Lady Gaga Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lady Gaga is an American singer, songwriter, and actress born on March 28, 1986. She is also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Her artistic creativity and musical versatility have made her a household name. She began performing at open mic nights, attending school plays, and singing in rock bands as a teenager. To pursue a career in music, she attended Collaborative Arts Project 21 at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She signed a joint deal with Interscope Records and Akon’s label, KonLive Distribution, in 2007 after her contract with Def Jam Recordings was terminated. Based on this contract, she became a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. After releasing her debut studio album, The Fame, which included chart-topping songs like “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”, Gaga gained popularity. There was a later reissue of the album that included the EP The Fame Monster (2009), which yielded the hits “Bad Romance”, “Telephone” and “Alejandro.”.

Lady Gaga

According to the latest statistics, Lady Gaga has sold over 124 million records worldwide and is the fourth highest-earning female musician of the 2010s. As well as 12 Grammy Awards, 18 MTV Video Music Awards, 16 Guinness World Record nominations, and award recognition from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, she was named Billboard Artist of the Year (2010) and Woman of the Year (2015). Additionally, she appeared in several Forbes power rankings and was ranked fourth on VH1’s Greatest Women in Music list (2012). Her name was listed among the Top 100 Fashion Icons of All-Time by Time magazine in 2010 and 2019 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Born This Way Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to empower youth, improve mental health, and prevent bullying. Since 2012, she has dedicated her philanthropy and activism to mental health awareness and LGBT rights. Haus Laboratories, a vegan cosmetic brand launched in 2019, is another of Gagaga’s ventures.Getting fit, staying strong, and living a healthy lifestyle are some of the things that Lady Gaga is aware of while she is living. It has been a long road for her, but she has always seen great rewards for her efforts. We have therefore collected the information necessary to determine her exercise routine and diet plan, which we will share right here.

Lady Gaga Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1986
  • Birth Date: March 28
  • Height: 5 feet 1 inches or 1.55 m
  • Weight: 116.8 pounds or 53 kg
  • Breasts: 36 inches or 91.4 cm
  • Waist: 26 inches or 66.0 cm
  • Hips: 37 inches or 93.9 cm
  • Body Measurement: 36-26-37 inches or 91.4-66.0-93.9 cm
  • Dress Size: 4 (US) or 36 (EU) or 8 (UK)
  • Shoe Size: 6 (US) or 36.5 (EU) or 4 (UK)

Lady Gaga Workout Routine

Lady Gaga has always had a panache for fitness and has been working out quite consistently for a few years. Her workout routines are super varied and so she tries to do as much as she can. Thus in this article, we will talk about all the various routines that she follows which help her stay as fit as she is now.

Extensive Ab Work

Harley Pasternak, Gaga’s trainer, says that the woman’s workout includes a few hardcore abdominal exercises to keep her midsection toned and firm. The trainer told Shape that Gaga enjoys riding her bike and that she can do six sets of 20 Bicycle Crunches each, which train(s) her abs in every direction. In addition to ab rotations (also known as seated Russian twists) which help with love handles, we have seated twists.

Lady Gaga

By asking her to hold a five-pound dumbbell or medicine ball at chest height, Pasternak makes the move even more challenging for his star client. Also, he has her do a series of exercises that begin with a crunch, are modified into reverse crunches, and culminate with a double crunch. In addition to sculpting her abdomen, dumbbell side bends are one of her favorite moves.

In addition to doing her ab exercises, he makes sure that she completes a 25-minute cardio circuit five times a week, which includes high-intensity cardio and resistance training.

Calorie-Blasting SoulCycle

Among the activities of Lady Gaga’s fitness program is the calorie-burning SoulCycle workout. She has not only been spotted entering and exiting spiritual cycling classes in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but she also organizes her own rides and even has two custom-made bikes on her tour bus.

Lady Gaga Abs Workout

A must in her fitness regime is abs. She works out for abs each day for about 20 minutes. As we are all aware, abs are the only part of the body that we can train regularly and still see results. In fact, Lady Gaga regularly exercises her abs for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Check out her ab routine workout to see some of the exercises she uses.

These are the exercises Lady Gaga uses for her Abs workout.

  • Crunches
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Russian twist
  • Leg raises
  • Plank
  • Side plank
  • Plank jump

These are some of the exercises that Lady Gaga does in her ab workout every day.

Hot Yoga

The best thing for keeping her body flexible, slim and toned is her daily hot yoga routine. In her Instagram photos, Lady Gaga does a lot of hot yoga; in her interview, she has also mentioned that she’s done it for quite some time. Her specialty is working out in this manner, so that certainly is one of her specialties.

The Resistance Training of Lady Gaga

Perhaps you’ve seen her posts where she shows resistance bands on the machine. We learned from a source that she likes to increase resistance when training and exercising using resistance bands. With a resistance band, she likes to squat, push up, pull up, and do planks among other exercises.

