Edson Barboza Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Edson Mendes Barboza Jr., who was born on January 21, 1986, is a Brazilian-American expert combined martial artist and retired Muay Thai kickboxer. He fights in the featherweight category of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he earlier contested at lightweight. He presently has a UFC featherweight ranking of #10 as of August 30, 2021.

Edson Barboza

Edson Barboza and his fitness routine are the subjects of this report. Additionally, he incorporates his diet plan and workout program which he is comprehended for on social media as well. He describes the features of his fitness plan throughout the week. So remain tuned for more statements. We will observe some of his body statistics in the next section.

Edson Barboza Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1986 (age 35)
  • Birth Date: January 21
  • Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
  • Weight: 145 lb (66 kg; 10.4 st)

Edson Barboza Awards and Achievements

Mixed martial arts

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
    • Fight of the Night (Eight times) vs. Anthony Njokuani, Ross Pearson, Terry Etim, Danny Castillo, Paul Felder, Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje & Shane Burgos.
      • Tied for most in UFC history with Nate Diaz & Frankie Edgar.
    • Performance of the Night (One time) vs. Beneil Dariush 
    • Knockout of the Night (One time) vs. Terry Etim 
    • Tied for most knockout victories in UFC lightweight division history (seven) with Melvin Guillard & Dustin Poirier.
  • Renaissance MMA
    • Renaissance MMA Lightweight Championship (One time)
    • Two successful title defenses
  • Ring of Combat
    • Ring of Combat Lightweight Championship (One time)
  • ESPY Award
    • Best Play ESPY Award – Nomination (2012)
  • World MMA Awards
    • 2012 Knockout of the Year
  • Inside MMA
    • Bazzie Award for KO Kick of the Year (2012) vs. Terry Etim
  • Sherdog
    • 2010 All-Violence Third Team
    • 2012 Knockout of the Year vs. Terry Etim
    • 2017 Knockout of the Year vs. Beneil Dariush
    • 2018 Beatdown of the Year vs. Dan Hooker
  • MMAJunkie.com
    • 2015 December Fight of the Month vs. Tony Ferguson
    • 2019 September Fight of the Month vs. Paul Felder

Edson Barboza

Muay Thai

  • GP Demolition Fight Champion (São Paulo: 3 fights, 3 victories, 2 coming by KO)
  • Three-time State Champion (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Brazilian Champion
  • Brazilian Circuit Champion
  • Campos Open Champion
  • Torneio Castelo das Pedras Champion (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Two-time Copa Ciam Champion (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Niteroense Champion
  • Cabo Fight Champion (Cabo Frio)
  • Conquista Fight Champion (Bahia)
  • Two-time Demolition Fight Champion (São Paulo)
  • Copa Thai Boxing de Muay Thai Champion (Niterói)
  • Festival de Muay Thai Champion (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Runner-up in GP La Gara (São Paulo: 4 fights, 3 victories, 2 coming by KO)
  • Mountain Champion: first-round KO

Submission grappling

  • Submission Wrestling Champion (São João da Barra)

Edson Barboza Workout Routine

Mastering & Maximising MMA Exercises

Be able to knock hard and quickly enough to avoid being hit as well as be ready to stay on your feet for three 5-minute cycles.

Many of the following activities are used by UFC lightweight Edson Barboza for his killer leg training that improves the effectiveness of ‘unexpected’ strong movements.

Now let’s speak about the legs. It’s not pleasant to sweat on the legs.

Edson Barboza


Almost all ducking and diving boxing movements involve this move. You require to add various squats into your practice routine if you want to compete like Edson.

  • Bodyweight squats
  • Lunging squats
  • Barbell squats
  • Jump squats
  • Pistol squats
  • Goblet squat

Muscles Targeted:

Squats will fundamentally work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, although depending on how you squat they may influence other muscles as well.

Resisted Sprints

As one of the most well-known MMA coaches, Heath Sims emphasizes developing Muay Thai skills as one of his important principles. MMA fighters rely thoroughly on speed, strength, and conditioning, and Muay Thai fighters also discipline extensively on these elements.

How To:

Utilize either a belt or resistance band around your waistline to pull a weight coaster(alternatively, use a parachute or get someone to pull you back) in a series of movements that preserve form with short runs at maximum strength. Rearranging the weight sled with a push sled reverses the exercise.

Muscles Targeted:

An improvement in muscle fibers in the hip extensor muscles and increased neural activity.

Isometric Exercises

According to Greg Jackson, a coach of multiple MMA champions, isometric tension exercises are essential to get volcanic power (like the kind seen in Olympic-style lifting).

