Gabby Thomas Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Track and field athlete Gabrielle Thomas was born on December 7, 1996, in New York City. A result of 21.61 seconds, which was set at the 2020 US Olympic trials, makes her the second-fastest woman in the 200 meters of all time. Among Thomas’ Olympic roles will be running in the 200-meter race in 2020 at the Tokyo Olympics. In her event at the North American Olympic trials on June 26th, 2021, she clocked 21.61 seconds, which was the 3rd-fastest time ever, surpassing only the world record-holder, Florence Griffith-Joyner. The time even surprised Thomas herself; after the race, she said “It definitely changed how I view myself as a runner. I am still in shock… my dream was to make the Olympic team… Now that I’ve accomplished [that], I’m going to set higher goals.”

Gabrielle Thomas

In this article, we have compiled all the details about what Gabrielle Thomas would eat in a day which would reflect her overall routine and workout routine too. Being a file athlete, we are sure that there is much that one can learn from her. Stay tuned to know her daily routine especially as she trains for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Gabby Thomas Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1996 (age 24)
  • Birth Date: December 7
  • Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Gabby Thomas Awards and Achievements

Personal best(s)
  • 100m: 11.00 (2021)
  • 200m: 21.61 (2021)
  • 400m: 51.15 (2021)

Circuit wins

  • Diamond League meetings
    • 2018 (1) (200 m): Lausanne Athletissima
    • 2019 (1) (200 m): Lausanne Athletissima

Gabrielle Thomas

Gabby Thomas Workout Routine

Keeping a balance between work and personal life requires focus and self-care. Gabby tells Bustle that compartmentalizing her life and taking care of herself is key to maintaining a sense of balance. “When I take time for myself, it allows me, when I’m ready to go back to work, to really appreciate what I’m doing and to be focused and actually be attentive and enjoy what I’m doing, just because I had that time to myself.”

If she’s feeling overwhelmed, she turns to her mom for support. “She recently told me, ‘Make time for yourself and say no to things that you can’t put on your plate,'” she says. “And I really value that advice. I was scared to say no to certain things, because I’m like, ‘No, I need to do everything.’ But it was really valuable advice.”

Taking place on Feb. 21, Thomas will compete in the American Track League Indoor Series finale, presented by eyewear manufacturer Zenni and media company World’s Greatest and airing live on ESPN and ESPN2. The following are her tips for staying mentally tough, motivated, and how she gets into the zone.

Gabrielle Thomas

Gabrielle Thomas has been training for the Olympics again but this time it is in the pandemic. She says that even though everything was closed she had to really be on her toes to do the thing and not lose her gains. She did whatever she could. She explains by saying,

“We have to stay on our toes [and be] ready for anything to happen. We don’t have that same stability, that same consistency that we had last year. We’ve gotten to a point now where we’re able to normalize training a little bit, but for a while, we were jumping around. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were struggling to find a track. We had to be ready for unexpected changes at any time, whether that be a location change, change in the ability to meet, or change in training — because there might be a COVID outbreak.”

She also says that it was a bit more mentally challenging than anything else. In her words, “Also mentally, it’s a little bit tougher just because we don’t know what’s going to happen in terms of meets or the Olympics, so that mental toughness, that mental focus is really key now.”

Gabrielle Thomas

She says that because of the global pandemic there clearly are instances when she loses focus but she is still quite motivated and disciplined when it comes to race. She has support fo her family, coach, and friends which keeps her going, she says, “You just have to tap into your motivation and your discipline. It’s uncertain for everyone across any industry. Everyone’s dealing with similar struggles. So for us, it’s about staying motivated. We have the support of each other. I have an amazing training group of Black women. The track community has been very supportive in helping us go to these American Track League meets. Having the support of people around us is really helpful.”

