Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Michelle Lewin was just a girl next door before she made her name on everyone’s list. She worked in a local clinic in Venezuela. Currently, she has based herself in South Florida and with the help of social media has spread her motivation to her fans across all over the globe.

Her reach is stupendous! She is known well in the streets of Miami, Caracas, Cairo, Canberra, and even Moscow. That means she has a global reach! All those credits go to her ever-expanding social media following and her part fitness model, part bodybuilder, part bikini babe image. She is apparently visible all over the world.
She immigrated to the United States in 2010 and ever since she has become the Latin queen in the fitness industry with a rigorous touring schedule and her intense workout session on top of that. All of the success is fulfilling when she meets her fans, fanatics, followers, and even stalkers all the time!

Her slender figure has been featured in more than 30 magazine covers, from Sports & Fitness, Her Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man. All this was done in record time by the Venezuela model.

Since she’s essentially everything from being a fitness model to bodybuilder and even into bikini fitness, Michelle is identified amongst each group of enthusiasts. She often uses the name, “La Cuerpa” which means body in Spanish, to refer to herself and is trending among her fans too. Her nickname seems to be quite worthy of appreciation and well-deserved too. The main feature of her pictures is her ripped and toned abs and her well-shaped glutes that is the envy of many.

She makes sure that she is spreading the right kind of message on her social media account and wants her followers to follow in her own footsteps to achieve their goals. She also resonates with the fact of how modern social media influencers must work, that is, ethically.

She constantly keeps her social media buzzing by posting various tips and techniques right from her own workout schedules and motivates everyone to follow them. Doing this, she is almost providing her personal training services to everyone for free by her videos and photos. But despite all the attention she accumulates on social media, she likes to remain humble and she does it by making her videos as realistic as she possibly can. She is extremely honest about her body and her progress. She is also open about her implants and gives suggestions on what to do and what not to do.

Before we dig deep into all of that, here are some statistics and accomplishments that Michelle Lewin has achieved over the period.

Michelle Lewin Statistics

  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Nationality: Venezuelan
  • Place of birth: Maracay, Venezuela
  • Date of birth: 25. Február, 1986
  • Residence: Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Athletic statistics

  • Bust: 92cm
  • Waist: 64cm
  • Hips: 92cm

Michelle Lewin Accomplishments and Awards

  • 2013 NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup – 1st place
  • 2013 NPC Southern States – 2nd place

Michelle Lewin Workout Routine

Michelle Lewin, the ripped and toned bodybuilder that we know today, was once a pretty poor and thin girl living in Maracay City, Venezuela. Things turned upside down when her stepfather left her and her mother and the of them were forced to move into an even smaller apartment; an apartment filled with cockroaches! Michelle retains the conditions of her growing up- she toiled along with her mom to assist her to sustain the family of two. They even collected food from her next-door-neighbor who usually gave it to her out of courtesy. There was a time when this heavyweight bodybuilder only weighed 38kg!

She remembers this period in her life very well and to date when she looks at herself in the mirror, it reminds her of a poor girl with bones sticking out from her frame. However, everything changed when she visited a local gym with her mother at the age of 17 and was instantly drawn towards it. She quickly became addicted to being healthy and fit. But for the next few years, Michelle focused only on her legs and trained them hard. She quickly realized her mistakes just like any beginner when she discovered that unbalanced training results in an asymmetrical body. She began structuring her routine ever since.

She also explains her motivation to enter competitions, saying,

“I’ve been modelling for a few years, and a part of my job was to stay in shape. I loved it and it led me to became a total gym rat. After months of intense training the abs started to show and I was enjoying the fitness lifestyle. Suddenly the modelling requests were coming from Fitness Magazines and Supplement companies. A friend of mine told me to compete in the next NPC bikini competition so I gave it a shot. It was such a thrill to step on stage!”

Another beautiful phase of her life began n 2008 when she met a bodybuilder, Jimmy Lewin. He quickly realized her potential and became her new personal trainer, only to become her life partner later on. Under his guidance, she began training her upper body to reach the goals of the idolized physique that we now see. Although she did not win her first competition and was defeated badly, her love for fitness grew even more and her determination to win became stronger. Her strong will and hard work finally paid off when she won first place NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup.

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In 2010, Jimmy and Michelle got wedded. Jimmy continues to be her personal trainer, agent, social media manager, and her best friend even now. It was her husband who assisted her the most take part in competitions and perform on stage. After traveling all over the world competing, both of them settled in Miami where they have a house.

