Stephanie Buttermore Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Stephanie Buttermore is one of the most acclaimed fitness influencers on the internet. She is a Ph.D. who has shifted from her discipline of academic studies to a world of sharing her knowledge with her followers on nutrition, health, and fitness. She has a great following on her youtube account which she uses to talk and connect to her followers and giving them advice on nutrition and principles of training. She has incorporated her years of reading science into her training schedule and that has made her one of the most distinctive fitness celebrities son the internet.

Her workouts and diet plans are very scientifically focused. Her passion for health is shared by her in the form of videos like “What I eat in a day“, “What I Eat Pre & Post Workout, “New training goals” to Physique updates. In most of these videos, she takes the followers through a journey of what she is doing to maintain her physique and gives a full-blown explanation of how she does it.


• BS Micro/Molecular Biology University of Central Florida
• MS Medical Sciences, Women’s Health, University of South Florida
• MS Medical Sciences, Pathology & Cell Biology, University of South Florida
• Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, Pathology & Cell Biology, University of South Florida

The internet sensation boasts of diverse career options as a research scientist, a fitness model, a bikini competitor, and an online internet fitness influencer. She rose to fame because of her distinctive approach to her fitness routine which is a combination of two things she love-science and workouts. She also uses science in what she eats too.

It is only because of this approach that she has gained an army of true fans on the internet who stick by her side. Many people, that includes both girls and guys, follow her routine as their own. Having graduated as a science student and being a fitness model at the same time, she constantly motivates her followers in believing that everything is possible with utmost dedication. She strives to make new goals and then crushed them one after the other.

This is what Stephanie Buttermore speaks of this approach:

“I am currently utilizing my academic and research to dive deeper into the research being done in exercise science and nutrition in hopes to utilize my social media platform to convey this scientific information in a digestible format.”

Stephanie Buttermore Statistics

  • Full Name: Stephanie Buttermore
  • Weight: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
  • Date of Birth: 30 February 25, 1990
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Fitness Model, Cancer Research Scientist

Fitness Competitions

2014 NPC Sunset Classic, Bikini Competition, 1st Place

Stephanie Buttermore Workout Routine

“If you are bulking and maybe gained a bit of weight from the holidays or just enjoy being at a higher body fat… embrace your curves! It’s liberating.”



This is one of her latest programs that she has made focusing on women. This program incorporates a lot of scientific research and study to create the best for her followers. She says,

“With this program, you will elevate your current training to an advanced, structured level supported by the most up-to-date scientific literature. This program will also teach you the scientific principles behind WHY certain exercises are better than others, what rep ranges and progression schemes to use for optimizing muscular development.

With this Women’s Specialization Program you will not only develop a balanced and strong physique acquire a fundamental understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics and exercise science behind the exercises and programming with 36 SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES.”

Train Smarter, Not Longer. Stop Wasting Time.

Stephanie gives the advice to train with a purpose to make gains and not waste the time. The program includes very specific guidelines for exercises along with particular rest periods, progression, sets and repetitions that need to be followed. The program comes with a spreadsheet that is great for tracking progress. You can create a chart for yourself too.

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“All in” Training Update ??‍♀️ . I touched on this in my story so it prompted me to want to write a post about this. I recently got a question asking me whether or not I lost motivation in the gym because it might seem like a lost cause due to gaining so much weight ? . So I guess her argument was that having a higher body fat percentage would disguise any muscular shape or progress and deem it demotivating…which I could totally understand. . I actually feel the complete opposite when it comes to motivation….I actually feel EXTREMELY motivated to utilize the energy I have to make progress in the gym ? Even though I have taken a big step back with my frequency in the gym (only ~3x/week right now), when I actually do go to the gym, I feel very well rested and very energized because I’m eating so much food ? I feel like I need to take advantage of this period of my life where I’m eating so much and use it to focus on building strength and of course, make a lot of gains ? . I hope that gives you an idea of where I am mentally with my training and that I’m actually super motivated and pumped every single time I go to the gym ? #allin . P.S. I only train if I really WANT to and because it makes me happy…and on the days I don’t train, I just focus on resting ?

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The distinctive feature of this is that it comes along with a set of FAQs so that the readers can get a clear picture of the schedule. It also has detailed functional anatomy for every muscle that is being trained.

The videos that are accompanied in the program are performed by Stephanie herself, along with her partner, Jeff Nippard that demonstrates proper workout techniques and tips for each exercise. It also has substitute exercises for if you are not able to do one of them. The best part though is the customer support that is available to support all your queries if you still have doubts!