Lady Gaga

TRX and Versaclimber

She keeps her muscles challenged by regularly changing up her workout routine. According to her recent statement on Good Morning America, she works out a lot. When she climbs the VersaClimber, she sings along with it. A full-on cardio show awaits her at the Super Bowl. It’s a cardio workout while you sing. As a matter of fact, she even made time for a TRX workout with Pasternak (dud in Versace) right before she hit the stage of the Super Bowl!

  • Resistance training: 35 min x 5 days/week, including targeted abs work.
  • Bicycle crunches: 20 reps x 6 sets daily.
  • Swim laps
  • Ride horseback
  • Pilates
  • Bikram yoga
  • TRX
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Ice baths for recovery

Bikram Yoga

Since 2004, Lady Gaga has been practicing Bikram yoga with New York City instructor Tricia Donegan. Donegan believes the yoga practice has not only kept Lady Gaga in shape but also contributed to her success. In a New York Times interview, she said: “Lady Gaga is very special because she’s a woman of service. She uses her talent to improve the world because she practices yoga.”

Horseback Riding

In 2015, Lady Gaga fell in love with an Arabian named Arabella (who sadly passed away in early 2019). Instead of riding horses as a child, Gaga discovered a love for horses when her record label gifted her the horse. As a result, she has a few horses, one of which is a stallion named Trigger, and posts photos of them on social media.

A study conducted by the British Horse Society reports that 30 minutes of horseback riding is only classified as moderate exercise, but it offers a variety of benefits for mental health as well.  Through interpersonal interactions, mood changes, anxiety, self-esteem, and other emotional factors, can enhance your well-being.

Practicing meditation

Lady Gaga practices meditation and prayer regularly. Her faith in meditation is so deep that during the 2017 Las Vegas shootings, she hosted a live, 20-minute meditation session on Instagram.

I started my Instagram Live by thinking it would be a nice moment to take a few moments for myself and think about each other, she said. Human beings are constantly involved in a lot of different things in the world. It has been proposed that much healing can take place when our minds are quieted and our bodies are relaxed. A short time after the relaxing session, she mentioned that she finds mediation to help deal with her mental health issues.

The practice of meditation can help people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or pain. It was pointed out in the Mayo Clinic study that mindfulness could lead to greater happiness, resilience, and kindness. Lady Gaga takes care of herself from the inside out, so she deserves our admiration for her commitment to healthy living! Thanks for being an inspiration, girl!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Workout Monday Routine

Here’s the breakdown, followed by Lady Gaga’s workout routine:

  • 5-Factor Lady Gaga workout:
  • After doing the Cardio Warm Up, do each set, repeating 3 times.
  • Upper Body Circuit-(4 sets with no rest between sets).
  • Lower Body Circuit– (4 sets with no rest between sets).
  • Core Set-(4 sets with no rest between sets.)
  • Cardio Cool Down (Start with 5 mins, increase up to 30 mins if you have time)

Monday Workout:

Here’s the Lady Gaga Monday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

  • For “Cardio Warm Up” and “Cardio Cool Down”, choose your favorite exercise(s) from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)
Exercise Sets Reps Rest Data Notes
Cardio 1 5 min 0 secs
Dumbbell Bench Press 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 Do each exercise in
Seated Shoulder Press 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 the circuit once,
Bicep curls into O/H press 4 20 60 secs Circuit #1 then repeat each
Dumbbell Tap Squats 4 20 0 secs Circuit #2 exercise 3 more times
Jump squats 4 20 60 secs Circuit #2 to reach 4 total sets
Upper Body Crunches 4 20 0 secs Circuit #3 Then, proceed to this
Mountain climbers 4 20 60 secs Circuit #3 abs circuit
Cardio 1 5-30 min 0 secs Go between 5-30 mins

It might be better to start by doing fewer repetitions (Lady Gaga worked her way up to these repetitions)

Lady Gaga Workout Tuesday Routine

Tuesday Workout:

  • For “Cardio Warm Up” and “Cardio Cool Down”, choose your favorite exercise(s) from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)

Here’s the Lady Gaga Tuesday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Data Notes
Cardio 1 5 min 0 secs
Dumbbell Chest Fly 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 Do each exercise in
Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 the circuit once,
Triceps Extensions 4 20 60 secs Circuit #1 then repeat each
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlift 4 20 0 secs Circuit #2 exercise 3 more times
Skater’s Lunges 4 20 60 secs Circuit #2 to reach 4 total sets
Forearm Plank 4 20 0 secs Circuit #3 Then, proceed to this
Side-Plank with Pulse 4 20 60 secs Circuit #3 abs circuit
Cardio 1 5-30min 0 secs As much as you can

Lady Gaga Workout Wednesday Routine

Wednesday Workout:

