Johnny Sins Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Born on 31st December 1978, Steven Wolfe is also popularly known as Johnny Sins. He is an American pornographic performer, producer, and YouTuber. People usually search for him as a famous porn star. He is better recognized for his stripped head and husky structure. He has gained many awards for his work, which includes two nominations for the AVN Honor for Male Performer of the Year.

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins has clearly accomplished a specific height in his field but all the credit goes to his immense training schedule and strict diet that makes him have all this in his kitty. In this article, we would discuss more Johnny Sins workout routine, his diet plan, and his routine in general.

Johnny Sins Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1978
  • Birth Date: December 31
  • Height: 183 cm, 1.83 m, 6 ft
  • Weight: 85 kgs

Johnny Sins Workout Routine

Johnny Sins aka Steve Wolfe ha become quite a face not just in the pron industry but also for his fitness and stamina talks. His video with the Indian Youtuber Bhuvan Bam has made him popular even more than before. He has been called one of the most talented men on the eat as he has appeared as a doctor, an astronaut, a police officer, and a teacher on various occasions and for his various camera. However, one thing that has remained constant is his rock-hard abs that he shows off in each one of them.

Now that Johnny Sins has started his own Youtube Channel, by the name of Sins TV, he has revealed a lot about his fitness routine and meal plans besides other things that happen in the life of a famous porn star in this generation too. And although he is more known for his X-rated work online, he has gained a tremendous fan following on his social media only from vlogging. He has more than 400, 000 subscribers on Youtube alone for his work.

Johnny Sins

In his youtube channel, Johnny Sins captures how he lives his life with his girlfriend and all the adventures and his daily routine that he does. It shows that a life of a pornstar is not even as easy as it seems and they have to work a lot!

“My girlfriend Kissa and I started SinsTV about two years ago when we were living in Hawaii,” Sins revealed to a reputed health and fitness magazine. “It was so beautiful that we wanted to document some of our adventures and also give people a little personal info on us because we aren’t at all what people think we are.”

Johnny Sins

Six months ago, Sins began to film and post vlogs frequently onto YouTube. “My vlogging style is admittedly all over the place,” he told in an interview. “I really enjoy shooting day in the lifestyle vlogs, as well as fitness, diet, advice, and entertaining vlogs. Mainly it’s just me being real, talking to the camera, no made-up stuff, no pranks, no bulls— and I think people really respond to that,” he explains to be constantly real.

And it does seem that fans appreciate seeing what their beloved porn star behaves in his day-to-day life. He has a completely different personality and life besides the screen life and people seem to love it.

“Fans and people just discovering me seem to really love the vlogs,” Sins said. “They love to get an inside look at who I really am. I get so many comments from people saying they thought I was going to be a huge douchebag because of my job and how I’m portrayed in my scenes. When they watch the vlogs they get a sense that I’m a sincere, pretty normal, down-to-earth guy just like they are.”

He also extends to bestow his special secret tips on exercising and concentrating on diverse muscle groups of the body for a healthier, more aesthetically delightful structure of the body.

Johnny Sins

He is also huge about his abs and works his abs multiple times a week. His core and abs workout remains quite intense and he does not believe in focusing on numbers but rather the time that he has spent on his workout. He also follows a simple workout routine and shares snippets of his workouts on his youtube channel like “12 minutes abs workout to strengthen your core”, etc.

However, here is a sample workout that Johnny Sins does in the week and the weekly breakdown of his workout schedule.

Johnny Sins Workout: Sample Workout Routine Schedule

Monday: Push Day A

Tuesday: Pull Day A

Wednesday: Leg Day A

Thursday: Off Day

Friday: Push Day B

Saturday: Pull Day B

Sunday: Leg Day B

Johnny Sins Workout: Push Day A


20 Minute Incline Walk

Main Compounds:

  • Bench Press 5×5
  • Overhead Press 4×12, 10, 8, 5

Accessory Work:

  • Barbell Shrugs 4×12
  • Seated Overhead Cable Extension 4×12
  • Kettlebell Swings 4×12
  • Dumbbell Chest Flyes 4×12


  • Weighted Planks 3×60 seconds
  • Hanging Leg Raises 3×25
  • Sit-Ups 3×25

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins Workout: Pull Day A


20 Minute Incline Walk

Main Compounds:

  • Deadlifts 5×5
  • Weighted Chin-Ups 4×12, 10, 8, 5

Accessory Work:

