Selena Gomez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Selena Gomez is a well-known name since her childhood days and her role in Barney and Friends. We have all grown up with her through Disney Channel and saw her change into the smart, young and gorgeous woman she is now. However, being in the entertainment industry comes with its own pros and cons. She has been looked upon with the eyes of scrutiny as far as her body image is concerned. Much recently, she even had to face body shaming and media trolls.

The woman who has had a perfect body structure since forever didn’t take it to heart and became bold about it. She constantly posted about loving herself and accepting the way she is. She has seamlessly spoken about her struggles with both mental and physical disorders and how she is treating them.

In an interview, she opened up about her condition called, Lupus, “As many of you know, I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways. I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks, and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges.”

Selena Gomez’s before and after transformation.

To keep her health intact after injury, she took the help of her long time trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis. She even took her with her wherever she traveled to and especially during her tour for her album, Revival.

Now that she is all fit as a fiddle, we have taken out the whole account of what Selena’s diet and workout routine looks like. Se has been blossoming day by day and we really do wanna know all her secrets!

However, before we leap straight for her secrets, this is what her body statistics look like:

Selena Gomez Body Measurements

  • Height: 165 cm (5’5”)
  • Weight: 125-130 lb
  • Bust: 34”
  • Waist: 24”
  • Hips: 36”

Selena Gomez’s Diet Plan and Nutrition Supplements

In was in the last decade when Selena decided to address her inexplicable weight gain. She hired Amy Rosoff Davis in 2015 and has been working hard for her body ever since. With proper workouts, she decided to focus on her nutrition too.

Talking about her diet strategies, Amy states:

“I want to live my life as a French person. I don’t believe in denying yourself, but I also believe in moderation. Life is too short not to enjoy food.”

That’s exactly the key- Moderation. She believes that one can eat anything they want as long as it is in moderation, but at the same time making conscious efforts to eat healthily.

Amy was also recorded saying that one must switch from fast foods to whole and unprocessed foods. She says that Selena loves Mexican food and eats like she’s from Texas. “She loves Tex-Mex and fast food that I would normally not condone,” Amy stated in the interview. “I will walk onto the tour bus and smell fast food, throw it in the trash, and hand her a carrot and hummus.” She even says that Selena’s body is responding very well, “She responds really quickly. We’ll do barely any ab exercises and two days later, I’m like, ‘Whoa!’”

About the quality of food, Rosnoff states,

“I am all about focusing on good-quality fresh ingredients. Real food is so much yummier than something that comes out of a box or bag. I recommend going to your local farmers market or trying to buy organic veggies and fruits and hormone-free/grass-fed meat at the grocery store.” Furthermore, she said, “I personally think learning a few basic skills in the kitchen is super beneficial to your waistline. When you know what goes into your food you are more likely going to make better choices.”

Here’s the sample diet of what Selena is likely to eat every day, but of course, her schedule changes every other day.


  • Avocado toast and green juice.
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Rice cake and peanut butter with sliced apple.
  • Bagel and cream cheese.
  • Seldom, she also likes to have eggs, beans, avocado, rice, and chorizo or just some full-fat Greek yogurt with granola.


She likes to have a pretty basic lunch with protein and veggies. She does not neglect carbs completely.

  • Plain chicken salad
  • Chicken or turkey sandwich with lettuce slaw.
  • She also likes to have rice & beans.
  • Tacos
  • Or a simple salad with beans, turkey, and avocado is also a good option.


Like we said before, she loves Mexican food and her dinner is almost always Mexican. She likes to have:

  • Mexican Food
  • Roast Chicken with Pasta and veggies
  • Salmon and veggies
  • Salmon or Chicken Teriyaki bowl with some rice for carbs, avocado for a dose of healthy fat and cucumbers.
  • She loves to have a good sushi platter for dinner too.

“I’m all about eggs, yogurt, anything teriyaki, and Asian style, and sushi; so this seems like a diet I can get behind”, she said.


Selena’s favorite snacks include tortilla chips with a side of salsa or guacamole. She also loves popcorns or chicken salads.

Once in an interview, she said that she loves to dip her popcorns in pickle juice. She got some pretty weird choices when it comes to food.


Hydration is one of the key factors for Selena Gomez to keep her body in shape. Her instructor makes sure that she is drinking plenty of water each day. Sometimes, she likes to add a little zing to her water by adding cucumbers, lime or lemon, and herbs in it. She loves trying new recipes of detox water which makes drinking water much easier.

Selena Gomez’s Supplements

Since her major surgery, it is important for her to fill up on supplements which makes her body recover faster. This is the list of supplements that she takes:


Vitamins A, C, and E are known to be great antioxidants for the body and help with strengthening the immune system.


Vitamin D is necessary to absorb all the other vitamins and minerals from the body.


Post her surgery, calcium has become an important supplement for Selena. Due to medications, she has an increased risk of osteoporosis which causes the weakening of the bones.

  • VITAMIN B-12

Lupus is also associated with a deficiency of this vital vitamin.

Selena Gomez’s Workout Routine

Selena Gomez’s trainer’s 45-minute workout.

Selena Gomez does not stick to a particular form of workout and rather switches it up. In the same interview, Rosoff explained her workout routine too.

“Never let your body get bored. Selena has been doing cardio, Pilates, and yoga of all kinds.” So it immediately means that Gomez’s workout is fun and different every time. It does not make it monotonous for her and she sticks to the routine.

