gaivoronski Diet Plan

The mum-of-one told her fans that she has stopped counting calories, she wrote, ‘I subconsciously know the amount I want to eat ideally based on how active I am in a given day.’ It is all about balance for her. If she eats a lot one day, she would keep a tab on her eating habits the next day. She says, ‘Let’s just say if I ate a bit too much today, tomorrow I’ll keep an eye on the number of calories I eat.’

The only rule of this Russian-born goddess is to “always be summer ready.” Yes, intimidating, but hey, it’s the inspiration we all need right about now. She is also a great follower of the intermittent fasting diet trend that has helped her stay in shape.

To help her stay ripped AF all year round, she reveals she’s a fan of the ever-popular intermittent fasting diet. “I’m following intermittent fasting for health benefits so I don’t eat breakfast most of the time and it works perfectly for my morning routine,” she tells in her various interviews.

She says that the most important trend that people are following and would likely continue to do so is eating wholesome foods. “I think all the superfoods that were so popular last year, they will probably stay in 2015, and we’ll all be about natural wholefoods. People will try to get all their nutrients from whole, natural products rather than supplements and superfoods,” she thinks.

Because she does not eat breakfast and her first meal is around noon, she likes to keep her mornings busy in order to keep her mind off food. She says, “During the day I’d eat two main meals and a snack. I love keeping it simple and don’t get bored eating the same thing every day.”

This is her idea of the main meals: She says, “Main meals are always based on the protein sources like eggs, fish or seafood, with baked starchy vegetables and a side of good fats such as avocado, nuts, or nut butter.”

While her main meals are pretty darn clean, it’s the snacks that reassure us that she’s actually a semi-normal human being. Her idea of snacks is this: She says, “Snacks are always chocolate like Kit Kats or Tim Tams, or any of my homemade treats, and a protein shake.”

Fasting is doing her wonders and she busts all the shams with it to skip meals. But diet is not the be-all and end-all of everything and she also makes sure she is training really hard in the gym too. And that’s why she can always snack on chocolate during her snack time.

Keeping in line with the type of content she usually posts, she likes to experiment with a variety of fast challenges. The former reality TV star and the personal trainer told her more than 5 million Instagram followers about her three-day ‘water fast’ challenge, in detail.

“There has been so much stuff happening in my life lately that I lost the connection with my body and feels (sic) like nothing can recalibrate that better than a fast… I’m craving a challenge so let’s do it,” the 32-year-old captioned the post, which also included details of exactly how to do the fast.

Among the alleged benefits of consuming nothing but two to three litres of water a day for three days the mum-of-one listed were: autophagy (“the process where our body gets rid of old parts of its cells and recycles the cells.”), “slowing down the ageing process”, reduced blood pressure, improved insulin and leptin sensitivity, and a reduced risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Gaivoronski also mentioned which groups of people shouldn’t undertake such a diet and advised her followers to “see how you can benefit from it, research more on the subject and read as many reviews of people who have already done it.” 

Dasha Gaivoronski Water Fasting

There have been certain criticism going around when it comes to water fasting and how dangerous and ineffective it is. Here are few of the comments that have been circulating around the internet:

“Nutrition is an applied science. It is complex and requires comment from those qualified to do so and that qualification does not extend to personal trainers, fitness models, or reality TV stars,” a comment said. “They may look fantastic but advising others on specific areas of diet, nutrition, and weight loss is highly inappropriate.”

Specifically, on the concept of doing a water fast, another one said extreme diets such as this one never work and can be fatal.“While there are proven benefits with occasional low calorie fasting e.g. intermittent fasting 5:2 and 16:8 eating plans, these are scientifically developed programs proven to offer metabolic benefits. This does not extend to water fasting,” the comment wrote.

“Water fasting is not safe or recommended. There is no evidence to support its use and it is actually a regime that could be quite dangerous. Extreme diets never work, but you can actually drink too much water, which can be fatal.”

