How To Get Big Jiggly Butt

Don’t fit well in those jeans? Are you trying to impress people at the beach with your well-toned glutes, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips that can help. For those of you who aren’t sure how to get a jiggly butt, keep reading because in this article, I will be sharing with you both the butt basics you need to know and a few butt exercises that are guaranteed to help you achieve your butt goals.

In the following article, you will gain enough fitness knowledge to get started sculpting your butt. Here is how it works:

Knowing Your Butt

To begin, I thought it would be best to talk about the different parts of your butt before we discuss how you can improve your butt muscle tone. After all, knowing what part of your body is which can be helpful when selecting exercises that target specific muscle groups.


Your butt is made up of these three major muscles:

Gluteus Maximus

One of the largest muscles in the buttocks is the gluteus maximus. Located in your butt cheeks, it’s the largest muscle in the buttocks. Besides assisting in extending the upper leg, the gluteus maximus serves a number of other purposes. Step your feet backwards to move your legs backwards and slowly rise out of a squat dip. At this point, you will notice your gluteus maximus contracting.

Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius, or G-Med as it’s also called, is a muscle in the butt located near the hip joint. This muscle is also found at the sides of your butt, acting like oblique muscles down to the lateral surface of your trochanter.

Gluteus Minimus

The gluteus minimus, also known as G-min, is located on the outer surface of the ilium between your anterior and inferior gluteal lines. The function of this muscle is similar to that of the gluteus medius, which is to assist with knee extension. In addition to providing stabilization, this muscle also rotates your thighs.

How To Get A Jiggly Butt

If you want to get yourself a great-looking butt that you can show off with confidence, you will have to do some workouts every other day. The following exercises can help you achieve this goal:

Workout Shoes

At your local shoe store or sports store, you can pick up a nice pair of workout shoes for a couple bucks. Don’t hesitate to spend a little more money than usual when it comes to choosing shoes for workouts. These shoes often come with extra features that are worth every penny. My recommendation is to wear shoes with non-slip soles while working out to avoid unnecessary injuries. If you want your feet to stay cool during your workout, you might consider wearing shoes with nice ventilation.

Workout Clothes

It can be awesome to get new workout clothes, but they aren’t necessary. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothing you wear, so long as it allows you to move freely and comfortably. You should choose something that’s a bit fit and not too loose if you want to wear the best type of workout clothes. Loose clothing tends to be flappy and therefore distracting.

Exercise Mat

You will need a clean exercise mat or yoga mat for some of the exercises I will show you. Exercise mats can be purchased at any sports store. Exercise mats should not be substituted with whatever you can find in your laundry. To prevent injuries caused by slippery surfaces during workouts, you should wear non-slip fabrics. You should also choose a clean one rather than one that has been washed and may already be contaminated with bacteria.


These exercises will tone your butt if you devote at least 30 minutes each day to them. Your results will become apparent quicker if you put in more time during your workouts. Whenever possible, try to squeeze in at least 30 minutes for workouts. However, you can also do these exercises throughout the day. Make sure to do a couple of sets in the morning, and then the rest in the evening.

What To Do:

1. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Here’s an example of how to do a glute bridge with a single leg.

  1. Your back must be completely flat against the floor when lying on your exercise mat.
  2. Bend your knees, place your feet flat on the floor at hip distance, and extend one leg toward the ceiling. In order to do this, you must squeeze your butt while pushing your hips upward.
  3. Bring one leg down, then repeat the procedure with the other leg. Make sure you are careful. You do not want your glutes to touch the ground.
  4. Repeat as many times as possible.

2. Bear Plank Leg Lift

Turn over onto your back into the planking position when you’ve finished the glute bridge. 

  1. To do the plank correctly, your shoulders should be on top of your wrists.
  2. Get into the proper position by bending one knee to 90 degrees while lifting one leg. Your goal here is to bring your heel up toward the ceiling and your glutes up as high as you can.
  3. Then, return that leg to the ground, and do the same with the other leg.
  4. Make sure you do as many repetitions as possible.

3. Heel Lifted Sumo Squat

Standing up straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, and make sure your toes are pointing outward.

