Scott Adkins Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Born on July 17, 1976, Scott Edward Adkins is a renowned English actor, producer, screenwriter, gymnast, and martial artist. He is appreciated for his performances in direct-to-video action films. His list is unending and he has performed as a Russian prison fighter Yuri Boyka in the 2006 film Undisputed II: Last Man Standing and its two sequels, Undisputed III: Redemption (2010) and Boyka: Undisputed (2017); Casey Bowman in the 2009 film Ninja and its sequel Ninja in 2013: Shadow of a Tear; French in the 2018 film The Debt Collector and its 2020 sequel Debt Collectors (starring adjacent to Louis Mandylor). He acted in four films with his favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme: The Shepherd: Border Patrol, Assassination Games, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, and The Expendables 2. He also had leading roles in The Legend of Hercules, Wolf Warrior, and Ip Man 4: The Finale playing the main competitor in all three movies, and also performed in The Bourne Ultimatum, Zero Dark Thirty and the Marvel pitches Mutant X, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Doctor Strange.

Scott Adkins

At the age of 10, Scott Adkins developed an interest in martial arts. From England, his passion for self-defense started to grow when he was ravaged at the age of 13. So he enrolled in taekwondo to improve his defending mechanism. He got into kickboxing at the age of 13 and ultimately became a lecturer. His first opportunity to work as an actor with topmost directors like Corey Yuen and Jackie Chan came in 2001 in Hong Kong martial art film. In 2006, Scott Adkins got little character participation in productions including EastEnders and City Central before alighting a consistent position in Holby City. Undisputed II is his marvelous performance and Adkins bagged proper roles in more influential budget films including The Bourne Ultimatum, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and The Expendables 2. Social media started following him with millions of fan followers.

Being an attractive actor, Scott Adkins is an English actor and a perfect martial arts master. His broad shoulders and a precise V-shaped body are the most attractive male body shape and pleasant. Scott Adkins acted in the movie Undisputed 3 and if you watch his movie, you will be his fan forever. His MMA fighting skills are astounding which also includes accurate taekwondo kicks.

Scott Adkins

Many athletes desire to have a shape of their bodies just like his grappling body shape. He resembles a bad Russian Hercules with symbols and marks. Weighing 75 ks, Scott Adkins is 180 cm tall in height. He maintained his body shape, thanks to his perfect martial arts practice which supported him a lot. With time, he maintains his body shape with frequent strenuous practice and well-balanced nutrition.

Scott Adkins has clearly accomplished a specific height in his field but all the credit goes to his immense training schedule and strict diet that makes him have all this in his kitty. In this article, we would discuss more Scott Adkins’s workout routine, his diet plan, and his routine in general which will help us know and determine what exactly does Scott Adkins does in his whole day differently that makes him one of the best fitness enthusiasts in the industry.

Scott Adkins Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1976
  • Birth Date: July 17
  • Height: 5’10, 178 cm
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Chest: 45”
  • Waist: 34”
  • Bicep: 16”

Scott Adkins Workout Routine

When it comes to working out, Scott Adkins is one of the enthusiasts who love to work out. He practices a variety of workout routines and has defined goals set for himself. Setting up goals really helps him look forward to his everyday workouts and thus he remains quite motivated to do so. He does exercises that would enhance his muscle mass without his body looking extra bulky as he likes to remain lean.

He does kickboxing to build his strength, flexibility, and speed but his other favorite exercises in the gym are bench press, pull-ups squats, and deadlifts. This makes sure that his shoulders are growing and strong and gives him a macho look. he also works with waist trainers and does a lot of crunches and abs exercises to have a narrow waist to get a perfect V shape body. He even shares his fitness plan with his fans and people who want to follow.

Scott Adkins

His Body Transformation

Scott Adkins began doing martial arts at age 13 and had his first black belt in Taekwondo by age 19. He was obsessed with Bruce Lee and used to watch a lot of his videos and movies when he was a kid. It was him who inspired him to learn as many disciples as possible.  Over several years, he has been tutored in karate, judo, jujutsu, krav maga, and Muay Thai, and this is presumably why he’s so proper for the action movie roles he plays.

However, there has been a recent development in how his body looks which is quite apparent in his early career and now. He had to gain a lot of muscles to fit into some roles but especially for superhero roles which he did in X Men as Weapon XI. He does these scenes to make his physical presence more intimidating and thus requires a great physique to do so. To achieve a certain look, he thus follows a variety of workout routines that would give him a proper and functional body that would work for his fitness goals.