Further to the point of how dangerous doing a water fast is, Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist, Olivia Bates confirmed doing such a fast, even for a few days, is neither healthy nor helpful for weight loss.

Basically, [doing a water fast] is going to put your body into starvation mode,” she previously told on her website.

“It’s literally just a fasting diet and the major issue with those is that the body can’t maintain it, because all of your organs require energy to function.”- Dasha Gaivoronski

Bates explained when you starve your body, your body enters starvation-mode and fears that you are going to do it again. Hence, one will never be able to maintain any results achieved by doing the fast.

However, Dasha Gaivoronski is a strict non-believer in such comments and believes in what she sees. She practices intermittent fasting and the results of it are surmisable. She writes about her water fasting techniques in detail. She says,

“Getting ready for my little water fast like..
There has been so much stuff happening in my life lately that I lost the connection with my body and feels like nothing can recalibrate that better than a fast.. I’m craving a challenge so let’s do it. Who wants the updates on that I need to keep myself accountable
〰️What is water fast?
During a water fast, you only consume water. Most people drink two to three liters of water per day of a water fast. The water fast lasts a total of 24 to 72 hours. You should not follow it for longer than this without medical supervision!
〰️What are the health benefits?
•It promotes the autophagy – the process where our body gets rid of old parts of it’s cells and recycles the cells. It’s an important system for preventing many diseases, including cancer development.
It is also considered extremely beneficial for slowing down the aging process
•It lowers blood pressure
•Improves insulin and leptin sensitivity (these two hormones are important for metabolism. Being more insulin sensitive means your body is more efficient at reducing blood sugar. Being more leptin sensitive helps your body process hunger signals more efficiently. •Lowers the risk of a few chronic diseases – diabetes, heart disease, cancer.
〰️Is it good for everyone? Who cannot do that?
If you have the following medical conditions you should not be doing it:
Diabetes, chronic kidney disease, eating disorders, heartburn, gout.
Also if you feel extremely dizzy during this experience you should stop it, this fast might not suit you!
Again – I’m doing it for health reasons as well as a mental challenge too. Fasting has been practised for thousands of years by our ancestors, in many religions. I also think there is such a huge food cult and it shouldn’t be like that. We eat to live and not the other way around. However I also truly believe that we need to embark on something only if we fully understand WHY we are doing it. There is so much information out there these days and I’d advise you to see how you can benefit from it, research more on the subject, read as many reviews of people who has already done it”

But the other health practitioners have another story to tell, saying, “When you do start eating again, [your body] will hold on to everything. It will store the energy and the fat thinking that when you’re going to fast again it will have stores to eat up. So basically it slows your metabolism and ultimately you’ll end up putting on weight and retaining the weight when you do end up eating again.”

Since then many have contacted Gaivoronski to comment on the criticisms she’s received from experts and members of the public for promoting the benefits of a water fast and how doing so on Instagram is dangerous for people who’ve experienced or are vulnerable to developing an eating disorder.

“Your experts say one thing but my experts talk about health benefits. Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years for health, ritualistic, religious, or ethical purposes,” she said in a statement in an interview, along with a list of experts and resources she believes support the practice of water fasting.

She further comments, “I did it as an experiment because of the overwhelming evidence that it increases cellular regeneration and promotes longevity of life. I didn’t do it to lose weight, I’m extremely happy with myself in that department. I’ve got an extremely curious mind and after following intermittent fasting (16/8) for quite some time and being mind blown with the positive effect it had on my health and well-being, I decided to try out the extended fast.”

She continues to add on to to the benefits of this water fast for herself saying, “After completing it I feel refreshed, energized and recharged even. But that’s what effect it had on me. However, it’s fair to mention that it’s not for everyone and not everyone should even consider it which I specifically outlined in my post.”

She believes that honesty and transparency are one of the key things that must be followed when it comes to posting content and she has been nothing but that. She said, “I’ve always been super open and honest with my followers, I love my community hence I share every single detail about my fitness and health routine. It is my personal experience though and of course, everyone should take their conditions and circumstances into consideration before trying out something like that.”

