Jacqueline Fernandez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The actress Jacqueline Fernandez was born on August 11, 1982, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is an established actress from Bollywood acknowledged for her charming beauty and excellent acting skills. In 2006 Jacqueline won the title of Miss Sri Lanka Universe and worked as a journalist in Colombo. Taking on the role of Jasmine in “Aladin“, this beautiful woman made her Bollywood debut in 2009. Despite the movie’s lack of popularity, she was praised, and she won an IIFA award for her debut. In 2011, she was known for her performance in “Murder 2“. A few years later, she starred in “Housefull 2” and “Race 2“, which both grossed over 100 crores at the box office. Currently, she is working on two big films with Ranbir and Salman Khan: “Roy” and “Kick” respectively.

Jacqueline Fernandez          

Her enchanting looks and perfectly toned body make Jacqueline equally popular as a beauty pageant winner. Staying in shape includes eating healthy and exercising regularly, as well as practicing yoga. Getting into Jacqueline Fernandez’s workout routine and eating plan now will help us better understand how she stays in shape.

In this article, we will talk about how Jacqueline Fernandez keeps herself fit by incorporating different kinds of fitness routines and exercises into her daily regimen. She also eats pretty healthy and keeps on posting to her fans about her meals too. Thus we would check that out and access her whole routine to see how she has such an amazing physique.

Jacqueline Fernandez Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1985
  • Birth Date: June 2
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg or 126 lbs
  • Breasts: 32 inches
  • Waist: 26 inches
  • Hips: 35 inches
  • Body Measurement: 35-26-35 in or 89-66-89 cm

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez Workout Routine

Her journey has been anything but smooth; she has done cameos in films, starred in movies, and done modeling. With the movie Aladin, she made her debut in Bollywood, and since then she has earned a notable reputation. She has been in several successful films including Judwaa 2, Kick, and Housefull, among others. In Genda Phool, she starred with the popular singer and rapper Badshah, which has performed well with the audience. It’s impossible to look away from Jacqueline as she appears in this video as a Bengali bride and she looks ravishing. Furthermore, the actress is very concerned with her fitness and makes certain to stay in top form! The actress has also mastered pole dancing for the song “A Gentleman,” in which she co-stars with Sidharth Malhotra. When speaking about her fitness, she told an interviewer, “My fitness mantra is quite simple – eat right, sleep right, and exercise regularly. I ensure that I maintain a healthy diet, get adequate sleep and stay positive and relaxed. When it comes to fitness, I prefer to focus on flexibility, stamina, and strength. I build my stamina through cardio exercises, pole exercises, and stretching exercises for flexibility.” Check out the actress’ fitness routine, which stands out from the crowd!

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline opened up about her skincare regimen and fitness routine in a September interview with Grazia. In response to a question about her fitness routine, Jacqueline had answered, “I do a boot camp workout thrice a week; it’s complete with strength training using body weight. On the other three days, I mix it up with yoga or a 45-minute walk, or something as simple as practicing headstands. I am free to do any form of physical activity I like on those days.”

She also shared how she’s been taking really good care of her skin during the Coronavirus lockdown. She said, “Since we’re at home, I haven’t been using any make-up, and that’s rather unusual but refreshing for me and my skin. I’d recommend starting off with a good face wash, moving on to toner, and then finishing off with a rich moisturizer or night cream. I’ve also been steaming my face every night – it’s a great relaxant and is also good for your skin. I’m not too consistent with face masks but I do try them here and there. Despite using products, I still really go believe that a good diet and hydration is super important to get good skin.”

Everyday purposes

She primarily follows Cindy Bootcamp’s method, which incorporates functional exercises and flexibility exercises that she can use in her daily life, and weight-bearing exercises and resistance exercises that are fundamental to bone and muscle growth and strength.

Maintaining that upper body

Boxing is Jacqueline’s favorite sport. Not only does it strengthen your upper body, but it also keeps your mind engaged.