She says that she has quite a different kind of experience with her training schedule but she has been let down by herself on many occasions. She narrates one such incident in her words, “There was a very discouraging workout one time. It was long endurance — which I wasn’t used to since my training had been very much speed-oriented. And I was struggling and I was down. I just remember my training partner, Ashley Spencer, coming over and saying, “You got this. You are that girl. You are going to dominate this workout.” And she pulled me up and then we finished. And it was tough, I barely made it, but just knowing that I can rely on my training group to get me through it and push me when I need to be pushed [inspired me].”

Gabrielle Thomas

She says that she likes to listen to some awesome music which would get her ready for every situation. Her music of preference while working out? Well, here’s what she says,  “I’m a big Kanye West fan, so I will blast him as I go into a track meet. I do some meditation, which isn’t super pump-up, but it gets me ready to compete and go into a meet laser-focused. They’re both very different ends of the spectrum but are equally necessary.”

Besides being physically well and working out to keep herself fit, she also makes sure that she is keeping care of her eyes since these days the screen time has rather increased by leaps and bounds. She explains, “Blue light glasses are a must for anyone who has never tried them. Also, sometimes I’ll try projecting my screen to my TV instead. And sometimes you just need to close the laptop, take a few minutes, live in the moment, live in your real life, and then get back to work.”

She says that she also likes to spend time with herself by closing her screen and her phone. She does some meditation and skincare routine which distressed her. In her words, “Every day I just close my laptop, unplug my phone, and just take some time to myself. Whether that’s meditating, doing my skincare routine, or just watching Netflix, that’s my me time.” Besides this, to relax, she has some amazing Netflix series to watch as she reveals, “I typically rewatch Friends over and over again. It’s my favorite go-to, but I watch a bunch of Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, The Bachelor — I’m hooked this season.”

Gabrielle Thomas

Since the pandemic, she feels that there is a lot of importance that needs to be given to herself and self-care. Thus it is quite nice to keep your mind relaxed by giving and spending time with yourself by reading a book, or by meditating. She explains,  “Training your mind to be relaxed. And also taking that mental relaxation and letting it permeate through your body as well, because your body knows when you’re stressed. Especially as an athlete, it’s very important to not carry that stress in your body. So, massaging yourself, rolling out, that kind of stuff is super important too because it’s all related.”

She chose Austin for her training and here’s the reason why: “In 2019, I was looking for an environment where I could be around professional athletes and also go to graduate school. I met Coach Bailey in Monaco at a Diamond League meet, and we clicked. She’s a Black woman, and her group is Black women who I admired on the track. I visited, and it was a perfect fit.”

She says that the people around her are so helpful that it is quite exhilarating for her. In her words,  “My training partners have been so helpful. Morolake Akinosun, a 100-meter runner, has helped me so much with my starts and having that consistent intensity in practice every day. Ashley Spencer, who does the 400-meter hurdles, really helps push me fitness-wise. Coach Bailey is so supportive, like a mother. If you’re doubting yourself, you can always count on her to pick up the phone or be right there and talk to you for however long it takes for you to feel like a boss again.”

Gabrielle Thomas

She says that the place, in addition to the track field, has so much more to offer and she likes the place in a general sense too. In her words, “Austin has so much more to offer away from the track—whether that’s school or the outdoorsy scene or all the good food. After the Olympics, I’m excited about seeing live music and all the other fun things I missed because I moved here right before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Coach Bailey, who has been training Gabrielle Thomas, has been to the Olympics three times herself, and won bronze in Atlanta in 1996, in the 400-meter hurdles. Here are some lessons that come straight from the coach to Gabrielle Thomas:

“She lets you know where you have to be not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally to make an Olympic team. You have to be tuned in every day. She also understands the body of an athlete—the boundaries and how far you can push it. A lot of times it’s hard for coaches to grasp that because they haven’t done it. When we were talking about doubling in the 400 and the 200, people were saying, is that going to be too much? She’s like, ‘Well, no.’ She knows when you can actually take more.”

She adds that the coach is also careful about all the other aspects of health like nutrition and other things. In her words,  “That being said, if I show up to the track and I’m like, ‘I have a little kink in my ankle,’ she’s like, ‘Alright, we’re shutting it down,’ whereas another coach might tell you to push through it. She’s also a great mentor when it comes to things off the track, such as my nutrition, which is not something I was diligent about before.”