But there are always two sides to the coin and there are people who still believe that fasting can be a dangerous proposition. Some comments, “Overall, it’s up to individuals to decide what they will and won’t do to their own bodies. Communicating that decision online without proper qualifications or credited statistics, experts, or research is a different story, and it’s where we draw the line. If you want to try fasting, see a dietitian, and do it the right way. Please don’t do a water fast. At the very least, not without discussing this with a qualified medical professional first.”

That all depends on the individual preference, we guess.

Dasha Gaivoronski Intermittent Fasting

Dasha was asked about her patterns of Intermittent fasting and why does she root for it so much. She lists a number of benefits and talks in-depth about her way of eating on her various social media platforms. She has so much to say about the new diet trend and that she can not get enough of it! She writes,

“Intermittent Fasting (IF) has many protocols I personally follow a 16:8 pattern and it`s basically a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour eating period. I do it EVERY DAY. Because as I said earlier I wanted to find something I will be able to make my lifestyle I can benefit from and not suffer as I did with all the temporary diets before. Before you start freaking out I want to clarify: no it’s not bad for your metabolism and survival. In fact, fasting puts your body in a fat burning state (fasting leads to glycogen depletion which results in using our fat as fuel) The other unreal benefits include:

  • Except for the obvious benefit of fat loss and inflammation reduction there are so many other amazing things that you experience when you follow this eating approach

  • You think clearer and your mind is sharper

  • There is no brain fog (that actually was a part of my life for many many years before I started following IF)

  • It helps with digestion, bloating, makes your skin clearer

  • Controls your blood sugar

  • Improves your mood and lowers stress

  • Slows the aging process

  • Actually promotes better HGH secretion (if you were going to ask if fasting will break down your muscles)”

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4 ingredients protein sugarfree ricotta cheesecake ? ⠀ Today was historical as we went out for a 7km walk and came back to this already-chilled-in-a-fridge healthy af cheesecake ? Even Leon ate it as usually he’s not a fan of a sugary NY cheesecake even (how??) ⠀ Ingredients (see the next slide for the exact items): ?1 kg ricotta ? 2 extra large eggs ?2 scoops vanilla @happywayau whey (I used 1 vanilla and 1 salted caramel) ?2 tbs stevia See the video for a simple 10 step method ? ⠀ P.S What’s your go to cheesecake recipe⁉️ ⠀ Love, Dasha ? (that’s all the vitamin D talking ?) . Протеиновый чизкейк без сахара всего из 4 ингредиентов ? ⠀ Сегодня был день на миллион, потому что мы на радостях бахнули 7километровую power прогулку (ну кто на радостях, а кому пришлось и попыхтеть, угадайте кому ?) ⠀ Пришли домой к уже как раз отдохнувшей в холодильнике запеканке и Леонка, который почему-то не любит даже традиционный ‘нью йорк’ съел и вынес вердикт ‘гуд’ ?⠀ ⠀ Ингредиенты: ?1 кг рикотты ? 2 очень больших яйца (или 3 обычных) ?2 скупа ванильного @happywayau протеина (я использовала один ванильный и один солёная карамель) ?2 ст.л стевии ⠀ П.С а у вас какой самый любимый рецепт чизкейка? ? ⠀ Люблю, Даша ? (это всё сегодняшний витамин Д?)

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She lists some of the things that she enjoys eating when she breaks her fast in the afternoon. However, she says it is not about what she eats but the more focus is on when she eats it. She is pretty clean with all her meals and eats to refuel herself. She says, “Essentially you are not changing WHAT you eat but WHEN you eat. Of course, if your goal is fat loss you need to stay in a caloric deficit, and with IF it`s way easier to do so cause you simply don`t have that much time to eat!
It`s less hectic than ‘eating 6 times a day ‘ and juggling all these containers all day and thinking about food the entire time.