Scott Adkins does not do a lot of cardio workouts because it melts fat from the body. He thus investing weight training workouts that would help him increase the muscle mass. The workouts that Scott Adkins has made a part of his routine includes kickboxing for building his speed and strength, and a whole gym routine to add to the muscle mass. These exercises help him build muscles and look a bit macho. However, he does not like to be very broad or bulky and keeps his muscle training in proration. He also nails his abs workout every single day.

Scott Adkins

However, he does not leave cardio at all. He likes o add some cardio workouts to work on his speed and agility and thus he does running and sprinting for that purpose. He is a big-time sports lover too and loves to play basketball and football as these games are both fun and very healthy for the mind and body.

His favorite form of workout remains martial arts though. His trainer says, “he’s trained in no fewer than six forms of martial arts: Karate, judo, kickboxing, jujutsu, Krav Maga, and ninjutsu—yes, as in the art of being a ninja.”

But, even with that, Scott Adkins tells in many interviews about what all goes into his everyday workout routine.  He states: “I like volume training, simple weight training. I mean, who doesn’t like the bench press? I always make sure to go to the gym and train intensely.  We’re in there five or six days per week and I train hard. I put a lot into it. I make sure that I work myself all the way. That’s what you’ve got to do.”

He even goes down deep to his routine and explains a bit more. He works out 6 times a day and thus it is no surprise that he has a great physique. Thus he says, “I’m training about five to six times a week. Three of those days will be in the gym with weights. Two of those days will be cardio—I’m not a big fan of the running machine or running in general. I get it done, but I’d rather do some martial arts-type training. Depending on the part I’m training for, if I need to be bigger, I just train five times a week with the weights and mix it up.”

In the gym, he likes to go a bit of old school and would work the old way He says, “I’m a little bit old school, to be honest: three sets, reps of 8 to 12.”

Scott Adkins

Thus here’s a split of Scott Adkins’ workout routine in the whole week. He works out 6 times a day. He likes to focus on each body part with some specific workouts too which is all explained below.

Scott Adkins’ MONDAY: Upper body

• Flat bench press – 3 sets with 6 reps
• Rowing movements (dumbbells, barbell) – 3 sets with 6 reps
• Dumbbell military press – 2 sets with 12 reps
• Chin-ups – 2 sets with 10 reps
• Triceps extension with rope or dumbbell – 1-2 sets with 15 reps
• Dumbbell curl with dumbbells (or barbell) – 1-2 sets with 15 reps

Scott Adkins’ WEDNESDAY: Lower body

• Front squat – 3 sets with 5 reps
• Stiff legged deadlift – 3 sets with 6 reps
• Barbell lunges – 2 sets with12 reps
• Seated calf raise – 5 sets with 12 reps
• Standing calf raise – 2 sets with 12 reps

When it comes to training his lower body, Scott Adkins is very selective as it is required for his lower body strength. He likes to avoid any kind of injuries and so he adds specific movements in his routine. He explains his lower body circuit saying, “I like explosive movements. I do some plyometrics for my lower body. I need to train my legs more since I have some back problems sometimes—so lots of deadlifts to really take it out with my legs. That’s why I prefer not to load up too much weight on my back and that’s why I do a lot of box jumps and bunches, things like that.”

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins’ FRIDAY: Upper body

Same as Monday, but replace the flat bench press with the incline bench press.

Scott Adkins HIIT Circuit

Scott Adkins performs the circuit of exercises for effective fat burning 2 to 3 times with 30 seconds of rest between each circuit.

• Burpees – 12 reps
• Dumbbell swing – 20 reps opvakovaní
• Mountain climbers – 45 seconds
• Close-grip push-ups – as many as possible in 30 seconds

He would also add some cardio workouts like running or sprinting and other activities that he does for his objective of being leaner and more speedy in his routine. The games he likes to play are also based on the same routine. These games not only help in burning fat and making him active but also helps him distress in body and mind.

Scott Adkins favorite exercises for all muscle groups:

  • Back: Deadlifts, chin-ups
  • Legs: Squats, deadlifts
  • Chest: Flat bench press, incline bench press, push-ups, triceps push-ups
  • Shoulders: Dumbbell press
  • Abs: Leg raises, alternative leg raises, L- sits, V – sits
  • Calves: Jump rope, vertical jump
  • Forearm: Dead hangs

Scott Adkins weekly breakdown of workout rounds-

  • Monday: Legs, back, shoulders- deadlift (5×10), ZHYB (max.5), or biceps curls (5×10)
  • Tuesday: Abs, forearms- Leg raises(20×3), L- sits (1minX5)
  • Wednesday: Legs, chest- Deadlift (5×10), flat/incline bench press (5×10)
  • Thursday: Abs, calves, Leg- raises (20×3), L- sits (1minX5), vertical jump
  • Friday: Legs, shoulders- Deadlift (5×10), dumbbells press (5×10)
  • Saturday: Abs- Alternative leg raises
  • Sunday: Rest

Scott Adkins Combat skills

Scott Adkins is not just a badass when it comes to movies he doe but in real life too he is quite tough. He trains in a variety of martial arts styles since he was a kid, being inspired by the champ himself, Bruce Lee. He started training in Taekwondo and got his first back belt when he turned 19 years old. He also got one in kickboxing.