Gabrielle Thomas

Since she has come to Austin, she has made major changes in her lifestyle especially when it comes to her diet and nutrition. She has made better ran healthier choices. In her words,  “I came from college where I was eating in the dining halls. When I first got here, I was eating out a lot. I would say I was at a C-minus; now I’m probably at a B-plus. I’ve cut out processed foods, limited eating out, and I’m not living in the frozen food aisle. I don’t love cooking, especially for one person, but I bought an air fryer, and it’s been my best friend. My favorite thing to cook is salmon and asparagus, or chicken wings. My go-to salad is a kale salad—I love kale, so that’s a vegetable I can eat consistently.”

She has learned a couple of recipes too which she likes to make from time to time and it really helps her save a lot of time. In her experience, she adds,  “It can be overwhelming to think, what am I going to cook? But one of the tips she gave me was if you have a couple of things you like and can do regularly, it makes it a lot easier. I’m still not perfect, but I feel better, more energized when I go to train or at a meet.”

Her coaching and training have been changed significantly too since her shift from Havard to Austin. She explains the difference saying,  “With Coach Tolbert, we were very speed-power based. I never did long runs at practice; I did maybe one 300-meter run per year. I knew when I moved to a new training group I couldn’t go somewhere where they were running you into the ground with a lot of mileage.”

Gabrielle Thomas

Talking of coach bailey she says, “With Coach Bailey, it’s kind of in-between. I’ve had my fair share of 300s with her, so that’s been a little brutal. An average interval day might be about 1,500 meters. We train Monday through Friday, including lifting on Tuesday and Thursday, and a lot of times we get Wednesday off. Coach Bailey is big on work hard, rest hard. Otherwise, it isn’t drastically different. The biggest thing is being around world-class athletes.”

She said that even though pandemic was rather a struggle, they still managed in small groups instead of training regularly together. She explains,  “We took that day by day. We didn’t have access to our track, and we couldn’t form groups of larger than five. We started having practice completely separate—a group of three, another group of three, and then another group. When we couldn’t get a track, we were just on the grass or concrete. The toughest part was not knowing if or when we were going to compete. We’re doing these really hard workouts, and we’re like, ‘I don’t know if this is even worth it,’ but we pushed each other through.”

Gabrielle Thomas

Besides, there were other activities rather than just running which really helped them cope with the situation. Here’s how she puts it out: “There were other ways Coach Bailey kept morale up and got some general fitness in. For a minute there, we were biking on Mondays, along the river, and through downtown Austin. We did paddle-boarding one practice and that was super fun, a good core workout. Another time we played kickball. We were creative.”

Gabrielle Thomas has had contracts with shoe companies and here’s what she says about these issues: “I remember being stressed out about it, because I knew other shoe sponsors were cutting people. But New Balance was constantly checking in, during the pandemic, and with the Black Lives Matter movement and protesting as well. Their priority was making sure we were okay, and were going to come back emotionally sound. That was a huge weight off my shoulders.”

With all that and now professional tennis player Naomi Osaka discussing her depression, there’s a focus on athletes’ mental health, especially those who are women of color. She has talked about it a lot on her social media. Here’s what she says lately about it:  “I was so ready for this conversation. It’s so important to see another Black woman stand up for herself and take care of herself. That’s what I urge everyone to do. So often, we feel this pressure to just be quiet and do our sport. That can take a toll, mentally and emotionally.”

She certainly gives mental health and emotional well-being more important than anything else: “A lot of people make these conversations about money—this is your job, this is what you do. But some things are more important than money, and my mental health and emotional well-being is not for sale. I see fans talking about myself or other track athletes on the internet as if you can’t read and you don’t have feelings, and you can tell they don’t see you as a person. So I think Naomi is a great role model in this situation.”