The most popular schedule is ‪11 am-7 pm and I personally follow 12-8 pm as it aligns better with my lifestyle at the moment. When I started I was doing 7 am-3 pm cause I was going to bed early and life was a bit different. So just figure out what works the best for you!

IF makes your day simpler, you spring out of bed in the morning so much easier plus you can enjoy bigger meals (my favorite).”

However, there are few things to be kept in mind when you fast especially what you can and cannot do during the fasting window. You can definitely not eat, but you can drink a few things while you fast. She says, “Outside of your eating window you can have water (I love sparkling mineral water during my fast), tea, black coffee. Another thing I do – I add apple cider vinegar or lemon squeeze and some sea salt in my 1L water glass in the morning as the benefits of it are also huge and there are some researches showing that it doesn`t break the fast.”

She also talks of the rumors of it being dangerous and she smashes them hard saying that the results are quite visible. And we can not agree more! She reveals, “Please see the list of proven benefits above. Plus fasting has been practiced by various religious groups for centuries, medical practitioners have also noted the health benefits of fasting for thousands of years. It’s not a fad, it’s been around for a long time and it works! Also, look up Yoshinori Ohsumi who won the Nobel prize in 2016 on fasting and it’s tremendous effects on a cellular self-cleansing process called autophagy – say hello to anti-aging. That’s sensational.”

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As an Eastern European specimen I grew up eating halva every single day and that was one of my most favourite sweets EVA✊? Couple of days ago I walked past the kosher aisle in woolies, saw it on the shelf and just thought – so much sugaaaarrr but so many damn childhood memories ? Then the idea of eating it’s been haunting me for a couple of days after and I decided to make a ‘healthified’ version of it. Only 4 ingredients here: ✔️ 2 cups sunflower seeds ✔️ 2 heaped tbs of hulled fahini ✔️ heaped tablespoon of brown rice syrup (the only fructose free syrup, which means it digests slower and doesn’t cause the insulin spikes that are responsible for uncontrolled hunger and eating all the sweets in sight) ✔️ 1 scoop vanilla @happywayau protein (for extra flavor and sweetness) . Недавно проходила мимо кошерного отдела в супермаркете и увидела несколько разновидностей ХАЛВЫ. Постояла, посмотрела на неё, увидела новыми глазами сколько в ней сахара и пошла дальше ? Но потом мысли о халве (рот-фронт в шоколаде просто верх гастрономического оргазма, согласны? ?) меня никак не отпускали пару дней и я решила сделать свою домашнюю, без сахара. Использовала рисовый сироп, который, по сути, тот же сахар, но без фруктозы, что делает его более медленно усваиваемым в организме. Проще говоря, когда вы его едите, не хочется сожрать целую плитку шоколада через 20 минут после, потому что он не поднимает уровень сахара в крови резко. Вам нужны только 4 ингредиента (и то, протеин можно не использовать, а добавить стевию вместо) ✔️ 2 чашки семечек ✔️ 2 ст.л с горкой кунжутной пасты ✔️ 1 ст.л рисового сиропа (2, если не добавляете протеин) ✔️ 1 скуп ванильного протеина (или 1ст.л стевии) #happywayau

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She also says the one must not follow everything that someone else is doing and rather experiment with yourself to see what suits the best for your body. One must consider before trying out any new diet. She explains, “You don’t have to blindly follow everything other people do. Please think before trying something out! You might not even need it, you might be happy with the current eating style, etc. I’d say if you are curious about all the benefits and want to give it a shot – start slow – with 14 hours fast and a 10-hour eating window. Let yourself settle and ease into the new routine. You might feel a bit under the weather for the first 5-7 days but it’s normal cause any change causes the response! But if you are not feeling great after 7-10 days in it’s not the best method for you. So please always keep in mind that we are all different and what works for your friend might now work that well for you!”

Dasha also has her own e-book where she keeps posting a lot of recipes and snack ideas, which of course, are healthy. She says, I actually started working on it two years ago. When I first got hooked on all those raw, healthy sweets and treats, I just did so many things – I played around with the ingredients so much, so I decided to put all the recipes together into a book. And I just took all the pictures, taste-tested the recipes, and because of everything else I was doing, it took a bit long, but I finally did it!”