  • For “Cardio Warm Up” and “Cardio Cool Down”, choose your favorite exercise(s) from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)

Here’s the Lady Gaga Wednesday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Notes Data
Cardio 1 5 mins 0 secs
Dumbbell Bench Press 4 20 0 secs Do each exercise in Circuit #1
Dumbbell Pullover 4 20 0 secs the circuit once, Circuit #1
Bicep curls into O/H press 4 20 60 secs then repeat each Circuit #1
Dumbbell Lunges 4 20 0 secs exercise 3 more times Circuit #2
Jump squats 4 20 60 secs to reach 4 total sets Circuit #2
Reverse Crunches 4 20 0 secs Then, proceed to this Circuit #3
Abdominal Twists 4 20 60 secs abs circuit #2 Circuit #3
Cardio 1 5-30min 0 secs Go between 5-30 mins

Lady Gaga Workout Thursday Routine

Thursday Workout:

  • For “Cardio Warm Up” and “Cardio Cool Down”, choose your favorite exercise(s) from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)

Here’s the Lady Gaga Thursday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Data Notes
Cardio Warm-Up 1 5 min 0 secs
Dumbbell Bench Press 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 Do each exercise in
Seated Shoulder Press 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 the circuit once,
DB Hammer Curls 4 20 60 secs Circuit #1 then repeat each
Dumbbell Tap Squats 4 20 0 secs Circuit #2 exercise 3 more times
Skater’s Lunges 4 20 60 secs Circuit #2 to reach 4 total sets
Upper Body Crunches 4 20 0 secs Circuit #3 Then, proceed to this
Dumbbell Lateral Flexions 4 20 60 secs Circuit #3 abs circuit
Cardio Cool Down 1 5-30min 0 secs Go between 5-30 mins

Lady Gaga Workout Friday Routine

Friday Workout:

  • For “Cardio Warm Up” and “Cardio Cool Down”, choose your favorite exercise(s) from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)

Here’s the Lady Gaga Friday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Data Notes
Cardio 1 5 mins 0 secs
Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 Do each exercise in
Bicep curls into O/H press 4 20 0 secs Circuit #1 the circuit once,
Triceps Extensions 4 20 60 secs Circuit #1 then repeat each
Dumbbell Lunges 4 20 0 secs Circuit #2 exercise 3 more times
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlift 4 20 60 secs Circuit #2 to reach 4 total sets
Double Crunches 4 20 0 secs Circuit #3 Then, proceed to this
Upward/Downward Dog 4 10 each 60 secs Circuit #3 abs circuit
Cardio 1 5-30min 0 secs Go between 5-30 mins

(Lady Gaga worked her way up to these repetitions, you may have to start by doing fewer repetitions)

In her workout routine, Lady Gaga performs the following workouts and fitness rituals. In addition to following a great workout routine, she also follows some tips and tricks that make the routine even better. Hence, we would discuss in the next section some of the tips that motivate her to become a better workout champion.

Lady Gaga Workout Tips and Tricks

The workout routine she follows is not the only thing she does. She also follows some amazing workout tips and tricks which she incorporates into her workout routine. Make sure that she remains motivated to incorporate them into her plans so she remains consistent. Here we will learn about all the tricks and tips she is willing to share with us.

Stamina building

Putting on platform stilettos takes a great deal of energy. During showtime, Lady Gaga makes it look as if she’s not working hard.

Lady Gaga

Add a little spice

Her routine is always changing, which makes her feel fresh and interesting. She could practice yoga, Pilates, swim or ride a horse on top of regular weight training.

Get Help

Throughout the years, Lady Gaga has worked with trainer Harley Pasternak. In addition to Rihanna, Adam Levine, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, he also worked with David Bowie.

Dose daily

She gets a good workout every day, whether she’s dancing on stage, hitting the gym, or riding a horse. The workouts she does consist of 35 minutes of strength training five days a week.


Whenever she can, Gaga likes to hit the water and swim some laps before going on stage, which is a good cardio workout without wearing her out.


Like Kaley Cuoco and Mary Kate Olsen, Gaga enjoys riding horses, a form of exercise that strengthens your core and legs while giving you an adrenaline rush while galloping through the canyons.


Occasionally, Gaga takes classes with Lisa Marie Goodwin, a Pilates instructor. A lot of dancers use Pilates because it strengthens their core and increases their flexibility. A majority of her exercise is devoted to the core, including six sets of crunches on a bicycle every day.


Yoga has been practiced by Gaga for almost two decades, like Madonna. Having begun her practice of hot yoga in 2004, she has recently taken up Bikram yoga and can do poses like headstands.

Exercise is something she does consistently.

Her trainer, Harley Pasternak, told Us Weekly that she does 35-minute strength training sessions five days a week, and that her cardio comes from jogging

Her favorite form of exercise is yoga.

