Jon Jones Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, as he is famously called, is a wrestling champ from upstate New York (Rochester, New York, USA). He had this passion just when he was in high school. He belongs to a family of athletes and has two brothers who are in the NFL. For him, he has two Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight championships in his basket. Throughout his journey, he has faced some bumps in the road. He was tested positive for drugs and even got arrested because he was involved with a hit and run case.

Currently, this bodyweight champion is 6 feet and 4 inches tall with a weight of 230 pounds. He has an 84.5 inches reach.


Jon Jones is most famously called ‘Bones’ and is a mixed martial arts fighter. Currently, he is a part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Here, he proceeds to make a hero out of himself by being a dominant force in this niche. After he won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship two times, he is considered by numerous as one of the most celebrated pound-for-pound trained competitors of all time.

Jon was lucky enough to be born into a highly sport-orientated house – with his older sibling, Arthur Jones has performed for the NFL until his retirement in 2017. Jon’s younger sibling, Chandler Jones, has also made his name in the NFL, and now he is playing for the Arizona Cardinals.

Jon obtained his UFC première in August 2008 and earned an immediate impression at UFC 87. During the experience, he was ready to place in a hugely exciting show – providing him to profess triumph in his initial UFC fight.


Since then, he has become unstoppable. His MMA career has gone up in the graph and has allowed him to built an impressive record afterward. His achievements and awards include a total of 22 wins from 24 fights which included 9 knockouts, 6 submissions, and 7 wins based purely on the decision.

This is not all. He also holds several UFC records in the light heavyweight category. Some of these records include most successful and consecutive defenses, most wins, longest winning streak, and the most amount of submission victories.

The best part of his profession came in 2011 at UFC 128. It was when he actually created history for himself as he became the youngest ever titleholder in the UFC since the start of weight classes.

Jon D. Jones is currently a big name in UFC Light Heavyweight champion (as of 2019)- he has held onto the same title for the last two years. He is also the pound-for-pound best rank, which presents him as one of the most reputable MMA champions in the world, if not the best. But the question that subsists is how does a champion like Jon Jones manage to stay at the top of his game all the time?

The answer is definitely the kind of diet he has, the strenuous training sessions that he goes through, and his healthy lifestyle in general. For him, success is 1 percent luck and 99 percent hard work. If you are looking to achieve something like what Jon Jones has achieved in his lifetime, we have made a list of his workouts and diet plan below. But before you move onto it, here are his statistics.


Jon Jones Statistics

  • Height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Average Weight: 92.99 kg or 230 pounds
  • Date of Birth: July 19, 1987
  • Nationality: American

Jon Jones Workout Routine

Jon Jones is an absolute beast when it comes to his training at the gym for his physique. At 6’4, 230 lbs., he makes sure that all his exercises are designed in a way that pushes his limits to the maximum level. Thus, he works mostly with explosive movements and quickness.

According to many interviews that he had before, Jones says that he does his strength training and cardio three days a week. “We went by feel and used a lot of explosive exercises to train his muscle fibers to fire faster,” says Kelly Tekin, his strength and conditioning coach. “We also relied on a lot of heavy compound exercises to keep muscle on his frame.”

Doing compound exercises is the fastest way to build muscles and gain some strength. It is because each exercise involves many muscles besides the main one. Jon Bones Jones has definitely gained many more muscles over the period and his routine based on explosive and compound movement is one of the biggest reasons for it.


Jones has quite hi-tech types of equipment so that it could mimic a real fight. Some of the tricks that his trainer does place a dummy on top of a non-motorized treadmill which is called the Tread Sled and then he straps Jones into a best along with some resistance cords that are attached to the vest.

“I would push the dummy as hard as possible, as if I was doing a takedown, for 5-10 seconds,” says Jones. “Because I was being pulled backward by the cords, it’s a strenuous exercise that really builds up your explosive strength.”

He also works with a machine called VertiMax that is a platform with some bungee cords that are attached to it. He attaches his hands, knees, ankles, and waist to this bungee cord and then does some exercises with knee strikes, kicks, punches for 30 to 60 seconds in a row. He likes to switch his stance from traditional to southpaw during the time.

“The extra resistance made it difficult just to keep my hands up, let alone throw a punch. After being tied into that thing, once I went to knee a guy without being strapped into the machine, it made my strikes that much more powerful in the Octagon,” says Jones.

