Yanet Garcia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If you watch a lot of television and especially the news channel, you would know that watching the weather forecast is the most boring thing ever. And unless you are going out for a trip or have a date planned, who does even really watch the weather updates anyway? And most importantly, we all have apps that can tell us about not just today’s weather but for the upcoming week in a jiffy. With that in mind, why does even a weather channel exist, right?

But wait there, there’s one country where people actually can not wait to watch the weather forecast. It is Mexico. And the reason for this is the host of the show, model Yanet Garcia who made statements all over the internet due to her attractive physique. Yanet Garcia has had many titles in her lifetime, the most popular one being, “World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” which was first entitled to her when she started reading the weather forecast on television. About her lifestyle choices, she says,

“It’s hard but for now I’m focusing on my job as a climate presenter, I take advantage of my free time by doing other activities. Balance is very important, I always make it a priority to feel good about myself and by doing that I can make the ones I love happy and do my best in my work.”

Janet began her career as a model and then jumped from there to be a forecaster and more recently, she has tried her luck in acting too. With over 13 million followers on Instagram (and counting), Yanet is popular for her flawless figure, the one she perseveres by following a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Now that she is also making headlines for her fitness goals, she says that she began her fitness journey as a way to transform. She documented her transformation on social media and instantly became a source of inspiration because of her bad experience with weight. She was very skinny from her childhood to her teen years and she wanted to grow out of this image. Clearly, her hard work paid off well- she not only became a model but also earned a degree.

She became recognized as the “weather girl” sweetheart in Mexico and her social media began building with the speed of a missile! With over 13 million followers, Yanet debuted her career in the cinema with a Spanish film called “Bellezonismo” and partook some roles in the theater too.

Now, Yanet shares her workout routines and fitness secrets with her fans via the Fitplan app which houses many other top-level fitness enthusiasts. Being a dedicated, disciplined, and hardworking influencer, her work did pay off.

“I left everything in New York to come here,” Garcia said about her choice to return to her home country to become the host of Hoy. “On a professional level I think it was a very good decision, obviously it hurt my family in Monterrey.”

Before we move on to what Yanet Garcia does in a day to keep herself fit and healthy, here are her statistics.

Yanet Garcia Statistics

  • Age: 25 years old
  • Actual Weight: 50 kgs
  • Height: 1.68 meters

Yanet Garcia Diet Plan

The daily routine of Yanet Garcia starts pretty early at 5;30 AM as she has to go to work early. But she makes sure to fuel herself by eating wholesome meals and healthy food that are not processed.

In an interview with Infobae Mexico, she said that her physique was a product of her eating super healthy and balanced meals and not giving into unhealthy food options very often. According to her, it is not that difficult and can be achieved easily. She says, “A lot of people think you need to be hungry to see yourself properly. Here’s the important thing to know, incorporates proteins, which can be chicken, fish, tuna, egg whites, vegetables, and carbohydrates or good fatlike avocado, to help you build muscles if this is your case.” 
Her breakfast choices are very simple and quick as she has to rush for her office and she likes to have green juices or smoothies. When she has some time on her hands, she even sits down to eat something collaborative. In her words, “I came to the program, I drank green juice with spinach, cucumber, pineapple, celery, lemon, green apples. There were clear early hours in potatoes, which helps build muscle mass, as it is a natural carbohydrate to help you. Sometimes I like some egg yolks with ham and nothing happens.”

However, there are 6 of her favorite foods that she keeps the same. This means that she makes a lot of recipes using these staple ingredients in her meal prep.” All-day long, you are different, but there is always some protein like chicken or meat, vegetables, and sweet potatoes or rice,” she said.

Yaney Gracia has been very thin since her childhood and although she is not big on junk food, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it. She likes to keep a balance and even has a few cheat meals now and then. “I love Mexican and Italian food! I can never resist a delicious pizza,” she says.

However, it does not mean that she swerves from her normal eating patterns. “It’s about leading life from Monday to Friday, trying to make it clean, drinking lots of waterBut if it was a weekend I’d go to a movie theater and eat like popcorn, a hot one dogs and some nachos, nothing happens, there has to be a balance but I don’t do it every day, then I know that the next day again I try eating a little bit wiser,” she said.

That’ all about Yanet Garcia’s meal prep and daily eating schedule.

Interview With Yanet Gracia

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Here are some important parts of her different interviews that will help in knowing about her lifestyle and who she is as a person a bit more.

• Hey Yanet, you are known as the sexiest meteorologist on the planet and have become an internet celebrity. How did that happen?

I got the opportunity to join the team of ” Televisa Monterrey News” as a weather host, and after 11 months of being there, one of my videos on my YouTube channel went viral around the world. From then on I got so get many comments and notes from international websites that started describing me as ” the sexiest weather girl”.

• What has changed in your life so far?

Personally nothing. I’m still myself, working super hard every day and giving my best to continue having good results, but in other aspects, there have been changes. My number of followers has grown impressively, I have so many opportunities to travel to different parts of the world, I do interviews and experience different cultures, as well as opportunities for new jobs. Today big international brands of fitness products and sportswear want me as their role model. This is a great honor.

• What is your favorite exercise and why?

Definitely squats because I work my favorite part of my body.

• Which part of your body do you like most?

My buttocks and my smile.

• What is your favorite body part of a man?

I am attracted to good looks and a beautiful smile.

• What does your daily diet look like?

My diets are always different to not get bored, I always try to be rich in protein, some good carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and the golden rule, drink plenty of water.

• What is in your fridge?

I have plenty of meals ready to serve. All I have to do is warm them and nothing else. I always try to prepare healthy food.

• Whats your gym playlist like? Which song motivates you the most?

I don’t have a favorite song since I like to hear a little bit of everything. It depends on my mood, but English Pop music is usually is what I hear most.

• Who has inspired you in your life and why?

The Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, despite his physical disabilities never gave up. Today he is an inspiring example for everyone.

• What are your best-kept beauty-secrets?

The best beauty secret begins from the inside. When you are good about yourself, it is always reflected on the outside. Always motivate yourself and try to get better every day, go to the gym, live a healthy lifestyle, and don’t forget to rest.

• What is your greatest achievement so far?

Definitely, to be happy, feel full and satisfied in many aspects of my life, I feel that all my dreams and goals have come true, I have a beautiful relationship with my boyfriend and I have my family and friends close to me.

• What are your plans for the future?

Continue being myself, working super hard, learning, and preparing myself to be better every day and taking advantage of opportunities that I get from life, and put myself in God’s hands. He knows where I need to be.

• The best advice I can give you:

Always be yourself, fight for your dreams, and never give up, believe that everything is possible and will happen… No boundaries.

That’s all about Yanet Garcia and her daily lifestyle update including her workout routine and diet plan.

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