Martyn Ford Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The weight of Martyn Ford is 320 lbs and his height is 6’8”. He is a bodybuilder with a motivational memoir. When he was a teenager, he was a capable cricket player, and later on, he builds up his successful career as a bodybuilder.

An injury caused during one of his practice sessions blocked him badly. Later on, Martyn developed a critical state of glandular fever which is infectious mononucleosis that left him crippled for about 12 months. That twelve-month period of time was very important in terms of his career growth. Therefore, he had to leave his dream of becoming an efficient cricket player. He has to look out for something else as his career.

Martyn Ford

He has then chosen to get into the world of fitness and bodybuilding. As he was not able to become a professional cricket player during the time of his sickness, Martyn developed a high level of frustration and he chose bodybuilding as his career to direct his disappointment. With time, his disappointment is converted into his passion for lifting the weights. Moreover, he gets delighted by the progress he made in the gym during practice.

Martyn didn’t look behind after that and with lots of hard work inside, and outside of the gym for many years, he has become a renowned compatibility figure, performer, and online perception.

“Think about what you don’t want to become. Negative reinforcement is a great tool to kick start the body into action! The fear of being a failure is almost like the ‘fight or flight’ that will either crush or push you!”

Martyn Ford Statistics

Martyn Ford

  • Birth Year: 1982
  • Birth Date: May 26
  • Height: 6’8” (203 cm)
  • Weight: 300+ lbs (136+ kg)
  • Chest – 52 inches
  • Waist – 35 inches
  • Biceps – 20 inches

Martyn Ford Workout Routine

Martyn Ford has a chiseled body and he uses various kinds of techniques o achieve that kind of result. His training and his diet change depending on the kind of results he wants to have. His training schedule is never the same as he wants to avoid any kind of plateau also. He always focuses on being the best version of himself and it is he, against who the competition is,

Hos workout routine changes quite often and here is a sample workout routine that Martyn Ford follows:

Chest workout

  • Incline chest press
  • Incline chest fly
  • Bodyweight dips

Before a chest workout, Ford will perform some high pulls and standing chest flys using bands to warm up his muscles for a heavy training session. “It’s really important to make sure your muscles have enough blood in them to allow you to do the exercises without causing injury. So make sure you don’t jump straight from exercise to exercise, make sure the body and mind are ready for what’s coming,” he says.

He likes to do his reps right and slow for the first few sets to maximize time under pressure and, then for the closing set he’ll do a more active tempo and do a drop set.

Martyn Ford

He really is of the idea that to have a load on his muscles the tension must be accorded to the desired muscle. He says, “The key to hypertrophy (muscle growth) is keeping the focus and keeping the tension on the desired muscle.” And even though he does not have a particular workout routine, he goes to the gym with full preparation and knows exactly what to do and work on. In his words, “You’ve got to make sure every workout has a purpose, has a plan and you execute correctly.”

Leg workout

  • Leg extensions
  • Hack squat
  • Leg press
  • Seated machine hamstring curl
  • Seated machine calf raise

On heavy leg days, Ford chooses some of the isolation exercises so to warm up his body and then do some compound workouts after. He follows some compound movements ad it is in the third of the fourth set that he goes all in. He is not too big on lifting heavier than he could handle and focuses more on packing size. He tells his experience saying,  “Moving big weights is really important, but from experience, it’s only important to move the weights that your body is capable of.”

Ford will also submit slow negatives on specific exercises and demonstrated that exercising a muscle where it doesn’t need to operate is how you get more active and develop.

Martyn Ford

Shoulders and triceps

Martyn Ford and 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall met up to do the following workout routine back in 2019.

  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press
  • Smith machine shoulder press
  • Seated machine shoulder press
  • Seated machine side delt raise
  • Reverse pec dec
  • Standing cable side delt raise
  • Straight bar cable triceps pushdown

Martyn Ford

Arms training

Martyn Ford and fitness model Simeon Panda performed the following workout together in 2018.