  • Wide Grip Lateral Pulldown 4×12
  • Preacher Curls 4×12
  • Face Pulls 4×12
  • Standing Alternating DB Hammer Curls 4×12


  • Side Planks 3×30 seconds each side
  • Lying Leg Raises 3×25
  • Cable Crunches 3×25

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins Workout: Leg Day A


20 Minute Incline Walk

Main Compounds:

  • Back Squats 5×5
  • Leg Press 4×12, 10, 8, 5

Accessory Work:

  • Weighted Lunges 4×12
  • Seated Calf Raises 4×12
  • Hamstring Curls 4×12
  • Quad/Leg Extensions 4×12


  • Russian Twists 3×25
  • Hanging Knee Raises w/ Twist 3×26
  • Sit-Ups w/ Twist 3×26

Johnny Sins Workout: Push Day B


20 Minute Incline Walk

Main Compounds:

  • Standing BB Overhead Press 5×5
  • Incline DB Bench Press 4×12, 10, 8, 5

Accessory Work:

  • Close Grip Bench 4×12
  • Seated Arnold Press 4×12
  • Weighted Dips 4×12


  • Bent Over Shoulder Flyes 4×12
  • Standing Incline Chest Flyes 4×12


  • Weighted Planks 3×60 seconds
  • Hanging Leg Raises 3×25
  • Sit-Ups 3×25

Johnny Sins Workout: Pull Day B


20 Minute Incline Walk

Main Compounds:

  • Romanian Deadlifts w/ Dumbbells 4×12,10,8,5
  • Barbell Bicep Curls 4×12, 10, 8, 5

Accessory Work:

  • Close Grip Pulldowns 4×12
  • Standing Cable Bicep Curls 4×12
  • Wide Grip Cable Rows 4×12
  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups 4×6


  • Side Planks 3×30 seconds each side
  • Lying Leg Raises 3×25
  • Cable Crunches 3×25

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins Workout: Leg Day B


20 Minute Incline Walk

Main Compounds:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats 5×5 each leg
  • Straight Leg Deadlift 4×12, 10, 8, 5

Accessory Work:

  • Leg Press Machine Calf Raises 4×12
  • Dip Machine Leg Pushdown 4×12
  • Weighted BB Glute Bridges 4×12
  • Hack Squats 4×12


  • Russian Twists 3×25
  • Hanging Knee Raises w/ Twist 3×26
  • Sit-Ups w/ Twist 3×26

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins’s Chest Day Push Workout

Johnny Sins are working hard to achieve his goals and aim for the year 2021 and so he gave out his chest day push workout routine in some interviews. He trains every single day to work his physique to the maximum and even works out even if he is traveling or on the go, which is most of the time.  Take a look:


Power Plate Pushup

The Workout

  • Dumbbell Incline Fly – 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Dumbbell Incline Press – 3 sets of 8 reps
  • Low Bench Press (Machine Press) – 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Cable Scoop – 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Dumbbell Pullover – 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Dumbbell French Press – 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps
  • Double Skullcrusher with Hold – 8 reps, 5 reps, 3 reps, 1 rep

12 Minutes Abs Workout

This is one of the most popular exercise routines that Johnny Sins does quite frequently in his schedule. Here are a few workouts that he does.

1. BALL-V PUSH-UPS! (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

You will need a ball and a mat for this workout. You will want to keep your legs as straight a possible for the correct alignment of your back. When you go up, grab it with your hands. Then bend the legs and crunch a bit as you grab the ball with your feet. Go back down again. It will work your lower abs as your feet will come up and the upper abs will crunch as you squeeze your stomach while transferring the ball.

Johnny Sins

2. Mountain Climbers (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

Start on the mat and put the shoulders in a nice straight line. You would want to begin and bring up the feet into your chest as far as probable and then do it again with the alternate side.

3. Plank ( 4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

Hold the plank by coming on your elbows. You need to get into a nice straight line. Stretch your legs and just continue to be in the form. It will work your abs.

    Johnny Sins


Johnny Sins also does a HIIT workout for maximum fat burning and for defining his muscles and abs. Here is what he does:

1. Jump Rope (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

Start with jump rope, four minutes jump rope, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

2. Kettlebell Swings (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

It is one of the most tremendous and useful exercises if it is done correctly. Get in the standing plank position, then in the hip hinge position, bend it in the tabletop position. And you could also make use of the swing.

