Jayson Tatum Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jayson Christopher Tatum is an American professional basketball player, born in March 1998. He plays for the Boston Celtics of National Basketball Association or the NBA. He attended Chaminade College Preparatory School in his native town, St. Louis, Missouri where he was regarded as one of the best basketball players by the recruiting services in the year 2016. He says, “My dad played—high-school basketball, and college. And he played professionally overseas. Ever since I remember, I had a basketball in my hand. I grew to love it. I just continue to work at it and get better at it.”

In college, he played basketball for Duke Blue Devils before entering the Boston Celtics and won the Skills Challenge in NBA All-Star Weekend.

He plays power forward for the team so it is quite okay to say that he needs his lean physique for that. He is super athletic but he makes sure to have that bulky and big muscles that will help him in his game.

Living with his mom, he is often asked about what’s the contribution of his mom and dad to get him to the place where he is, he states, “Some skills from basketball, but more so, guidelines about being a man (from his father). He taught me so much. And my mom. Growing up in a single-parent home my entire life, ya know? I owe her the world—she’s the reason why I’m here.”

So, this article covers everything that leads Jayson Tatum to reach the ultimate position in his career right from his biggest inspirations to his workout and diet routine.

But before we talk about his diet and workout, here are the physical stats of Jayson Tatum:

Height 6 ft 8 inch
Weight 93 kg
Age 22 years

Jayson Tatum Workout Routine

Jayson Tatum primarily works out with a basketball workout routine. A lot of passing, dribbling and shooting forms this schedule. Since these three things are the component of the game, it is necessary to be the master of all.

He also has a pre-game routine which he likes to follow. He states, “I usually work out, or get some type of basketball workout in about an hour half before the game to get warm. And right before I walk out on the court I say a quick prayer—and thank God for everything and my ability.”

His workout includes:

  • Form shooting

Besides accuracy in shooting, the form is important. Jayson Tatum works extensively on both. He does a lot of shooting practices from different angles to make sure he can shoot the basket at any point in the match.

  • Dribbling Practice

Dribbling is one important part of the game and this routine consists of dribbling sideways, in between the legs and front dribble.

  • Floater Shots and Explosive Movements

A floater shot can be understood as an in-between shot. It is shot when a person is too close to the basket to shoot a jump shot but at the same time, too far for a layup shot. The floater shot is then shot which is beneficial for a quick release and high arc. This shot also needs a lot of explosive strength.

  • 3s

18 straight 3 pointers.

The 3s shot is a very important technique in basketball. In this, the shot is taken from a 3 point line which is a designated arc from the basket. The successful attempt of this shot is worth 3 points and that’s why it is important to master too.

We often wonder, how Jayson Tatum keeps himself so motivated? Well, he has an answer for that: “My parents—they keep me level-headed. I have great role models, too. I look up to people like Cam Newton and Bradley Beal, and Karl-Anthony Towns—I see those guys and where they’re at and I want to be there one day.”

Jayson Tatum Diet Plan

Now that we know what kind of workout does Jayson Tatum follow, we will move onto his diet plan. Being a basketball player, he has quite a physique and naturally, this means he eats a lot too to maintain their muscle and stamina. Here are some key points that Jayson Tatum follows:

  • He consumes a lot of protein, carbs, and fiber to keep his system going. His go-to meal usually consists of chicken and turkey which is the ultimate source of natural protein.
  • However, they do not follow such diet plans throughout the week. They have at least a day or two where they can cheat.
  • Besides this, the players drink gallons of water to prevent dehydration and muscle cramping. They also include energy drinks, BCAA, and protein shake in their diets too.

It is quite busy for Tatum but he still manages to find time for his fitness and nutrition even when he was in college and here’s how he used to do it: “Things have kind of changed now that I’ve got to college. I’ve been there for the entire summer. We work out a lot as a team, we have a nutritionist, we do aerobics, spin class, yoga, lift, and we do “basketball” workouts. Almost every night I’m in the gym along with a few other teammates, even at midnight, getting exercise. All things like that help you along the way.”

That’s pretty much what Jayson Tatum does to keep himself active and kicking throughout the day and prepare for his NBA matches. He does want to inspire the youth too. He was once asked about a piece of advice that he’d like to give. He stated, “If you have a dream, always hold onto that, and never let someone tell you can’t achieve that—no matter where you’re from, how your life started growing up. Anything is possible.”..and we think, it’s pretty true.

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