Lindsey Vonn Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lindsey Vonn, who was born in 1984 in Minnesota shows great interest in skiing at a very early age, starting at 7. In 2008, she won her first World Championship and she will win three more during the rest of her career. Her biggest victory was her winning the gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Dejectedly, an injury sidelined her for the 2014 Winter Games. This made her subsequent Olympic triumph all the more encouraging — she succeeded to get bronze at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

Lindsey Vonn

Vonn announced her retirement in 2019 with a large 82 World Cup triumph to her honor. For an athlete as prosperous as Lindsey Vonn, nutrition, and fitness no doubt represented a tremendous part. But what were Vonn’s nutritional rules that allowed her to continue not just aggressive, but at the right apex of her sport?

At 29, Lindsey Vonn is notably the most prominent American ski racer in memoir: She’s won Olympic gold and bronze medals, two gold and three silver World Championship medals, and four overall World Cup titles. Even with all the downfall, she faced throughout her career, Vonn proceeds to append important titles to her rèsumè. Most lately that of a businesswoman.

Lindsey Vonn is an establishing partner and spokesperson for Playmaker Nutrition, which makes supplements for busy kids and teens. With this article no only will we learn why Vonn has put her superstar potential behind Playmaker, her best nourishment guidance for young athletes (and their parents) and why—to the dismay of parents throughout—if kids have dessert they must eat it before supper. We would also see all about her own nutrition and diet quirks in the following sections.

Lindsey Vonn Statistics

  • Date of Birth: October 18
  • Birth Year: 1984 (age 36)
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • World Cup wins: 67

Lindsey Vonn’s Daily Routine

5:30 AM Wake Up
6:00 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM First Workout of the Day Begins
10:00 AM Protein Shake/Nutrition
11:00 AM Naptime
12:00 AM Lunch
1:00 PM Second Workout Begins
4:00 PM Physical Therapy Begins
5:30 PM Dinnertime
6:30 PM Relax with Dogs, Watch Law and Order, and/or Read
7:30 PM Bedtime

Six Hours of Workouts 

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn has an intense training regimen that requires a lot of energy and discipline on her part. Thus with a smooth amount of willpower and dedication, she can work out and hit the gym for 5 to 6 days per week for a whopping 5 to 6 hours! She wakes up even before anyone else has woken up to start her workouts and training. She spends a lot of time on her training bike too which builds her quads that are a huge necessity for her skiing practices. It gives her a competitive edge over others and helps her with an increase in stamina. Her personal trainer also has something to say about Lindsey Vonn, “It just gives her that fitness to continually perform for five months on the hill.”

Sleep: A Priority for Vonn

Sleep is something that is a huge part of Lindsey Vonn’s daily routine as it not only gives her extra energy for her workouts but also helps her recover throughout the day. Lindsey Vonn says, “I love sleep. I am a good sleeper, I take naps every day, I try to sleep at least 10 hours at night. The more I sleep, the better recovered I am.”

She sleeps for about 10 hours every single night and has 1 hour to 1.5 hours of naps in the middle of the day every single day. Thus at least half 12 hours out of 24 hours is comprised of sleep. Thus for Lindsey Vonn, sleep is a very integral part of her life without which she can not function properly. Besides this, half of her remaining day is spent in the gym.

A typical working day for Lindsey Vonn begins at 7 am. The team starts her training session of manual therapy of the knee so that she could have a more proper range of motion. Then she hops on her bike. Her warm-up routine is of about an hour which includes mobility and stretching routines. She then does some stability workouts required for her game.

Lindsey Vonn

Then she focuses on core activation and does some abs and core workouts. She follows them by some glute bridges, and band walks so that her hips could be completely activated before she does the actual work. Then it is followed by Olympic lifting, jumping, and agility workouts. This powerful work is followed by some strength workouts which include heavy squats movements, etc. This is then followed by accessory exercises like lunges, hamstring curls, and some more ab workouts to give her the best possible shape.