3. Running (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

For running, there is no need for any kind of equipment or any area to do this. You just need to make your goals and run towards it, in this case, quite literally. You can run on the treadmill if you don’t have access to a great open space or vice versa. You can do this in any park. Running helps to build the endurance and cardio strength of the person and improves performance during the workout sessions. It will also help improve the explosive movement of the body.

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins Favorite Workout Moves

Johnny Sins has some preferred workout moves that he loves to do regularly and the ones which he feels have the maximum impact on himself and would probably helo others achieve the goals too.

  • Single-arm dumbbell row: Johnny Sins emphasizes the point of reaching forward with the weight when doing this specific exercise, rather than quickly allowing the weights to drop straight down. This way the working muscle is fully extended and involved, which advances the quality of the workout, and eventually ends in greater muscle growth.
  • Bent-over barbell row: Leaning over as much as possible and maintaining the back as flat as possible is the answer to this exercise, according to Johnny Sins.
  • Deadlift: Johnny Sins tries to involve every muscle group in the back to entirely amplify this particular muscle group workout. He does that by concentrating on the mind-muscle connection.
  • Dumbbell pull-over: According to Johnny Sins, one of the most powerful things about doing this exercise, is to attempt to keep a small bend in the elbows throughout the entire movement, which limits the undesirable muscle groups from activation.
  • Typewriter pull-up: Johnny Sins regularly starts his bodyweight workout with this exercise, because it’s not the easiest exercise to do on the bodyweight workout. To accurately complete this specific exercise, Johnny Sins makes sure to support his weight while moving himself horizontally over the bar. According to Johnny Sins, a rep only counts if he pulls himself up to the bar, moves across to the other side, and then goes back. Rest time in between sets is about  30-60 seconds, suggests Johnny Sins.
  • Archer pull-up: This is the exercise that should be done after typewriter pull-ups, Johnny Sins claims. “It’s one of those exercises that will build serious strength in both lats and arms,” says Johnny Sins.
  • Muscle-up: Johnny Sins says that he’ll try and do as many reps as he can of this exercise to weary his muscles before the last exercise.
  • L-sit pull-up: This is the last exercise in Johnny Sins’ bodyweight routine. The purpose of that is because L-sit pull-ups are the easiest of all the workouts. Nevertheless, by the time he arrives at this exercise, he is already tired and even this seemingly “easy” exercise will be very difficult in the end, declares Johnny Sins. But he asks anyone following his routine to “Stay driven with your goals and you will achieve them.”

Johnny Sins

That was all about Johnny Sins’s intensive workout routine that gives him the strength and power to be at the very top of his game. However, there are some workout tips that Johnny Sins frequently shares with his fans and people who look up to him for inspiration. Here are a few workout tips and tricks that Johnny Sins himself follows, so take a look!

Johnny Sins Workout Tips and Tricks

Besides following a  grueling and tiresome workout routine which might become more intense according to his situation but there are other times and tricks that Johnny Sins follows to take his workout a notch up in his routine. Here are some fitness and lifestyle tips that Johnny Sins shares on his social media channels to be more effective in the field. Take a look:

Also, there are certain things that you need to consider which concern each exercise individually.

TIP 1: With the dumbbell bench presses, Johnny Sins states that you would want to reduce the weights somewhat below the point at which your elbows make a 90-degree angle, and then press up until your arm is fully stretched out.

Johnny Sins

TIP 2: With the pull-ups, he says that you should make sure to bring your chin over the bar and then drop yourself until your arms are fully stretched out. If you can’t do 10 reps, he says it’s okay to use an assisted pull-up machine.

TIP 3: For the barbell ab roll-outs, he says that you ought to get on your knees and roll the barbell out undeviatingly in front of you – for the record, the more you roll it forward, the harder it’s going to get. For the greatest performance, keep your abs pulled in throughout the movement.

TIP 4: The military dumbbell presses are somewhat simple as well – begin by standing with the weights in your hands, then press them up and put them together to obtain a full arm’s length. Also, don’t put the weights down after that repetition; it is much more beneficial for their feeblest point to be the one where the elbow bend is less than 90 degrees.

TIP 5: The lateral raises have a slight technique to them. If you want to pro this technique and make them work the best it probably can, you will want to secure a little bend in your elbows and maintain it for the span of the set.

TIP 6: The barbell skull crushers demand that you hold your upper arms in a pose perpendicular to your body so that your elbows are the only thing moving, which will have an additional impact on your triceps.

TIP 7: The barbell curls also expect that you lock your elbows in a particular fixed position because they are also single-joint movements. Hold your elbows tight to your sides and you’ll be accurate.