  • Triceps rope pushdown
  • Dumbbell hammer curl
  • EZ-bar reverse grip pushdown
  • Standing cable overhead biceps curls

His love for hitting the gym started with his passion for playing cricket. However, fortunately, or unfortunately, he got an injury where he had to stop his workouts and come back again with more power and enthusiasm, This led Martyn Ford to get his career back. He had a new focus this time which was bodybuilding and getting stronger. He explains his experience by saying,

I was training to become a professional cricket player and during that time I sustained a really bad injury. After my injury, I managed to get really bad glandular fever that basically cost me 9-12 months at a vital time in my career. The end result was that I had to give up my dreams of being a professional cricket player, and I had to find a new focus for my hunger. Then I decided to enter the world of bodybuilding and I absolutely loved it!

Martyn Ford

Everyone who follows Martyn Ford knows that he is super motivated and consistent and his body and physique are quite representative of the same. His number one source of motivation is his family and friends who support him and then comes his fans which are always there for him. He does not like to look at the negative aspect of life and focuses on the positives. In his words,

I have a few sources of motivation. My family and especially my daughter really motivate me. I will never stop trying to be all that I can be to show her how much I care for her. Being able to provide for her and set an example of a strong role model to her and many others is an amazing feeling for me. Another thing is I don’t like negativity, I feel it drags you down and eats away at you. I deliberately separate myself from negative people. On social media sites I block and delete them, and in life I avoid or ignore them.

I find negativity is infectious and also very depressing. Choose friends who you admire and aspire to be like! Positive, driven and determined.

On asking about being comfortable in his size, Martyn Ford says that he is super comfortable in how he is now, and in fact, he hates to feel otherwise. He has faced some problems with si size before but it is the part of the parcel and there’s nothing much that he could anything about it so he just takes it in. He explains his experience by saying,

I just feel it’s the real me! I hate feeling skinny and weak; it just depresses me, and it doesn’t feel right. I do have daily challenges, trying to find clothes that fit, cars to drive and having enough food to eat. When you need to consume up to 8,000 calories in a day, it can be a real pain getting that much food into your system day after day while trying to live a ‘normal’ life.

Martyn Ford

His current and most recent workout routine is quite different as he has included a lot of HIIT workouts and has focused on cardio too. It will really depend on what his future goals are. Thus this is what he says, “Currently, I am doing HIT training. I run a program for 4-5 weeks and then I have a week off, where I do high volume work. I will switch up the exercises in the second phase, but the reps and methods will remain the same. In regards to fitness, I do MMA training twice per week, with two sessions at the Gracie Academy for BJJ and 2-3 interval sessions in the gym.”

This is a sample full routine of what Martyn Ford will do in the week:

Monday: Chest/Biceps

  • Incline Press 3 x 12/8/6
  • Incline Fly’s 3 x 12/8/6
  • Decline Press 3 x 12/8/6
  • Barbell Curls 3 x 12/8/6
  • Concentration Curls 3 x 12/8/6

Tuesday: Back/Traps

  • Bent-Over Rows 3 x 12/8/6
  • Close Grip Pulldowns 3 x 12/8/6
  • Deadlifts 3 x 12/8/6
  • Seated Single Arm Rows 3 x 12/8/6
  • Shrugs 3 x 12/8/6

Wednesday: Recovery

  • Rest day

Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps

  • Seated Dumbbell Press 3 x 12/8/6
  • Seated Laterals 3 x 12/8/6
  • Single Arm Lateral Raises (Using Cable) 3 x 12/8/6
  • Front Raises 3 x 12/8/6
  • Rear Delt Fly’s 3 x 12/8/6
  • French Press 3 x 12/8/6
  • Rope Pushdowns 3 x 12/8/6

Friday: Legs

  • Leg Extensions 3 x 12/8/6
  • Squats 3 x 12/8/6
  • Leg Press 3 x 12/8/6
  • Hamstring Curls 3 x 12/8/6
  • Calf Raises 3 x 12/8/6

Saturday/Sunday: Recovery

Martyn Ford thinks that rest is sure important for him as it helps his muscles to relax. Thus he takes Sundays and Saturdays off for recovering completely. Besides, he will also take rests and breaks between the sets on his working days. In his words, “I rest for 60 seconds between sets and 2 minutes between exercises. I use forced sets, drop sets, and negative reps for advanced techniques.”