  1. Do a squat by lifting one heel. Lower your butt toward the floor, but do so carefully. Your toes should remain on the floor.
  2. You can repeat the process as many times as you want with the other heel.

4. Squat Jumps

The squat jump is exactly what it sounds like – you jump while you squat.

  1. Stand up straight, place your feet hip distance apart, and keep your knees slightly bent.
  2. Go low until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle after you are in the squat position.
  3. Extend your legs fully as you jump as high as you can from that position.
  4.  Immediately after landing on your feet, go back into the squat position and repeat as many times as you can.

5. Weighted Squats

It will take heavyweights to win this one.

  1. Hold them both in your hands and keep them by your sides. Your feet should be shoulder-distance apart, lined up, and your backside should be exposed.
  2. Continue to move slowly downwards until your knees bend 90 degrees. To activate those glute muscles, you’ll want to hold this position for a while.
  3. After you have squeezed your glutes, push your lower back upwards.
  4. For this one, perform three sets of 15 repetitions.

6. Donkey Kicks

Put your hands at shoulder width and keep your knees under your hips while you get on your hands and knees.

  1. While relaxing your core muscles, lift one leg. You should place your foot facing the ceiling while keeping your knees parallel to your body.
  2. Both legs should be exercised three times with 20 repetitions.

7. Butt Bridges

This glute bridge is a simpler version of the single-leg glute bridge, but it is just as effective at building firm glutes. To get that shapely derriere you see celebrities sporting.

  1.  Keep your feet flat on the ground while lying on your back with your hands by your sides.
  2. As you thrust your hips up, your upper body will become aligned with your legs. Hold the position for a few seconds, then repeat.

8. Hip Thrusters

Weighted hip thrusts are crucial for developing juicy butts that jiggle.

  1. A heavyweight or an EZ bar should be placed just above the pubic area on your lap.
  2. You can do an upward hip thrust while lying on a bench with your upper back supported. Support your weight on the bench while doing this.
  3. Ten reps are a good goal.

9. Lunges

Despite being hated, lunges are the most effective exercise for growing butt muscle. If you want the best results from your exercise program, you should include lunges using lightweight equipment.

This is what they do to your butt, giving it that round shape and making it jiggle.

  1. Put your shoulders back and stand tall.
  2. You must bend your knees at 90 degrees in order to step forward until your back knee is parallel to the ground.
  3. Alternate legs and return to the starting position.

Keep reps between 12 and 15 and hold dumbbells weighing 10 lbs for extra weight.

10. Leg Push Back Machine

  1. First, select the weight you want on the machine, then sit down with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  2. By manually unlocking the safety locks on the side of the seat, you can extend your legs. The starting position is as shown.
  3. Taking a slow breath in, bend your knees at 90 degrees, and then slowly lower the platform.
  4. Taking a deep breath, push the platform back to the starting point by extending your legs.

Put this machine to the test by doing 12 repetitions.

Skip These Butt Exercises

There are a lot of exercises for the butts, as you know.

Although you can try as many as you want, you should know that not all of them provide the same results. While some are excellent to start with, I wouldn’t suggest sticking with them if your goal is to get jiggly butts faster.

Although there is nothing wrong with these exercises, it is not recommended to keep them in your routine for too long.

Leg press and squats are the two I would recommend skipping.

Leg presses are an excellent place for beginners to start. Although you’ll still be working your glutes, it won’t maximize them as well as some other butt exercises.

There is also a misconception that doing squats regularly will build firm buttocks. These exercises are good for beginners, but you won’t get the best booty-building result from them.

However, some squat variations are beneficial when focusing on building a jiggly booty, and I’ll discuss those later.

Pro Tips to Get a Jiggly Butt

Build Muscles With Protein

Your diet should include more protein if you want to increase muscle growth in your body. Consuming lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, or beef will help you burn calories and build muscles in no time. If you want to achieve your best results, you should incorporate a protein shake into your diet after a workout.

Maximize Muscle Growth

The mistake that many people make is overworking their muscles every day by performing strenuous exercises. Take a break every other day from working out to improve muscle growth and to prevent strained muscles. Taking a break will allow your muscles to rest and grow naturally.

