Kyla Ritchie Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Starting this post by talking about various body movement exercises, there is no better way to introduce this with a super-charged, full-body workout, and a competitive cheerleader moves to drill you through your workouts. And needless to say, Kyla Ritchie is the mind behind this. She puts a series of intense workouts together involving her whole body with high reps and smaller rest periods in between. And all of this requires no machines!

Since the age of 5, Kyla has been into sports, especially cheerleading. It was quite natural that her love for competitive cheerleading turned into a career in fitness and personal training. She is 30 years old in 2020 and with her petite yet energetic frame, she has taken the internet by storm and is the driving force behind a very successful training session that she launched on Instagram.

“I’d been going to the gym for a long time for gymnastics in high school and university, and I was always very passionate about a career in fitness,” Kyla says. She has been an alumnus of The University of Western Ontario and became certified as a personal trainer and took her mission to spread her word live in March 2016. “I began by designing training and nutrition programs for clients, and as the business grew I developed specialized eight and twelve-week programs.”

Her programs were very successful which lead to a spike in people approaching her for personal training. She had many clients in both Canada and The States. She trained people so that they can work out in different situations, with or without a gym, in the comforts of their homes as well as while traveling. Her Instagram began to shoot up with followers and she got many advertisements and sponsorship especially with REVIV Canada and SHREDZ supplements.

Her plans include expanding her own brand by learning and inspiring more people to get fit. She went to many different states to get a few more credentials in training specialization all across the country. She also specializes in training pregnant women, during pre and post-natal periods.

With such a talent for fitness, she excuses positive energy from all directions and inspires everyone around her. But before we dig deep into Kyla Ritchie’s workout and meal prep here’s a little more about her statistics.

Kyla Ritchie Statistics

Age: 29
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 105 pounds (constant)
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Resides: Toronto, Ontario
University: Western Ontario
Major: Criminology
Occupation: Personal Trainer / Fitness Consultant
Favorite Muscle Group: Abs
Favorite Cheat Meal: Sushi
Instagram: @kyritchfit

Kyla Ritchie Workout Routine

Kyla has a wide array when it comes to her training schedule but she makes sure to propagate her message so that it caters to both males and females. She wants everyone to feel comfortable in their skin without losing balance and going to extremes. She considered going to extremes as the biggest mistake while on a fitness journey. She comments,

“Throughout my personal training career I’ve worked with hundreds of clients both male and female, ranging in age, and fitness level. My goal with every client is to share my knowledge and teach every client how to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the things you really enjoy in life. This all starts with BALANCE, the first and most important rule to remember when maintaining a healthy life and a happy life. So let me help you and show you how you can incorporate a few simple things to change your life and allow you be the healthiest version of yourself!”

Step By Step Exercise Descriptions of Her Favorite Exercises


Muscles Worked: Legs, Glutes, Chest, Triceps

Setup: Grasp a weight plate at an angle that represents 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. Then stand tall with your back aligned straight and your feet grounded to the floor, shoulder-width apart. Keep your head in level with your eyes and look in the front. Hold the plate in front of you with your arms extended.

Action: Bring the plate up to the level of your upper chest and from there, squat down to the point where your quads are almost parallel to the ground. Hold this position and while you are at it, press the plate outward by extending your arms to the front, and hold again for at least 30 seconds. Bring the plate back towards your chest, then get back up from the squat position to the starting position.


Muscles Worked: Legs, Glutes

Setup: Grab hold of a kettlebell with an overhand grip in one arm and raise it above your head with arm fully extended toward the outer side. Stand tall and place your feet together, making sure to keep your face facing the front. Place your other arm on your hip for stability.

Action: Lunge forward with the same-side leg as the arm that is handling the kettlebell. Hold the lunge position when your quad is parallel to the floor. Make sure your spine remains completely straight and does not bend either sidewards or forward. Your head must remain up, and your working arm must be fully extended towards the front during the motion. Hold the position for half a second, then press your front foot to extend your leg and raise back to the start. Once you are done with one side, switch to another side.


Muscles Worked: Shoulders, Back, Arms

Setup: Grasp the handles of two battle ropes, using a neutral grip in each hand. Hold one hand high, and the other low. Stand tall, then lean forward from your hips about 45 degrees and bend your knees also 45 degrees. Separate your feet to about shoulder width.

Action: Keep your body anchored as your arms will be conducting the moving action of the workout. Simply drop your high hand to the low position while you simultaneously raise your low hand to the high position. Keep a steady rhythm and preserve the angle of your grips while the rest of your body remains fixed in position.


Muscles Worked: Shoulders (Especially Middle)

Start: Grasp a dumbbell in each hand using a neutral grip and stand tall with feet about shoulder-width apart. Bring the weights up to the level of your upper chest and hold them vertically. Your upper arm will be immediately adjacent to your side to begin.

Action: Using force from your middle delts, in particular, rotate your arms outward until the dumbbells have reached a horizontal plane, parallel to the floor. Although the weights will travel a short range of motion, your upper arms will have swung in the outward direction from your body and form a 90 degrees angle. Stop and hold the position for a full second, then return the weights to the starting position.


Muscles Worked: Biceps

Start: Grasp a dumbbell in each hand using a neutral grip and stand tall with your feet fixed to the ground. Keep your chin up, back straight and legs spread no wider than shoulder-width apart. Let the weights be supported by your arms which must be fully extended.

Action: Curl both the weights upward in front of you for a range of motion of about 120 degrees. Maintain the neutral angle in your grips during the movement and make sure to keep all other body parts steady so that they do not move or cause any kind of support. In the top position, hold for at least 30 seconds to break the momentum, then lower back to the starting position.


Start: Lie flat on the floor facing up, with only by your feet, upper back, and head touching the ground. Bend your knees such that your calves are perpendicular to the floor while the rest of your body is in a decline position from your knees to your head. Extend your arms and keep them flat on the floor in front of you.

Action: In this movement, you will move one leg at a time and then alternate once you are done with the first one. Simply draw your working leg inward such that your knee moves in an arching path toward your head, while the rest of your body must be steady. In the top position, you will notice that you have created a 90-degree angle at your hips while maintaining the 90-degree angle at your working knee. Stop and hold in the top position for a few seconds before you return your leg to the starting position.

That is all about the major exercises that Kyla Ritchie likes to include in her workouts. All these exercises engage major parts of your body. They are compound movements that can be clubbed with isolated body part workouts too to give a boost to overall muscle development.

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