Sami Clarke Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sami Clarke is the new Fitplan Trainer. She was born in Colombia but is working as an LA model and health, wellness, and fitness instructor who is dedicated to spreading her message of what she believes is the right thing fo your body across the world.

Body Glow is her first Fitplan which is all about developing long and lean muscles and its importance and effect on metabolic rate and hence fat burning. Her workouts do not involve much equipment so you do not have to take the gym membership and can do her workouts at home.

Her approach towards fitness is holistic as she believes that wholesome fitness is worth it when it comes to suitability. Her focus on clean eating is immense because she believes it is great for the mind, body, and soul alike.

“When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are really powerful,” she says.

She has appeared in many interviews since she rose to fame to explain her approach towards health, fitness routine, and diet plan. Here’s all about you need to know when it comes to Sami Clarke.

Sami Clarke Workout Routine

Sami Clarke requires no introduction because she is superb in what she does and that is quite apparent by her physique and the way she looks. Clearly, she’s one of the biggest faces in the fitness world and the credit goes to her consistency with results and patience.

She introduced herself as a personal trainer and a nutrition specialist. This is exactly what she said,

“I am a fully certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. I have been training clients for nearly 10 years and during that time I have refined my fitness strategy to provide the best results, but more importantly, to do so while having fun! I know that if you enjoy your workouts you are much more likely to stick with them, and the QUEENTEAM program is all about building amazing habits for how you workout and eat.

Regular exercise isn’t just great for your body, it’s also going to help you feel happier, more optimistic and give you more energy. My favorite thing about what I do is seeing how people transform both mentally and physically when they incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. I focus on creating a program which will never grow boring, so that it is easy for you to make my workouts part of your daily routine. That’s why I write a whole new workout every single week day – I want to offer you a program that you can stick with for life!”

Besides this, Sami Clarke likes to workout in the morning rather than during the evenings or at night. She tries to work out at least 5 times a day but some times her hectic schedule does even allow such royalties.

Although she loves working out in HIIT movements, she tries to switch up her workout routine from time to time to kill the monotony. She also likes to make it fun by including exercises like pilates, yoga and other group classes to improve her muscle mobility and flexibility. This is how she skips having the plateau in her fitness goals and also does not get bored.

Sami Clarke has designed an exact fitness and nutrition guide for her followers that will help them achieve the same long and lean body that she has and others aspire to get. Her fitness guide is called Body Glow Fitplan. The name is pretty interesting because it will leave you healthy, happy, and strong. One is sure to come out toned at all the right places.

The workout is high intensity with lower rests in the between and high repetitions. You do not require much equipment so the exercises can be done in any setting. The guide, Body Glow by Sami Clarke comprises of 25-minute workout series which is supposed to be done 5 days a week for 8 weeks.

Here is a sample of what her guide includes and what does herself:

#1 Full Body HIIT

45 seconds on x 15 seconds rest (3 rounds)
Skater Hop
Jump squat
Push up to  pushback plank
Bird dog x4 one side to  switch
Standing knee tucks x4 one side to switch
Criss cross-walk

#2 Upper Body

45 seconds x 15 seconds rest 2-3 rounds
1. Shoulder taps
2. 2 body saw’s/2 hip dips
3. Mountain climbers
4. SA push up
5. Superman lateral raises
6. SA push up
7. Superman around the world
8. Superman
9. Tricep dip kicks
10. Knee push-ups

#3 Abs Workout

30 seconds each x no rest, 2 rounds through!

Elbow to knee crunch
Reverse crunch
4 flutter kicks w/ reverse crunch
Side plank hold (left side)
Side plank dips (left side)
Side plank hold (right side)
Side plank dips (right side)
Standing side crunch (left side)
Standing side crunch (right side)

#4 Booty Workout

AT HOME BOOTY DAY!! All you need is a resistance band and a chair or a stool of some sort! If you don’t have a chair, you can do it all on the ground as well!

45 seconds on x 15 seconds rest 3 rounds!!
Sumo squat pulse
Seated band abduction
SL Glute bridge (right side)
SL Glute bridge (left side)
Lateral kicks (right side)
Lateral kicks (left side)
Split squat (right side)
Split squat (left side)
Elevated Glute bridge
1 min of elevated clams!

#5 Lower Body Workouts

LOWER BODY!! If you don’t want to go to the gym, do this all in your home!! Chair and bands needed, DB’s are optional!

Elevated Glute bridge x20 reps
Lateral walks x20 reps
Lunge squat lunge x10 reps
Step-ups x10 reps
Step-ups x10 reps
Kneeling side plank x15 reps
Kneeling side plank x15 reps
SL deadlift x12 reps
SL deadlift x12 reps

#5 Upper Body Workout

45 seconds on x 15 seconds rest (2-3 rounds)
Side plank crunch left
Side plank crunch right
Plank alternating reach
Leg swoops
Tricep dip kicks
Downward dog toe tap
Slow push up into Superman

#6 Booty and Abs Workout

BOOTY AND ABS – RESISTANCE BAND ONLY! This one is a strictly glute focused workout with a sprinkle of abs!