In addition to taekwondo and kickboxing, other martial arts he has already trained in are Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Wushu, Muay Thai, and Ninjutsu. All the credits go to him watching all the Bruce Lee movies in the row.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins Cardio/MMA Day

Scott Adkins does not like to do the traditional cardio work like running on a treadmill or swim in but he rather prefers the MMA style of training which will make him agile and speedy too. He loves to train in MMA which helps him work on his reflexes and gives his physique a great structure. Besides, the movements in MMA are quite quick which helps him sweat it out too.

Scott Adkins

Here r+are some of his cardio options at the same time:

Cardio Options:

60 min swapping in and out! 15-20 minutes HIIT training options:

  • 1 min on 1 min off on treadmill or bike
  • Treadmill: 1 min on = sprint 6-10mph and 1 min off = walk 2.5-3.5mph
  • Bike: 1 min on = over 100 RPMs at level 10 and 1 min off = steady lower RPMs at level 3-5
  • 15-20 Steady Paced cardio options:
  • Treadmill, Bike, Elliptical, Stair Master

Scott Adkins Conditioning Circuit

Conditioning training is great for burning fat and is entirely not compulsory for Scott Adkins to do this one. It is very energy-consuming and so does it not as often. There are times when he doe not feels like working on building muscles and workout in the gym, and hence he adds its kind of routine to his day. He chooses some workouts to do withing a circuit and has a limited time attached to it. Here are the exercises that he adds to his circuit:

  • Burpees – 10 reps
  • Dumbbell swings – 15 reps
  • Mountain climbers – 40 seconds
  • Close-grip push-ups – as much as you can for 30 seconds

One rule always adds to his training, though: “I always make sure to go in the gym and train intensely,” says Adkins. He loves to be intense when it comes to his workouts. “We’re in there five or six days per week and I train hard. I put a lot into it. I make sure that I work myself all the way. That’s what you’ve got to do,” he continues.

Scott Adkins

One of his secrets is that he tends to avoid cardio when not needed. He avoids it when he can because he is prone to injuries, However, he does cardio when he has to short for a movie. Bt what does he exactly do? He tells in an interview. Read ahead:

I tend to get a lot of injuries, so I’ll typically avoid cardio when I’m not making a movie. But I do sprint training, which I feel is better because you’re not doing it for long periods of time. It’s very explosive and promotes muscle growth. On the treadmill, I’ll put it on an incline and I’ll do sprints, 20 to 30 seconds on and 40 to 30 seconds off. I do it up to 10 times. That’s a real good sprint training session. Sprint training promotes muscle growth as well, whereas long-distance running will turn you into an endurance athlete. I don’t really want to be losing muscle.

On the bench press, I put 40 kilograms on each side, plus the bar, but I try not to go too much heavier than that. [Editor’s note: That’s 100kg or 225 lbs.] I do keep notes though—they’re not that detailed, but I do track the weights I was using the previous week so that I don’t forget and that I know what I need to put on this week. If I get more reps out than the week before, I’ll make a note.

Scott Adkins

He usually trains when he is working outside his country. He does not miss any workout but sometimes, like the time of his latest action movie, they stayed in the middle of the jungle which of course did not have a gym so he worked on some bodyweight exercises. The motivation to work out is enough to keep him going. He says,

The thing about working in Thailand and the hotel where I was staying—because we were shooting in the jungle—I was staying in a place that didn’t have a gym. I couldn’t lift weights, and, you know, if you don’t use them you lose them. Naturally, you’re going to lose muscle mass if you’re only doing bodywork exercises. It was hard to stay in shape during the movie but I was so active making it anyway. I was certainly burning a lot of calories.

First of all, I didn’t get in shape for it, because I’m always in shape. [Laughs] It’s not like I had to change what I was doing. Physique-wise, I’ve been in better shape. Yeah, you could stay a monster like I am—bulky all year round. But the thing is, I want to play other parts as an actor. Sometimes I’ll play “normal people.” If I go in there looking like a monster, I’m not going to get the role. Sometimes I’ll get really big through parts, sometimes I’ll trim down. But I’m always in shape.