Stephanie writes in her program, “The main purpose behind warming up is to increase core body temperature, improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Because your circadian rhythm largely determines your core body temperature, when you wake up, it is at its lowest and increases throughout the day. There seems to be a “sweet spot” for core body temperature in terms of safety and performance, so try not to train too hot or too cold. Generally speaking, breaking a light sweat through some form of cardio activity/machine is a good idea before jumping into any heavy lifting. Doing at least 5-10 minutes of low-moderate intensity cardio is especially prudent if you train early in the morning.”
She further adds, “Warm-ups may also serve as a way to increase muscle activation. Dynamic warmup drills (active stretches that take joints through a range of motion) can improve performance and increase force output. Don’t simply “go through the motions.”

Speaking of the goals and importance of warmups, she says, “The goal is to always be very mindful about what muscles are contracting and what movement that contraction is creating.”

Foam Rolling

“Lastly, foam rolling has been shown to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)  and brief foam rolling with a specific focus on “tight areas” before a session can both improve range of motion and prevent injury. Light foam rolling for 2-3 minutes prior to lifting is recommended.”

Loading Pyramid

Before the first exercise for each body part perform a basic loading pyramid:
• Pyramid up in weight with 3-4 light sets, getting progressively heavier
• Such a warm-up is only required for Primary Exercises
• For example, if you were working up to 4 sets of 4 reps on the deadlift, using
200 lbs, you could warm up as follows:
– Bar (45 lbs) x 15 reps – 95 lbs x 5 reps
– 135 lbs x 4 reps
– 185 lbs x 3 reps
– Then begin working sets with 200 lbs for 4 reps
• On a %1RM basis, warm-up pyramids can be structured like this:
– Bar (45 lbs) x 15 reps
– 40% lbs x 5 reps
– 50% lbs x 4 reps
– 60% lbs x 3 reps
– 70-75% lbs x 2 reps
– Begin working sets

Day 1 (Lower Body)

  • BACK SQUAT 3 x 5 reps
  • BARBELL HIP THRUST 3 x 12-15 reps
  • BICYCLE CRUNCH 3 x 15-20 reps

Day 2

  • DEADLIFT 4 x 4 reps
  • FRONT SQUAT 3 x 10-12 reps
  • THRUST 2 x 25-30 reps
  • SEATED LEG CURL 3 x 10-12 reps
  • LATERAL BAND WALK 3 x 20 reps

Day 3

  • CLOSE-GRIP PUSH-UP 3 x 8-10 reps
  • CABLE SEATED ROW 3 x 10-12 reps
  • A1: DUMBBELL LATERAL RAISE 3 x 15 reps
  • A2: DUMBBELL REAR DELT RAISE 3 x 15 reps
  • SEATED FACE PULL 3 x 15-20 reps
  • B1: SINGLE-ARM CABLE CURL 2 x 10 reps

Day 4

  • 3 x 10-12 reps
  • SPLIT SQUAT 3 x 10-12 reps
  • SMITH MACHINE HIP THRUST 3 x 15-20 reps
  • HYPEREXTENSION 3 x 15-20 reps
  • 45° HYPEREXTENSION 3 x 12-15 reps
  • BAND SEATED HIP ABDUCTION 3 x 25-30 reps
  • HOLLOW BODY HOLD (CORE) 3 x 15 seconds

Day 5

  • STIFF LEG DEADLIFT 3 x 6-8 reps
  • SWISS BALL LEG CURL 3 x 8-12 reps
  • CABLE HIP ABDUCTION 3 x 10-15 reps

Day 6

  • DUMBBELL INCLINE PRESS 3 x 8-10 reps
  • SUPINATED PULLDOWN 3 x 10-12 reps
  • MACHINE SHOULDER PRESS 3 x 8-10 reps
  • CHEST-SUPPORTED T-BAR ROW 3 x 12-15 reps
  • A2: SEATED CABLE FACE PULL 3 x 7 reps
  • B1: SINGLE-ARM CABLE CURL 3 x 10 reps

Combining Heavy Lifts With Isolation Exercises

Stephanie combines compound lifts with a lot of isolation exercises to maintain a balance and for the most effective workout. She begins by incorporating a heavy compound movement which includes exercises like squats or deadlift. Thereafter she has completed a few sets of these movements, she proceeds with her isolation exercises.

With compound movements, the main goal is to increase strength and muscle mass. Isolation exercises, on the other hand, helps to tone each muscle group. It is a more focused type of workout.

This allows Stephanie Buttermore to work on her overall development. For example, she does squats because it focuses on more than just one muscle. In the next round, she can do glute kickbacks to draw the focus on glutes. It all depends on what her personal goals are and the exercises changes with that schedule.

