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Imke Salander

Imke Salander is a runner and fitness influencer from Germany. The woman is popular for her physique. She is known for her fit and athletic physique which she obtained through years of dieting and consistent exercise. Imke’s fan base continues to grow into the tens of thousands as she has a strong online presence. During each phase of the process, her goal is to continue improving herself and have fun.


Imke Salander was born in Hamburg, Germany, on April 10, 1993, and is a runner, fitness model, and social media influencer. Her specialty is marathon running. Her passion for sports led her into a career as a professional athlete. People all over the world have been inspired by her fitness journey, making her a rising fitness star.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.):  5’6″

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Imke Salander

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Her siblings are Levke Salander, Jan Salander (a music producer), and Kai Salander (an artist).

Imke Salander with her siblings-
Imke Salander with her siblings, Levke Salander and Jan Salander

Relationship, Husband & Children

Almost nothing is known about Imke Salander’s husband.


The German fitness model and runner Imke Salander is one of the hottest athletes in the world. Over the course of her fitness journey, Imke has participated in a number of marathons across the country. Currently, she shares fitness knowledge online with her followers. Imke has gained immense popularity thanks to her impressive online presence and great physique. Her Instagram followers are over 180K and she is affiliated with several fitness brands. She receives product recommendations specific to protein bars from her followers. She frequently updates her social media with her latest news and posts about her experiences on it. She would like to become a TV presenter in the future, or perhaps even an actor. In a press release from November 30th of last year (2020), it was announced that Imke Salander has signed up with INCYLENCE and is now working with the high-performance sock brand intensively. Sports socks are a key part of the business of Hamburg start-ups that set new standards in terms of quality and style. The company is also attracting athletes from competitive sports, such as Salander, to their new line of socks that they think are perfect for a broad range of sports.

“We are very much looking forward to working with Imke Salander. The overall package with Imke simply fits 100 percent. Like us, she comes from Hamburg, has her roots in athletics, is very authentic and very personable.”

“She works extremely hard and is ready to go the extra mile every day in order to push boundaries and set new standards,” explains Maximilian Altenmüller from INCYLENCE.

Imke Salander in a promotional post of the sports brand, Incylence
Imke Salander in a promotional post of the sports brand, Incylence

People often ask Imke how she stays motivated to train every day. In Imke’s case, it’s not putting herself under too much pressure. She views fitness as something to do for fun. Because of this, she doesn’t need to be motivated to go to the gym. Her enthusiasm for it makes her eager to go. Imke concludes,

I honestly think that the biggest reason for lack of motivation is that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. Of course, it’s good to set goals – but only if they make you thrive and enjoy your training. In my opinion, the most critical factor in staying motivated is to focus on that little progress. Every little step. Be proud of yourself after training. Try to find a way to enjoy the whole ride, not just the accomplishment of the goal.” 


  • It is written in the book that Imke Salander is a powerful woman: not only is she a model athlete, but she is also an influencer, a model, and hosts her own podcast.
  • She performs kayak.

    Imke Salander kayaking
    Imke Salander kayaking
  • In addition to Under Armour, Sports Freude, Roca Nutrition, and My Brain Effect, Imke Salander is a brand ambassador for a number of sports branding brands.

    Imke Salander in a workout video for the official YouTube channel of Under Armour
    Imke Salander in a workout video for the official YouTube channel of Under Armour
  • Boxing is one of her favorite activities.

    Imke Salander boxing
    Imke Salander boxing
  • She began her sports career as a 400-meter sprinter and middle-distance runner.
  • She has been using HIIT and weight exercises almost daily to complement her running and sprinting training for years.
  • It comes to as little surprise that she holds the record in the Hyrox: this trend sport combines strength, functional, and endurance training.

    Imke Salander in a video for Hyrox
    Imke Salander in a video for Hyrox
  • Imke’s inspiration comes not only from the progress she has made but also from the success of friends and fellow bikini fitness models. Her success in fitness competitions led Ramona Valerie Alb, who is also from Germany, to be included in the list.

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