Scott Adkins

He trains at least 6 times a week and likes to work out every single morning without a miss. His routine is quite amazing and he says, “I’m training about five to six times a week. Three of those days will be in the gym with weights. Two of those days will be cardio—I’m not a big fan of the running machine or running in general. I get it done, but I’d rather do some martial arts-type training. Depending on the part I’m training for, if I need to be bigger, I just train five times a week with the weights and mix it up.”

He still likes to be a bit old-school when it comes to the kind of exercises that he has to do. He says that he will train his body part every single day of the week. He picks up one body part for one day and like that. He explains, “I’m a little bit old school, to be honest: three sets, reps of 8 to 12. I like dips for triceps. I’ll train my chest and my arms on Monday, I’ll do my legs on Wednesday, and I’ll do shoulders/back on Friday. I don’t think there are any secrets. I think you just need to get in there and train, that’s the key. The simple stuff works—you don’t need to over-complicate it.”

Scott Adkins

That was all about Scott Adkins’s intensive workout routine that gives him the strength and power to be at the very top of his game. However, there are some workout tips that Scott Adkins frequently shares with his fans and people who look up to him for inspiration. Here are a few workout tips and tricks that Scott Adkins himself follows, so take a look!

Scott Adkins Workout Tips and Tricks

Besides following a  grueling and tiresome workout routine which might become more intense according to his situation but there are other times and tricks that Scott Adkins follows to take his workout a notch up in his routine. Here are some fitness and lifestyle tips that Scott Adkins shares on his social media channels to be more effective in the field. Take a look:

Train wisely- Scott Adkins is very fast notwithstanding his husky body shape. He moves fast and he kicks fast even when he has a huge muscular body. It comes with practicing other forms of workouts too than just weight training. He has thus trained wisely. Fighting requires a fast and flexible body even when it is too bulky. You have to train for it and this is exactly what Scott Adkins does. If you neglect the flexibility and agility training, the whole thing will make you slower.

It surely depends on the method of how your train. Weight training will not slow you down if you choose to develop a method that essentially consists of mixed movement exercises that instruct various muscle parts at once – concentrate on gaining functional health, as well as muscles – and do not rush to get the outcomes.

Scott Adkins explains, “Your goal is always the most important. Whenever you look for new ways to get in shape, you first have to decide what you want. Do you want a more muscular look, or do you want to slim down, lose weight and appear more toned and ripped? I adapt my training and diet with each role I do, depending on the image I want to convey.”

Scott Adkins

Gaining Muscle Mass– For gaining muscle mass and strength, Scott Adkinsadvices to keep the reps from 4 to 6 and must have 8 to 10 sets of each exercise. Do not perform any kind of cardio or other physically demanding exercises like HIIT if you are planning to gain muscles and weight as it will only hinder your results.

Avoiding certain foods– Scott Adkins advises avoiding foods that comprise gluten, such as rice, wheat, and others. You must also plan to lower your fat intake to a minimum and eat less salt.

Never train to failure– Add some weight to your lifts after each workout because when you stop progressing, you can lose weight by 10 percent of your maximum. You then have to start again. Try to avoid training to failure. The goal to have a chiseled body is to do a lot of volume workouts with heavyweight so there is no need to exhaust the muscles. It could break your progress and, may even lead to injury. You must also focus on your safety.

Gradual Shift- Scott Adkins nuggets that you should begin the weight lifting workout with a lighter weight and constantly change to higher ones. Develop the weights when your body stops displaying any stress or pressure from the former weights. With this approach, you will improve your body’s resistance level, and the effects will be honoring.

Multitalented Master– Scott Adkins has experience in many other fields which includes karate, wushu, muay Thai, jujutsu, taekwondo, and aerobatic gymnasts. Thus using multiple workouts would enhance your overall skills.

Take Notes– Scott Adkins tracks how much he is lifting and how many reps he would do so that he could track his progress in the gym and improve his workouts.

Scott Adkins

Careful Training– One must work out carefully especially to avoid injury. Scott Adkins has a back injury and so he does not do workouts that put his back in trouble. He does box jumps and bunches so that his lower back could be strengthened.

No Cardio- Until and unless it is necessitated by the work he is doing. Scott Adkins makes sure that he is avoiding any kind of cardio as he has suffered from many injuries in the past. He even asks his followers to do high-intensity and explosive movements which will burn their energy and calories like in a cardio workout.

No Stuntman Needed– Scott Adkins has so many skills that he doe not need any stuntman and performs his own stunts. Thus it is important to be self-reliant.

Daily Dose– It is important to stay consistent and so Scott Adkins works out for 5 to 6 days a week.

Intense Training– Scott Adkins goes through an intensive workout routine whenever he hits the gym and he likes to combine certain movements which could be quite impulsive for him.