Stephanie Buttermore’s Glute Workout

Stephanie has numerous ways that she trains her glutes and this is one of her hit glutes workout series:

  • Pre-activation banded abduction for warm-up
  • Goblet Squats, 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Cable Pull-Through, 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • “Superman” GHR, 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Lateral Band Walks, 15 reps each way

That’s all about what Stephanie Buttermore trains like and it is intense. Let’s see what she actually eats to be able to train this hard for her workouts!

Stephanie Buttermore Diet Plan

“I know everyone is preaching ‘how to stay on track during the holidays’ but as your average gal who is just enjoying life, I say enjoy yourself with some degree of reason and you’ll be good. Personally, I don’t want to restrict myself… I’m all about that ‘yolo'[you only live once].”

Maintaining a Healthy Body Fat

Stephanie is not someone who does or promotes a restrictive form of dieting. She says it is essential to be fully nourished to remain strong and healthy. She is strictly against extreme dieting practices. A balanced and mindful approach is the best one if you want to gain and sustain a diet for the long term.

Therefore, she eats all the components of a food group that includes carbs, fats, and proteins. If she craves something, she will go for it. She never starves herself or restricts herself from the things she really loves. That is very much apparent during her cheat day videos she uploads on YouTube. According to her, extreme approaches like these are really dangerous for both mental and physical health.

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2 Months All In (left) vs 8 Months All In (right) . It’s pretty apparent that inflammation was a struggle, especially at the beginning. I literally felt puffy everywhere and as you can see, my face was no exception. I remember how hard it was to smile because my cheeks were getting in the way ? The irony is that I weighed about 10 lbs less in the left photo, but I was just experiencing a lot of swelling. . I say that all to say, I stayed to course PUSHED THROUGH IT (got through it) and my body has thanked me. I feel like everything has balanced out, my hunger has normalized and my body is now finding it’s natural weight as I’ve begun losing weight. . Every step of this journey has introduced it’s own set of obstacles and I just had to take it one day at a time. I stayed in my lane, despite the criticism and here we are…thriving ?♥️ #allin

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In Stephanie’s own words:

“The perception of physique competitions being ‘healthy’ is incredibly skewed and probably one of the most unhealthy things you can do for your metabolism, hormonal health, and most importantly, your mental health.

I know many girls who are terrified of weight gain once they’ve been lean and struggle to find balance. I can happily say that I’m comfortable being at a higher body fat level than being competition lean which I’ve been even when I wasn’t competing. Just something to think about if you’re scared of letting go of always being lean.” – Stephanie Buttermore

All-In Diet

Recently, a few months ago in 2019, Stephanie decided to go all-in with her diet. That meant eating large amounts of food. She gave a very specific reason for that which happened when she was restricting for her participation in a bikini competition. She felt constantly hungry and cold among various other things. She always felt a sense of deprivation and decided she did not want to feel what she was feeling anymore. This led to a very big step in her life.

Her al-in diet has led to both appreciation and criticism from her fans and fellow YouTubers. However, it was difficult for her to open up about this journey too, but she is finally glad she did it.

She felt that her constant hunger is a problem and it all loved the place. She used this method to take action. Her daily goal was to consume at least 5,000 calories per day and to make sure that she is eating until she is full. She posts a lot of videos on what she used to eat before and what she has been eating now during the all-in period. She has tracked in-depth about what changes her body has gone through during this process. Not only has her weight changed in the process, but her psychology has also changed. She feels practically better than she ever felt before.

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“Just ignore the haters.” . This was the most common piece of advice I got when I was gaining weight and although it temporarily made me feel better, it wasn’t always practical. During my All In journey, I think I came up with more actionable tips if you need help dealing with weight gain. . When it comes to weight gain, there are three main obstacles. . Opinions and judgements: 1. On yourself 2. Of people close to you (friends,family, and your bf or gf) 3. Of acquaintances and strangers (doctors, hairdresser, colleagues etc.) . Hopefully my tips regarding each one, help you on your journey. I know they really helped me ?♥️ Link in bio ? #allin #thicc&thriving

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After a few weeks of specifying a 5,000 calorie goal for herself, she began eating intuitively.

Everyone is shocked at her approach because she worked so hard for the body she has before. But clearly, it was not the goal for Stephanie herself. She has always given mental health and happiness a priority and in her case, all she wanted was to feel satisfied. She has spoken about this on multiple occasions on her vlogs on youtube.

One of the downfalls of being a celebrity is to face the constant stress and pressure to look perfect at all time and Stephanie has taken a step to curb this ideal. At least for herself. In this way, she is also inspiring her fans and followers who struggle with the same issue. She is all about acceptance and body positivity.

That’s all about what Stephanie Buttermore is all about and her challenges in the fitness industry.

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