Preparation for Contests

When planning for future contests where she was supposed to walk around the ramp wearing a bikini and flaunting her toned physique, she became a little too obsessed with her training and workout routines. Cardio workouts such as stair climbing, spinning classes, rollerblading, etc. became her favorite workouts. In addition to this, she also cherished sprints because they helped her burn a large number of calories without the loss of muscles.

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Cleaning is boring. But not today.

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For the Europa Dallas 2014 contest, Michelle bonded herself to a lot of circuit training exercises that comprised of jump squats, lunge jumps, rope skipping, quadruped hip extension, etc. To guarantee more beneficial outcomes, she finished the circuits with no rest in between the exercises.

She also made tremendous changes in her diet and reduced the consumption of carbs to lose the water weight. Two weeks before the competition, she makes sure to eliminate carbs in all forms except for a bowl of oats for her breakfast.

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Michelle Lewin’s Workout Routine in 2020

Michelle makes sure to work out two times a day. Her workouts are split into two: cardio and strength training. In the morning, she has 40-minutes of cardio training. In the evening she does some heavyweight workout in the gym. Overall, her training is intended to develop the proportion of muscle to fat in the body. She explains in her own words her workout split, saying, “My day includes two workouts: morning cardio and exercise in the evening. My workout is the only thing that is constant from day-to-day. My life is full of meetings, photoshoots, training videos, and traveling.”

However, she credits all her success to the clean diet that she eats. In the past, she was not very focused on her diet but only on her work out routines and made sure she practiced hard and intense. This was coupled with improper eating habits so the results were not much.

Now, her workouts are not that hardcore but she makes sure to eat in a very balanced way. She eats small meals six times per day. Still, her diet plan is totally healthy. For instance, she eats Stevia pancakes, egg whites, and unsweetened almond milk for breakfast that provides her with fiber, carbs, and protein. Michelle Lewin’s diet with hardcore training provides her with outstanding results.

Another important part of her fitness is surgery and implants. She makes sure to keep fitness and surgeries separate. However, she is very open about these matters and has spoken about them publicly at many events. She says, “I’m against butt implants or fat injections. There are so many times operations go wrong, and your life could be destroyed. Or cut short.” She reveals her own experiments with surgeries saying, “I’m not saying I’m 100% natural, my boobs are made by a surgeon, but still that’s far safer than what some women do to their bums.” But she says that having a bigger butt has been in trend for a long time now, especially on social media. In her words, “This has also sneaked into fitness, and the strive for bigger backsides has grown out of hand. Squat, girls. Don’t be so lazy.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day,  and it stands the same when it comes to Michelle’s well-toned body. Michelle struggled arduously for her remarkably well-toned body. Michelle being a zealous fitness lover makes certain that she hitting the gym to train 5 times a week.

Michelle favors lifting lighter weights and avoids heavier weights to lessen the chance of injury. But, she tries to reach for a higher rep range to get that well-toned physique. When, after a few months of training, Michelle realized that she was naturally blessed with a nice and strong glute, she started to work on her legs even more often. The problem with her butt and leg training was that her upper body was too slim. Now, she no longer works using heavyweights for her leg and butt training but attempts to work with a higher amount of repetitions. Consequently, she became a lover of full-body workouts.

Her healthy lifestyle habits, sculpted abs, and a svelte figure that makes her look like a Greek goddess have made her truly a rage amongst her female fans. Girls across the globe who aspire to have a physique like hers follow her for tips and suggestions. She even thanked her list of female fans who are inspiring to be just like her and follow her career path. She quoted “I never thought I would get to that point, especially since I’m an ex Playboy Cover Model. But girls! Thanks! I love you! You’re the best!”

Michelle says that she is no longer desperate to be a fitness model but wants to be a role model for her female fans who want to realize their perfect goals. From the strange start of her career, she managed to create a body and a life that she loves.

This is what her workouts roughly look like for the whole week:

Workout Split

  • Monday: Quads, glutes
  • Tuesday: Back, biceps
  • Wednesday: Abs, calves
  • Thursday: Triceps, shoulders
  • Friday: Glutes, hamstrings
  • Saturday: Core and abs
  • Sunday: Rest day


Back and Biceps

• Pull-ups (wide grip) 4×12
• Pull-ups (normal grip) 4×10
• Low Pulley Rows 4×12
• T-bar Row 4×12
• Dumbbell Bicep Curl 4×16
• EZ bar Bicep Curl 4×12
• Low Pulley Bicep Curl 4×12


Hamstrings and Calves

• Lying Leg Curls 4×12
• Seated Leg Curls 4×12
• Deadlift 4×10-15
• Seated calf raise 8×20
• Standing calf raise 6×20


Triceps and Shoulders

• Dumbbell Tricep Extension 6×12
• EZ bar French Press 4×12
• Overhead Cable Tricep Extension 4×12
• Barbell Seated Press 4×10
• Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3×10
• EZ bar Front Raises 4×12
• Dumbbell Flyes 4×10


Thursdays are option rest days for her. If she feels that she has trained enough or is super busy during the day, she likes to take the day off and complete her chores instead.