Martyn Ford

That was all about the workout routine of Martyn Ford. He also has some more tips and tricks to give to his fans and people who are following his workout routine because it is necessary to have the right form and follow some tips that would make the workout even more efficient. So read on.

Martyn Ford Workout Tips and Tricks

In this section of talking about Martyn Ford, we are going to talk about the tips that he has to give to people who are following the same or similar workout routine as him. Here is what he has to say:

Martyn Ford’s 8 tips to put on weight

  • Eat plenty of carbs
  • Never go hungry
  • Have a pre-and post-workout meal
  • Train big and heavy
  • Have a post-workout recovery shake (include creatine, glutamine, and leucine)
  • Train with high intensity
  • Do forced reps
  • Sleep, rest, and recovery

He is really big on doing what you enjoy and he suggests the same for his fans especially when it comes to working out. He says, “Find a form of fitness that excites you, that gives you energy, and gives you that drive to want to be better.”

Martyn Ford

Train By Feel

Despite not giving much regard to weight room numbers, Martyn Ford has always appreciated lifting. Exercise is not about numbers it’s about the production and accentuating the muscles to the maximum with the most concise amount of weight. For the sake of continuation and avoiding damage in this game, this should be done.

Attention To Detail

He is all about giving attention to the little details in the training room so that he gets the best of what he wants. Thus he says,

In my training programs, I make sure that everything is equitable, and I train all body parts in the alike way – moderate, controlled, with fully reoccurred sets, yielding nothing but 100% from every day’s discipline. Each time I perform a pull or movement, I make sure each part of the body is adjusted so that I am balanced and that I’m not wounded. A clinical and transparent approach to training is how I manage myself. The method through which I can upgrade myself above my opponents is training and practice. Don’t forget to stay active and fit, you never know when you will be necessitated.

Two times a week, he would focus on training his full-body, giving him an edge over the others. Thus he follows a practice that is unique to him and his physique. He elaborates on this topic saying,

As part of my prevailing training plan, I always run a push and pull workout twice a week, in which I hit the whole body. In doing such practice, I maintain a moderately good level of shape throughout the year. After a hefty session on the first day of the week, I always follow it up with a more volatile session on the second day. I diversify not only my rep series, but also my activities, so I go for extensive compound actions. These complex workouts are performed in the early part of the week when I’m going heavy and more private exercises at the end of the week when I’m giving more importance to the volume.

Martyn Ford

You might want to try some venerable methods, such as forced sets and drop sets for the substantial concourses and rest stops, supersets, and pre-exhausts for the volume assemblies if you are a high-level gymnast.

This was all about the workout tips of Martyn Ford that he pushes on his fans. But besides working out, there is also another aspect which is super important and that is following a consistent diet. Looking at Martyn Ford it seems like he is super strict about his diet. Let us read ahead to know exactly what he eats in the day.

Martyn Ford Diet Plan

Martyn Ford has grown up in the field of bodybuilding as when he first started he ate massive amounts of calories without specifically counting the macros. This resulted in him gaining a lot of weight and fat along with it. Now, he has a more structured diet plan which he follows diligently because he needs to stay in shape all year round because of his shoots. To achieve this goal, Martyn Ford consumes about 5,000- 8,000 calories every single day according to his foals. with a focus on his macros. He has only 8 to 10 percent of body fat.

Martyn Ford

This quantity of calories might look like a lot, but Martyn is 6’8” tall and weighs over 320lbs, so his body requires huge numbers of quality calories to maintain his muscle mass. He started to monitor everything even more closely. In his words,  “I have really started to pay greater attention to my nutrition. I now weigh and monitor my food intake much more closely.”

There is no doubt about the fact that Martyn Ford has to eat more than the average human being to maintain a particular size of himself and thus consumes a lot of calories. He has divided his calories into 6 to 7 times per day which consists of a high protein and carb diet.

Martyn Ford

His most favorite protein sources include eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, and steak and for carbs, he eats a lot of rice, sweet potatoes, and oats. Pre, Intra, and post-workout are also a part of his nutritional regime particularly since he’s very effective whether he’s training for muscle mass or MMA.

