Katie Chung Hua Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Katie Chung Hua is an IFBB Bikini Pro, a former hockey player, and a Professional Badass. However, the person behind inspiring Katie for these titles is her father who himself was a heavy weight lifter. But needless to say, her dedication and hard work have led her to earn these top honors in bodybuilding competitions. She has been competing since 2011.
She is no stranger to social media and she works on the disciple of being honest because she feels there are many fake fitness stars on social media these days who splurge nothing but fake tips and wrong fitness mantras. The IFBB Pro League bikini athlete has more than a million followers on Instagram, and she’s a part of FitPlan‘s roster of online personal trainers and with her Fitplan Full Body Weight Loss, she has been able to help women all over the world reach their body goals
One look at her Instagram will tell you she stays quite inventive in the gym and knows how to stay fit without indulging in monotonous workout routines.

Katie Chung Hua Workout Routine

Katie Chung Hua’s deceased father was a hardcore bodybuilder, and he moved forward that passion for heavy weight lifting to his daughter. Katie is just a 5-foot-1 frame but she lifts strong and high. Sure, she has performed many circuit training routines in the past, and it did yield great results. But at the minute, she aspires to gain a little size and strength—especially in her legs—so she’s keeping it old school, with a traditional bodybuilding regimen.

Although she was into sports since she was young and therefore was naturally lean and fit, her dad convinced her to take up bodybuilding, seeing her potential. She was also inspired by her favorite hockey player since she was a kid. She says, “Since my favorite sport is hockey I have to say, Alexander Ovechkin. He is a great player!” She also recalls,

“I grew up playing hockey and lifted to improve as an athlete. Once I quit my dad convinced me to do a local figure competition. I couldn’t stay out of the gym after that! Then I heard about the new bikini division I thought I would try and compete again. That is where I am now!”

But do not worry because this training style won’t flatten out those well-defined curves but it will only sharpen them and make her look more chiseled.

She says that one can lose weight by doing tons of cardio and staying active but to have those ripped muscles, it is necessary to lift heavy and train strong.

“Women can move and sweat all day but the only thing that will lead to defined hamstrings and glutes is getting stronger at some basic movements,” says certified strength-and-conditioning specialist Katie Chung Hua. “I’m not talking about being bulky, but rather toned and firm,” she added.

There’s an important lesson to learn here and that is to change your approach to working out every few months. For her, the best workout routine is when she employs different kinds of workouts in her routine. She says, “The best workout routine is to switch up your workouts all the time. Change your exercises and your workout splits.” Once your body starts feeling tired of your workouts, it’ll stop giving the reward of change and growth. “You need to mix it up,” Katie says. “You need to keep your body guessing, or it just adapts to those exercises. Your body is amazing and it adapts quickly and you need to keep it guessing,” she adds. “That way the muscle can be stimulated to rebuild, only bigger and stronger,” Katie concludes by sharing her style of training.

So how much weight should one lift in the gym? For Katie, it is all about her goals. If she feels she can not complete her reps, she would go lighter and if she feels she can go strong, she will increase the weight. “If I go above my rep goal, I know I need to increase my weight,” she says. “If I can’t hit my rep goal, I go lighter next time.”

Here’s her workout routine in short. But notice that her workout routine changes according to her requirements. She says, “I switch up my routine pretty often. I am trying to put on muscle, so all of my reps low, around 8-10. I warm up for 20mins to get my blood flowing and end with some good foam rolling and dynamic stretching. Right now my days are”:

  • Monday: Quads and Hamstrings
  • Tuesday: Shoulders, Abs
  • Wednesday: Back and Chest
  • Thursday: Butt and Calves, Abs
  • Friday: Biceps and Triceps
  • Saturday: Yoga, Abs
  • Sunday: Off

Everyone has a weak point they like to work on, even someone with an amazing body like Katie’s. She says that she has areas she needs to improve, just like the rest of us. For Katie, one of her weak points is flexibility training. “I can’t stress enough how important flexibility training is,” she says. “Unfortunately, it’s never been my strong suit, and it’s led to some injuries.” To improve her situation with flexibility, she had begun foam rolling after every workout, getting an occasional massage to make her muscles more agile and supple, and started doing some yoga.