• Lunges 4×12
• Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift 6×20
• Single-leg Leg Press (each leg)
• Squats 4×12



• Hanging Crunches
• Core Short Crunches 4×20
• Short Crunches on Machine 4×12
• Short Crunches on fit ball 4×20


Sundays are mostly rest days for her where she likes to relax but she tries to be active by engaging in chores throughout the day.

While many fitness enthusiasts recommend yoga and pilates, Michelle admitted that she doesn’t do as many stretching based workouts “as much as I should.” Michelle recognizes Brazilian bodybuilder and fitness model, Larissa Reis, as her workout motivation.

In an interview for a renowned fitness blog, Michelle revealed her 3 most preferred exercises that’s he likes to do whenever she can:

  • Sprints — She said that sprints further her gains and tightens her booty and burn fat at the same time.
  • Lunges — As Michelle loves her toned legs, she does a lot of lunges to sculpt her leg muscles.
  • Side Lateral Raises — Michelle enjoys training her shoulders and sculpts her delts and side Lateral Raises does helps her get those toned delts.

She likes to do a mix of both cardio and HIIT workouts and includes it in her workout schedule. She says, “I just love to sweat like a maniac. So whatever I feel like, Stair Master, Rollerblading around South Beach Miami, or Spinning classes. I keep the intensity high and make sure that I am always pushing my hardest.”

That’s all about Michelle Lewin Workout routine. Now moving on to her diet which helps her to fuel her body for the intense workouts.

Michelle Lewin Diet Plan

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Good morning… ?

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Even though exercise is a very important part of Michelle’s sculpted physique, the secret to her toned body is not just weight or muscle training. She said in an interview that,

 “It’s all about nutrition, before I was training a lot harder than today, but I ate bad. Today I work out lighter, but I eat very healthy. That was when my body started changing drastically.”

Michelle’s daily diet is pretty balanced and helps her keep full throughout the day. It usually consists of 5 to 6 nutrient-rich meals. “I am often hungry and therefore I am more comfortable with more meals that supply me with energy during the day.” She strives to keep a reasonable calorie deficit which means she eats a little fewer calories than her maintenance weight. However, she makes sure not to neglect the needs of her body so that it is not deprived. Her ideal foods are unsurprisingly extremely healthy, for instance, she likes to have an egg white, flakes, protein drink, unsweetened almond milk.

Explaining her daily food consumption, Michelle shared: “For breakfast, I make protein pancakes and during the day I eat four times, having meals containing chicken, meat, or fish with salad and some rice.”

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The Sunday routine: -I cook what I want, I eat what I want… and my body does ALL the talking?? INTERESTING FACT: ??Sunday is my day when I take a half day to eat WHATEVER I want. If you keep a strict diet for 6,5 days, your body (and mind) needs a break. Keeping a very strict diet without any changes will decrease the desired effect of all your efforts, and your body will adapt to the strict diet and respond differently. Once in a while you MUST shock your body with a huge amount of carbs and fat (preferable good carbs and fats, but that's all up to you). If you have issues knowing what to eat, how to prepare the food, how to meal plan… well, then my individual plans (created for your needs and goals) and my hundreds of healthy recipes in the app MEALPLAN is going to be your best investment EVER for your healthy lifestyle. Link to MEALPLAN in my website in the bio. Download NOW, and take (free) look inside how it works.

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But this does not mean that she does not have any cheat days. She says, “Staying on a strict diet every day is not as healthy as it sounds.” She likes to maintain a balance so that she can sustain her diet for a longer period. She continues, “Stay very strict for six days and live life on the seventh. On my cheat day, I go crazy on all the pizza and pasta I can get hold of.”

However, she does not go all berzerk and is still very careful when she goes out to eat. She mainly orders, “clean grilled chicken breast. If sauce comes with it, I want it separated. And I’ll have a salad with that.”  Using such tips and techniques help her maintain her gains.

She also talks about healthy foods that are not very healthy. She explains one surprising food and said: “Extra virgin olive oil – sounds so good, tastes so good and has a very good reputation. Well deserved, of course, but remember that weight has almost three times more calories than pure sugar. So…use olive oil with moderation.”