To see what works for him, he really had to experiment around a bit. In his case, he has become better in terms of food than he was before. He says, “Over the last year, I have really started to pay greater attention to my nutrition. I now weigh and monitor my food intake much more closely. Over the past 6 months, I have been playing around with my macros, and I’m really starting to see what works for me.”

This includes having a lot of food that one can imagine. In his terms, “This can vary massively depending on what I’m training for, but I can consume anywhere from 4,500 to 8,000 calories per day.”

Martyn Ford

He has always bulked and cut but he never went to the extreme and he has his own reasons for it. In his words, he explains his theory by saying, “I used to bulk and cut, but never to extremes. I have always been more into what my body can do versus how it looks; I guess this comes from my early days of cricket, fighting, and athletics. However, my plan now is to get lean and stay lean, so I will be ready for any potential jobs on the acting front.”

This is what Martyn Ford’s Daily Diet would look like even though it would change weekly:

  • Meal 1: 7 ½ ounces Chicken Breast, 2 tablespoons Udo’s Oil and 3 ½ ounces Green Vegetables
  • Meal 2: 5 ounces Chicken Breast, 5 ounces Egg Whites and 3 ounces (dry measure) Oats
  • Post Workout: Protein Shake
  • Meal 3: 7 ½ ounces Chicken Breast, 7 ½ Vegetables, 3 ½ ounces Udo’s Oil and 2 tablespoons (dry measure) Brown Rice
  • Meal 4: Same as meal 3
  • Meal 5: 5 ounces Chicken Breast, 5 ounces Egg Whites and 5 ounces Sweet Potato Salad
  • Meal 6: 7 ½ ounces Chicken Breast, 2 tablespoons Udo’s Oil and 3 ½ ounces Green Vegetables
  • Meal 7: 7 ½ ounces White Fish and 1 cup Large Green Salad
  • Meal 8: 15 Egg Whites, 2 tablespoons Low-Fat Cottage Cheese and 1 cup Green Salad

Martyn Ford

Besides just acting in one of the biggest Hollywood movies he has achieved a lot in the file of bodybuilding and even in sports when he was much younger. He says, “I would have to say it has been representing my county in both athletics and cricket in my younger years.”

Martyn Ford

That was all bout the diet plan of Martyn Ford and which he follows. However, to make this diet more effective, he follows some tips and tricks that he also puts forward to his fans and people who want to follow it. Tale a read ahead.

Martyn Ford Diet Tips

Here are some of the diet tips that Martyn Ford gives to his fans and followers on the same track or who wish to be like him. For him, it is consistency and patience which is super important with the right quality of food. Here is what he gives across:

The Right Fuel

For him, it is only about the quality of the food that matters. What else is important is the completion of Marcos which gives him a lot of strength. In his words,

Before training, I do not have a precise menu for meals. I just make certain to eat a healthy portion of carbohydrates, such as rice or oats, as well as a healthy source of protein like chicken or eggs. The post-workout meal is almost the same as the pre-workout meal.  I don’t add huge quantities of fat because I want the nutrients to be absorbed immediately.

He stays lean and less in fat percentage because he is conscious of his body weight. He has particular foods for when he’s aiming to look in a particular way. In his words,

When fat is appended to meals, ingestion and assimilation of nutrients are slowed down. Being conscious of my food habits helps me stay slim. My carb intake is adjusted whenever I feel I’m getting too heavy, as well as if it’s not so vital. According to my concept, only carbohydrate meals are necessary, but I mainly eat them during the day’s first meal and post-workout. A lot of muscle mass can also be achieved by eating rice and steak. To slim down, white fish and sweet potatoes are included in my diet, which is quite fitting.

Martyn Ford

A Winner’s Diet

According to my current diet, I used to eat six meals on my leisure days absorbing about 400 grams of carbs, 100 grams of fat, and 400 grams of protein. I eat seven meals per day and up my carb intake to 550 g on training days while reducing my fat consumption to 75 g. When it comes to proteins, I would like to eat eggs, chicken, salmon, steak, and cottage cheese. As for carbohydrates, I depend on sweet potatoes, rice, and oats, whereas my fat sources consist of almonds and avocados.