Plank bridging and side bridging are suitable for the abdominals, but for upper and lower body strength, you should concentrate on:

  • Isometric Push-Ups
  • Isometric Shoulder raises
  • Isometric Squats
  • Isometric Hip Extensions
  • Isometric Hip Abductions

How difficult you split with your strength is not as significant as how much strength you have. This explosive power is essentially obtained through isometric tension practices, and they are practical since they provide your body with holding and fighting positions.

Edson Barboza

Muscles Targeted:

The workouts target muscles in the upper body, like the pectorals, the lower body muscles, such as the abdominals and obliques, and the muscles around the hips, such as the adductors and glutes.

Hanging Leg Raise

MMA trainer and manager Ryan Parsons review this exercise to be an earnest core strength builder. There is only one item you need: a pull-up bar and a lot of Bruce Lee concentration.

How To:

Possess your pull-up bar with an overhand grasp and gradually raise your legs to create an ‘L’ shape while engaging your core. Prop. Let your legs drop moderately.

Muscles Targeted:

In addition to building your entire core, it also targets your glutes, external obliques, latissimus dorsi, and quadriceps.


In addition to being fundamental for performing explosive fighting transits, the deadlift helps to develop power for rounds that alternate between jockeying and posturing to unexpected bursts of energy and intensity.

How To:

Hold your burden on the floor, sustaining a neutral lower back, draw up to your thighs, and bolt your knees and hips. By pushing your hips back and bending your legs, you will leave to the floor.

Muscles Targeted:

In terms of growing and developing glutes, hamstrings, adductors, and lumbar muscles, deadlifts are probably one of the most efficient applications.

Edson Barboza

Medicine Ball Slam

This is another instance of how a simple exercise can help enhance the explosive power required for approximately every MMA move.

How To:

When you are carrying the medicine ball with both hands at shoulder level, elevate the ball above your head and fling it into the ground (make certain no one is nearby!) Grab the ball after it bounces and repeats. Try these medicine ball workouts outlined particularly for MMA fighters if you want changes.

The following muscles are targeted:

This exercise is incredible for strengthening the shoulders and upper back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi. Additionally, it tenders the triceps and abdominals more substantial.

Plyometric Push-Ups

The strength and exercise drillmaster at Hayastan MMA school, Adam Zart, specializes in anaerobic exercises because MMA contestants do not require extensive racing or aerobic training. Fighters can thrust themselves as hard as they can in a five-minute round with plyometric exercises like these push-ups.

How To:

Push-ups are implemented in a traditional position, but you will discharge out of the top so that your hands leave the ground and spread.

The following muscles are targeted:

You can perform this exercise to strengthen your upper arms, chest, and shoulders.


The schedule of MMA exercises should combine skipping, a staple of boxing workouts, and a routine consolidated by boxers like Muhammad Ali, Rocky Balboa, and others.

Skipping or ‘jumping rope’ assists build continuation and stamina, both of which are necessary for the following rounds of a contest. It incorporates that many components fighters are trying to master, including conditioning, timing, and hand-eye coordination. Previous MMA fighter Chris Reilly declares it “involves many elements fighters are trying to master”.

Follow these steps:

Get a rope and skip!

That was all about the workout plan that Edson Barboza followed to become all buff and sculpted. Throughout his life, he has been remarkably constant with his routine and has heeded it religiously. Proceeding with our diet plan and usual eating habits, we will investigate what he eats to support his body.

Edson Barboza Diet Plan

Edson Barboza has quite a consistent diet plan where he focuses on having quality food products. He makes sure to have all the essential vitamins and minerals along with all the macros in his food and diet. Thus he does not eliminate any kind of food group or product and stays fixed to a certain diet plan which is high in protein and carbs. He also needs adequate fats to maintain his body weight for competitions.

Edson Barboza

Besides following a consistent diet plan, he also uses many tips and tricks to stay fixed. He makes sure to not overdo things or be too strict with his diet. Thus he would always take little cheat meals in a week. So in this section, we would talk all about his diet plan and how he eats in general throughout the day. We would also talk about some of the supplements that he might add to his diet too so that he has overall nutrition fixed. Read ahead for his sample meal plan.


Water, coffee, or herbal tea after rising. Stretch, jump rope or run for at least 30 minutes.


Have smoked salmon with 2 poached eggs or use 2 slices of whole-grain toast endorsed with crushed avocados. Add tomatoes and mushrooms as well.

Pre-lunch snack:

Add a few nuts to Greek yogurt and relish.


Conor Likes Beef! use beef salad. Manage as many vegetables as you can. Season it with olive oil and append dark chocolate if you prefer.


A glass of milk would satisfy.

During training:



Add whey or pea protein in water or a glass of milk. Have a fruit if you desire.

Edson Barboza


Baked Cod with lemon, herbs, and olives. The most genuine side would be barbequed veggies and wild or whole grain rice.

Late-night treat:

Rooibos, peppermint tea, or simply water.

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