Mischa Janiec Workout Routine and Diet Plan

What’s so different about Mischa Janiec is that he is an all-natural vegan bodybuilder, fitness and lifestyle coach, and also an entrepreneur. He was born in Switzerland and shares a Polish heritage (and a love for fitness) with his former bodybuilding father. Mischa now travels the whole world and encourages others by sharing his adventure and acumens online.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the science of fitness and nutrition and applies this knowledge to drive him on his ever-evolving route towards self-mastery in this field. It is his ‘calling’ to assist others to develop their physiques and consequently, boost their confidence. He takes the support of his personal journey from a self-identified “lazy” teen with severe back problems to the superhuman like strong man that we see on many magazines and online today, as evidence of what’s plausible.

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Mischa Janiec has achieved many laurels during his lifetime and the first was when he became the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Federation Teen Class Champion in 2011 and won the Overall Title at the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Muscle Mayhem 2016. He is not just a Pro Athlete, Mischa has also become a famous European Social Media Influencer. He has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram and millions of views on his youtube channel. He is also the Co-founder of Profuel, a vegan supplement company, Chief Marketing Officer of a clothing company named ProBroWear and assists his clients and followers get in shape with his Online Training Course that is known by the name, “Lean Bulk System”. He also loves to travel around the world and delivering his Internet Community glimpse of beautiful places like South America or Thailand.

The strength of Mischa is that he is not afraid of working hard, pushing boundaries, and welcoming uncertainty. He is a renegade against normal and old thinking and likes stimulating doubts and urging others to rise to the occasion. He has previously destroyed many misconceptions, particularly showing that bodybuilders can sustain a plant-based diet and still gain muscle easily. It’s not so frequent that you meet someone as raw and authentic as Mischa, but it is his honest and reliable method that has assisted him to become a living manifestation of what pure dedication and enthusiasm can do for your life.

Before we move onto what Mischa Janiec does in a day to stay fit and lean, here are some of his biggest accomplishments.

Mischa Janiec Fitness Competition 

  • In 2011, Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Champion
  • On second place GNBF 2013 International Class in Germany
  • On second place SNBF 2013 Heavyweight Class in Switzerland
  • Winner of Heavyweight & Overall WNBF Muscle Mayhem 2016

Mischa Janiec Workout Routine

Vegan bodybuilder Mischa Janiec has joined Fitplan with his first fitness training program, called, Busy Body. The plan includes only two 60-minute workouts a week. Apparently, Busy Body is intended for people who want an effective plan for their workout routine that fits into their hectic schedules. He follows his own workout plan more or less. Here’s all about his own workout schedule and his Fitplan workout training session.

He says that Busy Body is especially for people who have a super busy workout schedule but still aim to fit in a workout or two in their week. In his words, “Busy Body is a plan for busy people; people who travel, people who have families, and people who work a lot. People who have a very limited amount of time. Busy Body gives you the premise that you can reach 80% of your success with 20% effort. It’s a very minimalist principle using the scientific background of protein synthesis twice a week.”

He is clear about what his plan would result in. He says that the goal of the plan is to make anyone look better without putting in a lot of effort. It includes all types of movements in its plan. He continues to explain, “Hypertrophy (i.e. muscle growth) and overall look. The plan is definitely built for people who want to look better before anything else. This plan is just about looking as good as humanly possible with the least amount of effort. On top of that, it’s a very functional way of building strength with compound moves, bodybuilding, and isolation. People will be able to increase their physical activities around their lives. It promotes core strength and better mobility. It’s very basic and functional.”

He also tells that the best thing about Busy Body is that it is very flexible in its approach because it includes two workouts per week which can be easily accommodated in the week. Here’s how he elaborates it. He says, “What I like most about the Busy Body plan is you can be flexible. Even if your week looks crazy, you can still make time. You can go [to the gym] on Monday, then Friday again; you can go on Tuesday and then weekends again, you can even have a workout everywhere you go in the world. It’s a really really flexible plan, especially for people like me who travel all year long, it’s basically the biggest asset.”

Mischa says that his workout is very limited but it is all scientifically made.“Every exercise in this plan is nailed down to a science. Here we really have a solid, “I-want-to-look-good” plan, with the least amount of effort, so that’s really special in my opinion,” he says.

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He tells his fans to keep going and trust in themselves because hard work and persistence would go a long way. In his words, “The trust in every day. If you own your day you can own your life, and even if it feels like everything goes wrong, the only choice you have is to do the right thing.”

Mischa has been a patient of scoliosis and it is not something that backed him down. In fact, it was the reason for his not giving up at all. He saw the positive side of the coin and turned the tables in his favor. He explains, “A big challenge was my scoliosis. This is how I basically started training and I overcame it by not giving myself the role of the victim. I tried to see it as an advantage and the fire to kill it in the gym, like the serendipity that brought me to the gym. Acknowledge your weaknesses and make them your strengths.”