Jump For ItScott Adkins adds plyometrics into his methods to restore his lower body, and to stay agile.

Old School Style– Scott Adkins believes in going old school which according to him works the best for him. He never gets tired of certain exercises.

Scott Adkins

That was all about the Scott Adkins workout routine and some of his favorite workout tips that he shares with his friends, family, and fans. But here’s more! It is his diet plan that makes him reach the top of his game. Scott Adkins follows a strict plan so that he can be in optimal shape and in the next section, we will read exactly that! So take a look.

Scott Adkins’ Yuri Boyka Workout And Diet

Being a modest person, Scott Adkins’ does training for 5 to 6 days a week. He combines cardio along with weightlifting. He doesn’t go for some fresh workout but just good routine hard work with lots of perspiration, plasma, and tears for his rivals.

He has routine work which means performing upper/lower body split rounds three times each week blended with awesome conditioning practice. Upper bodywork is done on Monday and then on Friday by him. That means it’s sufficient to kick your legs one time a week. It’s wonderful, though.

Upper Body Routine

1. Bench Press

The upper body routine commences with the bench pressing. According to him we should start and end with bench press only. Scott used to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions of bench press.

2. Rows

In his workout, the upper body is trained with cable, dumbbell, or barbell two times a week. He does so by shifting among these three distinctions as per his choice. Three sets of 10 reps remain the same as in the case of bench press.

3. Overhead Press

The other way is to replace dumbbells with barbells and vice versa to agitate your muscles so that they hardly get adjusted in the workout. This requires ten reps each of two sets.

4. Pull-Ups

Two sets of 12 reps each of broad grip pull-ups are done by Scott. Anyone finding it difficult to do so can adjust the numbers of reps with resistance bands or pull-up machines according to his convenience.

5. Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Dumbell Triceps can be tried and added to your workout routine for a change. It can be done for two sets of 12 reps either by laying or sitting. This can be done alternately.

6. Bicep Curls

Between dumbbell and barbell curls, it’s good to do bicep curls two times a week for a variance. This variance is to be done in two sets for 15 reps each. Being a high-rep series type of curl of the bicep, lighter weights should be used to avoid any damage and pain.

Scott Adkins

Lower Body Routine

1. Front Squat

Not only for the center of your body, but front squats are also best for your limbs. To maintain the bodyweight regularly, you have to balance your focus of the body in the center. Ten reps of four sets are sufficient for that.

2. Deadlift

Exercises with lower back and leg exercises are the main basic procedure in the routine. It requires at least 4 sets of ten reps. Several modifications are very important to intensify the deadlift exercise schedule. Stiff leg deadlift, sumo stance deadlift, and popular “touch and go” methods are some deadlift exercises. The “touch and go” method is done in one set which is consistent in movement and in which the weight just kisses the ground.

3. Dumbbell Walking Lunges

To lurch forward with a pair of dumbbells is also practiced by Scott Adkins’. He does two sets of twelve reps. When both legs are used to lunge forward, then one rep is completed.

4. Calf Raises

Interchanging the seated and standing positions is the best choice to be followed, though one posture can be chosen. 3 sets of twenty reps each are good.

Conditioning Workout

These exercises can be practiced one by one with minimum rest in between and it depends on your caliber, strength, health, and conditioning. Being a martial arts movie star, Scott has an intense workout routine. Yuri Boyka is also a fighter, massive bag hitting, glove work, and sparring are at the top of their schedule list. These exercises can be a part of your conditioning workout in the gym which has a massive bag and a pair of boxing gloves.

1. Burpees With Kettlebell Swings

Burpees, who can jump up to a standing position and can grab a pretty huge kettlebell in one swing, must try doing this 15 times. It’s a single rep.

2. Jump Rope

Since burpees require a lot of stamina and strength, next you can go for jumping rope. This rope jumping should be the regular one for 30 seconds in one round.

3. Mountain Climbers

After burpee and jumping rope, you would like to opt for climbing mountains too. In this, one has to occupy a push-up position and then raise his knees towards the chest with both legs one by one in an intermittent manner.

The Diet

Typically, Adkins is a very strong and tough man. Inserting hard work in martial arts for many years, he became a muscle man with expertise in ass-kicking. He gains or loses his weight according to the role he gets and fits into it. He took to eat beef if he has to play the role of a massive, giant man like Yuri Boyka. He reduces and tone-up his body if he has to play the character of associate.