Gabrielle Thomas

She says that running has helped he greatly when it comes to managing her health care. Besides running, she also watches some series that are quite a in trend. She says,  “I posted on Instagram about how running is an outlet to get away from the other stresses in my life. My college coach introduced me to meditating and it’s been very helpful. The breathing part of it is what really makes a difference, even before a track meet—he reminds me to take 10 deep, slow breaths if I’m freaking out before a meet. Walking with my pug is also really therapeutic. And sometimes it’s just watching TV. This Is Us is my favorite show. I just started watching Sex and the City, which I’ve never seen. Friends is my go-to, and of course, Grey’s Anatomy.”

While she joked that her six-pack had disappeared after stopping training for the Olympics (although she clarified that she is not upset about this, either).   “Honestly, if you want to get that perfect shape, if you want to get abs, I recommend crunches. Crunches and hollow rocks and lift your legs when you go down and touch [your toes]. You’ll have abs within 24 hours,” Gabby insisted, and recommended doing this “every single day” while eating “a lot of protein.”

Gabrielle Thomas

Regardless of how much you do with this ab routine, Gabby stressed not to go overboard. “The thing is, you don’t want to overdo it because you could be really sore, right? So you just kind of want to take it into moderation and maybe 2 sets of 20, however many you can handle. You can do it every day or you can do it every other day,” she continued.

It might be even easier to tone your arms! “Honestly and here’s my secret — I don’t work out my arms as much as I work out my legs or as much as my body,” she admitted to HollywoodLife. “I love a long, toned arm and not too masculine, but that’s just my body. You love what you love and so I just do stretches with my arms to try to elongate everything.” Gabby works out her entire body nearly every day, even if she takes a relaxed approach to tone up her arms.

Gabrielle Thomas

“I try to work out every single day, maybe one day off. Or I try to do every other day because we all need rest,” Gabby explained, who stressed the importance of taking mental and physical breaks. As an artistic gymnast, she is used to strict routines she had learned from training with the Fierce Five during the 2012 Summer Olympics and later, during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Gabrielle Thomas says that she does not have a fixed workout routine but she would do whatever she feels like and switch it up quite often so that she doesn’t feel bored or monotonous by it. In her words,  “I’m used to doing the same thing every single day, whereas now I get to switch it up. Like, today we’ll do HIIT. Today we’ll do trampoline. Today we’ll do a dance workout. Today we’ll just dive in and it’s been fun even to be creative with myself, coming up with workouts that I find enjoyable because I believe you should be having fun when you work out,” she continued. “I love hard work and I love to sweat but at the same time though, you should love what you do.”

Gabrielle Thomas

That was all about her workout routine which is never really fixed. One thing is for sure that’s he will work on her full body as it gives her an edge over the others. But besides this here in the next section, she has given some essential workout tips and tricks which she makes sure to use for her routine. Read ahead:

Gabby Thomas Workout Tips and Tricks

Besides following a proper workout routine and pushing him even further, here is a list of tips and tricks that Gabrielle Thomas has often shared with her fans and friend over social media and digital platforms. Here are some tips and tricks that one can read about below:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. 

It is vital to drink water before exercise if you want to perform at your best. Your joints are lubricated by water, your cells are energized by water, and your muscles are protected by water. When you are dehydrated, your brain functions poorly, you are weak, and you have trouble exercising.

Goals should be measurable. 

You need to learn what is and is not realistic for you. Ensure you achieve what you set out for in the beginning by setting small and precise fitness goals.

Make Intentional Choices. 

Exercise should be focused on specific muscle groups. Strength exercises like the power clean, squats, and deadlifts develop full-body muscle, whereas aerobic exercises like running cause your heart and breathing rate to decrease.

Gabrielle Thomas

The importance of quality over quantity. 

Fitness gains are made by putting greater strain on the body. Maintaining high intensity during exercise can keep you motivated, even if you must track rest periods between movements.


You cannot be ready to perform and make gains effectively if you don’t get enough rest and recovery time. An easy workout with short breaks, such as a brisk walk or warm-up, can increase your blood flow on recovery days.