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Day 7 in quarantine and I decided to invest in some outdoor bean bags to be able to get more fresh air ? Today we had the ‘best picnic in my life’ (c) Leon ? ⠀ I don’t honestly deal with stress really well but lately I pretty much haven’t been stressing out at all. I mean – I’ve got my most precious person here next to me, I’ve got internet to do 5 hour long FaceTime sessions with my loved ones? Still utilizing all the items from the pantry quite efficiently and made low carb no sugar cookies today ? Swipe for the recipe and our outdoor vibe today ? ⠀ Ingredients: ?1/2 cup PB ? 1/3 cup coconut flour ?1 scoop salted caramel @happywayau whey protein ?1 tbs stevia ? 2 tbs coconut oil ?2 eggs ?1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, pinch of salt . 7 день послушно сидим на карантине и вчера, на нашем маленьком семейном совете, было принято решение срочно купить бинбэги на балкон, чтобы больше проводить времени на свежем воздухе ? Сегодня у нас был ‘самый лучший пикник в жизни’ (с) Леон? ⠀ Если честно, я вообще за последние 5 лет задолбалась стрессовать и не очень хорошо переживаю подобные моменты, но в этот период чувствую себя так спокойно и расслабленно, как никогда. У меня есть все самое ценное и необходимое – самый дорогой мне маленький человек, с которым мы чего только не пережили, есть фейстайм для 5часовых ежедневных сессий с любимыми людьми ? Сегодня испекли низкоуглеводные печеньки без сахара, кайф же ? Листайте для рецепта и нашей сегодняшней атмосфЭры❤️ ⠀ Ингредиенты для печенья: ?1/2 чашки арахисовой пасты ? 1/3 чашки кокосовой муки ?1 скуп протеина соленая карамель @happywayau на стевии ?1 ст.л стевии ? 2 ст.л кокосового масла ?2 яйца ?1/2 ч.л разрыхлителя, 1/2 ч.л корицы, щепотка соли #quarantine #happywayau

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She thinks that having an e-book was important because that is what her audience demanded. They wanted some guidance on nutrition and e-books are totally in trend right now. She explains, “People just kept asking whether I had some kind of e-book, because e-books are so popular nowadays, and I just wanted to release something before I started working on my exercise book – because that’s what I’m doing now. I took the pictures, I did the design of the book, so I just did everything myself – that’s why it took so long – I kept being a mum, kept being a PT.”

She says that she even has a favorite recipe in her book which she loves to make every now and then. In her own words, “My staple recipe would be the cookies and cream protein balls. And a salted caramel slice as well – and a Snickers slice! Those would be the recipes that I’m making at least once a week – but those protein balls, I make them pretty much every single day, because everyone loves them. I bring them to work all the time, so that’s why everyone loves me there.”

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Quarantine activities ? I safely got back home from Miami yesterday and straight into a 14 day quarantine with my little apocalypse buddy?? ⠀ Today we’ve put the pantry supply to a good use and made our go-to protein balls in an attempt to stay sugarfree despite the tough times when all you want is to throw all the crap into your mouth like there is no tomorrow ? ⠀ ⠀ Relatable?? ⠀ The best protein balls recipe ingredients: ?3 heaped tbs peanut butter ?5 brown rice thins ?10 small pitted dates ?2 tbs flaxseed meal ?1 scoop of salted caramel and 1 scoop choc peanut butter @happywayau whey protein ?1 tbs cacao powder ?splash of water ⠀ How’s your self isolation going⁉️ . Карантинные развлечения ? Вчера я благополучно вернулась домой из Майами прямиком в двухнедельный домашний карантин с моим маленьким партнёром по апокалипсису?? ⠀ Самое главное сейчас для нашего психологического здоровья – это оставаться предельно близко к привычному образу жизни и не поддаваться желанию жрать всякие какашки, чтобы потом не выкатиться из карантина колобком ? ⠀ Сделали сегодня наши любимые протеиновые шарики и, хоть я уже много раз делилась рецептом, это видео создаст у вас ощущение того, что вы сидите рядом с нами на кухне и делаете их с нами вместе ? ⠀ Ингредиенты: ?3 ст.л арахисовой пасты с горкой ?5 тонких рисовых хлебцев ?10 небольших фиников ?2 ст.л льняной муки ?1 скуп протеина @happywayau соленая карамель и шоколадно-арахисового ?1 ст.л какао ?немного воды ⠀ Как у вас проходит самоизоляция⁉️❤️ #happywayau #quarantine

