Gianluca Vacchi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

A top-notch entrepreneur, social media influencer, DJ & producer, fitness enthusiast, and all-around international celebrity, Gianluca Vacchi is living his best life that a man can ask for. He is known for a lifestyle that many envy but one that doesn’t happen without struggles. Gianluca Vacchi is as self-made as he can be. He has worked hard each day to accomplish his aims. In his Youtube videos and his professional guides, he describes how the proper brain and mindset can improve anyone’s capability to achieve the lifestyle one has been working hard for.

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His famous videos evolve around three major subjects that are also the key to success: mindset, diet, and exercise. He gives out all his secrets and life advice in these videos. The collection of his videos immerse the viewers into the life of this social star giving them a peek into his luxurious lifestyle and his house, and most importantly, why he lives the way he lives.

Defining the pillars of living a healthy lifestyle, Gianluca Vacchi’s videos do not only carry a set of motivational speeches but also how he trains or works out and his diet plans.

Encouraging everyone to realize their individual and professional intentions is what means most to Gianluca Vacchi. In his own words, “I can’t wait to change your life! It’s the only thing that really makes me happy.”

He has ever since expanded a tremendous Instagram following which is more than 11 million with whom he shares his amazingly lavish lifestyle on his private jets, yachts, and fast cars.

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Gianluca Vacchi Statistics

Weight: 165 – 175lbs (74.8 – 79.4kg)

Height: 5’8″ (172.5cm)

Age: 52

Date of Birth: August 5, 1967

Nationality: Italian

Profession: Entrepreneur, DJ, Social Media Icon, Author

Era: 2010

Gianluca Vacchi Workout Routine

Not only is Gianluca Vacchi living the best of his life, but he is also loaded, popular, and has a beautiful fiancee who is a generation younger than him besides having a body to die for. Now, he has begun to share his workout secrets in his videos which he shares with his fans.

His training routine includes working out in the gym for about an hour and a half which is not a problem at all for Gianluca Vacchi because he considers fitness a part of his life and enjoys doing it a lot. He makes sure not even miss a single day of working out.

It is all because of his dedication and determination that Gianluca Vacchi has a youthful, lean, and toned body even when he is in his 50s!

Some of the basic exercises that he does are rope climbing, skipping in front of a fireplace, weight training which depends on being intense to light, leg raises and core exercises, lateral dips, lateral pulldowns, resistance training, running, pilates and handstands in addition to some more moves.

One funny video also shows the multi-millionaire drive a bike into a swimming pool.

In a recent conversation with some magazine, Gianluca stated: “I train for an hour and 30 minutes every day.”

He also announced that his young significant other, Giorgia Gabriele, 31, finds it hard to keep up with him, continuing: “My wife is younger than me and only trains sometimes. Not every day.”

Even though most people think that money can buy everything, Gianluca Vacchi says otherwise. Although money can buy you a little something, the willpower and determination which this millionaire has is something that comes from within. In a recent interview, Vacchi revealed, “I have vitamin injections, that’s all. I am of course fighting against age, but age has two consequences: the physical one, which you can fight if you eat well and you train.”

For him, the secret to life is change and variation. He does not want his life to be stagnant. He says, “The scarier one is when you get old in your brain. I am always looking for a change; it is the change that is keeping me alive.”

However, he is not perfect at all times. Even he likes to indulge sometimes and he reveals it saying, “I drink sometimes. I will smoke once a year with a coffee.”

But that is really all. It seems like Gianluca Vacchi is working his best each day to have the best of the life that he is living now.

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That was all about the Gianluca Vacchi workout routine, moving onto his diet plan.

Gianluca Vacchi Diet Plan

It would not be a surprise if we say that Gianluca follows a strict diet, which comprises mostly of high-protein, moderate-fat, and low carb foods. Some of his favorite foods involve egg whites, chicken breast, grass-fed beef, avocados, olive oil, and walnuts.

He says that eating lean protein and healthy fats keep his skin firm and tight and maintain his elasticity. It also helps him keep his cardiovascular system healthy. But is it all the secrets for him to stay ask, you might think. Well, yes, and some other changes in his diet.

Gianluca Vacchi has an extremely strict diet that is low in calories but high in protein. He calls it a special kind of “stay young” diet. Such a diet has helped him a lot especially since he makes smart food choices. Thus, he likes to choose lean protein sources over other sources of nutrients and macros. He also has a sufficient amount of heart-healthy fats and fiber which keeps him full for longer.

He loves to have vegetables and some of his favorites are broccoli and kale. For him. his favorite anti-aging food is grilled fatty fish such as salmon or just simply a grilled chicken breast which is a good source of lean protein along with some roasted veggies. That takes a strong determination to follow such a diet.

The best part about this whole thing is that he knows it and he likes to flaunt it too. He says, “You know how many men in their 50s are watching me and saying, “Why is he in such good shape?” The answer to this is extremely simple especially because he is self-critical and always keeps himself on the edge. Why has it affected him? In his words, ‘I don’t have a program, I don’t have a trainer. I am critical of myself in everything. If I were not as critical, maybe I would weigh five kilos more. I am critical because I want to improve.’

That’s all about Gianluca Vacchi’s workout routine and his anti-aging diet that he follows to keep fit and attractive for his fans.

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