Us Weekly also reported that she regularly practices yoga, not only for the physical aspect but for the mental as well.

Whenever necessary, she contacts a professional to address her mental health.

Regardless of what helps her protect her mental health, Lady Gaga is never afraid to talk about it openly. “I had a psychotic break at one point. It was one of my worst experiences. I was rushed to an ER and a psychiatrist was brought in.” She then discussed her trials with Oprah, revealing that she took prescription medication to cope. (Her honesty is what matters the most.)

Lady Gaga

She soaks in ice baths to ease sore muscles.

During her post-show self-care, Gaga said she takes ice baths every night. Her post-show routine includes ice baths for 5-10 minutes, followed by hot baths for 20 minutes, followed by compression suits loaded with ice packs for 30 minutes.

Swimming laps is one of her hobbies.

Swimming is another one of the things that Lady Gaga enjoys doing before her shows. “Pre-show routine: Hard workout and then Galactic Laps. GagaPhelps,” she wrote in an Insta caption.

She’s into Gyrotonic.

“Gyro class, not the Greek sandwich kind!! ?” Gaga joked in a caption on a workout photo, ahead of her debut in American Horror Story: Hotel. On the website, she is using a “Gyrotoner” machine, which is used in Gyrotonic training — a method that uses similar principles to yoga for increasing range of motion, improving strength, and enhancing movement efficiency.

Her interest is in Eastern medicine.

Her chronic pain and fibromyalgia have been treated with Eastern medicine and treatments such as acupuncture and reiki healing, according to Us Weekly.

Lady Gaga

It is important to her to take care of her skin.

Gaga’s makeup artist told TODAY that Gaga has “the best skin in the business.” Tanno revealed that Gaga uses and lots (and lots) of Talika face masks. Talika’s Eye Therapy Patches also seem to be a favorite of hers to reduce puffiness.

Her favorite form of exercise is Pilates.

Sloan-Taylor Rabin trains Gaga in Pilates

She performs facials for the skin.

As part of American Horror Story, Joomla Song, an esthetician, worked with Gaga. During the show, Song told Refinery29 that Gaga would always do a hyaluronic acid scrub before a close-up scene to reduce redness.

A SoulCycle fanatic, she doesn’t miss a session.

The singer also loves a good SoulCycle sweat sesh—so much so that her tour bus has two custom-built SoulCycle bikes

During her workouts, she exercises her entire body.

There are various exercises included in Gaga’s workouts, including bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, seated Russian twists, and dumbbell side bends. According to Harley Pasternak, the singer also does skater lunges (for that booty), dumbbell triceps extensions with overhead dumbbells (for those arms), and lateral dumbbell raises (for those shoulders).

Her favorite form of meditation is transcendental.

In her 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour interview with Oprah, Lady Gaga shared her love of transcendental meditation. “I do that, and when I slip up on it it’s not the best, because it’s better when I do. Sometimes I can be in a ton of pain and meditate, and it goes away. It’s amazing,” she said.

DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy, is what she does.

It is a dialectical behavioral therapy she takes; she has a teacher. DBT, Elle said, is an excellent treatment for mental health issues.

Lady Gaga

When she exercises, she takes a break.

If her body tries to tell her no, she listens and breaks from the hard workouts for a while. During her Oprah’s 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour, Suze Orman said that if she’s in a lot of pain and feeling overwhelmed, she might not be able to exercise as hard or may decide not to exercise at all.

Lady Gaga

A facial massage is performed by her.

Song used kaika during the filming of the music video. This Japanese facial massage promotes circulation, reduces puffiness, releases tension, and releases muscle tension. Refinery29 quoted Song as saying that everything looks brighter and tighter now. The key difference between this treatment and others is the combination of finger pressure and a sensitive Japanese microcurrent machine that works quickly to release tension.

Gratefulness is a practice

In fact, her practice of thankfulness extends to pain as well. “I will be lying on my porch crying. And I will say, ‘Thank you, God, for this pain. This pain is meant for me and my body right now. I’m here at this moment. And I’m learning. Thank you for teaching me,’” she told Oprah during Oprah’s 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour.

Fitness trends interest her, and she enjoys working out with The Mirror.

Streaming live and on-demand fitness classes in a breadth of workout genres, The Atlantic says, is Gaga’s favorite feature of the Mirror. It was reportedly something she bought for her parents for Christmas, according to The New York Times.

As part of her hip strengthening, she is determined.

A report from PopSugar claimed that Gaga required hip surgery in 2013 after breaking her hip. She also told Women’s Wear Daily: “When we got all the MRIs finished before I went to surgery there were giant craters, a hole in my hip the size of a quarter, and the cartilage was just hanging out the other side of my hip. I had a tear on the inside of my joint and a huge breakage. The surgeon told me that if I had done another show I might have needed a full hip replacement.” Since then, she’s been working out to keep her kips healthy and strong with exercises such as bridges.