TIP 8: The squats need your back perfectly straight to do them efficiently. Make sure that your core muscles are also extremely tight. For best results, push through your heels when you do the upward motion.

TIP 9: When doing calf raises, you will want to raise your feet on a stair or a plate to get your calves as elongated as feasible. When you arrive at the bottom, don’t bounce up because it can be dangerous and can make you more prone to fracture. Alternatively, lift yourself as high as imaginable on the ankle of your feet for the best results.

Johnny Sins

While we all do love a couple of free hours on our busy schedule and this makes us skip our workouts too. But, that is not an option if you want to see results. If you are short on time, it does not mean that you do not work out with full force and have inferior results. This workout that Johnny Sins designed is great for people who work out at home and want the benefits of a resistance training workout without actually going to the gym and missing their work!

Johnny Sins plan to divide the exercises into groups called supersets, in which you do two exercises back to back with no rest in between, and giant sets, by similarly combining three movements. “By using the same equipment, the workout cuts down on the length of your training session while elevating your heart rate,” he says.

To manage the weight that’s perfect for you, Johnny Sins suggests using a weight where you can perform 10 reps but not the 11th one. If you can, adjust the weight respectively. You’ll return to the first exercise after doing the second one in each superset and giant set for two rounds, pausing for 1-2 minutes only after you perform all exercises in each grouping before diving into the next.

“Of course, you can load more weight on a bar and/or increase the number of reps you complete if you sacrifice good form, but doing so diminishes the focus on the target muscles and increases your risk of injury,” he adds. If you don’t know how to do a movement correctly, click on it, and you’ll see a video and step-by-step tutorial.

Because this is a low-volume workout, it’s a great plan to do it many times a week.

Johnny Sins

That was all about the Johnny Sins workout routine and some of his favorite workout tips that he shares with his friends, family, and fans. But here’s more! It is his diet plan that makes him reach the top of his game. He follows a strict plan so that he can be in optimal shape and the next section, we will read exactly that! So take a look.

Johnny Sins Diet Plan

Johnny Sins also follow quite a clean diet throughout the day as in the end, he cares much for his abs, and to have abs like that you need to follow a good diet too. He tries to avoid foods that are under wraps or are not naturally produced. He eats natural and clean foods most of the time. His diet is full of many nutrients and macros.

His meals are balanced and portions sufficient to fuel his workout. His diet has a lot of fo protein to build those muscles and ensure muscle growth. Carbs are eaten by him to provide him with sufficient energy throughout the day. Taking the right form of carbs would let him stay energetic throughout the day. He also has fats in his diet which are very essential for brain health, muscle health, and a night of good sleep. Here is a breakdown of each of his meals which explains his macros:

The portion of each of his meals was about:

  • 50% of proteins
  • 30% of healthy fats
  • 20% of carbohydrates

Here is a sample diet plan of what Johnny Sins eats in the day as each ay his foods change according to his training as well as his location. However, on a regular day, here are his most preferred options:

Johnny Sins Breakfast

Eggs and Toast – Johnny Sins likes his eggs poached and not fried, obviously to reduce the calories. He likes to have two of them with two slices of toast for his breakfast. He avoids white bread and goes in for whole wheat bread.

Johnny Sins Snack #1

  • Protein Shake – Johnny Sins drinks a very basic protein shake for his snack. He sometimes adds fruits to it for a boost of vitamins and minerals but he also drinks it plain with just water.
  • Fruits and Nuts – Sometimes he swaps his protein shakes for fruits and a bit of nut-like almonds and walnuts which are full of essential fats and nutrients.

Johnny Sins Lunch

  • Meat – Johnny Sins eats a lot of quality meat for his protein. He likes to have chicken breast, fish, eggs, and other protein-rich meat options.
  • Fish – Fish is a great source for omega 3. He loves his salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines, and tuna. He is definitely big on seafood and loves grilled fish now and then.
  • Brown Rice – He ditches white rice for brown rice. It helps him to lower the cholesterol and prevents the clotting of blood. It also helps in proper digestion.
  • Baked Potato – As a source of carbs, he also likes to have baked potatoes occasionally. Sometimes he completely cuts out carbs and has baked potato with the skin on.

Johnny Sins Snack #2

  • Protein Shake – His snacks need to have protein in his diet and that means another protein shake for him.
  • Yogurt with Nuts –He loves having some gut-healthy yogurt that serves as a probiotic. He also likes to throw in some nuts along with it so that it is quite a filling snack.