Training like that with some resistance in your workout is a great way to build power and explosive strength for your entire body. It also helps to strengthen it and build up coordination in those muscles.

Jon Bone Jones is said to have a great built when it comes to his sport. He has fairly longer limbs and thus a longer reach with his best at 84.5 inches. The kind of body that he has along with the amount of strength makes it a great combination.

Longer legs are great because it provides more force to be created since they provide more energy because of the more extensive fulcrum. Using it to his advantage is one of the best ways with which he has dominated and won many competitions with kicks and some flying elbows.

Usually, he trains with the following exercise schedule which is shown below. He does more of a full-body workout which targets multiple muscle groups and has a huge focus on his core muscles. For his sport, having a strong core is extremely important because they need to come across many punches and kicks in the stomach. Besides, all the punches and kicks and other explosive movements are pushed forward with the strength of your core.

1. Hang Clean (5 sets of 5 reps)

2. Barbell Push Press (8 sets of 5 reps: 30-second rest between sets)

3. Lying Leg Curl (6 sets of 6 reps)

4. Depth Dumbbell Snatch (4 sets of 4 reps)

5. Ring Twists (3 sets of 4 reps to each side)

6. Clean from Knees w/Jump (3 sets of 10 reps)

7. Medicine ball superset (run the cycle three times for a total of three supersets)

• Medicine Ball Power Up (5 reps)
• Medicine Ball Sprawl and Jump (8 reps)
• Medicine Ball Plyo Push Up (8 reps)

8. One-Leg Straight Leg Walking Dumbbell Deadlifts (3 sets for 25 yards each)


But this is not it. His other workouts include Tabata training on the treadmill which is a form of HIIT (High-intensity interval training). It is done at a maximum intensity for 20 minutes which is then followed by 10 seconds of a break. It is done at least 8 times without pausing. The entire process takes about 4 minutes and has shown incredible results for Jones. In general, these kinds of exercises can build a lot more endurance, strength, and flexibility as well as reduce body fat if compared with other forms of cardio exercises.

Jones feels really blessed to be born in an athletic family especially when it comes to skills and toughness. According to a conversation with The Baltimore Sun, Jon holds his eldest brother Arthur, a protecting block in the NFL, can be a thriving MMA fighter. “I think my brother would do great in the octagon. My brother has been living with me for about three weeks now, and his wrestling is on a completely different level. I really don’t see anyone in the heavyweight division right now who is about to punch with my brother and not get thrown. My brother has amazing Greco-Roman wrestling [skills], and since he has been here, my Greco-Roman has come back completely.” Arthur, who now holds a height of 6’3 and 300 lbs., was a versatile New York State heavyweight champion wrestler in high school.


According to a conversation with Yahoo Sports, Jon thinks that Arthur has got it in him whatever it takes to be a UFC champion in just half the time and efforts that it took Jon himself. “If he dedicated one year to the twice-a-day training lifestyle, I think he could compete with the UFC heavyweight champion. He’s that special. It took me three years to get where I am, and Arthur is so special. He could get here in a year and a half,”  he says.

As a matter of fact, if you have noticed a scar on Jon’s forehead, it is a result of Arthur hitting him with a crushed can of soda during a fight when they were in school. He says that it serves as a souvenir of his big brother’s domination. Jon and his two other brothers would often fight and beat up each other when they were kids which Jon believes has really toughened them up.

Weekly Routine of Jon Jones

Shadow Boxing

He likes to put on some heavy music and just go with the flow with some of his footwork, body movements, and head movements. He also tries various kinds of punches. He loves it so much that he wants everyone to do this.

Go High-Tech

He uses special and hi-tech equipment like VertiMax and Tread Sled that help him fight better in the real field.

Abs Drill

He concentrates a lot on his core strength and abs. He does V ups at the end of his workouts every day to strengthen his core.

Compound Exercises

Jones loves to do deadlifts and squats and also calls it one of his favorite exercises because it not only builds muscle but also improves his strength. Compound exercises are a huge part of Jon’s training and he focuses on them intently. It is because it allows him to push his limits to the maximum level. Compound exercises, besides helping to gain strength also helps to build lean muscle mass which is a great way to burn fat as well.