Chronic pain is a major problem for her, so she works hard to manage it.

Despite her busy schedule, Gaga doesn’t neglect her health. By contrast, she stays on top of interventions that reduce her pain, such as spending time in the infrared sauna (pictured below). According to Vogue, her condition is improving every day thanks to some great doctors who are taking care of her.

There you have it- all about the workout tips and tricks that Lady Gaga provides to her followers. What Lady Gaga consumes to fuel herself will be revealed in the next section. Oftentimes, she follows a diet that is special to her. Her food choices are very straightforward. The more or less dedicated food hunter always looks for nourishment. In the next section, you can read more about it.

Lady Gaga Diet Plan

Despite having an intense schedule, there is no way Lady Gaga could eat junk food and manage it. Her long days are fuelled with nutrient-dense foods, and when she’s craving indulgences, she can have what some might call a ‘half cheat,’ meaning she makes the item healthier, such as adding whole wheat bread to French toast rather than white bread. In addition to traveling the world and eating exotic foods, she is an adventurous eater. Whenever she drinks juice, it will be fresh-pressed and made from vegetables. When she drinks tea and coconut water, she also drinks coconut water.

5-Factor Diet

Pasternak refers to Lady Gaga’s diet as his “5-Factor World Diet” which is more of a lifestyle plan than a restrictive diet. This concept proposes that individuals consume five meals with five ingredients each per day, each of which takes just five minutes to prepare.

Lady Gaga

You should also have five food groups in each meal: a protein such as egg whites, lean meats, and fish, complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, lentils, oatmeal, fiber from whole grains and vegetables, healthy fat from oils and dairy products, and sugar-free drinks. Furthermore, those following the plan must complete five 25-minute workouts per week which are separated into five-minute segments.

Lady Gaga’s tour chef Bo O’Connor told Self that her healthy diet can actually be achieved. In addition to quinoa, black beans, and shrimp grilled on the grill, she usually has vegetables for lunch or dinner, no matter what time of day it is. A healthy meal should be yummy, filling, nutritious, and high in fiber.

Now and then, Gaga indulges in unhealthy cravings like the urge for burgers and fries, but instead of indulging, she replaces them with healthier alternatives like turkey burgers, gluten-free, rich in spices, and baked sweet potato fries. As far as snacks go, if she gets hungry between meals, she usually nibbles on a piece of almond butter, sometimes with fiber-rich Scandinavian crackers or a banana.

Lady Gaga follows the following meal plan:

Lady Gaga Breakfast Meal

  • Oatmeal with fruits
  • Almond butter with Scandinavian crackers


  • Salad
  • Fruits

Lunch Meal In Lady Gaga Diet

  • Grilled shrimp
  • Quinoa with black beans
  • Veggies

Snack 2

  • Almonds
  • Veggies


  • Chicken breast or fish
  • Little rice
  • Veggies

This is all about Lady Gaga’s diet plan.

Lady Gaga

What to Eat

Here is a list of things that lady gaga loves to keep in her fridge and make a part of her routine:

  • Eggs
  • Egg Whites
  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Whole Grains
  • Gluten-free Pasta
  • Red Sauce
  • Almond Butter
  • Baked Chips
  • Whole Grain Pretzels
  • Fresh Coconut Water
  • Fresh Green Juice
  • Turmeric
  • Water
  • Dark Chocolate

What to Avoid

Here is a list of things that Lady Gaga absolutely hates to add to her meal plans:

  • White Flour
  • Refined Sugar
  • Processed Food
  • Junk Food
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Chemicals

Lady Gaga has a diet plan for herself which she has explained. However, besides those things, she also follows some diet tips that she incorporates into her daily routine. A few tricks and tips can really help you elevate the whole diet process, according to her. In the following section, we’ll discuss just that.

Lady Gaga Diet Tips

Lady Gaga has followed some extreme diets before, but she generally doesn’t do them. She believes there are a few tips and tricks she follows and that would actually lead to change in her life, more than following extreme diets. The purpose of this section is to discuss those changes. Here’s what you need to know.

Lots of vegetables

A typical morning for Gaga includes eggs, veggies, and coffee. With lunch she’ll often have a salad and dinner will contain more vegetables packed with nutrients.

There’s something in the blood

Whenever she is in Los Angeles, Lady Gaga is eating Italian food. Sometimes she makes quinoa pasta, which is gluten-free, rather than regular pasta.

Do away with the white flour

When she feels like biting into something, Gaga will have bread or whole-grain pretzels. She needs to avoid processed foods and white flour.

The way she sees it, she’s all about meal planning

In the end, it comes down to planning. Lady Gaga’s personal chefs help her with that. As if she does not have enough on her plate already. O’Connor told SELF that having someone set things aside for her, as well as plan her meals, helps her know she isn’t cheating.