Johnny Sins Dinner

  • Meat –Johnny Sins likes to have meat two times a diet so that it could help him smash those protein goals. He either has a grilled chicken or grilled fish for dinner.
  • Fish – Fish is also another alternative for meat.
  • Leafy Green Vegetables – Green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli are low in calories and high in essential nutrients. It makes up for a great filler during his dinner.

Johnny Sins What to Eat

Here are particular food groups that Johnny Sins makes sure that he is adding in his daily nutrition to support his muscles and fuel his body for a rested and relaxed next day of workout. Here’s a list,

  • Fresh Food
  • Eggs
  • Egg Whites
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Leafy Greens
  • Fruit
  • Complex Carb
  • Water

Johnny Sins What to Avoid

Meanwhile, there are some food items that Johnny Sins likes to avoid as much a possible if not completely. He starts away from anything that is harmful to his body and would completely destruct his physique goals. So, here are some of these food items,

  • Junk Food
  • Fast Food
  • Artificial Additives
  • Trans Fats
  • Processed Foods
  • Chemical Ingredients
  • Simple Carbs (limited)

Besides having a great diet plan, Johnny Sins also shares some diet tips which he strictly adheres to in his daily routine. He also asks his fans to follow and practice the same tips for better development of the physique.

Johnny Sins Diet Tips

The Johnny Sins diet has changed a lot over the years. For a long time, he didn’t have professional advice, but he still understood at an early stage that he needed to make healthy changes. Eating clean is the most important thing that one can do to help one body grow and look awesome. Johnny Sins posts a lot about his physique which is due to these tips that he also shares with his fan. He posts continuously on his vlogs and shares these tips to eat clean without driving yourself insane.

The principle for moderating and the key to a successful diet is to keep the triggered food away from yourself. Some people put triggering foods completely off-limits which include pizza, icecreams or cakes, etc. They believe that even a bite of these foods can trigger off the consumption of the whole thing. Thus some dieters practice abstinence completely.

Thus++is strategy can be counterproductive, however, and Johnny Sins are total gainst this. He likes to have some cheat meals in the email but makes sure that he is not overdoing it. He does not follow a super strict diet. He follows a very moderate approach to his food and the kinds of food that will fall into this category. A responsible amount of moderation will work great with this. You can eat less or a small quantity of the trigger foods and do not eliminate them.

Johnny Sins

That was all about the diet plan of Johnny Sins which he follows every single day without fail. There are some fails in between in which Johnny Sins takes his “cheat meals” because he is only a human and he deserves a bit of a treat after smashing his workouts or his matches, doesn’t he? However, he also takes some supplements and extra nutrition to append with his diet requirements for better results. Here’s all about it in the next section.

Johnny Sins Health and Lifestyle Tips

Besides his workout schedule and diet plan, there are some tips that Johnny Sins shares with his fan for general lifestyle and health that he himself tries to follow at the best. Here are a few of those tips:

  • Fun-Filled and Adventurous Workouts

Johnny Sins usually gets bored of following a single routine and so he adds a little fun to his routine by incorporating fun outdoor activities. He feels energized and does not let him get bored. He really enjoys activities like biking, skating, surfing, running, etc. That’s the reason why he has great endurance and speed. He also loves to do yoga to maintain flexibility and a method to relax his mind.

Johnny Sins

  • Powerful Workouts in the Gym

For an amazing look in the action movies, Johnny Sins follows an extremely grueling session in the gym. He takes various kinds of workouts to challenge his body. To condition his muscles and enhance his look, he indulges in boxing. He often likes to stick to some forms of exercise for a few months which he then changes. Once, he stuck to running 2.5 miles, lifting heavy weights, skipping, and adding loads of protein in his diet for 4 months. He also indulged in performing 40 to 50 pushups, multiple situps, jogging, and boxing with professional boxers. His workouts are monitored by his personal trainer who makes sure that he is giving his best at all times. Besides this, he also guides him about the techniques, forms, and postures.

Johnny Sins

  • No Confidence in Detox Diet

Many celebrities delve into detox diets, but Johnny Sins are no in for anything like that. He stays away from such diets and rather likes to follow other methods to detox his body and mind. He drinks a lot of water throughout the day to cleanse his system. He also keeps a track of what is going into his body. Interestingly, he has tried the Master Cleanse before but speaks strictly against it. For her, the detox diet “sucked.”