Nutrition on the go

I always make certain that, before I move for filming or a trip, I will have an entree either to the hotel gym or to a gym nearby. Fortunately, gyms aren’t hard to locate in the present life, so all you have to do is do your analysis and fix it beforehand. For each trip I proceed, I make sure to carry pre-cooked rice, canned tuna, and tinned vegetables if I perceive that food is going to be a problem.

According to my, the top food hint for an occupied gentleman today would be to buy a pre-made salad, rice, and chicken breast from any supermarket, then to invest in a microwave and George Foreman grill. Some simple, balanced, healthy meals can be prepared by anyone in less than 10 minutes. So there is no question of justifications that arises.

Martyn Ford

Forging Balance

Cheat meals are once a week for me. Whenever I have them, I do not calculate the calorie intake.  I simply eat it until I am content and do not force-feed myself during the meal. As my sole pattern, I would support that. When I am abstaining from the diet, however, I favor refueling days. In general, these days are leading in carbohydrates. My mental and physical well-being is better when I have a refuel day instead of a cheat day.

Supplement Facts

It has no doubt become more comfortable to find the supplements today. It seems that far too many companies are driving out supplements that aren’t necessitated and advising people to take capsules rather than consume healthy ones. I believe that the most essential thing is to eat properly well, and then add supplements to your diet only when necessary.

To keep all of the vitals of the body in top form, I would take a multivitamin and mineral supplement when my training at its top level. Whatever our goals are, we need to consider a good restoration drink; we need to refill glycogen, elevate protein synthesis, promote muscle recovery, and replenish electrolytes. Therefore, I would seek out products with whey isolate, maltodextrin, BCAAs, and electrolytes to maintain the physique. Adding muscle volume, increasing energy, or improving tolerance is another excellent use for creatine.

Martyn Ford


Since it’s my life and my style, I never feel pulled down or like I have to do it for existence. You just have to be rational, that is you should know what foods are healthy and what is unhealthy and also plan your schedule ahead of time. There are a lot many people who make apologies and keep on giving explanations. As I believe I urge people more with my achievements than with how is my appearance, I try to pass that self-confidence along to others. My activities and performances have been seen not only once, but many times.

This was all about the diet tips of Martyn Ford that he gives away so that people can be more efficient in their diet plans. Besides this, there are also some supplements that he takes so that he can improve his diet and health. Read ahead to know more about what supplements he needs.

Martyn Ford Nutrition and Supplements

For a person as huge as Martyn Ford, it is necessary to have some additional supplements to the diet as it would really help him achieve a new platform. Sometimes with a hectic schedule and intense work environment, it is not always enough to get the supplements that one needs. Here is a complete list of all these supplements:

  • Whey Isolate: It forms a huge part of his diet as it helps him build his muscles.
  • BCAA’s: It is a great form of pre-workout or intraday workout source to evade lethargy.
  • Creatine: Creatine really helps you build bigger muscles.
  • Glutamine: Another source of evading muscle fatigue.
  • Multi and Mineral Vitamins: A body needs to function properly.
  • ZUMA
  • Udo’s Oil
  • Garlic: Garlic is considered one of the most amazing products for avoiding any kind of infections and inflammation inside the body.
  • Ginger: Garlic too helps fight inflammation in the body and helps the muscles to relax.

Martyn Ford

These are all the supplements that Martyn Ford takes to replenish his whole diet plan and get close to his goals.

Martyn Ford’s Movies

Below is the movie list in which Martyn Ford has worked:


  • Made Ordinary – Pre-production
  • F9 – Released in 2021
  • The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud – Released in 2020
  • Robin Hood: The Rebellion – Released in 2018
  • Kill Ben Lyk – Released in 2018
  • The Marine 6: Close Quarters – Released in 2018
  • Final Score – Released in 2018
  • Redcon-1 – Released in 2018
  • Viking Destiny – Released in 2018
  • Accident Man – Released in 2018
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Released in 2017
  • Boyka: Undisputed – Released in 2016
  • Lambo – Released in 2017
  • Generation Iron 2 – Released in 2017

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