MyKayla Skinner Workout Routine and Diet Plan

MyKayla Brooke Skinner Harmer is an American national artistic gymnast competing in the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup. Her date of birth is December 9, 1996. Her silver-medal success at the 2020 Olympics proves that she is an excellent vaulter. Having previously served as an alternate to the Olympic team of 2016, she is now back as one. Her remarkable accomplishments include winning a bronze medal on vault at the 2014 World Championships, an event that led to gold for the U.S. team. Her career at the University of Utah included collegiate gymnastics in which she won two NCAA championships and 11 medals at the USA National Championships.

MyKayla Skinner



We curated an article detailing Mykayla Skinner’s fitness regimen since she puts an awful lot of time and effort into being the person she is now. Our purpose here is to discuss the legendary fitness regimen. The situation does, however, improve! Additionally, we will present a detailed analysis of the player’s diet plan. 

MyKayla Skinner Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1996 (age 24)
  • Birth Date: December 9
  • Height: 5 ft 0 in (152 cm)
  • Weight: 52 kg (114.5 lbs)

MyKayla Skinner Awards and Achievements

Olympic Games
Silver medal – second place 2020 Tokyo Vault
World Championships
Gold medal – first place 2014 Nanning Team
Gold medal – first place 2015 Glasgow Team
Gold medal – first place 2019 Stuttgart Team
Bronze medal – third place 2014 Nanning Vault
Pan American Championships
Gold medal – first place 2014 Mississauga Team
Gold medal – first place 2014 Mississauga All-Around
Gold medal – first place 2014 Mississauga Floor exercise
Gold medal – first place 2014 Mississauga Vault
FIG World Cup
Gold medal – first place 2016 Glasgow All-Around
Silver medal – second place 2015 Arlington All-Around
Representing Utah Red Rocks
NCAA Championships
Gold medal – first place 2017 St Louis Floor Exercise
Gold medal – first place 2018 St Louis Vault
Silver medal – second place 2017 St Louis All-Around
Silver medal – second place 2018 St Louis All-Around

Mykayla Skinner Daily Routine

Our purpose in this section is to discuss MyKayla Skinner’s fitness routine. The time when she performs specific workouts is divided among different parts of her day. Take a look at this:


7 a.m.: Rise and shine! With less than three months to go to the Rio Games, I start each morning by setting goals and thinking about how to accomplish as much as I can. Everything I do, every minute I sleep, all my training, and everything I eat is meant to fuel and take care of my body. I’m going to give it all I have with no regrets!

Like I usually do, I started the morning with hot water with lemon because it’s supposed to be good for my metabolism, and I just love the taste. I always eat the lemon pulp too — it gets less sour after soaking in the warm water, and it’s supposed to be super-healthy.

Some days I have a bowl of cereal with skim milk, but today I just went with two slices of whole-wheat toast and jelly. I eat whole wheat bread because it’s healthier, but I also think whole wheat tastes better.

MyKayla Skinner

8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.: Training time! I drank a ton of water throughout the entire workout. I didn’t keep track of how much, I just always listen to my body. Today, I needed a lot. Working hard!

1 p.m.: After almost four hours of practice, I was starving and headed home for lunch. I often eat dinner leftovers from the previous night, so today it was grilled chicken breast and brown rice and some veggies. It saves me time on food preparation — all I need to do is heat it and add ketchup, because who doesn’t love ketchup? I put ketchup on everything, and so do my teammates Gabby [Douglas], Simone [Biles], Maggie [Nichols], and MyKayla [Skinner].

I put ketchup on everything, and so do my teammates Gabby, Simone, Maggie, and MyKayla.

1:15 p.m.: I can’t get through two workouts without a nap, so this was my time to take one. For so many athletes, a nap is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! My body was exhausted from the morning workout and the entire week.

3 p.m.: Before I headed back to the gym for my second workout of the day, which lasts 2.5 hours, I cut up a banana and mixed it with Greek yogurt and some cereal for the carbs, protein, and energy I needed for the rest of the afternoon. I often sit in traffic for 30 minutes to an hour on my way to the gym, so I always make sure I have water in the car to stay hydrated.