  • Clean Diet

Johnny Sins had some really bad eating patterns for a long time. After switching to whole foods, he found the immense benefits that it caused her. He now discards anything which has high fat and sugar content. He also avoids excessive sodium, carbs and incorporates high protein-rich foods and a lot of fruits and vegetables in his diet. It is through the combination of wholesome foods with his rigorous training that he can achieve lean muscles for his roles.

He is not a vegan but he loves to have vegan dishes now and then. He makes sure his diet is quite eco-friendly. Although not a full-time vegetarian, he restricts his meat intake because he finds it quite difficult to purge it out completely.

  • Balance in Eating Habits

For Johnny Sins, it is the balance that is the key to his health. He does not believe in any fad diets or diets which encourage people to eliminate certain food or food groups. He believes that everything in moderation is a good way to enjoy and sustain the diet. For example, he has not removed meat and alcohol from his diet completely. Instead, he likes to keep his portions small. That, according to her, helps him stick to the diet that he currently follows.

Johnny Sins are very social on all his social handles and keep on updating his fans about his health and fitness. He shares a lot of tips on how to keep fit and here are some of them:

Johnny Sins

Avoid Excessive Sodium

The key to removing the water retention is to avoid sodium for a little time. Most processed foods are rich in sodium, it is important to avoid them too even in your daily routine. Avoid adding salt to things that do not really need it and add herbs instead.

Check the Consumption of White Carbs

Just like excessive sodium, white carbs would also make you look a bit bloated. Try switching to healthy alternatives like brown rice, quinoa, oats, and other whole grains. All these grains would prevent you to feel bloated throughout the day.

Raw Foods

Eating raw foods like raw veggies and fruits would make a lot of difference to your appearance. These substances are full of vital fibers that fill you up early and evades any cravings. This will, in turn, helps you not to consume unhealthy snacks,

Select Fun Exercise

When you want to keep fit without indulging in the monotony of the gym, you must try to find some fun exercises instead of going to the gym. Pick the activities that you enjoy, like playing any sport, dancing, yoga, swimming, running, jumping ropes, etc. This will not only help in shedding weight but also let you stick with it.

Johnny Sins

Intake of Vital Supplements

One must take vital supplements in addition to their diet which they feel is missing otherwise. Keeping a tab on your vitamins and minerals would let you take better care of your body. You must include plant-based protein as a part of your diet that will help in building muscles and keep you full for a longer period of time.

Besides having a great diet plan, there are some supplements that Johnny Sins takes for complementing his meals and better-structured body and physique. Below we have discussed all the kind of supplement that Johnny Sins take for his physique.

Johnny Sins Nutrition and Supplements

Here are some essential nutrients and supplements that Johnny Sins likes to eat besides his regular diet as sometimes it is hard to maintain the proper nutrients when the work schedule is as busy as his. Thus here are some supplements that Johnny Sins includes in his diet. Take a look:

Whey Protein

Johnny Sins takes whey protein to build muscles. His diet is essentially all about veggies and fruits along with some carbs and proteins and he attempts to evaluate his protein needs by including whey protein smoothies or shakes.


Whenever Johnny Sins hit the gym he makes certain to take a pre-workout so that he does not drop out on electrolytes throughout his workouts and continues to be fueled.

Johnny Sins

Green Supplement

Johnny Sins are huge on veggies but if he blows out on them because of his tumultuous routine, he likes to get a green supplement to achieve his daily requirement.


BCAAs are excellent as intra-workouts and support to develop lean muscles. It is excellent if you are having high-intensity workouts and so, Johnny Sins likes to include it in his workout routine. It also helps you feel invigorated throughout the workout.


A supplement of l-carnitine can help in decreasing lactic acid production which also helps to decrease muscle soreness. It works fabulously if you have sore muscles after a heavy workout.

Johnny Sins

Protein Shake By Johnny Sins

This is the recipe of the protein shake that Johnny Sins lovest make now and then epically for his snacks or just for his breakfast when he is running late. Here’s the full recipe and list of ingredients needed for it.


1. Almond Milk

2.Protein Powder: You can add any kind of protein – whey, isolate, or hydrolyzed protein. Depending on the kind that is available near you. Johnny sins are currently using NAKED WHEY from the house of Naked Nutrition.

3. Banana Large size banana is enough.

4. Spinach

5. Peanut Butter

6. Ice


Mix all the ingredients into a blender until it reaches a thick shake-like consistency. Pour it in a glass and enjoy it as a post-workout snack or right in the morning. You can make your own variation of this Johnny Sins protein shake.

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