The key to success is hydration

Performers like Gaga need lots of energy, so staying hydrated is important. Besides tea, fresh coconut water, and fresh green juices, she consumes plenty of fresh fluids.

Healthy Cheats

Even Gaga gets the hankering for a treat from time to time. In those instances, she has things like baked chips, almond butter, or dark chocolate. How can she satisfy her fast food cravings? She might be able to get a more nutritious version from her personal chef. The meal she would prepare for her would include a turkey burger, spiced with a lot of spices, and sweet potato fries baked in the oven. The good thing is she feels she can still eat a burger similar to a real one and still enjoy good health, O’Connor told SELF.

Breakfast is the first thing she does in the morning.

She knows breakfast like the back of her hand. According to Gaga’s personal chef and lifelong friend Bo O’Connor, her first meal of the day usually involves eggs or egg whites, vegetables, and sometimes fruit or healthy granola.

In the case of a sweeter dessert or French toast, her talented chefs would create a healthier version for her. Whole-wheat bread would be a better choice than white. In O’Connor’s words, this is a “half-cheat meal” or a healthier version of a dish that has traditionally been not so healthy.

Nutritional snacks are always at her fingertips.

Popstar Lady Gaga’s favorite snacks include whole-grain pretzels, GG crispy bread crackers, rice crisps, health bars, nuts, and baked chips. O’Connor says she varies her snacks by having some sweet and some savory, such as bittersweet chocolate or almond butter squeeze packs.

Maintaining a healthy level of hydration is important to her.

The singer makes sure to stay hydrated throughout rehearsals and performances. The Feast reports that O’Connor drinks a lot of tea, fresh coconut water, and fresh green juice when she’s on the road. O’Connor said that Gaga prevents the consumption of processed juice, but, “if she was to drink juice, it would be a good green juice with kale and spinach and celery, cucumbers, parsley, and lemon,” he said.

As part of her fitness program, she works with a personal trainer.

The singer works out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak since she was a teenager. “I remember the first time she dropped by, she was so teeny tiny,” he said. There’s a sense of presence,” he told Elite Daily. “This is not someone who needs to lose weight. She dressed like an advert for Jean-Paul Gaultier from the ’80s, like so cool and gorgeous.”

She fills up on immunity-supporting spices.

As she battles her cold, Gaga nourishes herself with spiced homemade beverages. “Sometimes when she wasn’t feeling well or run down, we would make a hot drink with turmeric, fresh ginger, and lemongrass, to calm her system,” O’Connor said to The Feast.

A salad that isn’t boring is what she loves.

Salads are a common lunchtime meal for Lady Gaga. Whether she’s eating lunch, dinner, or both, O’Connor told People that she takes a salad throughout the day. She includes a few more things in her salads than lettuce, so they’re not your humdrum salads. Additionally, it can contain other components that are more satisfying for the user, she says.

In her cooking, she lightens up comfort food.

O’Connor declares that she is a firm believer in Italian cuisine, so she enjoys the red sauce, or gravy as they call it in her part of the world. Joanne Trattoria Cookbook includes a few family recipes written by her dad, Joe Germanotta. To enjoy this Italian favorite in a slightly healthier way, she opts for gluten-free or quinoa pasta, accompanied by veggies and shrimp for protein.

There is always healthy food in her refrigerator.

As shown in the picture, Gaga’s refrigerator includes water, kombucha, unsweetened tea, almond butter, nut butter, and kale, swiss chard, lemons, limes, and ginger, according to O’Connor.

She enjoys her favorite foods

A fan of her dad’s fried chicken, Lady Gaga loves it from his restaurant. “Had to stop at my dad’s new restaurant with @thechefartsmith. It’s called @artbirdnyc if you want killer fried chicken n’ more at Grand Central Station food concourse in NYC,” she captioned an Insta post of her taking a bite.

With the fruit, she can satisfy her sweet tooth cravings

The fruit and produce in Tokyo were incredible –it’s to die for –so she definitely has a sweet tooth sometimes and likes chocolate, but in Japan, the fruit is incredible and you eat it, so that’s your indulgence, O’Connor said to People.

When she cooks, she relaxes and strengthens relationships.

The art of cooking is part of Gaga’s world and a way for her to show love to her friends and family. Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelica Germanotta, wrote in the forward for the cookbook of her father, Joanne Trattoria, that she came up with the meals with her family every night. Her fondest childhood memory is of the smell of ‘gravy’ from a pot fresh out of the oven.

As far as we know, Gaga does not follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate eating vegetables. They’re apparently one of her favorite foods when she’s on tour. The self magazine reported that Gaga’s longtime friend and personal chef Bo O’Connor says the singer eats lunch or dinner made up of things like quinoa with black beans, shrimp grilled over a fire, and pretty vegetables. Her recommendation was to provide a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits to provide your body with good nutrients.