5 to 7:30 p.m.: Back at the gym!

8 p.m.: I am always hungry when I get home from practice. Tonight, I ate a small piece of grilled salmon with a cup of whole wheat pasta and loads of vegetables including broccoli, carrots, and parsnips (I love them!). I really try to fill up on colorful veggies every night.

8:30 p.m.: I took a long, hot shower to relax my muscles and mind. Even though I was exhausted, I loaded up on all my skin and hair products — I’m very girly, and this makes me feel feminine. Then I got into bed to ice my ankles and back and used a special laser machine that speeds up the recovery process and prevents injuries. Meanwhile, I drank tea to relax and unwind while I watched Vampire Diaries on Netflix and dozed off.


8 a.m.: With more than 30 hours a week of training, my body gets tired by the time Sunday rolls around, and while I try to sleep in, it’s hard because I’m so used to waking up at 7 a.m. I felt like it was a coffee-in-my-PJs kind of day, so I tried to listen to my body. I think resting, relaxation, and clearing your mind are one of the healthiest things you can do.

8:30 a.m.: I had an egg-white omelet made with spinach, a little cheese, tomato, and some leftover salmon from the night before for extra protein.

10 a.m.: I put on a Revision black face mask (my favorite) and took a hot bath with some Epsom salts and a fruity bath salt scrub.

12 p.m.: I was so exhausted from the week I could barely stay out of bed, so I got back in it with my puppy Gibson.

1 p.m.: For lunch, I ate brown rice with steak and some fruit.

2 p.m.: Nap time! After I woke up, I watched some TV with my family. My dad and I love watching football together, but when it’s not in season, we’ll sometimes watch a movie or Modern FamilyFriends, or How I Met your Mother.

6 p.m.: I helped my mom make homemade calzones for dinner. They tasted delicious. It’s great to spend time eating with the whole family.

6:30 p.m.: I unwound with another hot bath and all of my products: Revision Skincare hydrating serum, retinol, DEJ face, and eye creams, and a firming night treatment to relax and get ready for bed. Then I foam-rolled my muscles and got in bed.

9:30 p.m.: I watched some Netflix and fell asleep before 10 p.m.

MyKayla Skinner

In the next section, we would focus on what MyKayla Skinner does in her daily workout routine to be fit as a fiddle. Thus we would explore the kinds and frequency of each workout which is done by her. Read ahead.

MyKayla Skinner Workout Routine

The news of the Olympics postponement almost caused Mykayla Skinner to swerve into oncoming traffic as she drove to the gym last year. That’s because she had an opportunity to represent her country in the Olympics. In her explanation, she says,

I’m 24, which I know doesn’t sound very old. But in the world of gymnastics, it is. The Tokyo Games are my last shot to compete as a gymnast for Team USA, and my last shot at winning a gold medal. “How could this be happening?” I thought to myself. Everything I’d worked so hard for, and for so many years, seemed to be falling apart in front of me. I was so pissed off that I actually had a really good practice that day—fueled, I think, by my anger.

Her first thought was that there was a silver lining. It would be good for her to have an extra year so she can polish her skills. During that period, she had also injured her foot, tested positive for COVID, and was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. As the Olympic trials approached, she felt stressed. She has already gained a lot of ground in the process even though it was difficult. The wait was a little bit longer than she had anticipated.

MyKayla Skinner

It was clear to her back in 2016 that she would participate in the Olympics in Tokyo. In the stands at the Rio Olympics, she watched her teammates perform. She thought to herself, “That could have been me.”. She realized she was that close to living out her lifelong dream of winning gold, so she didn’t give up.

Her post-Rio plans included joining the gymnastics team at the University of Utah. Changing from elite to recreational gymnastics has been a challenge for her since we throw big skills in elite gymnastics. In college, there is no point system for difficulty, but once she understood how to do it, she found it easy. After experiencing so much as an elite gymnast, she returned to the sport in college after rediscovering her love of it.