Jacqueline Fernandez


Gymnastics is one of the diva’s biggest interests. Talk about a full-body workout, and here it is! Stretching her back, strengthening her stomach, and strengthening her arms! With splits and backbends, Fernandez can raise eyebrows with her Instagram feed, which is full of images from her workouts in an Andheri studio. “I train with Kuldeep [Shashi] thrice a week. I often share my routines online because I think it’s important that people understand how and where I access [these classes], so they can too.” The format of the training mimics what she has learned elsewhere in fitness. “It enhances my flexibility, so I’m able to use the skills that I’ve acquired in yoga here. You also need to have enough strength to pull gymnastics, so my training in the boot camp, [is tested]. Also, action [drills] are always great to incorporate. In our field, they can be used in various ways [to enhance] the characters we play.”

Yoga lover

“I also attend yoga and dance classes. My yoga is not just about Surya Namaskar. I keep trying new things” according to the actress, she talked to The Times Of India about her career.

Pilates girl

“Pilates is a low impact workout and helps in lengthening [the muscles], apart from also [developing] the core [muscles]. Training the core is crucial since it is the basis for everything,” asserts Fernandez.

Working out at home

“I’d recommend stretching exercises, and dancing, like those, are easy and doable,” declares the heroine. She also replies, “Meditation is particularly helpful when it comes to centering one’s mind and body, and allows me to channelize my energy towards my personal and professional growth

Jacqueline Fernandez

That was all about the workout routine that Jacqueline Fernandez follows in her day. She is pretty flexible with her routines because of her job demands. She travels a lot and so she has to be flexible about it. But as we can make out, she is quite consistent with it. It helps her stay fit and maintain the physique that she desires.

Jacqueline Fernandez Diet Plan

Indian movie star Jacqueline Fernandez has won millions of hearts with her open, cheerful personality and super-fit lifestyle.

There has rarely been a time when Jacqueline holds herself back whether it is her amazing pole dance routines or her funny pranks on movie sets. Her fans are always kept up-to-date with everything that is going on in her personal and professional life.

Jacqueline Fernandez

She shared her meticulous detox diet regime with us and shared the secrets of her healthy diet and lifestyle.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s daily food habit

Among the new-age actresses who keep fit and look flawless, Jacqueline Fernandez, who has more than 26 million followers on Instagram, is one of the biggest names. With her dance moves, the former Miss Sri Lanka Universe has made a name for herself in the industry, and a large part of her success can be credited to her flexible body. In her Instagram stories, one can see that she has a healthy lifestyle that involves less gymming and a lot of eating right. Recently, she admitted that she is not a gym fan, but rather prefers to track her food minute by minute and that’s pretty much it. The following is a glimpse of her healthy eating habits that involve discipline and lots of green vegetables.

Jacqueline is really looking forward to celebrating Christmas, which is why she has already started preparing for it. Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a photo of her detox meal, which promotes eating well and exercising.

Jacqueline Fernandez

All those who wish to detox their systems before Christmas and New Year should take notes from Jacqueline’s diet regimen. In her Instagram stories, the 33-year-old posted healthy carbs and essential green veggies with instructions for getting flawless skin. As we’re aware, the benefits of veggies in a detox diet are numerous and the actress emphasized it by posting a picture of a colorful fruit-vegetable bowl, which contained nothing but fruits, spinach, sweet potatoes, yellow and red bell peppers.

She also provided her pick for healthy carbohydrates, mainly Quinoa. Quinoa has a high protein value and a low glycaemic index, which makes it an ideal addition to your diet. Her secret to her healthy skin was revealed by Jacqueline, but neither we nor she is fond of its taste. The main ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) mixed with turmeric and ginger. It may be gross, but, when looking at Jacqueline’s skin, we don’t think it’s bad.

Jacqueline Fernandez

It seemed that Jacqueline did not fully abandon her detox plan despite her busy schedule and eating outdoors. She was at a Mumbai-based food bistro when she posted a picture of an oat-based bowl topped with berries, milk, and edible flowers. Congratulations to her for making it happen. Although the bowl looked immoral, it was incredibly healthy. Generally speaking, berries are highly recommended when trying to adopt a clean diet, as they contain high levels of antioxidants and contain essential nutrients to combat inflammation. Muesli, on the other hand, is rich in fiber and often serves as a blood sugar stabilizer and digestive aid.