It was reported by O’Connor that Gaga liked dishes that used a lot of vegetables and quinoa in an interview with The New Potato. The singer explained that on tour, she is “really disciplined.” Nevertheless, Gaga seems to genuinely enjoy eating vegetables. She uploaded an Instagram photo of grilled veggies in 2015 with the caption, Thank you the earth for fresh veggies from my garden. The best way to enjoy garlic is in olive oil and with sea salt.

She chooses to eat meals with a lot of fiber

Unlike most people, Lady Gaga’s diet includes more than just vegetables – she usually reaches for meals that are filled with fiber, something that can make you feel satisfied. The self magazine reported that O’Connor says she always makes sure her meals are healthy, tasty, filling, nutritious, and contain a lot of fiber. The singer explains that Lady Gaga focuses on meals that have good taste, as well as being healthy for your body. It is what we eat that makes up our bodies.

Her fridge is usually stocked with some of Gaga’s favorite foods. She brings around a lot of water, kombucha, some type of unsweetened ice tea, Greek yogurt, almond butter, jelly, and lots of kinds of fruits and vegetables – kale, Swiss chard, lemons, limes, ginger.

Healthy and filling snacks are among her favorites

Lady Gaga prefers to keep things filling and healthy when it comes to snacks. During an interview with Self, O’Connor said she liked to have a supply of travel-size snacks that were nutritious. According to O’Connor, Gaga carries around small packs of almond butter while on tour, which she blends with other things. To make a crunchy snack that is “filling and satisfying,” Gaga might combine Scandinavian crackers with almond butter and banana.

During a People interview, choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson revealed that Gaga always had “grain chips, hummus, tofu, turkey slices, and coconut water” when she was on tours. “Bad Romance” singer enjoys these nutritious snacks because they are packed with nutrients, fiber, and protein that keep her feeling full for longer, preventing her from mindlessly snacking on sweets or processed foods.

Sugary cereal is something she loves to eat

Gaga loves eating as healthily as possible, especially when she’s on tour. Although the star appreciates a good old-fashioned sugar as well, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to enjoy it. Additionally, she’s not concerned about social media showing those indulgences. In the week leading up to the 2019 Golden Globes, where she was nominated for several awards, Gaga posted a photo of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and boxes of burgers and fries on her Instagram Story (via Entertainment Tonight). “#GoldenGlobes tomorrow gotta fuel up!” she wrote next to the picture. She told ET she also ate Vietnamese food.

When speaking to ET about her delicious night in, Gaga explained, “I really had to pack it before a long evening.” Then she added a few words of advice to anyone who listened, saying, “You know what, women? Eat. Eat what you want.” She continued, “Do what you want, be who you are, do not starve yourself, live your life. Listen, I’m telling you, the pressures in Hollywood and that celebrity aura puts on young people, it’s too much and, you know, eat what you want, be who you are.”

Lady Gaga

There is no such thing as too much salad

Even though Gaga may still indulge in some indulgences from time to time, it seems clear she’s also very focused on eating as healthy as possible. Given that we already know how much she enjoys veggies and meals with lots of fiber, it isn’t strange to hear that she loves big salads almost every day. According to Chef O’Connor, Lady Gaga always has something green at lunch or dinner, no matter what she’s eating.

However, the highlight of this dish isn’t a simple, boring salad of greens topped with some vegetables. Mixing it up and adding various ingredients is what she does. O’Connor explained, “The salad can be different and change; it doesn’t always have to be super lettuce-based, rather it can have other components that are a little bit more satisfying.” We would assume that Gaga’s salads are packed with whole grains, lean protein, and, of course, a lot of veggies.

Her schedule requires that she consume smoothies to remain productive

No matter how busy she might be, Gaga always chooses easy to prepare, fast-to-eat breakfasts and snacks that can fill her up, especially when she’s on tour. Her favorite smoothie is one option that she often turns to. During an interview with People, O’Connor stated that Gaga loves “fresh” smoothies, which contain nutrients and real food instead of just sugar. She likes natural smoothies with coconut water and coconut milk, all in fresh form, and she tries very hard on tour to maintain the standard.

Gaga makes healthy eating easy by making smoothies. Considering that she has a personal chef, she can plan everything she eats in advance. As O’Connor told Self, she had a million things on her plate. She knows there is no cheating when someone plans her meals and sets everything aside for her.

Making pasta at home is one of her favorite things to do

As an Italian-American with great pride for her heritage, Gaga is no secret. It’s not surprising that she is a big fan of pasta, particularly when she makes it herself, as she does frequently. In 2015, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself making ravioli with the caption, “Made fresh homemade ravioli this weekend with butternut squash and basil pesto from the garden.” She added the hashtag, “#italiansdoitbest.”