And this is not even over yet! She follows it with some balancing exercises so that she could use it for herself in the game. “We like to end the session with balance exercises because the legs are tired. Just like if you were skiing, at the end of your run, we want that balance to still be there,” Bunt says.

This is why Lindsey Vonn has the reputation of being one of the most hard-working players in the world both in the season and off-season. Even though she has had multiple injuries, she managed to win multiple titles for herself. She has also earned the title of the greatest skier of all time. Thus with this kind of hard work, we can say that she shines through and through.

Lindsey Vonn

In a very recent interview with the Lindsey Vonn personal trainer and conditioning coach, Alex Bunt which is a Venice beach native and who has trained Lindsey Vonn for more than 4 years travels with Lindsey Vonn through all her destination to coach her and train her, no matter if it is in season or of the season. Not only does he looks after her training session but he is also her personal chef and makes sure that she is eating the right kinds of things at all time which are required for her workouts.  “She is a true professional,” Bunt says without hesitation. “She treats the training as part of her job. So, she comes in with full focus and demands excellence. She demands that I perform my job as well as I can. That’s refreshing for me, working with an athlete, not only at the top of her game but also extremely motivated and really appreciative of the level of training we can give her.”

Leisure Time

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is one heck of an active woman and skiing is not the only thing that piques her interest. She also likes to do cycling, tennis, and golf. She sometimes likes to be just sedentary because she is on her feet all the time. She loves to catch up on her sleep but besides that general relaxing is also a huge part of her routine. To destress and unwind, Lindsey Vonn likes to watch Law and Order, read, and spend time with her three pet dogs, Lucy, Leo, and Bear!

Lindsey Vonn Workout Routine

Even after getting retired from the Olympics, Lindsey Vonn has been active as she does a lot of strength training at the gym and other activities. She doe all this with her trainer Gunnar Peterson who also trains other celebs like Kate Beckinsale and the Kardashians. Besides, she also shares her progress with her fans and friends on her social media like Instagram and Facebook. She has her own website too.

Her strength training routine combines a lot of workouts like weighted squats, rope exercises, and lifts on a weight machine. “Worked hard last week. Looking forward to the new challenges this week will throw at me?? Bring it! #throughthework @projectrock @gunnarfitness,” she captioned the video of her workout on Instagram. In this video, while working out with X-Games skateboarding sensation Leticia Bufoni, Lindsey also revealed her killer abs while she did some squats on the balancing board. She also started to do some serious Olympic lifting to improve her strength and train hard.

Lindsey Vonn

However, to stay fit it is not just her workout routine that makes her feel good but also her dietary habits which she focuses on. For her, it is a combination of both diet and exercise. She and her fiance, the NHL player P.K. Subbanwork with their own personal nutritionist, Phil Goglia to workout their meals and use a meal delivery service to get them food so that they don’t miss out on any important meal or have to buy it out at the store.“If left to my own devices, I’d probably have mac and cheese and pasta and cereal,” Lindsey previously told in an interview. “I need everything to be laid out for me, otherwise I divert quickly.”

Vonn works out with her very own private instructor who goes on every tour in the world with her. Alex Bunt has quite an effective resume but has committed his profession (at least for the time being) to holding Vonn in the best health achievable. “Before working with Red Bull and Lindsey, Alex was in charge of strength and conditioning coaching for the University of Utah Pac-12 Alpine ski, Nordic ski, and cross-country running teams while attending graduate school at the University of Utah for exercise physiology,” reads his website.

Referring to his LinkedIn page, Bunt visited the University of California, Santa Cruz, from 2008 through 2010 where he got a degree in business management economics. In 2013, he joined the University of Utah and received a masters of science degree in exercise physiology and exercise physiology. In April 2013, he began working with the United States Women’s Alpine Ski Team. The subsequent year, he served as a strength and conditioning performance planner at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, all while training at the University of Utah.