Common Mistakes People Make

When women try to increase the size of their genital area, they make some major mistakes. We’d like to mention a few major stumbling blocks and how to avoid them.

Doing the wrong type of exercise is mistake #1

Most people spend so much time on isolation exercises and gym machines, but this is a mistake. The best way to get a bigger butt is to do compound, weightlifting exercises like deadlifts and squats.

As you perform these exercises, your glutes will be activated and you will begin to add muscle to your buttocks.

Training excessively high repetitions is mistake #2

There are still a lot of ladies doing high-rep, low-weight exercises on the treadmill or on the super-circuit.   The problem is that they soon plateau.

You may want to focus more on heavy weightlifting if you want to see real improvement in your buttocks and if you want to build up your glutes efficiently. As described in mistake #1, make sure you also include compound exercises in your training.

Diet Tips For A Jiggly Butt

Do you want to impress people with your round booty at the beach, but don’t know where to begin? Do you have trouble filling out your jeans?

Perhaps your diet is the problem. You will need to eat correctly if you want your butt to be soft and jiggly. To achieve the bubble butt you’ve been dreaming of, here are some things you can do to change your diet plan.

1. Make high-protein diet a priority

Protein is essential for muscle growth and development. In order to maintain a healthy weight, you need to eat all the right types of proteins. By combining your protein diet and excellent workout, you will be able to define your buttocks. In addition to eggs, chicken breast, tuna, salmon, turkey, and cottage cheese, you should also consume these sources of protein. Additionally, beans, lean beef, legumes, and nuts may also be included.

2. Eat The Right Carbohydrates And Fats

There are a lot of diets that say you should eliminate fats and carbohydrates from your diet. In reality, you have to replace these unhealthy foods with healthier ones instead. Food choices that are poor can lead to more calories being consumed. You should avoid carbs from pasta and chips because they are processed.

Among the carbohydrates that are good for you are sweet potatoes, quinoa, steel cut oats, and brown rice. Fat sources like extra virgin olive oil, fish oils, nuts, and almond butter can help you lose weight and tone your glutes.

3. Increase Your Vegetable Consumption

How many people know that vegetables are an important part of their muscle growth program? Perhaps this should be changed. Remember to stock up on some veggies if you want to increase your energy level. Your workouts will be more efficient and stronger as a result. Veggies are also great sources of fiber that will help you digest food.

4. Using supplements and pills may be beneficial

The market is flooded with pills and supplements that promise to improve your health. The phytoestrogens in them act as a natural estrogen, and some of them are rich in phytoestrogens. Some pills claim to contain phytoestrogens, such as Aguaje. Women can build up curves by taking estrogen. Furthermore, Maca Root Powder enhances the effects of jiggly butt hormones such as estrogen. There are also a lot of women who get results with Vitamin D and Fish Oil for a bigger booty.

Glute Activation to Butt Growth

To grow a bubble butt, the glute needs to be activated. Mind-muscle connection means that you need to focus on which muscles you should be activating in order to engage them properly. If you tried a squat, for example, and didn’t feel your glutes engage, you may be wondering what this means. This problem can be alleviated by exercises with resistance bands that focus on activating the glutes. If you incorporate these movements into your program, then when you do other weighted exercises like lunges, you will be able to effectively target that bubble butt! Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

Why Am I Not Seeing Results

For you to see results, four factors must be equally weighted.

  1. This might be due to the fact that your workout program is not the best for building the booty. In some cases, the exercises may not target all parts of the glutes, or your rep range or weight may need to be adjusted if you’ve reached a plateau. You might be developing your legs with certain lower body movements, but not your bubble butt! Those who only do squats and hope for booty gains will probably end up developing their quads more than their booty, especially if they haven’t mastered the art of engaging their glutes.
  2. Muscle growth requires a proper diet. Unfortunately, if you don’t get enough calories and the right types of calories, you might end up with a pancake booty! Read on for more information on nutrition for growth.
  3. Even if you follow the exercises and go through the motions, you may not be putting your best foot forward. Building strong legs and a big booty is not a simple task. Workouts should always be challenging and your booty should be burning! In that case, you will not achieve the results that you are looking for. A round, all-natural butt takes time and commitment!
  4. You need a tight frame and thick thighs to match a bubble butt! The muscle group that is weaker for you – say the core or hamstrings – may be preventing you from exercising and building your booty properly. No matter how much we focus on the butt, we cannot ignore our weaknesses or any other muscle group!