He shares some of his diet tips in an interview with a popular journal, though a piece of large information is there regarding his diet and nutrition to reduce his weight :

“I find it hard in Thailand and China and places like that—there’s a lot of rice and noodles and things of that sort, so my diet sometimes sucks a bit in those parts of the world. But generally, I find that if I cut out carbs from after lunch and I’m just having vegetables and some protein for the rest of the day, the weight just drops off me. It’s as simple as that. I’ll get up, I’ll pretty much eat what I want for breakfast, I have a healthy sandwich, and meat and vegetables for dinner.”

In this article, we are going to disclose all the protein intake and carbs consumption of Scott Adkins by him only. According to him, your intake should be heavy and warm in the morning. Then a lot of exercises till you are ready for your next meal. Six meals a day with sufficient proteins and good carbs should be focused on to stay strong and healthy. Additions such as BCAA’s, protein powder, and creatine must be supplemented besides regular meals.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins Diet Plan

Scott Adkins likes to be in shape and works hard for it. He also maintains a balanced diet plan and workouts hard for it. His diet is balanced in nutrients and macros. He eats carbs that are low in glycemic index, some proteins, and even healthy fats. He makes sure to stay away from processed foods and under packaging and instead likes to have whole and natural foods. He eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins like fish, chicken, and eggs, and protein drinks to nourish himself after any workout.

After he is done with his intense workout routine, he consumes a healthy protein shake which replenishes his lost proteins and helps his body to build muscles. He makes sure that his protein consumption is within 30 minutes of workouts to promote muscle repair and muscle-building unctions.

Scott Adkins sometimes goes on a totally low carb diet which is done to look leaner and facilitate weight loss whenever necessary for his role or a photoshoot. In a recent interview, he told the fans that he likes zucchini pasta with bolognese and ragu sauce which is a great carb substitute. He aims to have about 1 g protein per 1 pound of body weight to gain his muscles too.

Scott Adkins’ usual diet comprises fresh, whole grain foods like fruits, green veggies, lean proteins, fish, and protein smoothies. He fancies having a pre-and post-workout protein-enriched shake or snack. His main focus is to look great and for that he eats clean most of the time. He consumes plenty of macros and always hits the mark. He travels a lot and thus stocks himself up with fresh food instead of junk food. He even avoids carbs sometimes

Because he travels, he has to keep certain flexibility and it and so he knows a lot of alternatives to his basic eating plan. He does not follow any particular diet plan which would cut out some macros or add to it. He drinks plenty of water too to remain hydrated and avoid being fatigued. It also helo he be energetic throughout the day.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins favors clean and whole-grain foods rather than settling on refined and processed food. He eats foods like lean proteins, fruits, whole grains, protein smoothies, vegetables, and fish to have the proper nutriment to make his body salubrious. He devours food rich in protein at least ½ an hour before his workouts for energy, as his workout sessions are very intense. He usually likes to drink a protein shake before his workout session. He also adds a lot of protein-enriched food to his diet after workout sessions. Eating protein before and after a workout improves muscle development and repair, making striking modifications in the body.

Here’s a look at the sample diet plan of what Scott Adkins eats in a day:

Scott Adkins Sample meal plan:

Scott Adkins Meal 1

  • Whole grain toast
  • A large bowl of oatmeal
  • Bowl of fruit salad
  • Large protein shake

Scott Adkins Meal 2

  • A large portion of fresh fish
  • 6 fried or scrambled eggs
  • 1 cup of brown rice

Scott Adkins Meal 3

  • 1 cup of mixed nuts
  • The large bowl of fresh salad with olive oil
  • 12 oz of chicken breast
  • Fresh vegetables

Scott Adkins Meal 4

  • Raw vegetables
  • Large protein shake

Scott Adkins What to Eat

Here are particular food groups that Scott Adkins makes sure that he is adding in his daily nutrition to support his muscles and fuel his body for a rested and relaxed next day of workout. Here’s a list,

  • Fresh Food
  • Eggs
  • Egg Whites
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Leafy Greens
  • Fruit
  • Complex Carb
  • Water

Scott Adkins What to Avoid

Meanwhile, there are some food items that Scott Adkins likes to avoid as much a possible if not completely. He starts away from anything that is harmful to his body and would completely destruct his physique goals. So, here are some of these food items,

  • Junk Food
  • Fast Food
  • Artificial Additives
  • Trans Fats
  • Processed Foods
  • Chemical Ingredients
  • Simple Carbs (limited)

His diet and workout routine depends largely on the kind of work he is doing now and he quickly adapts to it. He prefers a generally healthy lifestyle. In his words,  ‘I adapt my training and diet with each role I do, depending on the image I want to convey.’