Busy Body Workout Breakdown

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With two scientifically claimed designed workouts per week, Busy Body is expected to secure your best shape in the least amount of time. With the versatility and adaptability options that the fitness schedule provides, you can move your days from week to week according to your schedule. Clearly, this makes his Fitplan take a no-excuses approach to make fitness a preference in your busy life. The workouts increase as the plan proceeds to provide you with the best results.

Workout 1: Strength Rush

Mischa explains his first workout saying, “With no time to waste, Strength Rush starts you strong with four supersets, three sets each. This workout hits all of your major muscle groups: legs, chest, shoulders, back, arms, and abs.”

Workout 2: Hypertrophy Session

Mischa continues to explain his second work out option and says, “Your second total-body workout of the week hits all the same muscles with different, yet just as challenging, exercises. You’ll do four supersets, three sets each. For the final burn out, you’ll do four sets.”

That’s all about Mischa Janiec’s workout routine and his amazing plan, Busy Body. Moving on to what foods make him fueled all day long…

Mischa Janiec Diet Plan

Mischa Janiec is a vegan bodybuilder with rippling muscles and this has made him shatter all the beliefs about how bodybuilders can not survive on a plant-based diet. He has his own healthy meal plan that he shares with his fans, which is of course, vegan. He does not have a strict diet plan and believes that eating everything in moderation is the best approach. Therefore, he has a few cheat meals here and there but quickly recovers from it too. His diet is mainly composed of all vegan ingredients that are high in protein and fats. He also makes sure that he is getting all of his macros in check throughout the day.

He smashed the hype by saying,

“Traveling for 5 years on a vegan diet now, I rarely ate more than 200g of protein a day. I usually stay around 150-180g a day while making sure my EAA levels are high and therefore can spend more of my calories on carbs which give me the strength I need to lift heavy and fuel my brain accordingly. So no, you don’t need to eat ridiculous amounts of protein to get big, acutely the biggest meta-analysis ever conducted, found no significant benefit of eating more than 1,6kg per KG bodyweight for muscle gains. For people not aiming to become as jacked as humanly possible even less is necessary. Don’t believe the hype.”

If you are wondering what he buys for his vegan meals, here’s a video for his grocery haul that he posted on Youtube:

Fo him, going vegan was the best decision and he thinks it is the best way for human beings to eat besides being environment friendly. That’s what Mischa strives for everyone to achieve.

He also uses his social media platforms to give tips and hacks to get the maximum out of a meal. He says in one of his Instagram posts, “Are you #plantbased and eager to optimize your #nutrition for performance? Then I highly suggest you add 10g of BCAA‘s or EAA‘s to every meal with low #protein content (less than 30g). This will bump up your protein synthesis and increase your overall #performance over time. As a world traveler & foodie, this is the perfect life hack.”

Here’s what he says about his mission when he talks of a vegan diet and the benefits it.

“It’s my mission to help as many people as I can to become the best that they can be and I’m so glad you are one of them. This guide was created so that you can make health-conscious eating choices. I want to guide you towards plant-based whole foods, which I strongly believe is the best way for human beings to eat, not only for optimal health and performance but also for the preservation of our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants.”- Mischa Janiec

His E-book contains 27 hearty vegan recipes that he claims would elevate your performance in the gym. The guide explains each ingredient in-depth and provides tips to lose or gain weight. He writes,

“Yo Guys it’s finally here!!! My brand new E-Book #BuiltByPlants just launched today. 129 pages filled with state of the art information and 27 delicious recipes to fuel your body for better #health & #performance.
This vegan #nutrition guide will give you the know-how to a whole #plantbased diet in an easy, healthy, delicious, and practical way. You will finally be in control of managing your weight for the rest of your life in a #healthy and holistic way!
Whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, you will know exactly how to reach your goals.
All information is science-based and specially tailored for performance athletes and health-conscious people. No hippy bullshit, this Ebook is full of serious information to put on lean mass the #vegan way.”

Mischa Janiec Supplements

Here’s a list of Mischa Jnaiec’s supplements:

  • Plant-based protein
  • Vitamins and Mineral
  • Plant-based omega 3
  • Creatin

He wrote in one of his Instagram posts,

“One shake a day keeps micronutrient deficiency away and the #gains wanna stay.

What Supplements are you using on a daily basis? Comment down below. No this is not another Protein + Greens scam product, this is an actual All in One formula designed by leading experts in sports & nutrition science for athletes and health-conscious plant-based people.

39g of plant-based protein per serving. 5 key Vitamins & 5 key Minerals, perfectly dosed and carefully put together to assure maximal absorption. + Plant-Based Omega 3 and Creatine. Not a single non-sense ingredient but delicious enough that it makes sense to drink it every day.”

That’s all about Mischa Janiec’s diet plan and workout routine. With his meat-free diet plan and a super flexible workout routine, it is quite possible to say that he is shattering all the disbelieved worldwide. His efforts are quite commendable too.

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