She says that her biggest competition is herself and she keeps herself motivated by thinking about the competition out there. She says her biggest motivational factor is “Competition. I always think “someone is training when you’re not.”

One of the biggest gym challenges for someone like Katie is the interruptions that are constantly a part of the gym circle. For Katie, the gym is not the place to socialize and she keeps herself isolated to focus only on her training. “For me, it’s not a time to socialize, it’s not a time to make friends,” says Katie. “I’m focused and intense, and I don’t talk to anybody. I don’t think I am the nicest person in the gym.”

That’s probably why she has a rocking summer body which means so much to her. She says, “Summer body to me portrays confidence. Confidence in yourself and your body. Physically a body that is lean, athletic, and healthy.”

She says that one must strive to stay lean especially in summers as it really helps to boost confidence. For her, summers mean intense training and workout sessions at the gym. She replies, “Summers means fewer clothes and with that means we can’t hide behind our big sweaters anymore. So everyone wants to look good in the summer, on the beach and be able to flaunt their hard work.”

And that is exactly why she asks her followers to follow a guidance plan as it will help them stay motivated to achieve the goal. In her words, “The biggest thing a workout plan can do is give you guidance and provide a daily plan to get you to your goal.”

Katie’s Steps to Your Summer Body

  1. The first thing is to set a goal then create a map of how to get there. Having something to follow every day will keep you on track.
  2. Then, take a look at your nutrition, immediately cut out soda, sugars, and alcohol.
  3. With those 3 things alone you will start to see a transformation.
  4. HIIT workouts are the quickest way to put fat over steady cardio so implement that around 4x a week. (Check below)
  5. Continue to push yourself in the gym. The last 5 reps of every exercise should be a challenge.
  6. Don’t lift just to reach the rep number, use it as a baseline and push yourself.
  7. For those of you trying to lean, keep your reps around 12-15. Take before and after photos weekly.
  8. Celebrate little victories along the way. It keeps you positive and motivated to keep going.
  9. Be proud of how far you’ve come and don’t compare yourself to others.

30 Minute Cardio Circuit

1. Bench Mountain Climber

2. Bench Push Up

3. Bench V Up

4. Side Lunge

5. Plank Hip Dips

6. Ski Jump

7. Leg Lift

Although her focus is to train and grow each body part and strengthen it, it is glutes that she is focusing on a lot. Want to know the reason? Here’s what she said, “My glutes because it’s my weakest body part. Genetically, I was not born with a big butt.” However, she is working hard for having some more developed glutes and she further says, “I’ve been working SO hard on getting a bigger booty. It’s not where I want it to be yet, but I am proud of the hard work I’ve put in.”

Her favorite exercises to tone her body and especially her legs are, in her own words, “I would pick lunges, pull-ups, and sprints. I could hit just about every muscle group I want with those three.”

She also gives some advice to people who have just begin their fitness journey. She says it is important to be realistic and not to try and be an over-achiever. Fitness is about patience and consistency; there is no quick fix. In her words, “Set realistic goals. I think too many people over-shoot it, and then they get completely burned out, and then they completely discouraged, because they think they need to lose ten pounds in two days, and it doesn’t work, so they quit. So I think setting short-term, realistic goals is the best.”

Her training philosophy is to do or die. She likes to put in her maximum effort in each exercise. She says, “Every set should be to complete failure. I see too many people quit at 10 reps when they could have pushed out more. Don’t be afraid to push yourself!”

That’s all about Katie Chung Hua’s workout routine and training philosophy. Let’s dive deep into what makes her so energized to perform such high-level workouts in the gym; her diet plan.

Katie Chung Hua Diet Plan

Petite yet powerful, Katie Chung Hua needs every sculpted pound on her body to eat a protein-rich meal to recover. Therefore her nutritional strategy is all about having a balance and trying on diverse food groups rather than bingeing or deprivation.