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Her recipes are a combination of her original recipes and some other recipes that she sees online. She revealed in an interview, saying, “I was just curious to recreate some kind of standard recipes – like Twix – but a healthier version, with no sugar at all. They’re all nut-based, dried fruit-based, so I definitely had some inspiration at the start, but then when I got the idea about what ingredients I needed to mix to get certain kinds of textures, it became easier.”

Having such an inspiring journey, she also gives some tips on how to begin a journey like hers with consistent efforts and motivation. She says, “The one and the only advice I would give is just to be authentic and unique, and the only way to do so is to be truly passionate about what you’re doing. If you’re doing something purely for money or just to get some kind of rewards out of it, it’s not going work – so you definitely need to believe in what you’re doing, and you really need to want to help people. You need to be beneficial for them, not just because you want to get something out of them, but just because you really want to help.”

She is also working with different clothing brands and modeling for a lot of designers, here are a few of her favorites: “Honestly I love everything [laughs]. I used to be a C/MEO fan years ago, but now I just love a bit of everything – some from The Fifth, some from Keepsake and some from Finders,” she says.

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Here is a glimpse into what our mornings are looking like almost every day except Sunday when I actually have more time to cook??‍? I personally find proats (oatmeal with added protein powder) the most delicious quick breakfast option ever as it keeps me full for long. But more importantly gives the much needed energy for the workouts as I train roughly an hour after breakfast?? For 2 serves I use: ? 1 cup of rolled oats ? 3 cups of water ? 2 teaspoons of stevia ?2 teaspoons of peanut butter ? slightly more than a 1/2 scoop of @happywayau salted caramel protein (which is pasture fed whey sweetened with stevia) – perfect for my new sugarfree life ? What’s your go to brekkie⁉️ . Наш завтрак 5 дней из 7 ?? И вот так примерно выглядит часть нашего утра, после того, как я собрала Леону ланчбокс в школу, приготовила униформу, собрала сумку и одела себя для спортзала, куда я еду сразу после того, как отвезла человека в школу ?? На мой взгляд, овсянка с протеином – это идеальный быстрый и дико вкусный завтрак, который: а) даёт мне кучу энергии для тренировки б) не даёт проголодаться ещё как минимум несколько часов после?? На две порции: ? 1 чашка овсяных хлопьев ? 3 чашки воды ?2 чайных ложки стевии ? 2 чайных ложки натуральной арахисовой пасты ?чуть больше половины скупа @happywayau протеина ‘соленая карамель’, который подслащен стевией, что идеально подходит для бессахарной жизни, которую я уже веду 3 месяца ? А у вас какой стандартный быстрый завтрак⁉️ #happywayau

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And that was actually her interest too. She reveals that if she had to choose an alternative career, it would definitely be something in the fashion industry! Here’s what she said in her own words, “Actually my biggest dream was to work in fashion, maybe even three years ago. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I really wanted to work in fashion.”

With this comes an end to Dasha Gaivoronski’s inspirational story and her more so inspirational workout and diet routine. What we can learn from her journey is that consistency and not losing hope is the cornerstone of getting your dream physique. She also does not really care about the hate comments and is totally positive even when her eating patterns are criticized. We guess all it takes is a little self-confidence to stick to something like it. And Dasha is just the perfect example of that.

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