Lindsey Vonn

A couple of years ago, Bunt registered for the Red Bull’s team as a High-Performance Consultant and began managing with Vonn, whom he now guides solely. Vonn is centered on her body regularly and carves out many hours a day to go to the gym with Bunt.“I am in the gym with her five to six days a week, year-round” Bunt told in an interview. Three of those days a week, Vonn focuses on strength training. The other two days, she focuses on agility.”

“Our approach is extremely goal-oriented, goal-driven, data-driven, and all based on science,” Bunt told in an interview. “Everything we do is purposeful, we have a plan for everything and every situation,” he added. If Lindsey Vonn has a packed schedule that she couldn’t afford to go to the gym, on a particular day, Bunt will have her hop on a stationary bike for maximum speed for 30 minutes. “It’s enough to at least keep her conditioning up, make a little change. We’ll include a couple of sprint intervals in there,” he told in an interview.

One more thing that Lindsey Vonn likes to work with I the resistance band and they are found almost every time in her suitcase. She makes sure to get some resistance training no matter where she is, even if the hotel doe not has a gym. “I am in the gym with her five to six days a week, year-round” Bunt told in an interview. Three of those days a week, Vonn concentrates on strength training. For the additional two days, she concentrates on coordination. “Our approach is extremely goal-oriented, goal-driven, data-driven, and all based on science,” Bunt told in an interview. “Everything we do is purposeful, we have a plan for everything and every situation,” he added.

Lindsey Vonn

In 2013, Lindsey Vonn suffered from a great injury that changed how she proceeded in her life. She tore her ACL and MCL in her knee for which she went under reconstruction surgery. The whole procedure and the rest time made her lose several months in her sports career and she ended the season earlier. It cost her a bar of gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia because she got another injury some time ago in the same place.

Even though Lindsey Vonn has her knee completely fixed, she still does physical therapy. She makes sure that puts ice packs on her knees after each workout so that they remain healthy. “I have to ice my right knee after every workout for 20 minutes,” she recently told in an interview.

Anxieties over her knee made her sit out some limitations in PyeongChang the year of the Olympics. A few days before her competition, Vonn announced that she wouldn’t be competing in the slalom events. While she’s not approaching any prospects, she’s thrilled for what is to occur— and she has fought vigorously to get wherever she is now. “Eight years has been a very long time,” she told in an interview “Obviously, I was very … disappointed and devastated and frustrated that I missed Sochi. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’m ready,” she added.

Lindsey Vonn spends more time workout out for her skin than she spends actually skiing. Most of her training includes working out in the gym and not outside in the snow. The balance has although shifted a bit as she is getting older.

Lindsey Vonn

“That’s what we do most of the summer—the prep. I’ve skied so long that I don’t really need a ton of time on the hill anymore. It’s mostly just making sure I’m as strong as possible and making sure my knee feels good,” Vonn told in an interview in November.

But it has also come with some challenges for Lindsey Vonn as it is not easy for her. Her busy schedule makes her extremely tired and agitated sometimes and most of the time she wants to chill but she just canes. Chilling now comprises spending time with her trainer.

“There’s been a couple of days where I’m so run down that I’m almost in tears because I’m so drained, emotionally and physically. I have a really hard time stopping myself, but usually, my trainer will point it out,” Vonn told in an interview in January. To prepare for her games, she prepares with a throughout warm-up which is a staple in her training routine. She then likes to activate her core with some exercises that have to have 12 opposite-arm dead bugs, a 30-second plank hold, and 12 squats.

The first round comprises two movements, beginning with 24 ice skaters (12 for each leg). “The lower you go with your push-off leg, the harder it’s going to be,” says Vonn. This is accompanied by a single leg stability grasp (30 seconds each leg). “Really try to engage the leg, quad, glutes, core, everything, keep it nice and tight,” she says. “Switch to the next leg, keeping that knee balanced if you can.” Do both exercises four times, with a 30-second rest in between each set.