His favorite compound exercises are deadlifts and squats which he includes in every session. Both these exercises are much more effective than doing other isolated exercises because they work numerous muscles in a single time instead of just one.

A Jon Jones Routine

Here is a typical workout session for Jon Jones that he follows. These exercises are done at a high pace and intensity from start till the end. That’s how he can obtain the best results and crush every workout.

  • Hang Clean: 5 Degrees x 5 Set
  • Barbell Push Press: Set between 5 sets x 8 set with 30 seconds of comfort
  • Lying Leg Curl: 6 reps x 6 set
  • Ring twist: 4 representatives / each side x 3 set
  • Depth Dumbbell Snatch: 4 reps x 4 sets
  • Ring Twists: 3 sets x 4 reps
  • Clean from Knees w/Jump: 3 sets x 10 reps
  • Medicine ball superset (run the cycle three times for a total of three supersets)
  • One-Leg Straight Leg Walking Dumbbell Deadlifts: 3 sets, 25 yards each

After he has completed the workout, he makes sure to train his abs with a special exercise called V ups. It helps his core to be as strong as possible. Here’s what he says regarding his abs routine, “I do them at the end of my workouts because I want my core to be fried already”.

Medicine ball superset:

  • Do 3 sets of the above.
  • Medicine Ball Power Up 5 Rep
  • Medicine Ball Span & Jump: 8 Rep
  • Medicine Ball toy push-up: 8 reps
  • Single-leg Straight Leg Walking Dumbbell Deadlifts: 25 yds x 3 sets
  • Finish workout with V-ups: 20 representatives or failures.

Do 3 sets of the above.
Single-leg straight-leg walking dumbbell deadlifts: 25 yds x 3 sets
Finish the workout with V-ups: 20 reps or to failure.

Jon Jones Workout for Legs

  • Box Squat: 5 sets and 5 reps.
  • Barbell Back Squat: 3 sets and 3 reps.
  • Zercher Squats: 3 sets and 8 reps.
  • Deadlifts: 3 sets and 3 reps.

Jon Jones Workout for Abs

  • Jack Knives: 3 sets and 5-10 reps.
  • Push Up With A Leg Pull: 3 sets and 5-10 reps.
  • Hanging Knee Raises 3 sets and 5-10 reps.

Workout for legs

Jon does massive barbell exercises, which involve dead-lifts and a barbell squat. They encourage him to develop power in his lower body.

Nonetheless, he wants to set repetitions in these power-lifting activities. Jones and his coaches recommend that people should do big set cycles and less repetition if they are looking to build strength.

 Box squats

Box squat for him is five sets of five repetitions each. Anyone who is beginning a workout program and is a movie can use the box squats to enhance his techniques in back squats. It incorporates movements like sitting on a box and then standing up.

Jon uses box squats to build his muscle size along with his leg strength and hip strength. This has really helped him build his muscles to a great extent.

Barbell Back squats

Barbell back squats involve three sets done three times in a routine. He does this exercise by keeping the barbell on his shoulders and even recommends his fans and followers to do the same. For athleticism and building strength, this exercise is pretty great.

You need to keep the barbell on your shoulder, keep your legs shoulder-width apart and sit down. Keep your back straight and avoid bending your lower back. This will help you improve your stances by making you kick harder and in your clinch work.

Jon does this barbell back squat exercises 3×3 with 150 kg or 335lbs.

Zercher squats

This kind of squat is done by him in a set of three with each set having eight repetitions. He does these kinds of squats to work on his traps, abs, and even biceps.

Zercher squats involve a particular variation of the squat which involves holding the barber, in the middle of one’s elbow. He does 8 reps in each set with a weight of 143 kgs or 315 pounds.



His sets of deadlifts remain three with only three repetitions in each set. This is because he lifts heavy. He has a rest in between 1 to 3 minutes. It is with deadlift that he has managed to break his world record too. The deadlift is a great exercise especially for the kind of sport he is in because it helps to strengthen his hamstrings, glutes, back, and legs overall.

Jones also has an aim to strengthen his rear deltoids and his arms which deadlifts help in improving. While doing this exercise, make sure that you have a straight back and you pull back with your legs. Just like Jones, you must aim to do 3 to 5 seats along with 3 to 5 repetitions.

What is Jon Jones Workout for Abs?

For Jones, working his abs is very important for his professions so he does a lot of Jack knives, pushups with leg pull, and also some hanging leg raises. Here’s a look at all of them.