Time Exception

Building a bubble butt takes patience and time, just like anything else sustainable. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. The booty will only get “rounder” from there on out when you give yourself at least 3 months to see changes. It takes time for the glute to develop because it is a large muscle.

Please don’t get down on yourself if you don’t see the changes you expected to see. It may take some time. You may also be growing a belly if your booty grows very quickly, such as if you are bulking on an unhealthy diet! Building the round butt will take time, as will keeping a flat tummy and a tight body overall.

By focusing on your plan and following your routine with maximum effort, results will always follow. It is impossible that proper planning and execution of workouts and meals won’t lead to results! Have faith in your booty gains and keep working hard! Sitting on your booty won’t make it bigger!

There Are Other Muscles That Need to Build Up

If you have a butt without the legs that come with it, that’s the last thing you want. It just doesn’t look right and you’ve probably seen it before. To make your bubble butt pop even more, you need some thick thighs and defined hamstrings! Exercises like the Romanian deadlift will help you strengthen your hamstrings and lift your butt up as well!

Every part of our bodies is interconnected, so if you work on building your booty from the ground up, you’ll get a better booty! Because some exercises, like squats, may dominate one muscle group more than another, we have created a program to ensure you aren’t neglecting any key exercises and end up with quads that are twice as large as your hamstrings!

Cardio Junkie Wont Get You Gains

It is possible to lose fat AND muscle by doing too much cardio. You can have a little fat on your bubble butt! There is no requirement that it be absolutely rock solid to look like a bubble butt! The importance of cardio does not diminish, even for your heart. However, you shouldn’t do it too much.

If you’re doing cardio, aim for a routine that targets your booty- for example stair climbers or treadmills on an incline! To get your booty burning even more, make your cardio workouts short and effective (HIIT).

A few minutes of running can have a significant impact on your cardiovascular system. Trying to build muscle will actually make you lose muscle, and your butt might flatten! Before intense training, dynamic stretching for the lower body can be substituted for treadmill warm-ups.

It’s Important to Take Progress Photos and Measurements

Looking in the mirror, sometimes you may feel that you aren’t getting the results you want. You might find it difficult to recognize changes in your body when you are checking for them every day. Also, you have to look at yourself from different angles. Every two weeks, take progress photos and measurements (from the front, back, and side views) and crop them together.

When you follow your full regimen, you will notice changes, even if they are subtle. Change is extremely motivating and gives you more reasons to continue. Any action you take in your life, no matter how small, should be rewarded.

Every time you achieve one of your mile stones, do something to celebrate, whether it’s a cheat meal, a manicure, or anything to make you feel good. You may not give yourself credit enough sometimes. Any achievement is still an achievement.

Strengthening your core and reducing back pain

Your core should be engaged during all booty exercises, and your posture should be mindful in order to avoid straining your back. The stronger your core is, the less likely you are to sustain a lower back injury or even experience back pain. For example, if you do not engage your midsection on every single rep of squats or deadlifts, you may suffer a strain or you may not be able to isolate the lower body muscles since your focus will be on how your back feels instead.

The core is where everything starts. When you’re stronger at the core, you’re stronger overall. Making sure you don’t ignore any muscle groups is crucial, even if the main goal is to get a bubble butt! Everything is interconnected!

How To Get A Bigger Butt Without Exercise- 7 Simple Hacks

1. Eat the right kind of food

In order to gain a larger butt without exercise, one of the best ways is to consume foods that increase the size of the butt naturally.

Foods that increase your butt size without exercise can actually cause an overall weight gain as well. It is because you cannot decide where in your body you want to gain fat. However, you can choose healthier alternatives to deep-fried junk food by making the right food choices.

  • Dry Fruits

Dates contain 500 calories in a single cup. All of these calories come from healthy sources. Having a shake with lots of dates can be an excellent way to increase your daily calorie intake and help you gain weight.