The following round begins with alternating reverse lunges (12 on each side). “The lower you go with the front leg, the harder it’s going to be,” she says. The subsequent movement is a 30-second weighted squat hold. In place of a medicine ball or weight, Lindsey Vonn is just utilizing what she has available during the quarantine period; which is mostly a big bottle of bleach. She suggests two sets of each move, with a 30-second rest.

Lindsey Vonn

She also tells her fans about some movements which can be done without equipment at home for beginners. However, when she is in the gym training for her matches, it gets a lot harder. Before her 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Lindsey Vonn followed a brutal abs and cor routine that included many weighted exercises like barbell rotations, weighted straight-leg situps, and standing anti-rotation holds.


Vonn holds about 30 measures of resistance for 30 to 60 seconds doubly on each side of her body. ‘‘We call it ‘anti-rotation,’ ’’ Bunt says. ‘‘The core is preventing rotation, so when she pushes that pulley out, it wants to pull her into the machine.’’ Vonn’s abs have to work strenuously to be steady toward that work. ‘‘I like this one a lot because I feel my obliques,’’ Vonn says. ‘‘Vainly, if I can do something that makes my abs look better that also helps my skiing, I’m all about it.’’


Utilizing a 45-pound block and a 25-pound plate, and doing two sets of eight to 12 reps on every side, Vonn prepares her core to support against higher rotational capabilities. Particularly in the super-G, she states, ‘‘we get a lot of rotation and have a lot of forces pulling on our back and our core. Being able to resist that and then explode out of it is really important.’’ The mark on Vonn’s right arm is from a collision that happened in a spiral dislocation of her humerus. ‘‘I have a huge metal rod in the whole length of my arm,’’ she says. ‘‘I lost feeling in my hand for several weeks. It was lifeless.’’


Executing a squat on a stability board while retaining the 15-pound medicine ball out in face of her, Vonn is ‘‘emulating a tuck position and the stresses that are on my body,’’ she says. ‘‘If I’m holding a position, it will be two minutes, because that’s about the time that most downhill courses take.’’

Lindsey Vonn


Improving the body’s muscle warmth, which assists with muscle compression, needs between 10 and 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. ‘‘I don’t really like sweating,’ Lindsey Vonn says. So also in the winter — including when she employs three to five hours a week training on her stationary bike — she unlocks the door to her second-floor gym over the carport. ‘‘I like nice mountain air, and my dogs like to sit out there and patrol.’’


Keeping her ​10-pound loads above and legs upright, which delivers the training more trustworthy for her back, Vonn remains on the ground and gently drops her torso near the floor 15 to 20 times for two sets. “The farther away the weight is from my torso,” Vonn​ says​, “the harder it is to control.”

Lindsey Vonn


Continuing in a plank position for 30 to 60 seconds at a time, Vonn focuses on core stability by keeping her body, hips, and shoulders in the alliance. This is one of several core activities in Vonn’s diary for which she has to perform the sort of postural authority that transposes to the direction she wants during skiing. “I never have a problem motivating myself,”  Lindsey Vonn says. “I’m always going until failure.”


“I’m catching my breath and resting for a second, happy to be done with the hard part of my workout,”  Lindsey Vonn​ says​. Usually, Vonn rests within 90 seconds and two minutes among sets. By February, Vonn frequently drops 10 to 12 pounds, so part of her center during exercise is to preserve what she calls her fighting weight. ‘‘In downhill, you need to have some mass,’‘ she says. ‘‘In summer my weight is 160, but my fighting weight is more than that. I need to have as much weight as I can quickly carry.’’


“I have to ice my right knee after every workout for 20 minutes,” Vonn​ says​. ​Bunt and her diet consultant guarantee that the ​whey protein ​powder ​in her shake, which is infused with bananas and other components— seldom peanut butter, cocoa powder, etc. — ​have been examined for forbidden things. “A lot of times there will be extra stuff in there,” Vonn​ says​. “You have to be really careful.” Vonn has three dogs, Lucy, Leo, and Bear. Lucy, ​a ​Cavalier King Charles Spaniel​,​ who could be seen in her social media frequently, travels everywhere with her. “Lucy brings home with me wherever I am.”