Although she makes sure to eat a variety of foods throughout the week, here is what her sample menu looks like:

Sample menu #1 from Michelle Lewin’s diet plan:

  • Breakfast:

6 egg whites, oatmeal with almonds, and strawberries

  • Lunch:

Grilled chicken breasts with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli with olive oil.

  • Snack:

Pork chops with salad

  • Dinner:

Grilled salmon with brown rice and steamed asparagus.

  • Before sleep:

Casein protein drink

Sample menu #2 from Michelle Lewin’s diet plan:

  • Breakfast:

Protein pancake or oatmeal cooked overnight with chocolate peanut butter.

  • Snack 1:

Avocado or tuna snack

  • Lunch:

Chicken Salad and Cashew or Noodle Salad with Sauce and Avocados

  • Snack 2:

Marinated fish and seafood or a cup of protein yogurt

  • Dinner:

Chicken with coconut and curry

You may notice that her diet is pretty balanced and has all the major food components in it. Her diet contains a blend of complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, oatmeal, rice, and vegetables) along with a great amount of protein and fats. Michelle utilizes high-protein meats such as chicken breast, ham, and grilled salmon for more suitable rehabilitation after training. She also makes sure that her diet has a lot of healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids from foods such as salmon and olive oil. These fat-rich foods decrease the amounts of unhealthy cholesterol, support healthy skin, and improve her immune system. She says,

“Bodybuilding is about nutrition. Previously, my diet was wrong and workouts were much harder than today. My body began to change drastically as I started to eat healthier foods and exercise less.

Michelle Lewin’s Supplements

Michelle’s diet plan also consists of certain supplements that help her reach her daily macro goals. Her favorite supplements are Pro Amino, Big Blend, Bullnox, Fulldose, etc. that she uses to fill up on nutrients and the deficiencies that are caused due to heavy workouts.

She has divided her supplements according to her workout routine. She works out twice a day and therefore needs her supplements to be divided for morning and evening workouts.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Interview

Michelle Lewin has been in media since forever and has been a part of many podcasts and interviews. Here is a glimpse of her interview with a leading fitness magazine:

Do you consider yourself sexy?

You may not believe me, but I don’t like to look at myself in the photos. I learned to pose and express myself through photos to sell them. I know what my fans are asking for. Maybe that’s what keeps me on my feet.

Do men like it when you train hard?

I know they love it. Women who train have the most beautiful figures and emit energy. Such women would enjoy a gym bag more than a handbag. Men consider us the ideal girls of their dreams.

Are the guys hitting on you during your training?

Sure. It’s getting uncomfortable when a shirtless man stands beside me and brags with his muscles. There are occasions when they try to attract attention with a scream and when I don’t respond, they scream even louder just to make me notice them .

Your advice to girls who want to get into the fitness industry?

Don’t try to be like someone else. Do what is natural to you. Those who repeat others do not usually reach the top. I suggest you find a person to help you as a manager. You can’t do it by yourself. There are too many traps in this business.

Michelle Lewin Inspiration and Idols

Michelle says that she is very self-motivated. According to her, the mirror is her biggest motivator. Another motivating factor is all the love and support she gathers from her fans, and especially her female fitness followers. She says,

“I would say the mirror. There’s nothing more motivating than when you find a new vein! Am I crazy? Probably, but it’s true! Progress is what motivates me to keep pushing harder and not give up. Also, it’s extremely motivating to have so many female fans. I never thought I would get to that point, especially since I’m an ex Playboy Cover Model. But girls! Thanks! I love you! You’re the best!”

She says that all this inspires her to do better in life with the kind of power and influence she has on social media and the fitness industry in general. She explains her future goals saying,

I hope I’ll be relaxing, financially independent, in a beach house with my two five-year-old twins and that I’ll be happy to be part of changing the female ideal around the world from unhealthy slim figures to healthy and fit ones by teaching and inspiring them through my photos and videos.

Michelle Lewin Social Media Handles

Michelle Lewis is super active when it comes to posting on social media and engaging a wide variety of audiences. She keeps on updating her followers on all her social media handles. Here are four social media handles:

  • Instagram: michelle_lewin
  • Twitter: @michelle_lewin
  • Facebook: FitnessMichelle
  • Web page: http://michellelewin.com/

That is all about Michelle Lewis’s workout and diet routine. With a lifestyle like hers, one can really get inspired to give their best both in the gym and kitchen. Following her moderate lifestyle is quite easy and that is what she tells her fans too.

Another message that one can get from looking at her life story is that even when someone is downtrodden, it does not mean that he or she is not capable to work their way up. With strength and determination and a lot of hard work, one can climb any mountain they want to.

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