A few years ago, when she was 13 years old, she became the first non-Olympian to attend an elite camp at “the ranch”. In Texas, the “ranch” is where former U.S. gymnastics national team trainers Bela and Martha Karolyi have their residence as well as their training center.

She was not expecting what happened. There are a lot of athletes in that group, and they haven’t been treated well. They are required to be perfect all the time, which is insane since in gymnastics you have to fail and make mistakes to improve. When you fell at camp, everyone said, “We don’t want you anymore.”, which made her hate gymnastics. But you did that if you wanted to make the Olympic team.

Rather than simply talking about them, Tom [Forster, USA’s new high-performance team coordinator] actually spoke with them. As he says, “If you guys have issues, feel free to contact me.” There is still a lot of work to be done, and it will take a while for everything to reach its completion, but it’s moving in the right direction.

Her gym remained partially open during the pandemic and she was able to continue training. Although her foot became extremely sore because of the Olympics postponement, she doesn’t know if the stress caused it. When doctors found a large bone spur on the back of my foot, they immediately started to treat me. It was not possible to perform surgery as she would not have recovered in time for the Olympics. Instead, her physician recommended a PRP [platelet-rich plasma] injection and rehab program. As soon as she gets up in the morning, her feet are stiff, making walking difficult.

She always knew she would have a long journey to the Olympics, but she never imagined it would be so challenging. She tested positive for COVID a week after her birthday last December. When she’s in high-energy mode, she’s super crazy. Despite this, she was all about laying around. After trying to work out at the gym, she decided not to go because she didn’t feel well. Her body was overworked as she pushed it more and more each day. A stiff feeling in her chest exhibited by her was believed to be a lingering symptom of COVID, but in fact, indicated pneumonia. As she lay in the hospital, all she could think about was how she could compete in the Olympic games without endurance? As she held her sister’s hand, she said, “I’m so behind.”

MyKayla Skinner

It took her about a month to get back into the gym. An athlete’s lifetime is a lifetime in gymnastics. She definitely has been set back by it, which is terrible. Her foot has been healing for an extra week because of it. Her current daily workout schedule consists of four and a half hours in the gym, along with Wednesdays and Sundays off. Furthermore, she attends physical therapy twice a week and a trainer two times a week.

She does not give up, however, due to her positive attitude. She says,

With Olympic trials coming up, I’m just trying to keep my head in the game. I tell myself, “no regrets.” Whatever happens, is meant to be. If I wasn’t good enough, I wouldn’t be here. I’ve got this. I have the experience, and I’m a competitor. This is what I’m here to do. I wouldn’t want this to be easy, because if it was I wouldn’t want it so bad. There’s going to be a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but that’s the fun part.

Having contracted COVID-19 in December and been treated for pneumonia, Skinner has had a rough start to the new year. She earned a fifth-place finish in the all-around competition at Trials, though, thanks to her grueling training regimen. When Skinner learned she had been named as an individual Olympic gymnast, she declared on The Today Show, “I survived.” She continues, “I mean, I wanted to give up so many times. I was like, ‘I don’t even know if I can do this anymore.'”

As Skinner moved up to Tokyo in the hopes of earning a ticket to the 2016 Summer Olympics, she deferred her senior season at the University of Utah. Once the Olympics are over, she will return to school to complete her degree, but she will retire from competitive athletics. The previous year, she has won NCAA titles on floor exercise (2017) and vault (2018), as well as finishing second in all-around both times. Moreover, the Arizona native reportedly held the NCAA record for the longest hit streak in history with a 161-game streak.

Despite her collegiate routines that included many difficult skills (a double-double backflip on the floor as her first pass, for example), Skinner is still a hard worker who must put in a lot of work to compete as an elite gymnast. Skinner said she’s found balance and learned to cut back on her practice hours despite the increased training. In addition, the routines become more technical in elite gymnastics (for example, she had to perform four tumbling passes on the floor instead of three as in college).

