Jimmy Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jimmy Lewin knew he has started on a wild journey when he left Sweden in 2997 to fulfill his dream of traveling the world. However, once he was off, he did not realize there was no turning back. For years he traveled and lives in places like Italy, India, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, and finally Venezuela, where he met the woman he would marry, his wife, Michelle Lewin. Now they live in Miami where they storm the world with their fitness posts on social media.

It all started for Jimmy when he realized that his drinking and partying habits would not fetch him any good. He started working to be a bit more healthy and change his lifestyle. It was when he started focusing on eating a healthy diet that his party and drinking habits mellowed down. Besides, with hard work and dedication, he was already seeing some incredible gains.

Being married to Michelle came with some extra benefits too. She was already fit and healthy. Jimmy often says that he can’t really slack being married to the hottest girl on the planet and we can’t agree more! He knew he was made for fitness. Until now, he has just been behind the cameras, assisting Michelle to build her while he being her trainer, agent, and manager.

As soon as he started posting videos o himself, he was immediately recognized. His followers grew up in number faster than expected. Since then, he also posts working out with his wife giving us all couple fitness goals. Thousand of fans have asked Michelle for Jimmy to join her on her Fitplan app workout schedule and seems like, now their requests have been answered.

Here’s what Jimmy Lewin’s workout routine looks like for him…

Jimmy Lewin Workout Routine

Swedish fitness trainer and bodybuilder, Jimmy Lewin, the partner of an already globally recognized fitness model, Michelle Lewin, is not only a sportsman; he is known to have trained her and is her agent and social media manager who supported her in achieving everything that she has now with her lean and sculpted physique.

Thousands of fans who follow his Instagram are a part of a montage where he shares the moments of his personal life with his wife and friends and his working life as a businessman and training at the gym. Many people follow him because of the tremendous gains he himself has and the kind of physique he has let Michelle sculpt with his help.

He has more than 800 thousand followers on Instagram and so many posts that include some of his and the couple’s workouts. However, he does not share much about his full-body workout routine. He has kept it for his fans on the Fitplan app. However, here is a glimpse at his ultimate shred back workout.

Ultimate shred simple back workout with Jimmy Lewin


Jimmy gives a lot of importance to warm-ups. He thinks that only about 5 percent of people who come to the gym do a proper warm-up or a cool down before they begin a workout. However, this is a big mistake as warm-up helps the body to prepare for the heavy exercises and for the muscles to get ready to take the load. It also helps to avoid any injury.

A general full-body warm-up without any weights will be enough to help the blood flow before a workout.

  1. Do the lunges with arms and shoulder-width apart
  2. Bent over rows.
  3. Do the side lunges
  4. Warm-up your shoulders and neck

Now let’s continue to look at Jimmy’s back workout. Do three sets and eight to ten repetitions of each exercise. Take 30 sec to 1-minute break before you began another set.

  1. Wide-grip pulldown
  2. Close-grip pulldown
  3. Close-grip seated cable row
  4. Dumbbells row for posterior chain

Jimmy also gives some tips to work your back. He asks his fans to keep their torso still, back straight and spread the arms fully while returning to the starting position. Do not forget to stand in the plank position, and press your shoulder blades together. The movements between the workouts must be smooth.

However, his social media is somewhere you can take inspiration from:

Jimmy Lewin’s Forearm Workout

Jimmy Lewin’s Abs Workout

Jimmy Lewin’s Shoulder Workout

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Shoulder day? Well, sure… -But not very often it's JUST shoulder day. It's a quite small muscle group and you don't exhaust yourself just training shoulders, as for example when you train legs. The amount of energy you spend during that half hour it takes to give the shoulders what they deserve, is not mind blowing. Most common mistake: using too heavy weights. The shoulders are small, quite fragile, and when you injure your shoulders by using too heavy weights, it takes months to recover. You use shoulders without knowing it in every upper body workout. So shoulders almost never rest. Even though it's a “small” muscle (a general opinion is: "small muscle – heavy weights – 8 reps"), use lower weights with more reps. Take it from someone who has injured himself many times due to stupidity. Last time it took me 13 months to recover my right shoulder. So my tip: aim for 4 sets, with 12 repetitions, but keep up the variation of course every time. ✔️60-day workout program: @fitplan_app ✔️Tank top: @one0one_101 ✔️Filmed by @maitieproductions

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Jimmy Lewin’s Leg Workout

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Los días de los entrenamientos de piernas apesta. Hasta que los crezcas. Cuando ya has ganado masa muscular en las piernas, el día de piernas es fabuloso ! Tengo muchas variaciones para entrenar la parte inferior del cuerpo, pero esta es mi rutina más básica. Ropa: @one0one_101 1️⃣Extienda completamente y deténgase en la posición superior por un segundo antes de regresar lentamente a la posición inicial. La posición inicial es cuando vas completamente hacia atrás, solo milímetros antes de que las placas de peso se toquen entre sí. 2️⃣Aquí, en la prensa de piernas, la parte inferior de la espalda NO DEBE abandonar el asiento. Un truco para entender cuándo es el momento perfecto para comenzar a subir de nuevo en la prensa de piernas, es justo antes de que su lumbar esté a punto de abandonar el asiento. Un lumbar lesionado es por culpa de una mala forma en hora de hacer el ejercicio y demorará meses en curarse y afectará su sueño nocturno. 3️⃣ Mantenga el arco en su espalda durante todo el ejercicio. Esa es tu forma más segura de evitar lesiones. Yo digo: Más repeticiones y menos peso, no hay razón para arriesgar su salud. Siempre juega seguro. ? @GarethEmery??

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Jimmy Lewin’s Bicep Workout

That’s all about Jimmy Lewin’s workout routine.

Jimmy Lewin Diet Plan

Just like his workout routine, he has nothing much to tell about his diet plan either. All his diet is available on the Fitplan app guide where he shares multiple recipes and a full day eating program to get shredded. However, we are pretty sure that his diet includes everything super clean and healthy with a few cheat meals here and there.

However, he makes sure that he is eating clean and balanced foods most of the time to stay lean and fit. All his meals contain a balanced amount of lean protein like chicken, turkey, whey protein, lentils, various nuts, tofu and soy products, and eggs. His choice of carb sources is green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and legumes, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and whole grains like oats, quinoa, brown rice. He also makes sure that his diet is sufficient in fat too because it helps to keep his joints and muscles lubricated. His choice for the source of fats is avocado, dark chocolate, whole eggs, fatty fish like salmon, nuts, chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, full-fat dairy products, etc.

He makes sure that when he has a cheat meal, he quickly gets right back on track. However, he does not restrict anything from his diet and makes sure that even his cheat meals are balanced and moderate amounts. Probably his attempt to do everything in a balanced way and not going too far with his approach to the diet is his secret to remain shredded all year round.

That’s all about his workout routine, his motivation and life story behind it, and his meal plan. Needless to say, Jimmy Lewin does seem like a dedicated trainer who not only trains himself but his wife too so that they look their best throughout the year.

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