Katie does not believe in being too hard on herself when it comes to her diet so that it becomes a source of misery for her. Instead, she believes in enjoying the process. But on the other hand, she will never deviate from her goals so much that she will pack on pounds. She eats mindfully and always makes sure that she has a balance. Looking good in a two-piece is a job requirement—whether she’s competing, modeling, or working as a cocktail waitress year-round. “If you want to have that cookie, just be aware of what else you are putting in your body, and how much and how intensely you are exercising,” she says. Or you could just skip the cookie.

She likes to have pretty standard meals throughout the day. She also likes to mix small protein-packed snacks along with her meals. She is a fan of supplements and has them too in alternating fashion throughout the day. She also makes sure that she is getting enough fats in her diet too. “Healthy fats like omega-3s and the monounsaturated kind help slow digestion while providing important fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids,” says Christopher R. Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., of MohrResults.com. A recent study out of Harvard University attributed up to 96,000 annual deaths to low omega-3 intake.

She says she likes to keep everything in balance with all her macros in each meal that she has. She comments, “I keep a balance of carbs, protein, and fats that are specific to my body. It changes depending on if I’m trying to gain weight, lean out or maintain.” One of her favorite recipes is oatmeal and protein pancakes which she says are worth dying for.

She believes that there are many misconceptions about diet and how especially the word, “carb” is dreaded by everyone. However, she advises not to follow this concept. She comments, “I HATE hearing people say carbs are bad for you. They are necessary for muscle growth and energy. Just don’t confuse good carbs and bad carbs, for example, white bread and whole wheat bread.”

Katie treads the bikini stage at 100 pounds, inching up to only 105 while off-season. She suggests that if you follow her meal plan, you must adjust the calories based on your weight, height, and daily energy expenditure. For example, if you weigh 125 pounds, bump up the total calories by 25%. She advises that one can stick with her food choices or similar ones, though but make sure to adjust the quantity as per your individual requirements, and not quality.

The biggest diet challenge that she faces is logistical. She works during unusual hours and then rushes back to take care of launching a clothing line when she’s not working or working out. However, she conquers this challenge by planning everything ahead of time. She says it is all about how you meal prep so that you are not left starving or eating something unhealthy. Her philosophy on nutrition is that diet is very subjective. In her words, “Diet is very personal, it should be tailored to a person, not a cookie-cutter diet for everyone.”

Quoting her words, “It’s all about preparation and having my food prepared ahead of time so that when it’s time to eat, it’s quick and easy. Otherwise, you start to mess up and skip meals.” She recommends taking in a meal containing both protein and carbs 1½ hours before your workout. You’ll be fueled up and ready to go.

Katie Chung Hua Supplements

Katie likes to have supplements during her off-season and her on-season routine. It helps her to cover all the daily nutritional requirements. She says, “I use BSN supplements. The synth-6 is delicious and easy to drink and I get such a good pump off of N.O.-Xplode”

Katie Chung Hua Nutrition Tips

  1. Counts macros over calories, when you count calories you don’t know how nutrient-dense or deficient you are.
  2. Eat protein with every meal
  3. Hydrate
  4. Read the labels and cut out all processed foods and ingredients
  5. Be prepared, meal prep
  6. Add greens for fiber and other crucial nutrients
  7. Don’t skip breakfast
  8. Eat every 3-4 hours to keep the metabolism working
  9. Shop organic
  10. Find a balance and something that works for your lifestyle. If you have an unattainable diet regimen you won’t stick to it.

Idols and Influences

She has had a lot of influences in her life starting either own dad. But she also was inspired by fitness magazines and commercials. She particularly got inspired by Nick Scott when he went with an accident but did not lose hope even after that. She says, “I have met so many great and inspiring people in this industry. I love looking at BodySpace and reading all the transformation stories. One specific person is a friend, Nick Scott. Nick was put in a wheel-chair after a horrible car accident and instead of feeling sorry for himself he turned to weight lifting and is now a wheelchair bodybuilder.”

She shares her favorite quote with her fans:

“The resistance that you fight in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character “– Arnold Schwarzenegger

That’s all about Katie Chung Hua’s diet and fitness routine to stay in her best shape throughout the year.

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