Scott Adkins tried to follow a great diet no matter where he is traveling but there are sometimes problems in the places he goes to like in Asia where he finds it a bit hard to follow his pattern. He says, ‘I find it hard in Thailand and China and places like that — there’s a lot of rice and noodles and things of that sort, so my diet sometimes sucks a bit in those parts of the world.’

Sometimes he likes to have carbs cut off from his diet which depends on the kind of role that he is playing. He says, ‘I find that if I cut out carbs from after lunch and I’m just having vegetables and some protein for the rest of the day, the weight just drops off me. It’s as simple as that.’

During his shoot, he likes to keep it healthy, of course. He would eliminate carbs from his diet so that he has that leaner look. He explains,

I find it hard in Thailand and China and places like that—there’s a lot of rice and noodles and things of that sort, so my diet sometimes sucks a bit in those parts of the world. But generally, I find that if I cut out carbs from after lunch and I’m just having vegetables and some protein for the rest of the day, the weight just drops off me. It’s as simple as that. I’ll get up, I’ll pretty much eat what I want for breakfast, I have a healthy sandwich, and meat and vegetables for dinner.

And even though Scott Adkins might eat healthy foods most of the time, he loves to splurge a bit. His favorite food? It’s pasta! However, it has a healthy twist. Scott Adkins says, “I’ve just started doing courgette pasta [editor’s note: courgette is the British term for a zucchini], which I think is great. We’ll slice up the courgette in thin slices like spaghetti and have that with some bolognese, ragu. It’s my favorite right now.”

That was all about the diet plan that Scott Adkins follows. However, there are other things too that Scott Adkins keeps in mind to add while he follows his health routine. Here are some health tips that Scott Adkins gives away to his fans.

Scott Adkins Diet Tips

Scott Adkins has changed his diet a lot over the years as he developed new concepts and worked around them. He did not have professional advice but he still understood at a very early age about the healthier choice that he has to make for a healthier body. Eating clean and looking after himself was the most important thing that he could do to look awesome. Scott Adkins posts a lot about his physique which is due to these tips that he also shares with his fan. He writes continuously on his blog and shares these tips to eat clean without driving yourself insane.

Scott Adkins

Different body types

The most difficult part in weight training is picking the right workout and diet plan according to our body type. People normally react individually to weight training, so one kind of training that served someone might not work for the other. However, Scott Adkins advises that one must set up their goals to work out and know your body first and foremost. Here are some tips that Scott Adkins gives for each kind of body:

Tips for ectomorph body type (ectomorphs)

Ectomorphs, also known as the hard gainers (those who have a hard time gaining muscles) are people with small joints and high metabolism. They have a difficult time obtaining muscles, support low body fat levels, and have a little body frame. Their aim should be to combine lean muscles with their structure. Furthermore, they can even expend little body fat they have. Here are some tips for this body group:

• 5-6 is the ideal rep range
• If you are not lactose intolerant, milk can help in gains. Nevertheless, do not drink it too much.
• Try to eat enough calories for recovery
• Eat food rich in proteins
• Eat fiber
• Drink lots of water
• Avoid physically taxing exercises when trying to gain some weight

Tips for mesomorph body shape (mesomorphs)

Mesomorphs have great genetics for muscle gaining and can gain muscles more easily than ectomorphs. They are typically muscular and have more prominent joints. Their purpose should be to gain muscles first and lose the body fat and get shredded next. When you have obtained it enough, do cardio three or more times a week. Thus here are some tips that Scott Adkins gives for this body type.

• 8-10 sets for each exercise
• Avoid fatty foods
• Eat vegetables
• Eat food rich in protein
• Eat fiber
• Do lots of jumping ropes while losing fat
• Drink lots of water
• Try to consume enough calories for recovery

Tips for endomorph body shape (endomorphs)

Endomorphs are personalities that have a hard time when losing weight. They have larger joints, a broad waist, and slow metabolism. The clean diet plan is the best odds for them. Without it, cardio sessions will only weaken them. They require to get a steadfast diet that would work for them.

• Lift heavyweights
• Do a lot of jump rope
• 10 sets for each exercise
• Avoid fatty foods
• Eat vegetables
• Try to consume enough calories for recovery
• Eat foods rich in protein
• Eat fiber
• Drink lots of water
• Avoid foods containing gluten

A K.I.S.S. Plan

Scott Adkins says he likes to keep things plain when he’s traveling for work. He eats a legitimate big breakfast, has a wholesome sandwich at lunch, and then meat and veg for dinner.

The Power of Fresh

Scott Adkins eats fresh, whole foods that include things like plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean animal protein, and fish.

Workout Snacks

Scott Adkins focuses on getting loads of protein. He habitually has a protein shake before and/or after hitting the gym.