Jack knives

Jones does at least 3 sets of jack knives and does it for 3 to 5 times. First, all he does is lie on the floor and move the leg and upper body at the same time. He tries for his arms to reach his legs. It is a great exercise to build hip mobility and strengthen the glutes and abs.

Push up with a leg pull

In push up with a leg pull, Jones does three sets and tries to repeat it at least 5 times a minimum and 10 times maximum. He performs this activity along with a medicine ball which he holds in his hands. This exercise helps to stabilize the body and also coordination. His upper body strength is built with pushups. For more support, he does leg pulls so that he could train his abs hard at the same time.

Hanging knee raise

Jon Jones does hanging knee raises in three sets and repeats it for 5 to 10 times in every set. It is yet another awesome exercise for abs. It is great if you want to increase the strength of the abs.

This exercise involves you hanging while raising your knees which will help build strength and stamina in your core muscles and also strengthen your hip flexors.

While doing these abs workouts, Jon Jones needs to give attention to his diet as well as his ab workout. The important thing is to repeat these exercises as much as possible to get the needed results.


If you want to get your desired results, we would suggest that you get inspired by his diet too which we will discuss down below along with his training schedule.

The hi-tech types of equipment that Jon uses to make his workout more powerful and build his muscles are a great deal. These machines help him experience a real fight from his gym. This is what he says about the machines. In his words:

 “The extra resistance made it difficult just to keep my hands up, let alone throw a punch. After being tied into that thing, once I went to knee a guy without being strapped into the machine, it made my strikes that much more powerful in the Octagon”.

The main goal that Jon has while working out is to balance and focus on quickness. He wants each of his workouts must be as intense as possible and so he gives it his all. Both of these aspects are important when following a workout schedule. You need to focus on explosive and quick movements.

Jones does not believe in failure. He says one must have confidence and failure happens to those who quit. In his words, ‘There is no way to completely fail unless you completely quit.’


He believes in giving his 100 percent whenever he can which also helps him built up his confidence and drive. In his words, ‘I’m beating all the weakness out of myself, beating all the give-up out of myself, I’m beating the lack of cardio, I’m beating the lack of confidence — any sign of weakness that’s in my heart, I’m getting rid of it.’

For him, there is no such thing as good luck or success without hard work. If you want success, you must work hard to acquire it. Thus, for him, there are no shortcuts. He says, ‘Success is not going to just come to you. You must go out and get it.’  No one is going to motivate you the way you can motivate yourself. Thus, he also advises being self-reliant. He says, ‘Be your own motivation.’

That was all about Jon Jones’s workout routine. Moving on to his diet plan.

Jon Jones Diet Plan

For his profession, Jon Jones’s weight is an important aspect and he gives a lot of importance to it. He is an athlete and so he must give special attention to his diet too. He eats regularly in the day to maintain his energy levels because he workouts a lot. His diet is rather clean and it consists of lean protein, vegetables, and a good amount of carbs and fibers. He usually snacks on protein shakes and fruits. He makes sure to keep himself hydrated and drinks a lot of water throughout the day.

As for his cheat days, it is all about balance. He says, ‘Your meals need to be in balance…I eat cake sometimes; it is just about how you balance it with the other parts you put into your body. If I eat that, I take out something else.’

He likes it when whatever is on his plate it is balanced. So he makes sure he is having all the macronutrients in each meal so that he is well fueled and his workouts are as strenuous as he likes them to be for the awesome physique that he already has.


The light heavyweight UFC MMA hero requires to see his weight like a falcon, as he only holds a 13-pound (6 kg) leeway. At the same interval, he requires to make certain that his energy requirements are fully attended. Thus, his diet is full of protein with a lot of lean meat including chicken, eggs, fish, milk, and other products, He stays away from any kind of junk food or processed foods. He makes sure to drink a  to of water for hydration and eats a lot of veggies and fruits for fiber and water content.

For his breakfast, Jon eats 5 eggs, spinach, turkey, and oatmeal which is a great source of complex carbs. He also drinks several glasses of water. It helps him o start the day off right with a balanced meal. He has ample protein and carbs along with this meal. For him, health is the biggest asset and he says, ‘Just staying healthy, that is wealth and true happiness.’