Elite gymnasts also score differently – rather than getting a perfect-10 for execution, they get a combined score for difficulty and execution. You need to throw hard skills to make sure you’re able to see those big numbers, not just execute everything perfectly. It is more difficult to differentiate rankings in college gymnastics because there are few differences between rankings. When you compete at the national and international level, you cannot usually take any chances.

In an article published back in 2019, Skinner’s coach, Lisa Spini, said, “She would have made the [2016 Olympic] team in any other country in the world and should have made it in our country. She feels like she has unfinished business.” Skinner herself said, “While I love college gymnastics, I’d like to try and compete for my country. I see the opportunity to pursue an Olympic berth as a chance of a lifetime.

MyKayla Skinner

Skinner, who was also an alternate at the 2015 and 2019 World Gymnastics Championships, incorporates elements of collegiate gymnastics into elite competitions, including an exaggerated “college salute” as well as encouraging spectators to cheer. 

Her approach to training is a key part of her success and is credited with contributing to her longevity. She aspires to help others apply the same approach to their training. In general, gymnasts train upwards of 30 hours per week, six days a week, two times each day. Skinner, however, is exempt from this rule.

“Lisa [Spini], my coach, definitely just like hasn’t killed me off,” she said frankly. “I feel like in elite gymnastics, it’s always been trained seven hours a day, work your body off and you’ve got to get all the numbers and all the repetitions in, which is true, but you really don’t need to train that much.”

She says she trained for only a few hours per day leading up to the Olympic Games at Rio. “I kind of just went in and hit my routines,” she explained. “If there were any little extra things I needed to do, I would do it, but we didn’t spend seven hours in the gym doing upgrade stuff, other stuff I didn’t really need to do.”

After the Coronavirus pandemic required an extra year of training, the 24-year-old has seen the value of this method.

“My body’s like, ‘what are you doing? You’re not supposed to be doing this for another year,’” she said. “I don’t know if my mindset kind of had anything to do with it, too, just because I was like, ‘oh, I only have a year to train. Like, that’s not that long to train for the Olympics.’ I wasn’t planning on two years.”

While she had a strict and tough training schedule, there were also some new recovery exercises that she regularly did. In her words, ” I really like my Normatec [boots]. I’m also going to start doing ice baths for more of my body, instead of just my ankles in an ice bucket. When I have time to relax, I love to watch Netflix or go see a movie or just chill with family and friends at the pool. [Gymnastics] is on my mind all the time, so any time that I can totally get my mind off of it is really nice.”

MyKayla Skinner

Exercise is a very important part of her routine.  One day at a time is all she can manage. Despite the bad days, she is stronger as a result. A positive attitude is important to her when she starts a workout. It is all thanks to her positive attitude and strong mindset that she gets through any tough day. Her opinion is that being a high-level athlete can be difficult due to how many times you get down on yourself. As for her, after a meet, if she doesn’t perform perfectly, she will text her husband and say, “I’m quitting. I’m done. I suck.” Then she realizes, oh wait, if She was bad, she wouldn’t be here. If She sucked, she wouldn’t be here. She now has a mental trainer to help her change that mindset.

As well as eating out after winning Olympic medals, she has a superb ritual. If the Olympics are in 2021, she’ll probably have some big, greasy, crusty pizza instead of In-N-Out! After gymnastics is over for her, she will now look forward to exploring new things. Then she would try out some activities she’s been wanting to do for a long time. In her words, “I feel like gymnastics really makes you good at any sport. It will be fun to try different things and see what else that I’m good at. In Arizona, pickleball has become a trend, so I’m excited to be done with gymnastics and really get into it. I would also love to explore and go hiking.”

Mental endurance is the other half of the battle – the physical aspects are just half the battle. MyKayla Skinner has experienced mental blocks sometimes in the past. Her mental strength coach, Clay Frost, sat down with her in a YouTube video from 2020 to discuss how she works on it. Frost explained that they had worked on a concept called “the reset button.” “We tried the reset button to help me, I guess, kind of, when I’m starting to get overworked on something or thinking of something too much and I have a mental block, kind of, and I need to, like, take a step back,” she revealed. The tool she uses to reset her mind when it gets in the way is to close her eyes, take a deep breath, and tell herself, “Be the best you can be.” She then punches her hand to snap out of the block.