Clean Treat

Scott Adkins makes sure that he is not overdoing his carb intake and says zucchini noodles (zoodles) with bolognese or tomato sauce is one of his beloved things to eat.

Macro Plan

He has a plan set for everything and thus he eats most of his calories and carbs before dinner. He eats low glycemic carbs which has a complex nature. On the days when he is training for weights, he would need more protein to build his muscles. On his cardio and martial art days, he would cut down on carbs so that he could boost the fat-burning process. Thus everything depends on what he is doing.

That was all about the diet plan of Scott Adkins which he follows every single day without fail. There are some fails in between in which Scott Adkins takes his “cheat meals” because he is only a human and he deserves a bit of a treat after smashing his workouts or his matches, doesn’t he? However, he also takes some supplements and extra nutrition to append with his diet requirements for better results. Here’s all about it in the next section.

Scott Adkins Nutrition and Supplements

Except for protein shakes, Scott Adkins doesn’t talk a lot about the supplements he uses. However, it is for sure that he uses some of them to meet his daily requirements which cant be just met with a diet plan. So, here are some supplement options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet.


Scott Adkins likes his protein shake as it helps to build lean muscle, curbs cravings, and burns fat. He has one protein hale after and before each workout.


BCAA has become more crucial for high-performance professionals. And pretty much all of the people who are into bodybuilding take these amino acids along with their workout schedule to avoid fatigues and give an extra punch of energy.

Scott Adkins


Scott Adkins sometimes also takes certain in his diet in case he needs to bulk up for a particular scene. It is a great supplement to boost growth and enhance recovery.


Adkins works out in a very intense manner and has a very hectic routine anyway, making supplementing with omega-3s a smart choice.


To get cut like Scott Adkins, try adding a fat burner to your supplement list. It is a great option for you who want to maintain your bulky muscles and still want to get rid of unwanted fat that is store in the body. This helps Scott Adkins to maintain large muscles without huge amounts of fat in the body.


Scott Adkins says that you really can’t go wrong with a multivitamin. Many professionals undervalue their requirement for vitamins. While your diet can take care of most of them, a high-quality vitamin supplement is a great supplement to guarantee your muscles have every potential nutrient to maximize recovery.


Scott Adkins travels a lot and sometimes his diet is less than perfect, and greens supplement helps him achieve his daily goals of vitamins and minerals.


Scott Adkins uses adaptogens such as ashwagandha to help rebalance hormones that get out of place due to stress and a hectic lifestyle.


Other supplements that Scott Adkins takes to boost strength, stamina, and libido include acai, Schisandra fruit, and Himalayan Goji.


Probiotics are another excellent concept that Scott Adkins uses for travel as they promote digestion and boost immunity.

Thus that was all the list of supplements that Scott Adkins adds to his diet plan.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins Inspirations and Idols

Scott Adkins has many idols and inspirations like Jason Statham and Van Damme whom he was a great fan of when he was young. He used to watch their movies and got his inspiration from the action scenes. He was also a huge fan of Bruce Lee. In fact, he imagines working like them and it inspires him to give the kind of shots that he gives. He says,

It’s great—I was a huge fan when I was a kid. You’d have been hard-pressed to find a bigger Van Damme fan than me when I was 12 to 18. I was obsessed with the guy and obviously, he inspired me when I was that age. So now that I’m a man and I’m making movies, I imagine that a lot of what’s made him famous has sort of seeped into my way of doing things. There are similarities there. But I wouldn’t say the imitation is purposeful. I’m not consciously going out to try to remake Van Damme films or anything like that.

Scott Adkins

In fact, he took the role in Hard Target because of his inspiration, Van Damme. He continues,

I was really unsure about doing it for those reasons. But I read the script, and it was almost tailor-made for me, so I just decided to go with it. I don’t regret it. It’s surreal to think about it now. If you told me that I was going to be starring in Hard Target 2 when I was watching Hard Target, obviously I wouldn’t have believed you. I heard that Van Damme was alright with it [laughs]. We try to pay homage to the original. The director brought back John Woo’s style, and we’re massive fans of the original. We did our best with this one.

Even though he was replacing one of his inspirational and idols in a movie, he wasn’t nervous about it at all and felt honored instead. He explains,

It was amazing. John Woo [director of the original Hard Target] was my favorite director when that film came out. I mean, he’s still one of my favorite directors now. Van Damme, he’s my favorite actor. I was worried about it at first because I starred in Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning with Van Damme and I’ve done Assassination Games with him. In Expendables 2 I played his character’s right-hand man and I was worried that I was going to be seen as the guy who was cashing in on Van Damme or trying to ride the coattails of his success, which was not what I’m trying to do at all.

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