For lunch and his dinner too, he eats an ample amount of protein and carbs and makes sure that he is maintaining it well. His plate is usually high in carb for energy and high in protein for strength. He makes sure to include vegetables with every meal.

He loves to eat cake for his cheat meal but he will then compensate for his calories by removing something else from his diet. He has no cheat days which is pretty apparent from his diet. He considers health as one of the biggest assets that he possesses.

He likes to spread his meals throughout the day and he eats so that his body can maintain the glucose levels. It also helps him to recover from his series of strenuous workouts.


For him, the fear is not the cheat meal but he does not have it very often. When he talks of balancing, he also balances his cheat meal if any, by eating a bit less throughout the day. He once is in an interview, “Your meals need to be in balance too. I eat cake sometimes, it is just about how you balance it with the other parts you put into your body. If I eat that, I take out something else.”

Overall, Jon assures that he always eats a blend of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, in addition to lots of fruit and vegetables. Here are a few of his beloved foods:

  • Avocados
  • Brown Rice
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Protein Shakes
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Quinoa
  • Steak

Jon Jones has divided his entire day and his diet into 6 parts. He does not restrict consuming fats because it helps to keep him fuller for a longer period of time. This is what Jon Jones typically eats in his entire day:

  • 8 large whole egg and a big bowl of porridge for breakfast
  • Protein shake with low sugar in the form of Mid Day Snack
  • A big bowl of pasta for chicken breast and lunch
  • Protein Shake with low sugar as an evening snack
  • 1 big bowl of steak 1 baked potato and broccoli for dinner
  • Shake protein with less sugar before sleeping. This is all about the diet plan of Jon Jones.


Breakfast of Champions

Jones believes in having a breakfast of champion and so he makes sure he is having a high-protein, high-fiber carb combo of 5 eggs, spinach, turkey, and then oatmeal with berries and washes it down with a few glasses of water.


Jones is big on hydration and so he makes sure to drink at least 20 oz. of water in every meal and even snacks!

No Cheating

Jon Jones is definitely about a clean diet and takes cheat meals as low as he can. This is what he has to say about having cheat days, ‘I don’t do any cheating day. I want to show everyone that my success was not temporary.’

What to Eat

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Steak
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Olive Oil
  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas

What to Avoid

  • Sugar
  • Junk food
  • Refined foods
  • Processed foods
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Jones on His Diet

In an interview once, Jones revealed how his diet is now based on plant foods. He said, “About 80% of my meals have gone plant-based now. I switched up my diet a little bit, I started eating plant-based. Cardio feels great, I’m lighter than I normally am. Normally I weigh at least 222 around this time. Right now I’m already 215. So I’m ahead of schedule majorly in my weight cut, which just allows me to focus on happiness and relaxation, and I just feel perfect.”


Jon Jones MMA Supplements

Being a huge name in the sports industry, Jon Jones is sponsored by a supplements brand, known as GAT supplements. He signed a deal with them briefly in 2018. Nevertheless, in courses of the supplements he uses himself, he often earns the benefits of protein shakes.

Whenever he is short of protein in his diet, he would simply have a protein shake for his snack in the day. Thus, it helps him to reach his daily protein goal intake which provides him with sufficient fuel to recover from his workouts and build muscles. It helps to preserve his muscle mass too.

Here are a few of his supplements,


Jones utilizes the GAT PMP pre-workout supplement to increase stamina throughout weight-lifting sessions and help promote muscle growth.

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Jones recently gained on 20 lbs. and bellied up to his ‘Bones’ structure, in part by increasing his protein consumption with GAT whey protein.

Jon Jones is one of the best wrestlers of all time and if there is something that you can learn from him is hard work and dedication which pays off. His physique is incredible because of all the dedication he has shown towards his work. It is a huge inspiration to all his fans and followers.

It is all about following a balanced diet plan and lifting heavy at the gym. It is all about how you can push your limits and to what extent is it possible to do so. For Jones, it is always, “‘My drive and my desire to be the best are second to none.’

He wants his story to be a permanent one so that one can get inspired by it. Thus he uses his social media to tell about his workouts and diet. Here’s what he said, ‘The biggest thing I want people to take away from my story is that they can achieve their goals[…]’

However, the road to success is not short and one has to work hard as much as they can. In his words, ‘[…] To succeed at anything, you need to comfortable being uncomfortable.’

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