“Showers are a time for me to relax,” Vonn​ says​. “It’s a good place for me to reflect and be alone for a minute.” Vonn​ explains her house ​as a “revolving door,” for her siblings, Dylan, Reed, Laura, and Karin Kildow​; her father​,​ Alan Kildow, and ​her ​mother, Linda Krohn, who are divorced; ​and a bunch of cousins. “Sometimes my house can get a little hectic with everyone there. It’s nice to shut the door and relax for a minute.”

Training During Covid 19

Three-time Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn is acknowledged for her extreme fitness habits. On social media, the retired skier usually puts out her workouts inside a gym with her personal trainers.

Lindsey Vonn
But when it was the time of pandemic and everything was under lockdown, Lindsey Vonn​ has to be creative with her workout routine and she did not leave working out in any case. She used all the home things that she could like bottles of bleach, and other heavy containers to work as a weight while working out.

“My one dog, the Bear, weighs about 85 pounds, so he was pretty difficult to squat with. And then Lucy is a little overweight [for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel]. She’s about 20 pounds, so I could use her for like single-leg stuff,” Vonn told in an interview on May 29.

Vonn said she didn’t venture to work out with her third dog, Leo, who measures around  95 pounds. “I drew the line at 85 pounds. That was good for me,” Vonn said.

Lindsey Vonn

Vonn also employed household objects, like a chair, to do step-ups and she adopted her staircase for pumping the heart rate up. “I would run up the stairs, run-down, and do side runs and long strides to keep the cardio going and get a good leg workout,” Vonn said.

The key to having a consistent behavior was to stick to a schedule according to Lindsey Vonn​. She worked out 5 times ina week when she was at home, from Monday to Friday, and involved her fiance, PK Subban. They worked out in the morning from 8 30 am to 9 30 or 10 am.

While quarantine, training has assisted Vonn to cope up with the mental, emotional, and physical stress, she said. “Obviously, it’s been hard, just like it has been for everyone else. I definitely found that the more I work out, the better I feel mentally and physically.”

Dring the Covid-19 pandemic, Vonn has also coupled up with Under Armour to share her at-home exercises and meal plans to aid encourage people to stay healthy and motivated.

Lindsey Vonn

She retired in February 2019 through her career in which she has won many medals, like Olympic gold, two bronze, and has a dozen full of world cup titles in her pocket! She credits all this to be a hard worker. “I was never the most talented skier, but I outwork people,” Lindsey Vonn​ said.

That was all about what Lindsey Vonn​ did during her tenure as a professional athlete and after her retirement to keep her body fit in the gym. She also focuses a lot on her eating patterns and she here’s what she eats throughout the day.

Lindsey Vonn Diet Plan

When Lindsey Vonn​ was training for her skiing competitions, she had a personal chef and nutritionist who kept an eye on what went inside her system. She says that every single bite counted. “As an athlete, burning a lot of energy means I need to eat healthily and eat well,” she told in an interview. “I make sure everything I eat is fresh and that I prepare it myself so I know what I’m eating.”

But what did she exactly eat during the in-season? “I eat a lot of protein and carbs to stay a healthy weight while I’m training and to get enough energy, but I opt for healthier versions, like almond butter instead of peanut butter and pumpernickel bread instead of white bread.”

Even though Lindsey Vonn​ has now retired from the sports world, she has been one of the most hard-working and inspiring skiers in the world but she has still kept her as busy as ever. She is more focused on teaching and inspiring young girls to achieve their dreams through Lindsey Vonn​ Foundation and has a whole career going on youtube with people like Misty Copeland, and Shawn Johnson!