45 seconds on x 15 seconds rest x 2 ROUNDS!
Side dips (halfway through the switch)
Plank clam abduction
Plank clam abduction
Circle crunch
Elbow to knee extension/leg circle (halfway through a switch)
Elbow to knee extension/leg circle (halfway through a switch)
Leg downs/roll-ins (halfway through a switch)
Seated hip abductions (you can use a chair)
Seated hip abductions

#7 Cardio Workout

2 ROUNDS for 45 seconds on x 15 seconds rest
Inchworm/mountain climber
High knees (if these are hard on your body, give me butt kicks!)
Russian twist
Push up/ X jump
Jumping Jack/Knee to elbow
Lunge squat lunge

Sami Clarke Diet Plan

Sticking to a Morning Ritual

Sami is a morning kind of person and she loves to start her day with a fixed ritual. It helps her think clear and be positive throughout the day. She wakes up at 6 or 6.30 A.M. and makes sure she is not looking at her phone the first thing in the morning like most of us do.

She then gets out of the bed to have a full glass of lemon water right away to stay hydrated and kick start her metabolism and her mornings. She then plays some soothing music, light aromatic candle, and meditates every day in order to practice positive mindfulness. It helps her stay calm and brings peace to her mind.

“After I am finished meditating, I will finally check my phone and start prepping my green juice to get my day moving,” she describes.

Sami swears by this everyday green juice that she says has been a total game-changer.“It boosts my immune system, gives me energy, rejuvenates my skin. I’m honestly obsessed,” she exclaimed! She also shared the recipe with her followers.


A handful of frozen kale

½ squeezed lemon

2 celery sticks

Palm-full of cilantro

½ of a frozen banana

2-3 cups of water


Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and blend it until it turns into a smoothie. Enjoy the smooth richness of green and sweet.

Meal Planning

Sami Clarke is a big meal planner and likes to plan her meals a week advanced to make sure she is on track throughout the week. She has very healthy eating habits. For health, being healthy is not resorting to tasteless and bland foods. When she cooks, she says, all her dishes seem so mouth-watering.

She also advises to look for healthy alternatives and switch them for unhealthy ones. Cooking the meal yourself lets you know what exactly you are putting in the meal and hence your body. She also has a big sweet tooth but she haves her cake and eats it too by making it healthy. She says, “If you have a sweet tooth, make a healthy smoothie that tastes like a treat! I make chocolate protein shakes all the time when I just can’t kick my sweet tooth.”

She shares a Chocolate Banana Protein Shake from her Mealplan App with her followers that she often makes to satisfy her sweet cravings.


12 oz. water

2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

1 banana

1 cup of spinach leaves

1 tbsp peanut butter (natural)


Mix all the ingredients together into a blender and blend them until it forms a smoothie-like consistency. Pour it out in a glass and enjoy!

Calories: 437

Daily Journaling

Another thing that is a part of her morning routine is her journal. She loves to write her journal as much as she can. Journaling includes writing down your thoughts and emotions to understand them more clearly. It helps to let go of bad feelings and negative emotions. When she writes the journal, she likes to play some soothing music in the backdrop because it helps her to stay focused. She calls her journaling a “mind-dump” that helps her de-clutter all the negatives emotions from her mind. She writes and forgets. She does not judge her feelings.

Journaling also helps to keep a record of your feelings and emotions and what you are thinking. It is almost like a medium of self-expression. It has been proven that maintaining a journal has many benefits like, it reduces stress, helps to improve immunity, t boosts mood, keeps the memory sharp, and helps to strengthen emotional intelligence. After this, she likes to make a to-do list and stick to that. It helps her prioritize her daily tasks so that she could complete them in any order without any delays.

I usually just write something funny that comes to my mind, my priorities for the day, or even just how I am feeling,” explains Sami.

Commitment and Consistency

Sami Clarke is very committed to her goals because she is clear about it. She also tries to be as consistent as possible. She tells that listening to herself and her body needs has really helped to elevate her game. It was when she made some major changes that her health improved many folds. She started drinking more water which helped her prioritizing hydration. She slept more, did not drink much alcohol as she used to, and listened to what her body requires. This is how she saw a dramatic transformation in herself and her fitness.

For her, fitness is not just about how you feel from outside and how you look. It is also about how you feel from inside. She never lets herself get back downed by negative emotions and feelings and gives her mental health as much priority as she gives to her physical appearance.

“My number one health tip I tell people is always to be consistent. I could tell you to drink more water, eat healthily or work out every day, but if you aren’t consistent it won’t matter.”

This was all about what Sami Clarke has to offer to the world through her workouts, diet plans and ways to keep mental health intact. Apparently, this holistic approach to fitness is all that she roots for and if it has worked for her, she sees no reason that it might not work for anyone else. Lastly, she is all about maintaining a balance in her life. It is one of the key factors that she swears by.

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