On a typical day when Jacqueline is on her strict detox routine, this is her diet. When Jacqueline was interviewed by Vogue, she discussed her regular diet, including starting and ending the day with a warm cup of apple cider vinegar which helped her skin and immune system. Idli, quinoa, rice noodles, and brown rice are a few of her favorite foods. She also consumes a lot of spinach, broccoli, asparagus, fruits, eggs, and fish. She evades wheat, sugar, and dairy products on her diet. Overall, Jacqueline swears by her ACV regimen, high alkaline diet, food rich in antioxidants, and detox diet.

  • Day start: Her day begins with a warm glass of water with honey or lime
  • Breakfast: Boiled eggs, fresh raw fruits, and Green tea
  • Lunch: Brown rice, lentils, and much more salads
  • Dinner: She likes to keep dinner light


Carbohydrates, protein, and fiber are abundant in Quinoa, which has a low glycaemic index. Jacqueline incorporates it into her daily diet due to all of these qualities. She consumes it raw to keep herself full for a longer period of time.

Green veggies

In order to remove toxins from the body, green veggies are the easiest source. In addition to spinach and red and yellow bell peppers, Jacqueline eats sweet potatoes on a daily basis. Recently, she posted an Instagram story in which she was eating boiled green vegetables and fresh fruits.
Jacqueline Fernandez

Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the key to her boundless energy if you were wondering what it was. Her coffee is a shot of espresso with a bit of ghee and a spoon of coconut-based MCT oil.

Apple cider vinegar

Start drinking apple cider vinegar along with turmeric and ginger if you too want flawless skin like Jacqueline. Together, these ingredients are an effective detox agent that also has anti-inflammatory properties, making them effective for glowing skin.

Fasting for cleansing

Her belief in the age-old system of intermittent fasting and avoiding sugary foods whenever possible has directed her to follow the plan.

Last meal at 7 pm

This is what you read correctly. During the evenings, she makes sure to have her last meal at 7 p.m. and drinks a lot of lemon water in the mornings. During the mornings, she makes sure to have her first meal at 8 a.m.
Jacqueline Fernandez
That was all about the diet plan that Jacqueline Fernandez follows. We could observe that Jacqueline Fernandez follows quite a healthy diet plan which incorporates all the major nutrients and macros. She makes sure to follow these foods with utmost dedication. Besides she also has some tips that she swears by!

Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Tips

Modeling, appearing in music videos, and playing a leading role in Bollywood films are a few of all the accomplishments that Jacqueline Fernandez has attained in her life. The concern, though, is that excelling in so many different fields requires tremendous focus and discipline. Fortunately, Jacqueline possesses those two qualities, and her dedication to fitness is further evidence of this. Also, the actress is very careful about what she eats and ensures she stays in great shape. In the following section, we will list some of the reasons why Jacqueline is able to achieve her hot body. Let’s take a look!

  1. Working out at home

Even before the pandemic started, Jacquline Fernandez encouraged everyone to work out at home. In an interview with a daily, actress Natalie Portman stated that people should practice stretching exercises and dancing, as these are easy and achievable (at home).

  1. Rigorous workout sessions

The journey to get a body like Jacqueline Fernandez is not easy. To achieve the body we admire, the actress goes through some intense weight-bearing exercises and resistance exercises. These exercises strengthen her bones and muscles.

  1. Incorporating a sport into your daily routine

Exercises are not the only thing that should make up a workout, according to Jacqueline Fernandez. It is a part of her routine because kickboxing will not only build upper body strength but will also stimulate your mind.

Jacqueline Fernandez

  1. Yoga

It is important for Jacqueline to keep her mind as healthy as her body, which is why she incorporates yoga into her routine. According to the actress, she is always experimenting with new yoga poses and has spoken eagerly about her love of yoga.

  1. Diet

There’s no way to achieve your goals if you don’t follow a disciplined diet. All those hours spent in the gym will go to waste if you don’t eat healthily. As she explained in an interview, Jacqueline has adopted a healthy eating plan, “I have a protein shake after my workout. I divide my meals into three portions: carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables, a mix of rice, beans or proteins, and salad or stir-fried vegetables. Also, I make these `Nutri-balls’ at home. I combine dry fruits, nuts, and seeds together and form them into balls.”

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