Amy further explained what all Selena does in her fitness routine which is primarily fixed for every workout.

Here’s one:

  • Stretch a lot. Amy makes sure that Selena stretches before and after her workout. According to her, it has helped Selena a lot with her flexibility. Just to save some time, she also stretches while practicing for her music too.
  • Sweat it out. Amy recommended Shape House for Selena which is an urban sweat lodge. Here, the clients are supposed to lie down for an hour under infrared light and it helps enliven the skin. According to Shape House staff, a session usually burns between 800-1600 calories. The infrared is supposed to make people sweat that helps in opening up their pores and cleaning them out.

“I don’t really know how I feel about this, but I’m also naive to the subject of human sweat burritos…”, said Selena.

Gomez is active on her social media and posts a lot of pictures with her friend where they are often seen indulging in activities like bike riding or hiking.

For her, it seems like it is not about going to the gym, but rather move your body as much as you can.

Here are a few more tips which Selena and her trainer shares that helps Selena develop a positive mindset for her body image:

  • No weighing. “I’ve never weighed her,” Amy said. “I don’t believe in scales — I just don’t think it’s healthy.” However, since, she and Selena workouts together she can make out the differences in her body. “I can definitely see the difference, and other people can too,” she said. “But ultimately, a body that eats well and works are going to look better because it’s healthy.”
Selena doing pilates with her trainer.

Selena trains for at least 5 days a week and that’s because her routine includes group sessions that are done inside a studio. However, there are some other activities present too which involve going outdoors.

Selena Gomez Primary Workout/Training Routine

Selena does not do a lot of strength training but she loves Pilates, Yoga, and cardio. She usually gets herself into these classes at least 3 times per week.

She does a variety of cardio exercises which includes:

  • HIIT workout: High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Steady Cardio: Running on Treadmill, Rowing Machine, Stair Master or Elliptical for 40-60 minutes.
  • Hiking and other outdoor activities can be done for 45-60 minutes. Since outdoor activities do not get monotonous, you can do it for a more amount of time.

Selena Gomez Workout Routine: Secondary Training

While most of Selena’s workouts are in a studio, here is something that Selena has to do every day. That is tracking her steps. She hits of goals of walking 10,000 steps daily.

Tracking the steps ensures that she is active throughout the day.

Here is a proper routine list which includes Selena Gomez’s workout schedule.

Day 1: 20 min circuit

  • Warm-up
  • Jogging either on a treadmill or on the running track
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumping jacks
  • She ends her workout with basic stretches

Day 2

It is a 20-minute circuit that she follows which includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Jogging
  • Stretches

Day 3

On day 3 she extends her time from 20-30 minutes to a full one-hour workout.

  • Warm-up
  • Circuit training

Day 4: 60 minutes

Day 4 is about pilates

  • Warm-up
  • Pilates

Day 5

Day 5th is the rest day for her.

Day 6

After a whole day of rest, day 6 is about one hour of a workout again.

  • Warm-up
  • Yoga
  • Meditation because mental health is important for her too.

Day 7

Sunday is a rest day for her.

When asked about the frequency of the workouts regarding total sets and reps, her trainer, Amy, said that “I’d recommend 30 punches forward and back, 30 punches up and down, and then 30 combos. So, up, down, in, and out. So that’s averaging about 100. Every week is different. Some weeks Selena books five workout sessions a week, and some weeks we can only see each other three times a week. So I would recommend anywhere from three to five times a week.”

For abs, Selena does pilates but aside from it, there are abs workouts that she includes. Amy says,

“We also do a lot of plank work, and I’m into varied planks. So, not just holding a basic plank, but doing a plank while taking turns tapping opposite arm to the opposite shoulder, or lifting and lowering one leg in a pulse, or going from your elbow to your hands tilting your hips. Basically, you want to first make sure you have a correct plank so that your shoulders are stacked over your wrists, your hips are low, you’re pushed into your heels, and you’re not arched, but you’re not grounded. So, your core is activated, your belly button is pulled up to your backbone, and you have that good base.”

Amy believes that variation is the key and she also applies it to her plank workout too.

“Take your right arm and then tap it to your left shoulder while still holding up a plank and then try to keep your hips still, and then opposite arms,” she explains. “Do around 40 shoulder taps and you really want to try to keep your hips still, which really pulls your abs up and into your core, back up towards your spine.” Another variation that Amy suggests is the leg pulse. “Take your right leg, lift it up and cross it behind and over your left leg. Then pulse it up in the air and back down. Do 30 of those and then switch sides.”

Amy also focuses a lot on cardio for Selena. They do it for at least 3-4 times a week. There are many different ways that can be taken into account for cardio. You can either do it on a treadmill or outside. Even though Amy and Selena workout together, Selena’s workout changes quite often as per her career demands. “When we were touring, some days we were flying all day, and some days we had four days off and we would go hiking and then go to the gym. So, with her lifestyle adjusting, we were always just trying to incorporate as much fitness and cardio in as possible. There was a lot of jet lag and working out is a great way to deal with jet lag.”

The last piece of advice that Amy gives is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. “Listening to your body is a big thing of mine. Pushing it when you can push it, but also really knowing when it needs to rest or maybe just doing a yoga class or a stretch session.” Amy reveals that such an approach is very essential “I incorporate yoga into almost every session as well, so Selena definitely gets her share of downward dog and stretching.”
That’s all about what Selena with the help of her trainer, Amy, does in her day to keep fit.

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