Fruits such as raisins and prunes contain over 400 calories per cup-sized serving. A cup of shredded coconut has about 283 calories, a cup of avocado slices has about 235, and a cup of fresh figs has about 167. They are an excellent source of good fats, which can help you build a bigger booty.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, one of our favorite guilty pleasure foods, offers many health benefits. Peanut butter, with its high fat and protein content, can also help you gain weight in your booty area.

According to a study conducted, peanut butter consumption can also lower the risk of developing certain cancers of the gut. A diet high in nuts and peanut butter may also contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.

  • Nuts

The calories in one ounce of nuts can reach 200. Nuts provide a lot of calories.  Besides being nutritious, they also make delicious snacks that can be eaten at any time.

Nuts provide fat and protein that can replace the scant reserves of fat and protein in your buttocks.

  • Cottage Cheese

The best way to get a bigger, toned, and tighter butt without exercising is with cottage cheese. With its high protein content and amazing fat-burning properties, it will give you a great boost for your glutes!

  • Sweet Potato

Phytoestrogen is a component of sweet potatoes. If you are not familiar with what phytoestrogen is, it is the plant analogue to estrogen, the female hormone. Due to the deposition of fat in the butts of women caused by estrogen, adding sweet potato to your diet may help you to get a bigger butt without exercising.

2. Use Butt-Enhancing Creams 

Products that promise a fuller and bigger butt without exercise are advertised as butt firming, butt lifting, and booty plumping creams. These creams can also improve the skin and texture of the butt.

However, most of these creams fail to deliver the promised results and can potentially cause side effects. Butt-firming or plumping products provide lift to sagging butts and give a round, fuller appearance. Recently, butt enhancing creams have become the hot topic after Kylie Jenner revealed these products are the reason for her perfect booty. Women and girls still attempt to enhance their butts with creams, and some women even say they work.

3. Take supplements to increase the size of your butts

Pill-form butt-enhancing supplements often contain natural herbal extracts such as maca root, saw palmetto, and other phytoestrogens including maca root and saw palmetto. In addition to being effective in growing the butt, these herbs are also said to increase your energy level.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

Try to indulge yourself in activities that will tone the muscles if you don’t have time to exercise for your butt. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. In addition, it will strengthen the glutes and help the lower body workout.

Your body posture should be correct. Standing with your back straight and your butt protruding out will automatically increase the appearance of your butt and make it appear bigger and fuller.

5. Give yourself a butt massage

Massage with essential or herbal oils will work wonders for you if you’re looking for ways to get a bigger butt without exercise. Despite not working out, some women claim they got a temporary effect because the moistness and increased blood flow gave the butt an appearance of being larger and fuller. It is said that some women have obtained long-term and desired results from massaging their buttocks with essential oils.  Try massaging your skin twice a day with any of these oils for about 15-20 minutes each time:

  • Fish Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Gasoline

6. Surgical options to increase butt size

If none of the other options mentioned above seem to be effective for you in terms of getting a bigger butt without exercising, or if you cannot do them for whatever reason, you can consider surgical options. Surgical options are available if you are impatient to get a big butt without exercising, and you have a good budget to spend on it.

A bigger booty fast can be achieved through two types of plastic surgery:

  • Fat Transfer

The study conducted by Dr. Eric Swanson ( MD ) found fat transfer to be more effective and safer than other methods of butt augmentation. This procedure does not require you to exercise to gain a bigger butt.  Surgery involves injecting fat from one area of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, into the fatty tissues of the buttocks.

The procedure can give you a bigger butt without exercise and is a better, safer, faster method that has more lasting effects. The only con is that you may end up straining your bank account with the cost of the procedure.

  • Butt Implants

The procedure involves placing artificial silicone implants in the butt tissues through surgical intervention. This increases the size of the butts. There are, however, some grave complications involved in this procedure. For this reason, it is not commonly employed.

If you decide to undergo such a surgical procedure, it is recommended that you consult a specialist.

7. Be Consistent and Hold On!

At first, getting bigger butts without exercises may seem daunting, but consistency is the key to getting the body you want.

Continually work hard and you will definitely get good results sooner or later.

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