During an interview with “The Routine,” Skinner shared that she gets anxious because she’s not used to it anymore. She said the mental aspects of the training are as critical as the physical ones, so she attends therapy three times a week.

MyKayla Skinner

The next section offers MyKayla Skinner some excellent tips we can use when we are beginning our own fitness routines. This article discusses how you can build maximum strength and muscle with workouts.  In the following section, we will discuss what MyKayla Skinner eats throughout the day to remain as strong and consistent as she is now. Healthy bodies require a balance of both diet and exercise and ultimately consistency in both. Here are some cool tips you can get from the next section.

MyKayla Skinner Diet Plan

In preparation for Tokyo 2020, Mykayla Skinner, the oldest member of the USA Gymnastics Olympic Team, is in training. Many people must wonder what an Olympian eats, even if they won’t reach the height of that sporting stardom? Although some may think that Olympians have strict diets, the truth is that these athletes usually enjoy the same foods that everyone else enjoys. According to an interview with Delish, Skinner admitted her eating choices might fluctuate depending on her training and her upcoming competitions.

MyKayla Skinner

In addition to smoothies as part of her morning routine, she likes to eat fettuccine Alfredo, pizza, In-N-Out Burger, and French fries while in-between workout sessions. The author admits that she is “superstitious” about what foods she must consume before training, although her non-training food choices are quite relatable. She has cut out gluten, but her eating patterns remain balanced, even though she has cut out gluten other than on the weekends. She shows that athletes are similarly flexible when it comes to food choices, avoiding counting calories, and not being on a strict schedule.

The food story Skinner shared with Delish is a food lover’s dream because she shares some of her favorite food goodies. However, another aspect of her story is relatable, too. Despite avoiding caffeine, staying hydrated is difficult for the athlete. Though she does not use energy drinks, staying hydrated can be a challenge. While she admitted that the water at the gym may be within reach, it may need to be refilled more frequently. She did concede that drinking more water would help her recovery. She could fill the water bottle at the gym, but you might need to refill it more frequently.

It is no secret that many people believe that they should drink more water, however, there is no simple answer to the question of how much water they should drink each day according to the Mayo Clinic. Various factors such as activities, locales, body weight, and others can impact the amount of water we should drink. But if you’re feeling parched, it’s a good idea to take a sip of water – even Olympians do this! In an interview with Yahoo, MyKayla Skinner said, “(I’m) always trying my best to stay hydrated, but it never seems good enough. I drink my 32-ounce water bottle for gym time and sometimes a bit more. Whenever I go out to eat, I drink water. So, yeah, (I don’t drink) that much. But I’m getting better since water helps with recovery.” She added that she doesn’t drink any caffeine, just like Cristiano Ronaldo.

If she is not training, we can find her eating pizza and In-N-Out. In addition to french fries, she also enjoys fried chicken. In addition to smoothies for breakfast, Skinner also eats Rubio’s for lunch. Together with her husband, Jonas Harmer, she likes to enjoy Home Chef meals as well.

MyKayla Skinner

Breakfast: Protein Smoothie

Lunch: Anything from Rubio’s

Dinner: Anything with protein (lean meats), carb source, and vegetables

Snacks: Protein shakes, protein bar, fruits, and nuts

One can quite apparently see that MyKayla Skinner is not too choosy about her foods. She makes sure that she is getting her macro requirements complete. Thus she does not exclude any food group from her diet. MyKayla Skinner really is a believer in getting her nutrition goals completed through her food, instead of supplements. She focuses on eating whole foods so that there are not any requirements for having any kind of supplements afterward. Her basic supplement usually consists of having a whey protein shake after her workout routine so that she could maintain her muscle mass. She oftentimes also shuffles it with protein bars which are more filling. She does not take any boosters in her diet and she stays clear from caffeine too.

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