Taking care of your muscles will reduce stress. 

The massage can be booked or you can massage your own deep tissue points before exercising. Any type of device that will massage a knotty area can be used, whether it’s a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or similar item.

Gabrielle Thomas


The importance of sleep to muscle development and recovery cannot be overstated. As a result, you will be able to perform optimally during your workout since this helps improve your neuromuscular function. Adults generally need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, regardless of their health.

What you eat determines who you are. 

You need more than just work in the gym, on the field, or the track if you really want to train like a pro. A critical aspect of eating is understanding how much to eat and what you should eat. A healthy, balanced diet combined with regular exercise will promote fitness.

Make sure you are consistent. 

The road to progress is long, but consistency is the key to success. It does not only enable your body to adjust but forming effective habits also takes time.

Get in touch with a training partner. 

You can make the process of training more competitive by having a workout buddy. Training hard and training smart is important.

Enjoy yourself! 

Getting results from your workout and maintaining them isn’t an easy task. Enjoy the journey, as it’s a lifestyle change and mindset transformation.

That was all about the workout routine and following some tips which would help you ace your workout and training program. In the next section, Gabrielle Thomas talks of her diet plan which she shares with her fans. She has quite a simple diet plan, it is almost shocking. Let’s read ahead.

Gabrielle Thomas

Gabby Thomas Diet Plan

She also adheres to a healthy diet to keep in top shape, which isn’t hard thanks to her partnership with Smoothie King. According to Smoothie King, Gabby teamed up with the smoothie company to develop Stretch & FlexTM meal smoothies, which use collagen to support joint health and flexibility, according to a statement.

“I have been a health nut and I recently switched my diet around the last few years because I wasn’t getting the proper nutrition and even protein into my diet and just so many supplements that I was lacking,” Gabby admitted. Enter Smoothie King, which has been quite a useful part of her life since she got the sponsorship for her diet and nutrition,
“Smoothie King, now they have this new line of [Stretch & Flex] smoothies — Tart Cherry and Pineapple Kale — and honestly, I notice huge benefits with muscle recovery and even just skin health and hair health,” Gabrielle Thomas continued. “They have a type of collagen within the smoothie to build up muscle and you get that overall joint health and not only joint health but maintaining flexibility and even more limber,” Gabrielle Thomas says by continuing to talk about the benefits of this sponsor.


When she knows she is going to spend the whole day exercising and conditioning, she knows she must fuel her body properly from the outset. Kellogg’s Red Berries is one of her favorite cereals and the perfect starting point for her day. When her appetite for eggs wanes, she whips up a big plate of egg whites and tops it with extra protein powder.


He moves a lot and she ends up starving by noon. She has spent a lot of time in the gym working on her body. To fuel herself and replenish herself after burning so many calories throughout the day, she needs a good lunch. Following a workout of three hours, she usually chooses lean meat, which is usually chicken or fish. The salads don’t suffice for her.


In other words, she eats balanced meals at every meal, even dinner. Her evening is spent doing some exercises so it makes sense that at night she will need to fuel her body again. She usually has a portion of lean meat with a carbohydrate source like rice and carrots. Gymnasts like her need extra energy because they are so fast. Thus, she prefers to eat clean and does not like to cheat too frequently to prevent her performance from being affected.

Gabrielle Thomas

That was all about the diet plan that Gabrielle Thomas follows in her daily regimen. It is nothing fixed but it is more or less a focus on the quality food products and taking care of the macros that interest Gabrielle Thomas the most. Below is the list of supplements that Gabrielle Thomas takes to conquer her nutritional goals.

Gabby Thomas Nutrition and Supplements

Gabby loves to take vitamins especially while she trains so much and when she feels it is important as food can’t give you all that kind of nutrients possible. She also feels that taking some vitamins really eases her job as it helps her improve her performance during the games and while training. There are some of the vitamins that she takes:

  • Swisse Vitamin and Supplements
  • Whey Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Women’s Vitamins
  • Magnesium Supplements
  • Gabrielle Thomas

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