When Gaga is home, whether I’m cooking or out with her, “she’ll almost always pick Italian.” That’s because it’s her home food. Actor Bradley Cooper was also attracted to Gaga’s pasta when they started working on A Star Is Born. The actor noted in an interview with Conan O’Brien that she made him feel so comfortable when they first met to discuss the film over pasta.

It’s okay for her to eat sweets when she wants to

Keeping things healthy is Lady Gaga’s forte, but she also understands how to keep a healthy balance when it comes to the food she consumes. She is not only fond of pasta and sugary cereals, but she also loves sweet treats when she feels like them. In an interview with People, her personal chef, O’Connor, revealed that Gaga enjoys sweets. A good example could be the Japanese fruit and produce that, when she went to Tokyo, she indulged in instead of chocolates.

According to Us Weekly, an anonymous source close to Gaga said she is not afraid of treating herself. Furthermore, they added, She will never be deprived. When she wants something, she eats it. She has to drink coffee every day. In an interview with People, LaurieAnn Gibson said that she and director David Arquette sometimes indulged on tour by drinking a little white wine together.

You can make her happy by giving her Irish whiskey

In addition to sugary treats, A Star Is Born actress Camila Mendes occasionally likes to drink a cocktail. According to The Independent, Gaga contributed some of her songwriting to Born This Way by using Irish whiskey. Taking a break on stage during a show at Ireland’s Aviva Stadium, Gaga said, “I have made so much of my music with Jameson. I’m not being paid a cent to advertise the whiskey… I should be. The whiskey has made my new songs.” In addition, she joked that she loves it in Ireland because she’ll get “washed down the back of a pub” when she visits.

Gaga once shared her love of whiskey in an interview with Sirius XM’s Morning Mash Up (via Delish). She went on to explain, “I live my life the way I want to… I love whiskey and stuff when I am working.” How does she manage this? She has to work out every day, no matter what type of hangover she has.

The five-factor diet is what she believes in

Gaga has not only benefited from healthy choices but has also followed popular diets. As a celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak went on tour with Lady Gaga in 2009. He tweeted (via PopSugar), “About to ‘5-Factor-size’ her tour…my luggage is packed with 5-factor snack bars, chips, and smoothies!”

Lady Gaga

It is fairly easy to follow the 5-factor diet. Every day, it consists of three meals and two snacks that contain low-fat protein, healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and fat, as well as sugar-free drinks with each meal. The one-week cheat day is given to anyone following it. The diet, as described by Pasternak, should consist of protein the size of various hands, grains or fruits of varying fiber content, unlimited vegetables, and healthy fats at least the size of your thumb. Snacks should be approximately one-third of a meal.

She enjoys drinking green tea a lot

Although Lady Gaga loves coffee, she’s also partial to green tea. There was even a partnership between her and Starbucks. A Starbucks partnership with the singer’s Born This Way Foundation, which works with youths to address mental health needs and to develop community projects, was announced in 2017. Every time the customer purchases a matcha lemonade, pink drink, pink ombre drink, or violet drink, 25 cents were to be donated to charity, according to Well + Good. According to the pop star, among all of those shots, she loves matcha lemonade because “I instantly fell in love with [it].”

Staying hydrated is a major factor according to O’Connor, so green tea is a good way to hydrate. During an interview with Self, she said, “Don’t drink soda. Don’t drink diet soda. Just drink water. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go. Otherwise, you will be extremely thirsty and tempted to eat, snack, and drink more.”

There you have it, Lady Gaga’s diet tips to her fans and followers who will follow her fitness journey. Throughout the next section, we will explore how Lady Gaga ensures her body receives proper nourishment. Besides vitamins and minerals, she also takes several supplements, which we will discuss next.

Lady Gaga Nutrition and Supplements

The following section will provide more information on the supplements Lady Gagas takes to maintain her health. In addition to all the supplements she uses, she ensures she takes all the supplements that would boost her recovery rate and improve her shape. Her main body goal is also met by adding supplements that will aid her in achieving it. Check this out:


A hot drink containing restorative ingredients like ginger soothes Gaga when she’s feeling achy. A ginger root’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it a highly nutritious food. As well as supporting the immune system and weight loss, it also reduces nausea.

Lady Gaga


In addition to turmeric, Gaga’s health drink also contains ginseng. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric have been used by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Taking turmeric can also improve your skin’s appearance and reduce depression.


A third healthy ingredient is a lemongrass, which gives Gaga’s recovery drink its citrusy flavor. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of lemongrass help with digestion.


Coconut water is rich in electrolytes, so Gaga drinks it to stay hydrated during her hours-long concerts. The herbal supplement is effective for increasing energy and athletic performance, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and assisting with weight loss.

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