Despite her all-time busy schedule, Lindsey Vonn​ has given herself a bit more freedom than before to treat herself a bit. “I treat myself whenever I feel like I need to,” she told in an interview. “Since I’m not competing anymore I feel like I can let loose a little bit.” But it is not like she has given all in. She does maintain ahead; thy eating pattern.

Lindsey and her fiancé, NHL hockey star P.K. Subban, have collaborated with celebrity nutritionist Phil Goglia who also trains other celebs especially Kardashians as you might have seen him in Revenge Body! They also use meal delivery assistance to retain their clean eating habits. “P.K. is very strict with his diet because he’s still competing, so I just tag along,” she says. She regularly indulges whenever she wants and does not deprive herself but most of the time she tries to eat as healthy as possible.

“When I used to race it was a little more challenging because we’re always staying at hotels and you never know what you’re going to be able to get,” Vonn, 35, told in a video interview on Wednesday, May 27. “In the morning, usually, I tried to eat eggs and oatmeal, or in Europe, they have muesli, which is like grains and fruit.”

Once she was there at the mountain top fr her competition, she couldn’t eat more than an energy bar or a protein bar because of the fear of feeling too full to compete, however, she didn’t mind drinking a Red Bull for a kick of extra energy. After her race, it was time for her to replenish and refuel her system and she would like to eat a banana and a protein shake so that her muscles could be nourished. “I just always ate what I could find. Whatever was available, I’d put in my mouth,” she added with a laugh.

Dinner was an equilibrium between “protein, carbs, and veggies,” and Lindsey Vonn​’s “ideal meal” was salmon, rice, and vegetables, which is what she normally ate ere a race. In particular, according to the former World Cup alpine ski racer, she loved to eat on the healthy fish the night before she conquered a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Her pre-race meals also incorporated banana bread, which she baked herself. “I won the Olympics on banana bread and salmon,” she said.

As for the foods that are beyond her each? Vonn revealed that she shunned meat while she was competing. “No steaks, no burgers. Your body is spending a lot of energy trying to digest it instead of using your energy to recover and rest and get ready for a race,” she said. “I never ate meat the night before a race.”

These days after her retirement, Vonn’s diet is a bit more paced down. “My eating has definitely changed a lot since competing, it doesn’t really look anything like it used to,” she dished. “I still try to eat really healthy, but I definitely let myself indulge a bit more.”

Here are some of her staples that she likes to eat in a day.


After Lindsey Vonn wakes up in the morning she loves to have her antioxidants which are blueberries. Before she hits the training sessions, she likes to have a red bull too. “I try not to eat too much in the morning before I work out,” she told in an interview. “I’m not working out crazy hard, but I notice I feel better; not as weighed down.”

After her training, she likes to have some protein in her diet along with some veggies and keeps it light. “If I had a choice, I would have scrambled eggs with onions, but our food service provides egg white omelets with broccoli, chicken, and pepper, and stuff like that.” However, when she feels like it, she loves to have a stack of pancakes ready for her.


Lindsey’s lunch is another pre-portioned meal. “If left to my own devices, I’d probably have mac and cheese and pasta and cereal,” Lindsey told in an interview. “I need everything to be laid out for me, otherwise I divert quickly.” Usually, her lunch meal is often simple with chicken, kale, and cabbage.


When it comes sot snacks, Lindsey Vonn can choose herself. However, she does not break the rules and fetch something unhealthy but rather keeps it healthy. Her favorite snacks are almonds, kiwi, and blueberries. She also likes to have dark chocolate sometimes especially when she is craving something sweet. She says that she has a sweet tooth.


Normally, Lindsey’s third meal of the day is prepared by her meal service. “Dinner is is either something like chicken salad with avocado or a zucchini pasta with bolognese meat sauce,” she says. If she wants something different, she would go for something plant-based. “Sometimes I’ll do some Beyond Meat patties or Beyond Meat Sausage if I want to have something good that’s not from our meal plan.”

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